this is a jake jensen appreciation post

Can we pls appreciate for a second that one of the main characters in scream canonically likes girls??? And the main relationship is a strong friendship between two girls??? That could potentially turn in to a romance??? I love Audrey with all my heart and I’m so glad we get some representation in a mainstream TV show that isn’t fetishised and taken seriously as a main plot

Appreciation post for the character @bext-k plays, Audrey Jensen. She’s such a good role model for bisexual teens and even adults today. When MTV Scream first came out myself and a lot of others were going through a hard time trying to accept who we are. I watched the first episode and I was extremely happy that they had brought a bi-curious character into the show. At the time I was going through some extreme bullying for coming out as bisexual, but when I watched Scream I began to look up to Audrey. She is (in my opinion) the strongest character on the show! Audrey Jensen had a huge impact on me accepting myself! Also huge shout out to Bex for bringing Audrey to life and for being supportive outside of the show!