this is a high quality film

  • What Aries Likes: Loud music, parties, friends, fights, sporting events, being outdoors, action movies
  • What Aries Doesn't Like: Being quiet, waiting, not being in charge, compromises, rainy days, being bored
  • What Taurus Likes: Luxury, art, gourmet food, security, safety, money, class, lazy days
  • What Taurus Doesn't Like: Being rushed, cheap things, instability, loud people, being wrong
  • What Gemini Likes: Other people, drinking, books, travel, knowledge, children, flirting, comedy, puzzles, debates
  • What Gemini Doesn't Like: Close-mindedness, commitment, boredom, serious people, black and white movies
  • What Cancer Likes: Comfort, movies, romance, flowers, comfort food, money, being home, children
  • What Cancer Doesn't Like: Negativity, aggression, cruelty, lack of sympathy, opening up, being away from home for too long
  • What Leo Likes: Being strong for others, good food, patience, loyalty, high fashion
  • What Leo Doesn't Like: Criticism, lack of loyalty, working, dependence, boredom, quietness
  • What Virgo Likes: Advising others, nice pens, reading, writing, cult films, organization, eating healthy
  • What Virgo Doesn't Like: Being criticized, loud places and people, brutality, poor quality of life
  • What Libra Likes: Peace, happiness, fashion, makeup, relationships, romantic gestures, admiration
  • What Libra Doesn't Like: Fighting, being ignored, helplessness, making large decisions
  • What Scorpio Likes: Tranquility, silence, indulging, sneaking around, secrets, trust, mysteries
  • What Scorpio Doesn't Like: Liars, ruckus, guilt, pain, hoarding emotions, being overwhelmed
  • What Sagittarius Likes: Freedom, travel, exotic things, spirituality, old churches, knowledge, philosophy, drugs
  • What Sagittarius Doesn't Like: Growing old, feeling restricted, being chased, judgmental people, skepticism
  • What Capricorn Likes: Success, self care, ambition, logic, rationality, quietness, conservative thinking
  • What Capricorn Doesn't Like: Clinginess, expressing themselves, losing control, laziness, change
  • What Aquarius Likes: Technology, science, wisdom, travel, friends and family, surprises, helping others
  • What Aquarius Doesn't Like: Feeling helpless, close-mindedness, authority figures, prejudice
  • What Pisces Likes: Arts, sleeping, New Age, compassion, love, escape, religion, music, romanticism
  • What Pisces Doesn't Like: Stress, heartbreak, lack of understanding, rules, criticism, responsibility

I feel like the most ridiculously laughable part of this whole thing im seeing is this concept that dan’s video wasn’t as good because phil wasn’t there to help him film/edit. and im like ??? what world have you been living in? They have both said that dan prefers to film alone where phil isn’t watching and can’t hear him unless absolutely necessary? Dan is 26 and has been making high-quality videos for like 8 years now…i think he’s got it figured out. And like, the idea that dan’s editing is the problem here is HILARIOUS. Like have you ever actually edited a video? because it’s really obvious when dan edits a video and it is always exceptionally well done. again, he’s been doing this for 8 years. he doesn’t need ‘editing tips’ from phil, he knows what he’s doing perfectly fine on his own. 

like kill the idea that dan needs phil to be successful. because he absolutely does not. dan is with phil because they make a great team and they care for each other deeply, but don’t mistake that with his artistic abilities relying on phil. because dan’s brand would be completely fine without phil, he has always had a really strong individual brand because his concepts and the execution of his ideas is always brilliantly done. he doesn’t need phil for a successful video.

Real talk here. So, this time a year ago, the Hamilton Original Broadway cast was still on Broadway, and everyone was getting super pumped because we all thought the OBC was going to be professionally filmed, and a high-quality stage-movie version would be released for sale to the masses. I would still totally buy it. I would even spend like $50 on it (way cheaper than actual tickets)

I’m not trying to start any discord here, but does anyone know what happened to a professionally filmed version of the Hamilton Opening Broadway Cast? I’m genuinely curious.

Cinematography - Lenses

How do you know the best lens to use for a shot? Different lenses have different focal points. The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus.

Below is a quick overview of the different lenses and how they look on screen.

Zoom Lenses- have a range as their focal length. Common zoom lenses may be 18-55mm. These are nice because they are flexible and can capture photos or videos at varying focal lengths.

Prime Lenses- have a fixed focal length. Although not as versatile as zoom lenses, these lenses tend to have better quality, wider maximum aperture, and are smaller and lighter. These are most common in professional filming and photography. Focal lengths of prime lenses: the higher the focal length (mm), the higher the zoom.

-Wide angle lenses (14-35mm)- These are often used for wide shots, landscapes, group photos, or interiors. Distorts images especially when close to the camera.

(15mm, high light, landscape)

-Standard lenses (50-60mm)- These are considered the “normal” focal length because it is close to how the human eye sees. Minimal distortion and used for portraits (close ups in film) and nature.

(50mm, low-light, portrait)

-Telephoto lenses (70-300mm)- Use these when you want to get close to a subject but can’t. They tend to distort images and are susceptible to camera shake the higher the focal length.

(200mm, average light, action) 

-Super-telephoto lenses (300mm-600mm)- same as telephoto lenses but closer. Good for capturing subjects from a large distance.

(400mm, average light, wildlife)

-Macro lenses (60, 105, 200mm)- used for close ups that can be reproduced life-sized. Used for extreme close ups in film and images of flowers and insects in nature.

(105mm, average light, insect)

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That coffeshop AU and the actors AU are GOLDEN. I NEED that in my life now ;(

I can’t really write much for the coffee shop AU because I don’t have any inspiration for it but here are some extracts and concept writing for what the Actors Au would look like

Disclaimer - this is a fake au fic from the Rivals series. In universe it would be written by a Viktuuri fan and so is based on how that fans see umfb!viktor and Yuuri not as they actually are. It was also written as a joke on my phone in half an hour so please don’t take this as serious writing!

Original concept - no.5 of the ‘15 most popular fics in the Rivals universe alternate AO3’ - Original post here

Title: Before the Camera, Behind the Screen

Rating:  Explicit

Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply

Category: M/M

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF

Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Phichit Chulanont, Christophe Giacometti, Celestino Cialdini, Yakov Feltsman

Additional tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe – Actors, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, they’re actors playing figure skaters for a big Hollywood movie, and they hate each other, at first at least, why do they not use body doubles for their sex scenes?, plot reasons that’s why


Sweat-slicked skin gleamed under the lights, two bodies moving as one as gasps of pleasure filled the quiet room. Katsuki had his head thrown back, eyes glazed as he rode out the sensation, thighs clamped tight around the warm body beneath him and hands fisted into silver hair…

“Cut.” Came the harsh voice of the director as the studio lights snapped back on, flooding the scene with a glaring brightness. “Take five everyone.”

“And you two.” he turned to the two actors who were both blinking in the sudden light and wiping the fake sweat from where it was lying stickily across their skin. “You need to get it together soon or this whole movie is going to be a disaster. You’re supposed to be in love for Christ’s sake! Katsuki, you look like you’re counting down the minutes until you can finish this scene and go and get lunch and Nikiforov, you’re just looking bored. You’re supposed to be actors! I don’t care how much you hate each other, you better act like you don’t or you’re both getting fired.”

Katsuki glared down at Nikiforov who was still lying beneath him, looking annoyed.

“You better step up your game.” Nikiforov drawled, looking disparagingly up at the man still straddling him. “I have a reputation to uphold and I’m not going to lose it to a bad movie because of one amateur, one-hit-wonder actor who can’t do his job properly.”

“Maybe it would be easier to do my job if you weren’t such an arrogant ass who can’t admit to his own mistakes.” Katsuki shot back, glare intensifying. “And stop acting like you’re such a big deal. You might be famous but you’re not that impressive.”

“I don’t know, I’ve been reliably informed by a lot of people that I’m very impressive.”

Nikiforov flicked his eyes to where their bodies were joined, only the smallest pieces of fabric separating them, eyebrow raised suggestively. Katsuki snorted in disgust, then rolled his hips in an unexpected movement that made a certain part of Nikiforov perk up in unintentional interest.

“I’ve seen better.”

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In this post you’ll find #019 #041 decent-quality gifs of Imogen Poots from Frank & Lola (official trailer and Sundance clip), all made by me. Do whatever you want with them (maybe ask before editing them but eh), just don’t claim them as your own or use them in gif hunts. Like/reblog if you’re into it!

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In introducing the clip of the film at CinemaCon this year on stage in Vegas, he called the epic film “one of the greatest stories of human history. At its heart, it’s a survival story. The enemy is closing in on the British on this beach with no escape. I wanted to put the audience in the story.”

He said he wanted to immerse the audience as part of the story on the beach, flying over the beach, running with the troops. The film is not down, but noted that “it’s the first time we really have been able to use the IMAX cameras to its full effect.” Including, he said, using to film inside the cockpits of the planes.

“Most important to say here is this is a story that needs to carry you through the suspenseful situation and I make you feel like you are there and the only way to do that is through theatrical distribution. I want to thank you all for everything you’ve done for me throughout the years … I am depending and relying on all of you to try to present this film in the best way possible.” He said they are cutting Dunkirk in 70mm film prints and will also have the high-quality IMAX prints available.

With that, he showed a fair amount of footage of the film set against a drumbeat behind it that increased in frequency and built the suspenseful nature of the battle at hand. It eventually, clearly, became a heartbeat as the British troops went to face the enemy in the sky and on water.

The epic film stars Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance (to name a few)


The Hittites (2003) narrated by Jeremy Irons (2 Hours)

I know that history is not Tumblr’s favorite subject but for those of you who do enjoy history, I strongly recommend this documentary on the ancient Hittite Empire. Not only is it narrated by the great Jeremy Irons (winner of Academy Award for film, Tony Award for Theater and Emmy Award for television) and in High Definition but the two-hour film has dramatic reenactments of true cinematic quality with excellent production values and superb acting.

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Heyy, love your blog. <3 What are your thoughts on Assault on Arkham & World's Finest? I know they're totally different, but I want to know if they're worth the watch. :3


My honest thoughts? Assault on Arkham and World’s Finest are two of my favorite DC films ever. 

Amazing Joker and Harley scenes in both of them, dialogue is great, the plots are very nice, the animation is incredible, I could go on and on. 

Assault on Arkham I think is better than Suicide Squad. I mean as a movie Suicide Squad is not that hard to beat in quality, the Joker and Harley scenes were great but other than that yeah… no. The only bad thing about AoA is Harley has a little thing with Deadshot which is really unfortunate but seeing Mr. J get jealous over it later in the movie is totally worth that unfortunate scene. 

World’s Finest is also incredible and if the DCEU is smart, they will incorporate a lot of those elements in Justice League. 

Plus there’s this:  

I truly loved them both and they are highly, highly recommended from me. 

Thank you! 💕💕💕


After having done the very first gig on European mainland in the small hall of Paradiso the week ‘I Bet You Look Good Dancefloor’ hit #1 in England in late 2005, two more gigs in Amsterdam and a legendary festival set at Lowlands followed in 2006. Just a month in 2007, the second album got announced, with a small pre-album try-out European venue tour. Tickets were available a few weeks in advance, but only at the door of the venue, 2 tickets a person, fans only. Causing hundreds of fans to camp out overnight, and stirring up a true case of Monkeymania across Leidse Square.

This was the very first high quality footage of any new song, having 86,382 views in a year, shared by media from NME to Rolling Stone, before my original 2006-2008 concert video account got deleted. The crowd during the gig a month later was so nuts, pre-barrier gig times, crowd surfers and stage divers, that filming from the epicentre was impossible. Except for one particular more mellowed down song no one heard yet called ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’. Now, for the 10th anniversary of this gig this very day, the footage is back. Remastered. Stronger than ever. Enjoy. 10 March 2007 #neverforget.

You guys probably think I got this together and edited this ages ago and scheduled this for 10 March 2017, but I only found back the dusty MiniDisc I recorded the audio on last week after fearing for years it was wiped and not having the heart to come to terms with it, found it against all odds, digitalised my audio recording in sheer panic yesterday, found back the video footage 3 hours ago, and edited this video in a race against the clock in the past hour.