this is a horrible song but i love it

I have finally rewatched this amazing musical and this is just a perfect crossover for these two, okay?

And I believe, there’s good in everybody’s heart,
Keep it safe and sound.
(Listen close to everybody’s heart,
And hear that breaking sound.)
With hope you can do your part
To turn a life around!
(Hopes and dreams are shattering apart
And crashing to the ground!)

(Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – I Cannot Believe My Eyes)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Inspired by X Ambassador’s “Unsteady”, this is the narrative of two people’s love being tested after a heartbreakingly fatal decision is made.

for the brilliant @sebbytrash.

warning/note: implications of suicide

Tears blind your eyes as you watch his chest rise and fall, oxygen entering his body with the assistance of a machine. For a man whose body is manipulated to be strong and agile at the zenith of human potential, he looks frail and weak lying on the hospital bed with all of the needles poking into him.

“BUCKY, PLEASE” you screamed in pain. You latched yourself onto the ledge, hoping that pushing off the small concrete wall would give you more support. Panicked adrenaline pumped through your body as you grabbed Bucky’s hand with all of the strength you could muster.

Bucky looked up, a sad calmness reflecting in his eyes. It was scary he didn’t look like a man who’s dangling off the edge of a tall building. It was as if he was ready for the imminent conclusion of his life. His eyes were tired, a result of the wary defeat that had emotionally pounded him into pieces. Somehow he mustered up a small smile.

You fiddle with the simple band on your left finger, distracting yourself from the tears fighting to stream down your cheek. Leaning your side against the glass window, you take another systematically deep breath, your ribcage hurting as you force yourself to inhale and exhale.

Sweat beaded on your forehead as you pleaded for him to keep hanging on. “Place your foot on that structure and swing your body over! I’ll pull you over and - Oh God, please Bucky! Please don’t give up now!”

“Doll, just let go,” Bucky exclaimed. “I don’t belong here and -”

Blood rushed through your ears and your eyes darkened with desperate anger. “Don’t let go! Please don’t let go! I am begging you!”

A strong gust of wind blew by and you screamed as Bucky’s body visibly sways. “BUCKY!”

“(Y/N), doll. I’m so sorry, but -”

If you love me, don’t let go! PLEASE!”

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So I admit freely I am in love with Newt Scamander and I got the fanfiction bite to write him.

I was watching Hercules and the song I won’t say I’m in love came on and suddenly an idea hit me.

Newt and Reader. Both not wanting to admit feelings, reader gets jealous but so does Newt on a night out. The music lyrics in the fanfic kind of describing the situations…

Then at the end of it all they admit love. Then just pure smut…

Of course this will be a long very lengthy fanfic cause I am terrible at writing short ones lol sorry…. I get too into it sometimes.

I am horrible and will burn for this but I really wanted to know if anyone would be interested in this? I have not written anything in a few years but I would love to write this out.

Any prompts, ideas or quotes will help! I just am shy about my writing.


Would someone be interested?

You guys should check out the band AJJ

They are a folk punk band that sings about a wide range of things. Frontman Sean Bonnette writes most of the songs, and the band sings about a lot of topics, including:

I’ve loved this band for years, and I want others to enjoy them just as much

a little bit ago I was experimenting with different song styles and ended up writing this song.
not too sure on whether I like this or not, but hey why not share it anyways, it’s not too horrible.
so here’s my purely experimental unofficial recent original; a little love song called ‘north star’

Made with SoundCloud
living with taehyung

- the both of you always playing rock paper scissors in order to determine who does the chores for that week and you somehow always winning but tae winning ONE WEEK and boasting about it for 3 years

- team baggy pants and over sized t-shirts ftw bc tae loves loose baggy clothing on you and its basic cuddle attire

- getting turnt up in the middle of the night blasting the music and having dance parties together until the both of u are drowning in your own sweat and tired 

- karaoke night is every night;; the cypher trilogy is always the first songs y’all play then end up horribly harmonizing to something like Cheer Up 

- keeping millions of scrapbooks full of blurry pictures from places that the two of you went to together;; i.e. the park, the festival, a road trip and taking it out every night to add a new memory

- having a huge load of candies and junk food bc the two of you have the sweet tooth of 4 year olds and love that junk food-goodness but ending up restocking every weekend bc binge night fridays 

We grow up and we lose ourselves. Sometimes when my favorite songs are on I have to stop what I’m doing and lie down on my carpet and just listen. I feel every word they’re singing. Every note. And to think that in twenty years, or ten years, or five, even, I might hear those same songs and just, like, bob my head or something is horrible. Then I’m sure I’ll think that I know more about life, but it isn’t true. I’ll know less.
—  Nina LaCour and David Levithan, You Know Me Well

everyone: romance is the most amazing thing you could ever experience, if you haven’t experienced it i feel sorry for you :(

everyone 2 seconds later: *writing sad love songs, throwing belongings at walls and destroying furniture, lighting everything on fire* LOVE IS HORRIBLE! LOVE IS NOTHING BUT PAIN! DON’T FALL IN LOVE!


Jack The Ripper

I’ve seen a lot of people upset about Time After Time making Jack the Ripper attractive, for giving him a love interest, and for “humanizing” him. 

But here’s the thing: Jack the Ripper WAS human. 

Don’t get me wrong, he was an evil, messed up human being who did horrible things, but he was still human.

He probably had a favorite color, and a favorite song. He probably had a childhood best friend, a favorite outfit, a sense of humor, and yes, the occasional date. 

We love to distance ourselves from evil people throughout history, to say that they were just monsters, nothing like us.

The problem with that is, it’s very easy for us to start thinking we’re incapable of evil.

And that’s the first step down a very dark road.

Evil isn’t always ugly, especially not on the surface. It isn’t always sitting behind a desk, stroking a cat, chuckling like a horror movie villain.

Sometimes, it’s a handsome man with charming words and a hidden knife.

Sometimes-often-evil is attractive. That’s what makes it so dangerous.

By humanizing villains, shows like Time After Time make a terrifying point: No one is beyond redemption, but there are people in this world who make a different choice anyway.

And it isn’t always the creepy old man the knight in shining armor rescues you from.

Sometimes, it’s the one who makes you laugh the hardest, smile the widest, and feel the safest.

i’ve seen no posts about this so here we go.
right before you will be found, evan has a monologue that he’s reading off index cards. everything is okay, until he flips the wrong one and screws up. he gets flustered and fumbles for a bit with the cards until they slip out of his hands and off the stage (this was the only part of the show where i wished i was in orchestra seating) he dives to catch them but they flutter off. he sits there for a couple seconds (like a good 30 seconds to a minute) just shaking. he’s so overwhelmed with anxiety that he can’t stand and he’s just shaking. he then composes himself and the song starts soon after. this shows just how good ben platt is. he does so well with this character and to have this raw moment where it’s just evan onstage all alone and so horribly anxious. it’s so amazing. i just, i love ben platt y'all

(btw i had the privilege of seeing the show in person and it was so amazing i’m still in awe and it happened a couple days ago)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: game of thrones has become a horrible, non-canonical, misogynistic fan fiction of ASOIAF, D&D are completely obliterating the plotlines of the characters we love and leaving them with husks of their former selves doing totally OOC things that will probably have disastrous effects on the coming seasons, and offering us disgusting rapes and sexist tropes and child burnings for shock value to make up for cut story arcs that were actually important and good and meaningful, i want Shireen safe at the Wall and Arianne and Jeyne Poole and Barristan Selmy alive and Griff and Young Griff and SANSA IN THE VALE. GODS WHY IS SANSA NOT IN THE VALE EATING LEMON CAKES. I THOUGHT THE WORST THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HER THIS SEASON WAS SOME UNWANTED KISSING FROM BAELISH BUT I WAS SO WRONG. SO WRONG.

karkat is jordanian and very intensely stans fayrouz, the arab culture’s sinatra with a colorful (and ongoing!) discography of (VERY cheesy) romantic themes. the song he hums to dave here is this one. he roughly says “people ask me about you, my love, they write me letters and the wind carries them”. he also keeps a journal where he writes poetry and presses flowers.

dave thinks the journal is the sweetest thing (karkats translated to him some of the poetry hes written abt him). he doesnt get a lick of arabic but karkats got a nice voice and he falls asleep being serenaded because i’m a horrible and very soppy person

Getting in the Way

Title: Getting in the Way

 Prompt: For @plaidstiel-wormstache #Keep me Sane on a Plane #Jessie’s Everything Challenge.  I picked the line “Your mouth is talking, you might want to look into that.” And was challenged with the song “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater.

 Prompt 2: @winterladybr: Are requests open? If so, can I get a Lucifer x Reader angst? You can create the plot, I just need the angst ❤  

 ***I hope it is okay that I combined them.  I saw this request and then listened to the song and it clicked…hope it is angsty enough ^^

 Pairing: Lucifer x Female!Reader

 Summary: Being in love with Lucifer isn’t easy.  Being a human makes it harder, being a hunter…doubles that. And when you hear about a horrible thing Lucifer did…you decide it is time to leave.  Little does Lucifer know that his words to defend his actions, would be heard again, in a time and place he never wanted to ever hear them.  

 Warnings: ANGST! Language. Death. ANGST!

Masterlist of FanFiction 

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I see a bad moon a-rising. I see trouble on the way.



“I’m not a hundred percent…but who else could it have been?”  Sam said through the phone.  As much as you wanted to speak up and defend your boyfriend…you had to agree with your friend.

“Yea…it sounds like him.  I’ll talk to him.  Thanks for letting me know, Sam.”

“Sure thing.  See you later.”  

I see earthquakes and lightnin’. I see bad times today.

You sat in the chair, a scowl set on your face, your arms crossed as you waited for him. A couple demons sat there, giving you a look, but they dared not say anything.  You weren’t sure if it was some order from your boyfriend to leave you be, or if the look of pure anger on your face that was keeping them quiet. But whichever it was, you were glad that they were keeping quiet.

Not all demons were compliant with your role in this life.  In his life.  You had a number of them continuously try to kill you when your guard was down.  But you always thought it was worth it to be with him…at least…you used to.  

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I headcanon that the Seijou third years have karaoke nights and that Iwaizumi is hella good and it flusters Oikawa, whose singing is also good but doesn't have that rough edge that Iwa-chan has. Hanamaki and Matsukawa generally use the night to collect sabotage footage but in the event they do sing, they serenade each other with cheesy bubblegum love songs

Iwaizumi is the only one who takes this seriously and tbh everyone is flustered

Oikawa sings Uptown Funk and totally nails it but his performance is a whole different story (i headcanon him as a horrible dancer hah)