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Mary and Sherlock are standing outside of a small pub after he had a little fight with a stranger.

Mary: Sherlock, it’s pretty obvious to be honest. Don’t you think?
Sherlock: I have no idea what you mean.
Mary: -points to his bleeding nose- Well you just got in a fight.
Sherlock: Things like that happen. Differing opinions. Humans are like that, Mary.
Mary: -laughs quietly and shakes her head- Sherlock…
Sherlock: What? -rolls his eyes, facing her-
Mary: I’m sorry to tell you this, but you can’t hide it anymore. You just fought with a completely random man. And why? Because he was rude to Molly.
Sherlock: That is not true…. -looks away, pressing a tissue against his nose-
Molly: -comes over to both of them, faces Sherlock- Oh my god. That looks horrible! You should go see the doctor.
Sherlock: -sighs loudly and looks away-
Molly: -looks at Mary, then back to Sherlock-
Mary: -shrugs-
Molly: Sherlock your nose is bleeding. It may even be broken. This could be serious.
Sherlock: I won’t go to the hospital for it.
Molly: -sighs and bites her lip- At least, let me check it. Okay? I want to be sure that it’s not broken.
Sherlock: …Okay. -nods and shrugs slightly-
Molly: -smiles softly and nods- Alright. Just give me a second. I have to get my jacket. -leaves-
Mary: You know for a fact that it’s not broken, huh? Well have a nice evening with her, Sherlock. -chuckles and gives him a cheeky smile-

We accept your request.
(and the new arc begins x] )

This became waaaaay longer than I’d originally planned for. And unlike my previous post, it was horribly cliché, full of soap-opera worthy moments, and drama - courtesy of Tony Stark. This sequel to “First Place” was requested by all-nerds-here​ and I hope you’re happy, because I missed my bedtime to finish this. I got completely addicted to the story and ended up getting twice as much as I bargained for. Oh well, c’est la vie: Enjoy my darlings! (Please let the extreme tiredness I will undoubtedly suffer from tomorrow be worth it.) <3


“First Place” (Part 2)

Part 1

The airport was surprisingly busy for so late in the evening. As expected, you had indeed lost your job. Despite the hour long argument you had made to your boss about being an asset to the company, working tirelessly, and having nothing to do romantically with Tony Stark – he had insisted that you clear out your office. So much for making a name for myself, you thought with a surprising amount of amusement.

A woman over the intercom called out your flight number and told you to proceed to the relevant gate. Picking up your hastily packed case, you stood up and began the short walk towards home. Having gotten used to taking the train, boarding a plane now seemed a suddenly daunting prospect. The train. Ah, how fondly you would think back on that.

“I’ve been winning for the last 2 months.”

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hi @adziedoodle i swear im not creepy but i was looking through your blog and i read the tags on this post and at first i thought it was a quote or something but apparently its not and its just such a cute thing to say so i made this even though i suck at animation