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okay but what would a q&a video as hedwig actually consist of? a lot of flapping and hooting??

(( OOC: You raise a good point. Also, the amount of feathers I stuck to my skin for Zazu was ridiculous as it took me an hour of swearing and sobbing to get them all off. I know I said I’d do anything but… I really, really don’t want to do feathers again. ))

After the Turkish

Can you hear my thirst?
Can you hear it now?

Can you hear a thirst reply
from the opposite hill?

A thirst lies as if sleeping
at the bottom of the valley.

At night it reappears,
pours itself into the dream—

thirst which will swallow thirsts,
as the moon outside will pour

into the bottomless night:
one thirst hoots from its perch,

warning, or invitation,
or the thirsty song of itself.

Another thirst, silent, glides
so low no moon can reach.

Jennifer Clarvoe, “After the Equinox,” Counter-Amores (University Of Chicago Press, 2011)

Okay children, gather around for a discussion of Grey’s Anatomy 13x14. Here are some of my random thoughts:

1. AMELIA! Okay, so screen time was super limited, but holy hannah montana I was so happy to see her freaking cupcake face. I’m on the “Amelia is pregnant” bandwagon also. Like…girlfriend, it seems like you’re craving yogurt and you’re sleeping WAY too much. Also, stop bed hopping and get into Owen’s. Also, what did you do for the day? She just disappeared completely and no one seemed to give a hoot.

2. The conversation in the kitchen was absolutely ridiculous, but some much needed comedic relief. Meredith….fucking do something. Like, I know you don’t know how to do anything else but be a doctor, but spread the shit out. It shouldn’t take you all fucking day to do the laundry either. Also, where are your fucking kids? You shouldn’t be that bored. You have three young children that could probably benefit from some attention. Go do something with them for god’s sake!

3. Arizona and Minnick. Guys, I’m not on board. At all. I almost gagged when they made out. I don’t know if it’s that I’m still not over Callie or what, but I just can’t get behind them being together. Plus, I feel like we missed a lot with this relationship. Like…one minute you’re having an argument in the parking lot and then you’re doing dinner and pretending you hate each other when you’re like secretly in love with each other? What? Writers, come on.

4. I didn’t particularly care for the patient storylines either, but the schizophrenia was pretty compelling and interesting. I feel like they were just used for Nathan and Jo. For once we focused on other characters that were kind of forgotten for awhile. I felt for both of them this episode and wish the writers would have exposed more of this shit sooner. Like, what the hell?

5. Owen. Go find your woman man. I mean, you did but like I said she’s bed hopping. I find it interesting that the other characters aren’t meddling around in this. Like Meredith would have been ALL OVER IT. Now she’s just letting Amelia pass out in her bed. And she supposedly can’t stand her. So…I’m confused. I get that Owen isn’t “going to wait forever” but time’s a wasting. They’re horrible communicators our Omelia babies. And before all of his drama Alex was all on Amelia’s side and it was magnificent. What the fuck happened to that? Alex didn’t go to jail, that’s all over, now let’s get back to that!

Okay, I think that’s it for now. Please feel free to express your thoughts about my thoughts. Fingers crossed for a good episode next week full of Omelia, but I’m doubtful. 

Hopes and Dreams Meme ❤️

What are the hopes and wildest dreams you hold nearest and dearest to your heart? (Let’s do this people, the world needs some positivity and hope.)

My dream is to be awarded a PHD in Clinical Psychology. And during the graduation ceremony my girlfriend of 4 years (who also happens to be the co-author of most of my exemplary scientific papers) gets down on one knee and proposes after I am awarded my diploma. The crowd cheers, I say yes, she puts the engagement ring on my finger and we kiss as the cameras flash and our professors hoot and holler in approval. We are a power couple and we go on to tackle the most difficult problems of the human mind and help lots people. We also write a book. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that is my wildest and most cherished dream. I challenge @faestae @jinxiebat @blue-gold-demigod-clouds @suckaflute @persassico @averysmallbee @bailci to reblog w/ their own hopes and dreams.

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Hoo took my Tootsie Pop??