this is a hiny

ingredients for a Professor Layton game

- puzzles ( don’t spend hint coins too fast )
- hint coins ( TOUCH ALL CHIMNEYS. )
- beginning with a weird monster/mystery to solve
- more puzzles ( seriously don’t spend them on thirty picarat puzzles )
- storylines that doesn’t always make sense, because that makes sense
- professor layton logic ( because super sea monster last of its species that used to live with one of the most ancient people of earth forming a silhouette while battling with a exploitative and destructive machine is more believable than a simple specter. ) one piece of advice: Don’t question it.
- badass animations and voice actors
- the third hint that you buy telling you to look at it from another perspective.

correct me guys if I missed ingredients

AU where someone else defeats Voldemort in 1981 because Snape never heard the prophesy and he never tried to attack the Potters.

Where Dumbledore knows that he’ll come back one day.

Where Harry grows up with two loving parents and all his parents friends around him.

Where he and Ron and Hermione spend the summers at each other’s houses.

Where Harry has a happy childhood and thrives at school because there’s no one their bullying him.

Where Harry and Ginny grow up together and he gets a crush on her first and it’s not until his 5th year that she realizes it.  

Where Harry and Ron graduate from Hogwarts and become Aurors and when Voldemort does eventually come back they are among the first to join the newly reformed Order of the Phoenix. 

Harry fighting side by side with his parents, marrying Ginny Weasley at 23 and it’s a little bit of happiness inside of warring world. 

Where Dumbledore sees Harry’s potential and prowess inside the Order and asks him to help him find the Horcruxes and Harry obviously accepts.

Harry, Ron and Hermione working tirelessly to defeat Voldemort.

Harry still being the one to bring him down in the end because he’s that good of a wizard.

Harry still being Harry but without having an abusive childhood.  

Harry and Ginny’s kids having both sets of grandparents.

Harry and Ginny’s kids having better names.

Today in Art class we were listening to pandora and a commercial came on that was a fucking potty joke song and it kept saying hiny and my friend and i turned into 4 year olds

Iba’t-ibang klase ng Friend sa Facebook.
  1. The “sobrang vain” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na hindi matatapos ang araw hangga’t hindi sila nakakapag-post ng selfie na over sa filter at naka-album pa. 
  2. The “ginawang diary” friend. Sila naman ‘yung friend mo sa FB na makapag-status akala mo diary nila ‘yung facebook, dahil araw-araw silang nagpo-post sa buhay nila. Kahit marami naman ang walang paki.
  3. The “akala mo may kaaway lagi” friend. Sila naman ‘yung friend mo sa FB na puro patama ang pinopost. Tapos ‘pag tinanong mo kung may kaaway s’ya sasabihin n’ya wala. 
  4. The “hater of almost everything” friend. Sila naman ‘yung friend mo na halos lahat nalang hini-hate nila kahit inosenteng taong wala namang ginagawa sa kanilang masama, hini-hate nila.
  5. The “hugot lord” friend. Sila naman ‘yung friend mo sa FB na halos lahat nalang ng mga bagay na makita n’ya ginagawan ng hugot lines. Pati nga siguro mouse pad, gagawan ng hugot. Sobrang drama. Kabadtrip.
  6. The “banal banalan” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na kukuha ng bible verse at ipopost kasama ang picture nilang labas ang cleavage.
  7. The “jeje” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na nagtatrabaho sa “Edi sa puso mo :”>” at nag-aaral sa “Swag University” At sila rin ‘yung may profile picture na distorted ang mukha. 
  8. The “auto-liker” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na kada may makikita s’yang post sa FB kahit hindi n’ya kilala ila-like n’ya pa rin. Minsan nga hindi pa n’ya nababasa/napapanuod nila-like na n’ya.
  9. The “feeling kandidato” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na kada may mag-la-like sa mga post n’ya eh, pasasalamatan n’ya ito at ime-mention pa. Okay lang naman mag-pasalamat pero isang thank you lang sapat na ‘yun. Wag naman sana OA no?
  10. The “re-profile picture to gain likes” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na kakapalit lang ng profile picture pero kinabukasan ibabalik nila ‘yung dating profile picture nila. Bakit? Para ‘yung mga friend n’yang ‘di pa nakapapag-like noon eh magla-like na ngayon. 
  11. The “famewhore” friend. Sila ‘yung friend mo sa FB na sumasali pa sa mga group ng mga jeje to gain likes and followers. Ewan ko ba sa mga ‘yan hindi naman nakakain ang mga numero na ‘yan. Ba’t kaya uhaw na uhaw sila sa likes?

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