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Friendly reminder that Voltron: Legendary Defender is a family friendly show about 5 friends who get together to form a robot that saves the universe and everyone in Team Voltron loves and respects one another. 

Let’s please enjoy VLD for the amazing storyline, themes and characters it brings us, regardless of the ships we ship or don’t. 

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What are your favorite blogs?

Took me like 2 hours AGAIN 😭

•I have to add saddaf first because she’s my khor jaan and will attack me and umaimah is my OG 🙃 doesn’t matter what order I LOVE YOU ALL OKAY BELIEVE ME
(ngl I do obviously love some more than others)•

in no particular order whatsoever except for a few:


@lii-onn-deactivated20170715 (comeback)

@liwanay-blocked but still pashtun gang
@gulrukhfarah-deactivated2017071 (come back)

BEST FOR LAST @butfirstsabr like wow, this person is a queen but you already know that 😍🔥

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hi im new 2 tumblr nd i was wondering who r your favorite ppl on here

oh goodness! that’s a tough question. I know I’m gonna forget people or leave some out cause im tired af but some of the ppl i am v close with or look up to…

if u want rad art: @caustic-synishade@sperus-art / @thehauntedartist / @kayroos-art / @purrtlepuff / @warmcandy

amazing gifs and edits: @lum1natrix / @markired / @ ??? i cannot think of ppl im sorry (like i know there’s more but im too tired n tipsy ;-;)

some generally awesome people who do all kinds of stuff and I love??: @asspocalypto / @assbutt-of-the-readers / @septicplier / @jennagetsartsy / @nestorquik /  @dannyaviclan / ???

some fun blogs ??: @unflatteringpicturesofjse / @blurrypicturesofthegamegrumps / @blurryphotosofjacksepticeye / @peeblesprotectionpatrol / @dannysexbangdancingtosongs / @marksandrec

??? my brain is totally shutting off now lol… basically u can look and see who I reblog stuff from and there’s a 99.99% chance I love them with my entire heart, u should check em all out (also if ur looking more for a specific fandom/community I can prob try to find specific s but this is getting long already so imma go heh)

shout out to science-minded people like y'all are sooooo smart… science & math are a whole other kind of intelligence, y'all take a lot of crap for being geeky but you’re wild smart and talented and cool

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How do you stay sane as a Blackhawks fan when everyone's so fucking rude and mean all the time?

hey anon, i just wanted to start off by saying that i wasn’t ignoring this question, i just wanted to think of something coherent enough to explain and had a pretty busy day. 

so, i guess a lot of people hate them for their logo/nhl’s favoritism/certain players and their not so great pasts/idk what else is there. this puts the hawks fans on defensive and when literally an entire fandom hates on you, you sort of become even more defensive which can come off as rude often times. i’m not trying to excuse hawk fans, there are some that i really wish did not represent the fandom (and not just on tumblr, the hawk fans outside of tumblr can be pretty nasty too). my point is, i feel like the blackhawks part of the fandom have become so alienated that it’s hard to associate with anyone else in the fandom. it sucks, imo, cause yes i will admit that the hawks have many faults (so do other teams tho) but they also have some great ppl that get hated on despite them not doing anything. like seabs and duncs. they’re my fav D pair, and maybe before everything crashed and burned in the past 2 (3?) years, everyone loved them and they weren’t categorized in the must hate list on tumblr. hossa and hammer and crow and darling and tazer, even the baby rookies like vinnie and hartzy. it sucks and it makes me sad, they’re some of my favs but i never can talk about the hawks without feeling like i’m offending someone. 

i started off my entire hockey love with the hawks, and ya they’re not my team anymore, but i still like them and some of the players. when i came into the fandom, i was only involved with kazer/hawk blogs so i never saw the immense hate and constant badgering, but i think asg17 was the first time i realized, shit, everyone really hates the hawks. and i think that came more from the fact that i started following blogs for different teams. it made me sad to see some of my favs being so hated on, but i can’t deny the reasons ppl hate some of the guys. it’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. some of the players have really done shitty things that make me uncomfortable and i don’t blame anyone for having a negative reaction to it, and the team as a whole. but it’s not fair to be so rude and disrespectful and expect the hawks fans to be nice in return, but that’s how this fandom works. it’s a vicious cycle and it starts up whenever big events take place. the playoffs being one of them.

this was so far from coherent, i’m sorry, but what i want to finish with is: just follow blogs that like the hawks. there’s some really nice ppl that still love the players and the team and even when everyone’s hating, they’ll be rooting for them, and making edits,gifs, ect. it’s hard to avoid all hate though, because inevitably, some of it might make it’s way to ur dash but don’t let it bring you down. i stopped letting it bother me. to a degree, i was internalizing the entire fandom’s hate at one point, and it was really depressing and weird. then i realized, i don’t have to think like them to like other teams outside of the hawks. i’ll tolerate their opinions as long as they respect mines. a lot of the times, i won’t follow ppl so i can avoid seeing their opinions but i might check out their blog for content and stuff. that way, i won’t have to deal with the extra hawks hate. 

don’t stop loving something that makes you happy, anon. as long as you’re not hurting anyone, i think it’s ok to love what you love. let the hate roll off your back, take it from a dceu fan that lives in an mcu world. just enjoy what you love and try to avoid the negativity. 

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Lol well my opinion is that I don’t actually have one on Harry and Louis’ legitimate sex life. I have a preference for the fic I read and what I blog about.

I like Louis as a bottom. Whether it’s Louis being more of a dominant bottom or a submissive bottom, I love bottom Louis. Once upon a time I fell for the “this is why Louis is actually a sub” and “this is why Harry is actually a dom” bullshit, but guess what? I’ve fucking grown up.

I’m not gonna sit here and list reasons I think Louis and Harry actually are this or that like @horsegirlharry does because it’s legit none of my business. I’m also not going to try to justify fics that glorify underage/adult relationships the way she does…but that’s another story.

As a gay™ man with years of gay™ experience, it’s been my automatic instinct to see Louis as a bottom lol but my many gay ass years of gay experience don’t mean I suddenly know anything about Louis’ actual sexual preferences. Just like you being a dominant with actual experience in bdsm culture doesn’t mean you get to be the authority on Harry genuinely being a sub.

So my opinion is that she can shove hers you know where. There’s literally nothing wrong with having a preference. The problem is that this fandom as a whole tends to be very “monkey see, monkey do”. People like to insist on their headcannons being reality, and other people like to follow as they say. It’s been that way, but i’ve been here too long to turn back now.


Just this morning I received an email that someone left a review on one of my incomplete, multi-chapter stories. I’m probably speaking for most writers on this but you could say I felt ecstatic to know someone took some time to leave a message for something that took an effort to do.

But as soon as I opened the message and read it, the excitement was gone and all I had were mixed feelings.

I’m not angry, mind you, but no matter how many times I read it there’s always a flick of irritation especially when I see it’s written in such a demanding tone. In the end, it just saddens me how some people don’t realize that if there’s someone who wants to update AND complete the stories more than the readers, it’s actually the authors themselves. (Also a confession: If I allowed the petty side of me to take over I would’ve just deleted the story to get it over with, lmao. Besides, it’s not like we get paid to do this, right? RIGHT?)

Anyway, to answer Guest first, I did say in my profile that my FT fics are in a hiatus (for the same reason why I don’t post much FT art nowadays); I know Guest probably has no ill intention when they posted the review; most likely, they’re probably just frustrated with waiting, but believe me when I say that as a writer, I’m frustrated myself for not being able to write and post it the way I initially planned.

The primary intention of this post was not to throw shade at the reviewer–far from that, actually. At the end of the day the entire point of the person leaving the review is that they like it enough to actually check whether I’d still post another chapter after more than a year. And that’s rather…flattering, to say the least. However, there is a much better way of getting your point across PLUS getting a higher chance of obtaining your desired outcome (in this case, the update).

Say what you liked most about the story, or even tell which your favorite parts were. Tell which parts made you sad, tell which parts made you happy. You could even ramble about what makes the characters/ships perfect in your eyes, or perhaps even share your thoughts on what would most likely happen next. It actually makes a difference, rather than just asking/demanding for an update. Perhaps if you really like it enough, you could even try messaging the authors directly, and I’m sure most would be more than willing to talk about it in private messages.

I’ve seen posts about writers being underappreciated and the sad reality is how it actually happens. The thing about writing is that authors usually have a basic idea on what’s going to happen, but the tricky part is how they would mend together the words that would make the story complete, so they can’t just easily /post/ the next chapters.

Writing is hard, and I think it’s important to show our appreciation to the writers, especially when we’re getting it for free …


🤦‍♀️ I forgot..🙍 

…Whenever your proffesor calls on you and tells you to see him/her after class it can either be good news or bad news…in my was bad news..🙄😪 she was complaining that I diddn’tt turn in an assignamet on time and it was wrong in my part. Okay I get it, it’s bad to be irresposible with your things especially when it comes to school. I just simply forgot to do it, I admit that is not an excuse, but I’m human, I have a lot going on, with now my new job, an up comming photoshoot that i’m brainstorming, trying to be more social and hunting for a new place..I’m not a robot, yes I’m always ontop of my school work and I always do extra credit but today was the day that I was slacking not only on my assignamet that i was suppose to turn in… but in my classes in general “ooo whatch out the good student is turing into a bad one” No 😐 that’s not the case. I just wasn’t feeling school today 😕😒

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Glasses, congestion, and headache.

for @my-so-called-trash-blog ;)

Yuuri wakes up with a pounding headache and his head in Viktor’s lap. He groans softly, lifting his hands to press them into his eyes, fingers curling over his forehead in the hopes some additional pressure will alleviate the pain. It helps a little.

“Yuuri?” Viktor asks and his voice is concerned. This is the third time in as may months Yuuri has gotten sick since moving to Russia and he feels bad about worrying Viktor like this.

“M’fine,” he mumbles. “Just a headache.”

He sits and rubs at his temples while Viktor kisses the nape of his neck. “I’ll get you some pills,” he says and then Yuuri is left curled against the couch cushions.

Yuuri just wants Viktor to cuddle him. His fever is giving him shivers and chills and all he wants is to be wrapped up in a cosy blanket and held in front of the fire with a mug of hot tea.

Viktor returns with some water and painkillers which Yuuri downs gratefully before reaching for his glasses. As he slides them onto his nose, he feels a tickle flare up deep in his sinuses and he crumples forward with an unstifled hehtishew!

He sniffs, rubbing under his nose with his index finger in the hopes that the tickle will go away. Viktor blesses him. Yuuri blushes.

His breath catches in his chest again and Yuuri wrinkles his nose, rubbing desperately with his knuckles because sneezing hurts please don’t sneeze.

enhIShhew! hh…hihhtISHHEW! ngh

His glasses slide down his nose as he falls forward and the movement only further aggravates his sensitive nose. Frustrated, he pulls his glasses off again and snatches the tissue Viktor is holding out for him, raising it in front of his face as his breath hitches again.


Yuuri’s nose twitches impatiently but the tickle keeps dancing around his nostrils teasingly before finally - finally - it spikes and he lets out a final, wet sneeze.


“Finished?” Viktor asks in amusement and Yuuri would normally be embarrassed but he’s too busy blowing his nose to glare at his traitorous fiancé. “Bless you. Does that feel better?”

Yuuri has to admit that it does. The sneezing had loosened the congestion which had in turn lessened his headache somewhat. Maybe Viktor’s ‘no stifling’ policy had some merit to it after all.

shinee world is the only good fandom I’m in

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I'm so sorry to bother you, but I think I need to rant about this. The recent news about the cast of the live action Aladdin has offended me and saddened me so much. As an arab woman, I find it so disrespectful and offensive that they casted an Indian actress to play Jasmine, an arab princess. Middle easterns and Indians are not the same thing! (1/2)

(2/2) Could Disney not perpetuate this idea that all brown people are interchangeable, that it’s totes cool to swap one ethnicity with another? It hurts me to see the closest thing to a positive representation being ripped away from me. I grew up idolizing Jasmine, even if the writing was messy & problematic af and me having so many problems with that movie, she was compassionate and stong and the only character that looked me.

first off, i’m sooo sorry i’m answering this so late (i haven’t been feeling 100% lately and my mind is still a bit groggy so pls bear with me) and i already have a few messages in my inbox about this issue so i’ll just answer this one to sum things up.

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I tried to tell a person to credit someone’s art and they went all defensive saying, well I’m not saying it’s mine and, everyone knows who the creator is and I credited their art before on my blog. let’s say its so much of a headache its not worth it I think. I’m not gonna be active as it is just making stress for me.

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How about some Taire staying behind late after a meeting with Enjy because he's worried he's not going to sleep enough and that he's working too hard and poor Taire is ill and cold and shivering and trying to warm himself up by drinking. So ofc E gets all annoyed and upset that Taire is drinking loads but then he realises he's just doing it to warm himself up and to try and dull his headache (also love your blog - it gives me life srsly you're amazing and congrats on finishing your thesis)

Let me tell you: I love this prompt so freaking much. 

(Ficlet: Modern AU and Enjoltaire because if it wasn’t obvious by now, I am actual trash for this ship.)

Grantaire huddled further into the small booth he was occupying while he kept trembling hands wrapped tightly around his third glass of wine. His head was throbbing worse than a hangover after a night out with Bahorel, and he felt chilled to the bone despite the heat blasting out from the vents above him. 

His bed called to him, but he refused to leave, not without Enjolras. The latter had been working late nights at the Musain recently, and Grantaire was beside himself with worry. So, he had been staying the hours and hours after meetings to make sure that Enjolras got home safely and got to sleep. It was the least he could do since the two were still fairly new into their relationship. 

He kept his eyes trained on Enjolras, who was hunched over multiple documents a few tables away, while he sipped absently at his glass of wine. He had hoped that the alcohol would fend off the chills and dull his pounding head, and while it offered brief relief, it wasn’t enough to ward off the shivers that left his muscles aching fiercely or dial down the pain flaring hot across his head. 

He polished off the glass and motioned for the bartender to bring another when Enjolras came storming over. 

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Enjolras spit out sharply as he took in the deep flush coloring high on Grantaire’s cheeks. “Christ, are you drunk?” 

Grantaire winced for Enjolras’s booming voice felt like knives piercing his mind, but he was quick to shake his head. “I’m not,” he struggled out through chattering teeth. 

Huffing out a harsh laugh, Enjolras crossed his arms and arched a brow. “Really? Then why are you shaking so hard?” 

“I’m freezing,” Grantaire mumbled, wrapping both arms tightly around himself. With the absence of wine, he was left with strong, deep shivers coursing through him. 

Frowning, Enjolras stole a glance down to his arms where he had rolled up his shirt sleeves to fend off the heat of the room before he slowly shifted his gaze back up to Grantaire. It took a second, but his mind caught up to the situation, and next thing he knew, he was dropping to his knees beside the brunet. 

He gently brushed the back of his fingers to Grantaire’s cheek and sucked in a sharp gasp at the boiling heat. “R,” he breathed out, voice thick with worry. He cupped Grantaire’s chin and gently pulled until the brunet was fully facing him, and then he pressed a flat palm straight to Grantaire’s forehead to confirm the worrying temperature. 

“You’re really sick,” Enjolras whispered with furrowed brows, and Grantaire could only nod helplessly in response. 

“You should be in bed.” 

Shrugging, Grantaire rubbed one hand against his head. “I want to stay to make sure you get home and get sleep.” 

Breathing out a deep sigh, Enjolras shook his head. “I can make it home by myself, R. I’m an adult.” 

“I know, but I’m worried,” Grantaire pressed, keeping his voice firm despite the chills wracking his slender frame. “Someone has to make sure you sleep.” 

Enjolras opened his mouth to protest, but thoughts of multiple, sleepless nights consisting of getting lost in work flashed hot across his mind. He closed his mouth and offered a small nod. 

“I’m sorry for worrying you,” he supplied while taking one of Grantaire’s shaking hands in his. “I didn’t realize.” 

“It’s okay,” Grantaire said with a shaking breath. He frowned just as the chills picked up in intensity, and he dropped his forehead against Enjolras’s shoulder with a light groan. 

Enjolras was quick to wrap steady arms around the trembling brunet. He rubbed his hands up and down Grantaire’s back to provide even a small ounce of heat even though he knew the chills were a product of the nasty fever Grantaire was sporting. 

“Let’s go back to my place. I want to take care of you.” 

Grantaire pulled away with a frown. “That’s not necessary.” 

“I insist. Besides, I owe you for all the times you’ve been looking out for me.” 

Despite how he felt, Grantaire’s lips quirked up into a teasing smile. “So you are finally going to let me spend the night?” 

Enjolras shoved lightly at Grantaire’s shoulder. “Don’t be so obnoxious,” he said, voice matching the smile coloring his lips. 

The Signs at the Club
  • Aries: *Trying to pick up someone* Hey doll, what's your zodiac sign?
  • Taurus: *Talking to the Bartender and drinking a moderate amount*
  • Gem Twins: *One is completely sober while the other is too drunk* -Drunk Twin- YOURE THE BEST YOU KNOWSSW THAT!??
  • Cancer: *Biggest lightweight out of the group had a Jell-O shot and about passed out* HEHEHEHEHEHDCIGNCITN *trying to hug everyone*
  • Leo: Dancing w/ Scorpio & Libra
  • Virgo: *Designated Driver* This is going to be a long night
  • Libra: *Dancing w/ Scorpio & Leo* Cap go w/ Sag you're a lightweight and need water!
  • Scorpio: *Dancing w/ their trio and trying not to have any alcohol spilled on them*
  • Sagittarius: *Completely sober* Aqua.. Aquarius we need to get you some water. You're gonna have a killer headache
  • Capricorn: *2nd biggest lightweight* LIIIIBBBBBBBBRRRRAAAADG WHY YOWU SOOOOOO GREAST!
  • Aquarius: *Drunkenly trying to dance w/ Sagittarius*
  • Pisces: *Is the DJ*