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hobrien on bardates?

Posting this because the nonnie noted it was a personal blog and maybe they wouldn’t appreciate the link. Let me know if that changes and I’ll fix it.  Thanks!

Anonymous asked:

I have been thinking a long long time if I should write you or not because I usually don’t write anons nor do I want to start wank. I am living in LA (always have since my parents run an estate business there) and I like to hang out at non mainstream places with my friends. And I have seen Hoechlin&Dylan a few times at the Cameo Bar (you can get private spots there too). They always were on their own and also in their own world. No one approached them or asked for anything but it was made ->

-> sure that no one would take pics of them. During that time I hadn’t watched TW (I recognized them bc of the media) nor did I know of Hobrien. But the way they were with each other can only make you jealous. So I was surprised to hear that both are with other people.

I need this to be real so bad, heh. Uggh, yaaaaas!

And even if it’s not romantic, I just like them together, heh. 


Project Positivity Day 8: Candid Tyler Hoechlin

Anyone who’s been around my blog for more than a second will know that my Hoechlin is alwaysshowing. I mean, I love everything about him. But my preferred Hoechlin is, of course, candid Hoechlin. People go crazy when he’s at appearances, and while I appreciate those, my favorites are instagram pics, candid shots, behind the scene shots.

So, have some candid Hoechlin, because nothing in this world makes me happier.


With Tyler Hoechlin’s departure from Teen Wolf, we’ve had to say farewell to one of the show’s most beloved characters. Derek Hale has been a fan favorite since early in Season 1, and his legacy will endure long past his final scenes on screen.

Appreciate Derek Hale is a project intended to give this beloved character the kind of send-off he deserves - and to remind his fans that his story is far from over.

Starting on September 1, 2015, this blog will be used to showcase Derek’s development throughout the seasons - both in the show’s canon and in fanon’s interpretation of him. Follow his growth from scowling, monosyllabic Alpha Male to zen, book-loving Obi-Wan - and join with us in sharing your favorite Derek moments and creating new works!

On this blog, we’ll dedicate two weeks to each Season Of Derek, with themed fic, art, gifsets, fanvids, and prompts. It won’t, of course, provide a comprehensive portrait of fandom’s activity, but we hope that you’ll enjoy taking this nostalgic trip back through time with us, and exploring these Seasons of Derek further.

Each season will begin with a set of prompts, which you’re welcome to spin in any direction that inspires you. These will be tracked through a link on this blog, so please tag any works you’d like to share with: #appreciate derek hale

Appreciate Derek Hale is also intended to provide YOU - Derek’s fans! - with the opportunity to express what Derek has meant in your life.

Did Season 1 Derek teach you about the value of never giving up, even when your world seems to be falling down around you? Did Season 3A Derek inspire you to set aside something deeply important to you to help someone you love?

If we have enough of these testimonials (and your permission to share them - just add (y) at the end of your ask to indicate this, or post on your blog and add tags for #share and #appreciate derek hale), we’ll gather the sfw ones and share them with Hoechlin at a later date, so he can see the impact he and Derek Hale have had on his fans.

Stay tuned for more!

Hello lovelies,

To celebrate 6,000 followers milestone, FYSA team is hosting Sterek AU Fest.

What is ‘Sterek AU Fest’ -

This is a Fest to spread Sterek love with original fan-created works. Your works have to be Sterek AUs or canon divergent.

Type of work -

fic, fanart (graphics/manips/drawings/photosets), or videos about Sterek AUs.

How to sign up -

Deadlines and Dates:

  • Signups close on - February
  • Check-in on - March 1 
  • Assignments are due on - March 17 
  • Posting begins on - March 21 (for a week, depending on the participant count. You’ll receive your post schedule on submission)

Mods of the event:

FYSA team  - @loveactually-rps,  @nerdyderekhale,  @oncetherewasapirate, @tylerl-hoechlin

If you are not participating we’d really appreciate it if you could spread the love by re-blogging this post.

Thank you!


ok so i decided to make this cause i thought it was long overdue. ive had this blog for like 6 months now and you guys have made them the best 6 months ever and i appreciate you all a lot

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special thanks to Allie 


marcexuals: you guys were the first group I got into and the best by far. I love how we can talk about anything without judgment and all of you are so freaking amazing I love you all to bits

punks: my babies, im so glad I made this group cause ive gotten to know you a lot more and I love you guys thank you

indies: all of you are a bunch of amazing people and im happy I got in and that I met you guys I love you


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The wait is nearly over! Appreciate Derek Hale officially kicks off on September 1.

Here are a few reminders, if you didn’t catch the original announcement.


Each “Season of Derek” will begin with a set of prompts, which you’re welcome to take in any direction that inspires you. Make sure to tag your work - art, fic, vids, gifsets, songs, rec lists, etc - with #appreciate derek hale

This tag is being tracked from a link on the main page of this blog. Be sure to visit that tag often, to see what your fellow fans are creating!


This is an opportunity to express what Derek has meant in your life. Many of us capture our appreciation for Derek through creative works, but you may have personal stories you want to share, or statements as simple as: “Derek Hale taught me what it means to be a survivor, and how to fight past the heartbreak and loss in my life.”

You can post these testimonials on your own blog (remember to tag #appreciate derek hale) or send in an ask. If there are enough of these to gather into a booklet, they’ll be shared with Hoechlin at a con later this year.

Include a (y) at the end of the ask if you want your testimonial to be included in that booklet - or mark it in the tags on your own blog post. We’ll keep a running list and contact you again as we’re creating the booklet, to be sure your words appear as you wish (with or without your name).


Each Season of Derek will last approximately two weeks, so beginning on September 1, if you follow this blog, you’ll begin seeing much more Derek on your dash. For best results in watching the story unfold, we’d recommend periodically checking the blog’s chronological tag.

And remember: this is not a definitive list of fan creations!

This project is meant to give a beloved character the appreciation he’s earned, to honor a talented and dedicated actor’s efforts, and to remind us all what a talented fandom we’re a part of. The amazing works this fandom has created over the years can’t be captured in just one blog - so hopefully this provides enough of a taste to jog your memories of what you’ve loved in fandom thus far, and to inspire future creations.

Let’s keep creating and sharing!

Well OK so I hit 1k yesterday and so i figured i needed to take the time to make a follow forever because that’s what you do right? haha. I have no idea how i got this far(even though i know 1k isn’t like a ton compared to a lot of people..but it means a lot to me ^_^) to be very honest. I want to say a very special thank you to my very first follower:

the-misfortune-teller without whom perhaps i would have just said “meh, maybe should give this tumblr thing up,” lol(you know, it’s like that first dollar business owners get that they hang up in their office… or something)

NEXT! i would like to thank givesmehale, for being like…the most awesome tumblr/texting friend all started when she randomly asked me for sterek fics and i drowned her in them…and we just started talking, she swapped fandoms and was hooked and now she writes awesome many times can i saw awesome..idk i must be Dean Winchester..i’ll try and use different adjectives

then we have this group of lovely people who randomly talk to me, write amazing stuff, make me happy on a daily basis with chatter, theories, random hellos and are otherwise just super nifty people, i’m lucky to know them, and i heart them all:

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So i have no clue if i did this correctly, i just listed all my mutuals and who i talk to and stuff, if you’re not on the list i’m super sorry. I appreciate all my followers, drop by and say hello =) but if it’s not evident by this post i like to you have been warned!

With exams right around the corner and anxieties rising for everyone, I thought I’d do something to thank and celebrate everyone on this website! I appreciate  and love every single one of you, and it was really hard to get my list down to this few people.

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And I just wanted to, once again, thank everyone that’s followed me and appreciated my blog since I started it. I don’t know how many people know this, but I deleted an almost 1k follower blog just over a month ago and that fact that I went from 30 followers to almost 200 in the span of just two and a half weeks just astounds me. I hope everyone is doing fantastic tonight, and if you have exams coming up I wish you only the best of luck on them.

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