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pphew! sorry for the late reply to these >.< i figured id just reply to all these in one post with some pics. Below are the watercolors i use and the the gold paints (keep in mind those pics i posted were like first attempts @_@ im still getting used to these…)

The water colors are Mjello Mission Gold Watercolors in the 34 tube set and the gold palette are the FineTec Artist Mica Watercolors in the Pearl set. 

Now I’ll state first– both these sets are kinda pricey. The FineTec palette (about $27) is so worth it though because it comes in different golds and one tube of gold gouache is usually like $9 each or more depending on the amount of mica, so def worth the price and variety.

Below: from lightest to darkest on ivory tinted paper [Silver, Moon Gold, Gold Pearl, Arabic Gold, Tibet Gold, & Inca Gold] they look SUPER outstanding on black paper as well!

my fav is the richest one, the Inca Gold.

They are super nice, but if you plan on getting them, they are super HARD palettes! It’ll take a lot of scrubbing to get them activated and to have that nice gouache-like thickness, so if you don’t want to ruin your nice brushes, I def recommend getting some Ox Gall. Adding a drop or two of this will get them activated in no time, and with a nice opaque thickness. (the brand I have below they dont sell anymore, but other brands still make it)

As for the water colors, ehhh i feel weird cuz those vegetas were like my first attempts with this brand. Ive always used the Sakura Koi 24 color set palette because theyre super nice and super cheap (like $20) and Ive had them for years. I only got these because I wanted higher-grade watercolors in tubes. But they are very expensive, but for good reasons: they have a lot of pigment, which makes them so vibrant and bright and theyre designed to be very close to natural colors, not to mention theyre so SMOOTH when painting and they’ll probs last me forEVER because you get so much color with very little water.

(opera is best color IMHO) here’s a color chart I made (that took FOREVER btw) to give you an idea how beautiful they are and how many nice colors they make

so yea! those are the paints I used for those particular pics. Course if you would like a nice, cheap watercolor recommendation that works pretty well, Sakura Koi’s are a fantastic substitute. …..SORRY IF THIS WAS LONG i just akdfhalkfhd i like talking about traditional hope this was at least a little informative >.< if anyone has questions or wants some recommendations (while also saving some money) feel free to ask! I’ll help in any way i can with what i know, cuz despite posting mostly digital art, I am a traditional art supply FANATIC. 

Sheith Pokemon AU

this came out of nowhere. this should hopefully feel like a mini Pokemon episode :D also thanks to @keiiro and @keith-shiro as usual for the idea bouncing sessions ❤️

  • Shiro is the Flying-type gym leader
  • Up until Shiro’s gym, Keith has beaten every gym on the first try, so when Shiro beats him, he’s shocked and pissed
  • Shiro tells him what Keith clearly lacks is a more meditative focus, tells him, “Patience yield focus.”
  • Determined to beat Shiro on the next round, Keith leaves, intending to train some more
  • When he comes back to the gym, however, he finds that Team Galra has taken over. The place is in disarray, Pokemon are missing, people are missing
  • Shiro is nowhere to be found
  • When Keith figures out it’s Team Galra behind it all, he finds them in the town and challenges them to a series of Pokemon battles (All of them, of course, have predominantly Dark-type and/or Poison-type Pokemon)
  • After several super potions and Pokemon Center trips, he makes it to the match with Zarkon, who’s got Shiro and all of his Pokemon captured
  • It takes a lot of effort and sweat, but Keith is nothing if not determined. His passion and tenacity shows in this final battle against Zarkon. Just when he is about to lose, Shiro’s words Patience yields focus comes to him as he further pushes his bond with Charizard
  • Finally, he defeats Team Galra, and they retreat, promising to return someday when they least expect it
  • Shiro thanks him and tells him he’s impressed with Keith’s strong perseverance and bond with his Pokemon; he takes Keith up on the challenge of one final gym battle
  • Their fight is tense and charged. Many of Shiro’s gym trainers have hardly ever seen such an exciting match. They’ end up on their two final Pokemon and both are going hard at it.
  • It’s a close call, but Keith comes out of it victorious
  • When Shiro presents to him the gym badge, he offers Keith a place at his gym so he can take Keith beneath his proverbial wing because he simply admires Keith’s talent so much
  • With a smile, Keith says he still needs to finish his own Pokemon journey but he promises 100% that he will come back
  • When he does, they end up leading a fire/flying gym together as co-leaders and become one of the toughest gyms to defeat


  • Keith has a black mega Charizard 👌🏼
  • Keith: Talonflame, Houndoom, Blaziken, Rapidash, Mega Charizard X, Kartana
  • Shiro: Aerodactyl, Salamence, Honchkrow, Skarmory, Sigilyph, Celesteela
  • They go on Pokemon adventures together in the future where Shiro claims Lugia and Keith gets Ho-oh

Next up: talk to me about Elite Four AU’s man. I’m all ears.

for those who have yet to jump on the school 2017 train, here’s some reasons why you need to watch it:

(1) no love triangle

for those who haven’t recovered from the sls mess that was school 2015, you can rest easy because there is no love triangle in school 2017 (not to mention, school 2017 may even help to cure your school 2015 heartbreak).

also the relationships/friendships in school 2017 are to die for. the main couple (tae woon x eun ho) is sooo cute and adorable. the bromance (tae woon x dae hwi) will give you so. many. feels. and i, personally, am a huge fan of the friendship between girls :):):)

and, the student-teacher relationships are so good. i love mr shim and his relationships with his homeroom students. i kinda wish i had a teacher like him in high school, who wanted to the best for me and was willing to do everything in their power to make it happen.

(2) amazing cast

you will fall in love with almost all the characters (excluding a few *cough* kim heechan *cough*). but, regardless of how you feel about some of the characters, i think everyone can admit the cast is super talented.


from the main leads tae woon (or as everyone likes to call him tae swoon), dae hwi and eun ho to the secondary characters such as sa rang, bo ra and namjoo, you will definitely find a fav.

in my opinion, i think that the writers have done an excellent job of fleshing out most of the characters. i do have a few issues with some of the characters in terms of the way they are written, but on a whole they’ve done a really good job. 

(4) interesting premise and important themes/messages

basically the premise of the drama is the school has this troublemaker, called X or student X, who does “pranks“ that effects the way the school runs, like activating the fire sprinkler system during a mock exam. X is kind of like a vigilante of sorts, exposing the corruption etc. etc. and the main character, ra eun ho, is accused of being X.

the drama deals with a lot of issues/themes: corruption, bullying, school violence, dreams vs. reality (i.e. can you afford to have a dream when your reality is this?), school ranking systems and the education system in general, etc.

i’m going to end the list here, since this post is pretty long, but feel free to add to it if i missed anything.

tldr: watch school 2017

Panel 1:

Ryotsu: What? A serial killer who goes after the culprits of other crimes!! There’s no way I’m allowing it!! I’ll show you how I catch him with my own hands and I earn a good promotion!

Panel 2:

An hour later.

Ryotsu: Yeah! I’ve caught him! The culprit is Light Yagami! The killer operated using the Death Note! Wahahaha!

Light: D-… damn…

Panel 3:

Reiko: Ryo! That’s impressive!

Nakagawa: As expected, when sempai tries his best he succeeds. But how did he know who was the culprit?

Ryuk: Amazing….

Light: Ho-… how…

L: … did he know?

Ryotsu: Hehe…

Panel 4:

Ryotsu: Because I’ve been reading Jump thoroughly for 30 years! There’s nothing about Jump that I don’ know! GAHAHAHAHAH!

Sign: 30 years of Jump magazines

Nakagawa: Sempai, that’s…

Reiko: Ryo, that’s a little…

Light: Bwaaah…. I’ve looost….


@type-ho-negative and @death-delirium tagged me to post a selfie

I had a little photo session two weeks ago, so here ya go these (probably the best) three pictures of me ^-^

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The entire backstory and even some plot all wrapped up in one looooong update!

Well at least it’s out of the way all in one go, eh? :)

Part 2: Renegade
<Pages 72 - 81>



slickandsolangelic  asked:

Hey Isis! Loved your last analysis post and couldn't help coming back to ask you about a certain thing yet again! From... around days 5-7 in the route I believe, the game takes a turn with V blaming his "ideal" love for Rika become the way she is. She even flippin turns around and calls herself his ruined masterpiece that he threw aside. I was inclined to give it thought because I didn't want to be blinded by my bias, but then I began to question is (1/3?)


Because throughout the route, we see that even though V’s love is super unhealthy and harmful, especially to himself, we also see Rika actively feeding into it by asking him to save her from what “God cannot” multiple times. She was basically also pulling him deeper into that thought process by the ankles, and I think that one unnamed side of the mystic messenger fandom is quick to forget that V never treated Rika like “art” or a “trophy” of his own will, because she was the one who (2/3)

-asked that of him in the first place. V is quick to blame himself for literally everything that happens- and even his voice actor addresses this in his Free Talk (Lee Ho San is sooo salty about Rika, I love it). People insist that V’s “ideal love” was what made Rika start Mint Eye, but.. no?? Mint eye was literally started before the RFA, as seen with how Saeran is being drugged at such a young age in SE1. Thoughts? (3/3) 

Wowie Phil, okay, this is a long question and it ended up having a long answer. It also touches a couple controversial issues in the fandom so… haha…

Naturally, I’ll have to mark a SPOILER WARNING FOR ‘ANOTHER STORY’. This is a long post so if you’re on mobile, scroll down fast!

This analysis is divided in three key segments, so you can read these messy thoughts of mine in some kind of order.

  1. V and Rika are unreliable narrators, so we should be careful when we take their opinions in consideration. 
  2. What was the dynamic in Rika and V’s relationship while they were together
  3. The core of your question, V’s love and Rika’s darkness.

1- V and Rika as Unreliable Narrators.

Alright, so, the first point I have to make clear, and I really want to put emphasis on this, is the fact that both V and Rika are unreliable narrators by default. 

The only people that believe V is literally the cause of Rika’s woes are… That’s right, V and Rika themselves. Jumin, the person closest to the two of them and the character the game highlights as the neutral voice of reason, comments at various points how Rika made her own choices, therefore the whole “V created Rika’s demon” is a biased narrative created by these two characters, and it’s clear why. 

V will always find a way to blame himself in the story, always. He has made plenty mistakes that he acknowledges, sure, but he always tends to overestimate his flaws and underestimate others’, so he highlights his role in people’s failures and minimizes his influence in their victories and successes. Likewise, Rika also has a biased view of the world, in that she tends to put the blame of her actions on other people all the time. It’s her parents’ fault, it’s V’s fault, it’s society’s fault, it’s the RFA’S fault, it’s everyone’s fault but her own. Sure, she had a tragic childhood, but she tends to excuse herself at every point by trying to blame others for the road she took, while still liking to have control over everyone else’s lives.

What I want to clarify with this is that we cannot trust 100% what Rika or V tell us about their relationship unless it fits in one of these categories. 

  1. We saw it ourselves in a Story Mode flashback or in Secret 01.
  2. It’s a fact or an event, instead of a point of view.
  3. It’s commented on by an unbiased third person that is neither Rika nor V.

This means that the story itself is not trying to tell us V is to blame for Rika’s descent to darkness, that is only V expressing his (self-deprecating) thoughts. This route is literally about trying to convince this stubborn man that he’s wrong about a lot of things, why should we believe him when he says this is his fault?

2- V and Rika’s dynamics in their relationship. 

When they had their first date after Rika visited V’s gallery, the two of them had a conversation that highlighted how they had very similar views on love and what they wanted in a relationship: Rika wanted a kind of eternal love that will last no matter what bad, awful things she does, and V wanted to provide that kind of love to someone because he wanted to discover the reason he lives for through that action, since he thought his goal in life was to love. He wanted to give that love and be there for her, and she wanted to take it, so they were a match made in Hell, basically.  

So… What happened when they got together and Rika got the love she was looking for? A plethora of things: They felt happy for sure, and they settled down… But she never believed V’s love, and kept trying to test it by attacking him, insulting him and demanding things from him to push him to the edge and see if he’d remain with her or not. She also simultaneously wanted him to always do what she wanted him to do, and at the same time raged because he never “craved something on his own” and did only as she wanted. To summarize: If he didn’t do what she wanted him to do it means that he hated her, and if he didn’t take the initiative to do something towards her then it means that he hated her, too. It was a complex situation where Rika would both encourage him to take individual action, and demand he always did what she wanted him to do.  

As a consequence, V’s actions towards Rika were mild and cautious, and he never expressed much willpower around her, lest he risks upsetting her or going against her desires, because his “love” was all about pleasing her. Subsequently V had two different approaches regarding Rika: He wanted to help her and guide her towards the light (as any reasonable person would) so she could be at peace with herself, but at the same time he didn’t want to force Rika to do something she didn’t want, because that’d make her have a crisis and doubt his love. He encouraged her to take therapy and cheered on her when it all went well… But if Rika started to threaten suicide, or screamed about how she didn’t want it, or just flat out start saying she felt scared of getting ‘close to the light’, he wouldn’t force her to continue, and accepted her wishes. He tried to help her but only for as long as she was okay with it, because he didn’t believe confronting her was the answer, since… Wouldn’t that mean that he didn’t love her as she was? That he didn’t embrace all sides of her?

As I explained in a previous ask, submissive love for him was unconditional love, because he believed he had to love all of her darkness, too.

Rika, likewise, believed that V’s love would dry her tears and would save her, so like you mentioned, she constantly told him as much. She wants the sun to dry all her tears, she wants V to save her since God can’t. V believed that was part of his conception of unconditional love, so he promised to embrace her all even if she were to break him. V’s overwhelming and selfless love made Rika aware of how dark she was and so she decided to embrace that identity. 

3- V’s love and Rika’s darkness. 

The main consequence this behavior had, was that Rika found someone that would always love her no matter what she did, and she felt comfort in that. She felt that she could do whatever “her devil” wanted to do and it’d be fine, because V would always be there for her. 

Rika wanted that love because she never experienced it before, true, but also because it validated her, both in good and bad ways. It made her feel as if she was worth being loved… But it also gave her the excuse to give in to her darkest thoughts: She could do whatever she wanted, commit all the atrocities she desired (in the name of her ideals), and be judged by the world and society without caring… Because someone would always love her, so she would always feel the “warmth” of that unconditional love. She didn’t really care much about trying to reciprocate this love, and, personally, I don’t even think she treasured V as a person, because as I saw it through the route, she just wanted to feel his undying love and loyalty. This is why she mistreated him and enjoyed his pain (physical and psychological), but as soon as he stopped providing the love she needed (By dying in Secret 01, or by moving on and rejecting this kind of love in his route) she loses it. V had no value to her as a person, just as a “sun” that’s there to provide and nurture the daffodil. If a different ‘sun’ appears (like MC) she would flatly ditch him in favor of that someone else. 

This is how V’s love “caused” Rika’s shadow to grow. As you can see, he played a big role in Rika’s descent to darkness by inadvertently helping create the right circumstances for her to decide to act upon her inner desires. However, V didn’t create Rika’s “darkness” since that was with her from the start, he tried to discourage her most outrageous thoughts regarding anyone but himself (as seen in both Secret 01 and his route) and Rika never showed any actual desire to change herself for the better and erase her ‘demon’.

I believe his tolerance allowed the problem to grow, but I also believe blaming V for Rika’s actions is trying to absolve her from her responsibilities, and it’s almost a form of victim blaming. V was wrong, yes, his mistakes definitely let the problem get out of control, and his wrong conception of love validated Rika, but he cannot be blamed for the choices Rika made or what she decided to make out of his love for her.

V’s love provided Rika with the affection and tolerance she always craved, which gave her the motivation to carry on with what she wanted to do, while constantly abusing V so he can keep proving his love to her even more and fuel her. Once that love ceased to exist, Rika crumbled. 

Extra comment: Rika as V’s art.

This is just a small comment I want to make about the art analogies. Rika was V’s artwork in the sense that she replaced his need for pursuing arts in his life, and he filled the void in his heart by loving her. He is an artist, he thinks in artistic terms, so he saw her a as art in his eyes: Because she was beautiful, because he “loved” her, and because he could make a difference in her life. When Rika saw V trying to move on, she assumed it was because he was bored of this ‘old artwork’ (Rika) since it didn’t bring him the results he needed, and so moved onto the ‘next one’ (MC). To me it only seems as the comment of a person hurt by a lover leaving them, so perhaps she perceived that way, but that doesn’t make it reliable.

Also, if V took pictures of Rika and made her his muse and a model for his art, it was because of her own will, since he even told him she wishes he’d never put down the camera in front of her, and it made her feel beautiful. She flat out said she loved it, so… Yeah, I don’t see why people would think V saw Rika as ‘art’ or a ‘prize’. 

Mob Psycho 100 Holiday Gift Exchange: A Handy Dandy Guide

Hello everyone! Thank you for showing interest in this sudden, on-a-whim startup MP100 exchange FOR ANOTHER YEAR! The mods are all really excited to kick this sucker off and make it even BIGGER and BETTER than last year’s event!! We get that the request process can get kind of confusing, so we’ve put together a handy dandy little guide here, under a read more for your dashboard’s sake. YES, THIS WILL BE THROUGH ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN AGAIN. You will need to get an account to participate, but you have time.

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Ah, yes, I repeatedly said I haven’t watched the episode and wasn’t planning on watching it and that it wasn’t worth watching and barely posted about it. Clearly it was all reverse psychology crammed down your throat to force you into watching the episode. You never had any choice! You could not defy my very clear, very transparent reverse commands! Oh ho HO! YES! It was me! I was the villain the entire time! Congratulations on detecting my very evil and clearly very real plan to take away everyone’s free will to not watch a crappy show which has succeeded! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

anonymous asked:

Roshar is my name and every time I see it in a post it brings me back to you and I am so confused

1.) you have a really cool name!! it’s super neat that it happens to also be the name of a major planet in a fictional universe!!

2.) i am so sorry 

All I Want Is You ( Eclaris/ Thunderblink Fanfic)

A/n : Hello ThunderBlink and Eclaris lovers. This is my very first The Gifted Os with two of my new and beautiful otps. I hope you enjoy this.

You might find John a bit OOC at the end but I like to be believe that our tough guy is a softie at heart so don’t judge me please.

All I Want Is You

The general ambiance of the headquarters could be best described as morose and morbid. To think the people here would have been jumping for joy after they had successfully rescued Lorna, three weeks ago. Not that she had needed much help with the rescuing Clarice sighed for the fifth time as she gazed around and saw Marcos’ long face. He was working in his workshop. Clarice stood beside John’s work space which provided a perfect view to the workshop vault.

“Something wrong.” John asked when he heard Clarice let out another long sigh.

She had been here for just a few weeks now, after she had broken out of that detention center. Her presence initially had affected him, in a very unexpected and unexplainable way.

He hadn’t been able to figure out what was happening to him especially whenever she came close to him. Every time she even came into his field of vision something strange would twist inside his chest and leave him edgy and frustrated the entire day.

She rose a fierce need of protection and possessiveness inside him. He was a protector, he had been for all these people at HQ for quite some time now, so those feelings came naturally to him but the intensity with which such sentiments would surface for Clarice, shook him to his core.

It had taken him a few weeks to realize that she meant more to him than others, would always mean more and much much more.

He always was a no nonsense guy, cutting straight to the point. She sometimes wondered how had she ended up with such a stick in the mud military guy. Though she wasn’t very lovey dovey herself but she wouldn’t mind if her man would every now and then say something uncharacteristically super fluffy and cheesy. However he did sometimes do or say stuff that left her breathless and oddly tingly and warm.

“What’s up with Mommy and Daddy? Their cold war is literally raining snow on the already subzero temp around them. As if isn’t uber nippy enough.” Blink snarked. John’s smile lit up his face. For such a tough guy he had a really soft smile. She found her own lips curving.

“You mean Lorna and Marcos.”

“Duh. I know I haven’t known Lorna for long but she risked herself for me and I hate that she is having issues with her photon-lover boy. She has been back for three weeks now and they barely talk to each other.”

“Don’t let Marcos know you call him photon-boy and don’t worry about them. That’s what they do. Besides every night you see those colorful lights flickering on the rooftop it happens when they you know… they are actually quite fine.”

“Quite fine?” she questioned at first then belatedly realizing John’s meaning she added, “Eww. Perv much.”

He got up, leisurely parted her legs and stood between them. His hands resting over her thighs gently tracing his fingers, he aroused them both. Her arms looped around his neck.

“I don’t have much time to be a perv. I have my own woman to pay attention to.” he pulled her closer and bit her ear. Her breath hitched and desire pooled in her eyes turning a shade of dark green, he knew it turned her on every time he kissed or licked her ears.

“Joh..n.” her voice turned breathy, heat suffusing through her pores.

A loud crash sounded behind them, echoing through the hall. They jerked apart and saw Marcos had accidentally dropped a cement block and created a hole in the floor while Lorna stood glaring at him. Then she bit out,“Nice going laser. As usual I’ll have to fix your mess.”

Then proceeded to maneuver a few metals plates through the hole in an attempt to mend it. Marcos lifted his palms, blinding yellow light emitted from his palms and welded the metal into the floor, filling the hole.

With a tortured glance at Lorna he remarked, “I fix my own messes. You don’t have to worry about them from now on.” Then he sauntered away. Lorna tried her best to hide her own misery behind a mask of anger but John had known her too long, to not know she was hurting. People around them who had gathered to watch the spectacle then dispersed.

“But you are right. This is getting out of hand. I’ll be back.” John answered Clarice, then with a peck on her pink lips he followed Lorna.


She grunted as she fixed one of the broken doors.

“Hey.” John approached her cautiously since,she was for all intents and purposes at the moment, a wounded bear licking her hurts.

Lorna glanced back once then continued fixing the door. Once she was done she turned. “Lemme guess Mr Righteous is here to deliver a lecture on manners.” His practical and rational man persona was good for their mission but sometimes it irked her beyond words, especially when he turned the muzzle of his rationality gun on her.

“No. I am here as your friend, Lorna.” John sat beside her once she took a seat in a settee on one side.

“Fine. Shoot. Give it to me.” sarcasm laced her voice. Lorna had a tongue to match her temper, it was one of her admirable qualities.

“Are you okay?”

His simple inquiry about her farewell touched her more than a well-worded lecture would have. So she softened a little. Distress quickly morphing into a bout of self-pity and embarrassment.

“What do you think?” her face now bore the evidence of the strain she had been carrying for weeks. Her separation from Marcos made her achy and distressed. Her heart was breaking into a million pieces every day as the distance between her and Marcos continued to widen.

“I think you need to talk to him.” he replied and had her snicker.

“You think I haven’t tried.”

John raised his brow again. “Don’t give me that superior brow. I am going to strap you to the lamp post outside.” Lorna warned half-joking.

“I’ll let you do that if it makes you feel better.” John smiled.

“Let me do that. Oh please Proudstar you know I can.”

“I know. But I can easily get out.”

“Ughhh. It’s so annoying. To think men would take some well-deserved punishment once in awhile.” Lorna spat playfully and John chuckled. His eyes widened with realization.

“You didn’t did you? Don’t tell me you tried to strap Marcos against the lamp post outside. ” John was amused.

“I did. But he used his energy to break free.”

John tried an admonished look but failed and ended up laughing.

“What?” Lorna flushed, a little mortified. When he continued to laugh she smacked at him, “What?”

“Nothing. With all the Aurora Borealis in the air I just thought you guys were you know.”

“Ewww.. Pervert.”

“Clarice had pretty much the same reaction. But hey I am a practical guy.” John joked and she shook her head.

“To be honest we did a few times, and it was very very very ho….” Lorna remarked wanting to make him uncomfortable. Her lips curved when she noticed him getting flustered.

He instantly added, “Okay. Okay. Stop. Knowing about it as a half forgotten vague fact in some buried recesses of my mind is fine, actually less than fine, but you enlisting the graphic details isn’t.” after a short pause and an understanding look he proceeded, “You need to talk to him because we need to be united with everything going on out there. But more importantly because I can see it is hurting you two.”

Lorna understood where John was coming from. He was right they needed to be united but what mattered most was that she needed to sort her issue out with Marcos, because they loved each other. It was preposterous the way both of them were behaving. He was more than just her partner, he was her family. Her love for him sometimes overwhelmed her so much that she felt herself drowning in the intensity of it. And she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

“Fine I will. But in my defense I did actually enchain him to that post so I could make him listen to me instead we ended up doing those vague half forgotten deeds of the buried recesses of your mind.” she smirked when John flashed her a grin that said nice try and bolted out before she could explain anymore about her encounter with Marcos.


“Hello. Romeo. Got some time?” Clarice sat beside Marcos on the rear steps of the HQ building.

“Sure. Is everything okay?” he asked, looking concerned.

“All is peachy except one thing.”

“Which is?” he encouraged.

“You and Lorna being on the outs.”

Marcos avoided her gaze and looked away, “It isn’t any of your business.” his voice a little clipped with emotion and resentment.

“I know but I also know not long ago you were ready to do everything in your power to bring her back. And now that she is you are throwing a hissy fit about her pregnancy.”

“How do you know?” Marcos appeared a bit shocked.

“Because I am fairy with magic ears.” she rolled her eyes, “Remember I can hear stuff Photo.. I mean Marcos.” Clarice snarked.

“I appreciate your concern but…”

“Look I can’t do those epic movie pep talks that’s more John’s department but I’ll say this don’t let your ego ruin this. Love doesn’t happen for everyone so stop acting like a ninny and go talk to her.”

“For a moment you were good but then you ruined it…”

“With the ninny thing? But did I lie?” she sassed and Marcos laughed. “By the way I know you call me Photon-boy.”

Clarice made an oops face and stated, “Cute name isn’t it.”

“Not really.” Marcos shook his head and smiled again.

With one last advice, “Stop being a stubborn mule.” she gave a reassuring squeeze to his shoulder and walked away.

Marcos wanted with all his heart to make everything okay between him and Lorna. A pang rose when he thought about how Lorna was pulling away from him. He felt himself losing her and it wrought out a panic so sharp and shattering that it was tearing him apart. He needed her, more than he needed to breathe.

She had saved his life and then had become his entire existence. He wouldn’t let anything and or anyone in this twisted world take her away from him except maybe herself, if she chose to walk away from him. And that is what scared him to his bones. Urged by a sudden commanding need, he got up and went to find her, ready to face his fate.


“Hey. Where were you? I was looking for you.” John confessed when Clarice entered the computer room.

“Just here and there. Don’t worry I am a big girl. I won’t get lost.” she snaked her arms around his neck.

He pulled her closer as if desperate to have her in his arms. At times he would feel this aggravating anxiety that he might lose her. Clarice felt his distress so tried to distract him. She kissed him lightly.

“I thought since you were going all Confucius on Lorna maybe I could pep-talk Photon-boy. I don’t know if it worked.” she mumbled against his mouth.

“Lemme guess you called him a stubborn jackass for not talking to her.” he asked pulling back a little.

She bobbed her head slightly from side to side and with a sheepish look remarked, “Not exactly but something to the effect. I did call him a ninny though.”

John flashed his killer smile, it made her gooey every time. In an instant his eyes turned intense again and he rested his forehead on hers. The change in him didn’t go unnoticed by Clarice.


“Clarice I…feel it again.”

He had told her about how he sometimes felt a foreboding feeling.

“Hey.” she ran hands through his hair, it calmed him a little. “Talk to me.”

“I can’t explain it. I’m not a clairvoyant so I don’t know.”

“As much as I hate it but do you think memory manipulator girl could help you?”

He smiled at her nickname for Dreamer. “I don’t think she can help me but she can help you. You still hate her? Your resentment could go away if you let her take that memory back.” John suggested but that foreboding feeling grew potent. He couldn’t analyse what was happening.

“I don’t hate, hate her but I’m not her biggest fan either. But you are right it’s time I ask her to take that fake memory away. We have plenty of real ones.” this time she bit his ear and he groaned. His attention successfully diverted away from his disquiet. Cupping her face he whispered, “All I want is you.”

She felt her heart dip and then freefall. She answered his confession with her lips touching his and both of them were lost.


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You know, I joked on Twitter a little while ago about Pokemon events in the west being significantly less exciting than the Japanese events, but this was a shock even to me.

Gamestop is giving out Lycanroc Midnight from May 15th until June. It knows Stone Edge and Swords Dance (two moves it knows by leveling), and Sucker Punch and Fire Fang (two egg moves). It has its hidden ability No Guard (which you can in game legally by SOS chaining), and comes holding a Life Orb (you find one free post-story).

There is NOTHING special about it. It’s literally only being distributed to promote the upcoming TCG expansion.

Meanwhile, Japan has shiny Tapu Koko, Ho-Oh, and unique versions of Pikachu with an event exclusive Z-Move.

Getting Your Car Serviced: A Hopefully Helpful Post

Hey so as a former service advisor I just wanted to make a quick post for people who might be bringing their cars in for service for the first time. So here’s a quick primer. (Note: Not all service advisors are bad people or just in it for the money, but most of them are paid in some amount by commission, so…) When you bring your car in for warranty work or for regular service, they will usually do an inspection. If you’re still under warranty, you’re usually golden and hey if they can do the work for free, get it done! If not…

Very quickly: if your check engine light is on and steady it’s just a general warning light for your car, most of the time it’s something electrical, and if it’s steady you can keep driving. If that light starts flashing? That’s when you wanna pull over and stop driving. A little bit of brake squeal is not abnormal esp first thing in the morning. If it happens throughout the day, try hosing off your wheels (when they’re cool!!) with a pressure washer, 80% of the time that squeal is brake dust. A consistent loud grinding noise? Not a normal brake noise. 

When you make your appointment, ask what their policy is on diagnostic charges. Some of the less ideal car companies (*cough* chrysler *cough*) will not cover the cost of the technician looking at the car if they don’t find a problem. Which means if you bring your car in for an intermittent problem you could be out a lot of money if it doesn’t happen for the tech. (Yes, even if you still have warranty)

Do a quick visual inspection, too, because if you’ve got a rock in your suspension making a noise warranty may not cover that. And if it’s an internal rattle, try taking everything out of your car. Your sunglasses in your overhead compartment might very well be making the noise you hear from your dashboard (trim noises travel).

Re: intermittent problems, try to know when it happens. Does your car make that noise when it’s raining? Once you’ve been driving for twenty minutes? First thing in the morning? When turning left? The more info you can give about this the faster the tech will be able to find the problem. (Seriously. Every little detail is a world of help).

If you don’t understand what the person who calls you with the results says you don’t have to say yes. You can thank them for the info, write down what they said or have them send you the info, hang up, and call someone who knows better. Most service advisors are trained as sales people first and foremost. They will try to put pressure on you, they will tell you they need the go-ahead right away. Admittedly, if you do this there’s the chance that your work will take a little bit longer but that’s better than being out a lot of money for useless work.

To that end, find someone you trust and know to ask for advice. Let that person know you’re bringing your car in for service and that you might be hitting them up throughout the day. I’ve even given service advice to people I know from tumblr, it never hurts to ask around for some advice.

Car things sound scary. I know this. They can also sound really confusing. I know that too. And obviously there are problems with cars that need to be fixed and that’s why service departments exist. But there is a huge amount of service work that is complete and utter bullshit. 

Ask your service advisor questions, too. They should be able to answer them, or to say ‘I don’t know, I’ll ask the technician and get back to you’. Don’t accept bullshit answers that don’t actually say anything. Your service advisor should be able to explain in words that you understand exactly what is wrong with your car. In my experience, if your advisor can’t do this and they still have a job, they’re keeping it because they’re a shady sales person and not because they know their way around a vehicle.

Read your owner’s manual, know your owner’s manual. The service advisor is going to tell you that you need a brake flush, a transmission flush, a power steering flush. They will tell you that your diff fluid needs to be changed. They will tell you this way before it is actually true. Some will tell you, or suggest to you, that your warranty will be voided if you don’t do this work when they say. The only thing you need to hold to is what your owner’s manual says. Seriously.

Ask what the most important problem is, ask what needs to be fixed first, what can get left for a few months, what can wait even longer. Expect your advisor to be able to say: this is the most crucial, then this, then these items here. If they can’t do that, you might want to rethink how much you trust them.

I would recommend doing a walk-around on your car before and after you bring it in for service. Some car porters are great about admitting when they’ve done lot damage. Some not so much…

Get to know your warranty too, whether regular or extended. Some wearable items (brakes, shocks, etc) will only be covered for 1 yr/20,000km so even if you’re still under your three years that noise you’re hearing maybe can’t wait a couple more months.

Oh, and if you’re buying a car, and they try to sell you a propak (don’t buy it) or an extended warranty (sometimes worth it), I would be really careful about knowing what exactly is in that extended warranty or w/e else because ho boy have I seen some brutal deals in my day. 

And if you have any questions about how things work in service or sales departments (or if you wanna hear some of my stories about the worst of humanity who work at dealerships) feel free to drop me an ask!

Shoot Secret Santa

Anybody want to gift the gift of Shoot to someone? And bless the Shoot fandom at the same time?

We thought we might try a Secret Santa exchange this holiday season to keep Shoot alive. And to give more holly and jolly to this time of year, because 2017 has been a rough year. Plus, who doesn’t want more Shoot in their life! And their timelines! 

How it works

  • You must have an email address
  • Sign up with what you want to make ( e.g. fic, drawing, graphics, etc.)
  • Also list what you’d like to receive (e.g. gifsets, drawings, fics)
  • Sign ups are done via a form

»» SIGN UP FORM   ««


After that assignments will be send out to everyone by email on Halloween, and then you’ll have about eight weeks to make gifts for the person assigned to you.

Gift Giving Guidelines

Just in case it isn’t clear to anyone, all the gifts have to be Shoot related.
And there are more guidelines in the next blog post. Again, I’ll try and get better and learning Tumblr and links :-)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: SUNDAY DECEMBER 17th (Please, submit by this date or let us know if you’re running late)

On Christmas Eve/Day all the gifts will be posted for everyone! On Boxing Day (aka December 26th) it will be revealed who made gifts for whom (if you choose to reveal yourself), then after that you’re of course free to post the gifts you made to your own Tumblr and hopefully AO3 or anywhere else.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

I’ve never done anything like this before, so any help is greatly appreciated :-)


anonymous asked:

When it comes to chara and giving that character any bit of extra story outside of what is presented in the game, it is mostly projection on the writer. The game shows that chara was simply a bad egg, something that does indeed happen from time to time. Moreover, Chara being abused is never confirmed, but Chara's abuse towards Asriel is solidly shown in game. Bullying between siblings may be normal yes, but making someone help kill yourself to go kill others is in no way reasonable, kid or no.

Oh boy the Discourse. This is going to get long so please bear with me.

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