this is a hoot

  • Management: so I was thinking maybe something casual, maybe an announcement on the radio-
  • Harry: commercial
  • Management: I mean we might want to start small-
  • Harry: internacional broadcasting. Every single country.
  • Management: okay...well maybe something outdoors, calm-
  • Harry: I want to be drenched.
  • Management: but, the children-
  • Harry: mood lighting
  • Management: being wet doesn't even make sense, you're not in the water
  • Harry: drenched.
  • Management: I mean....
  • Harry: don't forget a close up of my eyes. Bitches love my eyes.

I’ve been meaning to do Will and Nico with Pokemon for ages and never got around to it 😂. But yeah, my choice of pokemon could probably do with some explaining. Will and Cubone is simply because Will has a gift for grumpy bastards and would have the patience and affection for it’s more tearful moments. Nico was actually really hard cause although there are plenty of dark ghost pokemon most of them felt predictable and dull for some reason. I think Nicos at his best when he’s in conflict with something and Hoot Hoot seemed just annoying enough and appropriate enough to fit the bill. Also it been a owl suited Hades so maybe Nico can talk to it but the main selling point was that Hoot Hoot can lead it’s trainer out of dark and confusing places so … tartarus… idk know, i imagine this pokemon was given to Nico so he’d never get lost like that again. But to a large extent I just thought it was funny 😂. Please credit with a @crossroad_c_pettigrew in the description if u re- post on instagram 👍.


i’m not dead but a lil more active on twitter in terms of updating whatever horrid nonsense comes up in between work and sleep : ) be sure to read the captions for explanations LOL