this is a harry potter reference, to all my potter fans out here

Snape is neither unequivocally good nor bad, and that is what makes him interesting: an analysis

Fan conversations about Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series are very polarized. There are fans who are very sympathetic towards him and others fans who think he is the worst, to put it in simplified terms. I can’t help to think both of these stark sets of opinions are wrong and I really wish fans were more willing to analyze Snape’s role in the overall story (rather than just his individual actions) and what they mean thematically and symbolically. So here we go…

We’re supposed to draw specific parallels between Harry, Snape, and Voldemort. In Deathly Hallows, Harry specifically refers to the three of them as the lost boys of Hogwarts. They all are (1) half-blood wizards with (2) not-so-great home lives (3) who have some particular magical talents (4) who find a place and home at Hogwarts.

Now the connections and similarities between Harry and Tom Riddle have been pointed out explicitly since at least Chamber of Secrets. However, this is also the book where Dumbledore tells us that it is our choices, far more than our abilities, that determine who we are. Snape fitting into the comparison with Harry and Voldemort is only uncovered in the last book, when his full backstory is revealed. Because there is so much going on in that book, including just what’s going on with Snape, this nuance gets overlooked in the analysis of the Harry Potter saga.

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Geeking Out

An Eddie Redmayne one-shot for @xoxcathylove requested here.

“Can I just reiterate how excited I am, Eddie? I mean like, yeah, you’re in it and all and I’m proud and love you and whatever, but it’s- it’s Harry Potter and Hogwarts and J.K freaking Rowling. On the big screen again. It’s a dream come true. And- and you’re taking me to the first screening of it. I get to be one of the first to see it. Eddie, that’s so cool.”

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10 Things I Hate About You (Part Three) - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: yay! I managed to finish it! hahaha I am so sooorry for the wait but I had THE worst writers block for this story but once again, I powered through it! :D oh, I had an amazing suggestion for this story and I am using it, but not yet, but wait for it, dearie! :D so, here it is! chapter 3… here we go! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate it when you stare

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

“Alright, everyone. One more time” James yelled as the rest of the team groaned complaining.

“James, we’ve been here all afternoon. We’ve done this about fifteen times” (Y/N) said almost out of breath.

“And we’re going to do it one more time” he said looking at his sister.

“Mate, your sister’s right” Augustus said panting. “At least give us ten minutes to rest” he begged.

“Do you want Slytherin to beat us this Saturday?” James said upset. (Y/N) then did something she never did unless it was necessary. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

“Sirius” she begged at the black haired boy widening her eyes. Sirius quickly nodded understanding and turned to James.

“Prongs, five minutes to recover won’t change anything” Sirius said. James debated a bit with himself but finally gave in.

“Alright, five minutes” he said before walking back to the tent.

“How is it that you manage to convince my brother more than I do?” (Y/N) said glaring at him.

“It’s the Black charm” Sirius said smirking and running a hand through his hair making her roll her eyes at him. “Uh, you’re welcome, by the way” he said offended.

“Yeah, thanks” she said shrugging her shoulders.

“What, that’s it? Not even a hug?” Sirius said opening his arms for her. (Y/N) lifted one of her eyebrows at him.

“I’m not one of your groupies, Black” she informed him.

“I know that, which is why it’d mean more coming from you” he teased her.

“You smell” she said wrinkling her nose and wiping the smirk off his face.

“Yeah? So do you” he said sticking his tongue out at her. (Y/N) didn’t know why but she laughed; a genuine laugh. She had no idea where that came from but it did.

“You were… rather brilliant out there” he said all of the sudden surprising both of them.

“Was I?” (Y/N) asked trying to prevent the blush on her cheeks.

“Sirius!” they both turned around to find a group of girls waving and giggling at him and erasing the smile on (Y/N)’s face.

“I see the Fan Club is back” (Y/N) said quickly putting back the smirk.

“Don’t hate me cause you don’t have one, babe” Sirius said without really thinking as he winked at her.

“Oh no, I am not going to acknowledge that as a reference to me” she said glaring at him. “I am not your babe that’s misogynous and demeaning, Black.”

“I don’t even know what half of those words mean” he told her.

“It means” she said still with the glare on. “It’s a way of not having to remember a girl’s name so you can disguise it as endearment when, actually, they mean nothing to you” she said upset.

“What? Come on, Potter, I wasn’t-“

“Sirius, get over here already” another girl from the group yelled at him.

“Better not keep them waiting… babe” (Y/N) said mocking him. Sirius sighed a bit frustrated before making his way over to the girls.

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7. We are not allowed to go to class in our pajamas and we are definitely not allowed to go to class in someone else’s pajamas!

“Mister Potter, Mister Black. What do you think you are doing?”

“We’re coming to class, Professor,” James answered confused, “It is time for class, isn’t it?”

“Don’t sass me, Potter,” Minerva McGonagall replied sternly, casting a sharp glance in his direction, “What I mean to ask is what do you think you are wearing?”

“These are our robes, Professor,” Sirius spoke slowly.

McGonagall shot him a look, wondering how much trouble should would get into with the school board if she slapped a student, “I’m referring to what’s beneath your robes.”

“Oh, you mean this?”

Both Sirius and James opened their robes to reveal their clothing beneath.

James was wearing a white tee shirt with mud brown sweatpants with the Puddlemere United logo splashed across the thigh.

Similarly, Sirius was wearing bright red pajama bottoms with little snitches stitched into fabric and a black tank.

“We were running behind this morning,” James started to explain.

“And we didn’t want to be late for our favorite class,” Sirius continued.

“So, we quickly threw on our robes and rushed out the door,” James motioned.

“And ran all the way here,” Sirius finished.

Minerva took a deep breath, “Class doesn’t start for another ten minutes.”

“We didn’t want to risk it,” Sirius spoke solemnly.

“We know how much you hate it when students are tardy,” James added knowingly.

“Potter, Black,” Minerva spoke sharply, “You had plenty of time to change your clothes before coming to class. Please return to your dormitories and switch into your uniforms. I must ask you not to show up to class in your pajamas again. Am I understood?”

“Yes Professor,” the boys answered in unison.

“I’m taking off ten points from Gryffindor for your disregard for wearing the correct clothes, and another fifteen for sassing me. I expect you back in my classroom in twenty minutes, or you will each receive a detention.”

“Yes ma’am,” they answered again, each giving her a salute before turning and rushing out of the classroom, their open black robes flapping behind them.

Minerva closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, trying to prepare herself for what was sure to be a long day.


“Thank you Miss Merryweather, if you could put that over in the – what on earth are you wearing?”

The students in the classroom turned to the back of the room to watch the two late comers burst through the classroom doors.

“We’re so sorry, Professor,” James huffed, “our alarm didn’t go off this morning.”

“We came as quickly as we could,” Sirius added.

“In that?” she asked flabbergasted, her eyes unable to tear away from the sight before her.

The students around the room started snickering quietly to themselves, whispering as they examined the boy’s attire for that day as well.

James was wearing bright blue footie pajamas, with little white moons and yellow stars spread throughout the fabric.

Sirius was wearing a tight olive green shirt with a yellow smiling rubber ducky that showed three inches of his stomach, and even tighter matching green pajama pants that was at least six inches too short on his legs and obscenely tight in awkward areas. His outfit was finished off with a pair of hot pink bunny slippers.

“Did we not just have this discussion last week?” she inquired, her eyebrows raised high.

“Well,” James spoke slowly, “you told us not to wear our pajamas to class anymore.”

“And what, pray tell, would you call those?” She breathed.

“These are someone else’s pajamas,” Sirius answered.

Minerva blinked twice, her brain stalling for a brief moment.

“Detention,” she finally said, “and five points from Gryffindor. Each. And it will be far worse if you show up to class in pajamas, either your own or someone else’s, ever again. Now, for heaven’s sake, go change into something decent.”

“Yes ma’am,” “Will do Professor,” the boys spoke, turning to march out the door.

“Quiet,” she barked out to the giggling class, who immediately silenced at her command.

“Now, where were we?” she asked, mostly to herself, already ready to put this day behind her.

Evelyne Brochu and Connor Price’s interview about X Company for the Brazilian website “Serie Maníacos” [translated]

[It was translated by me, a Brazilian, so the English probably isn’t perfect, sorry]


Michel Arouca - Have you ever watched any other tv show lead by a female spy, like Alias for example?

Evelyne Brochu - No, oddly I’ve never watched it but what impressed me a lot was a book written by a woman who actively participated in resistance and there was a line there that marked me: “When you wanna fight against the devil, you need to know the devil.” It’s some sort of commitment you have to be willing to do to reach your goal. But I think that now I really should watch other series with spies [laughs]. I heard about Marvel’s Agent Carter, another tv show with a strong female leader that is coming is Supergirl… I love it!

MA - You stay here in Budapest until the end of the year shooting X Company, before this you were in Toronto doing Orphan Black… when you go back home, in Montreal, does it feel weird? It’s only two months during the whole year after all.

EB - Yes, it is really weird and I felt it even more this time, because you end up growing roots everywhere. It seems like part of you is always left behind, mostly when you’re doing something you really care about, like X Company. I remember that I had only four days of transition between shooting X Company and Orphan Black and I was saying “thank you” in Hungarian to my Orphan Black crew and missing my X Company crew so much… it was really confusing [laughs]. Mainly because the same director has worked with me in both shows, so I had a knot in my brain.

MA - How happy were you when you heard about Tatiana Maslany’s Emmy nomination?

EB - I was hysterical, screaming. I was here in Budapest when I heard about it and I was so happy for her. She is this amazing actress and I admire her so much. She is an incredible buddy and an amazing leader. Orphan Black’s set is wonderful, full of peace. I feel blessed for being part of these two fantastic shows, with this fantastic teams. I was really, really happy for her.

MA- Me too [laughs]. I don’t know her, but I was really happy too. [laughs]

MA - Is it possible to find something in common between Aurora and Delphine?

EB - It’s funny that you asked that because recently a fan sent me a tweet saying that Aurora could be Delphine’s grandma [laughs]. And this really would work, because them both have this huge power to focus, they’re brave, they sacrifice themselves for others and the both of them speak French [laughs]. But there are some points in which they’re pretty different. Delphine’s mind is more analytic while Aurora follows her instinct and emotions. I have a technic for when I want to turn into Delphine… I close my eyes, say “Enchantée” and done, I incarnate her. Tatiana’s technic to change characters is to dance. She always does a little dance [laughs].

MA - Do you like the physical part of X Company, like shooting guns and explosions?

EB - I love it, and by the way, I got a new muscle in my legs because of the running in heels [laughs]. No to mention that the action scenes help me stay in shape, which is always good [laughs]. I like challenges, to do something I’ve never done before. I really like it.

MA - Do you shoot well in real life?

EB - Apparently, yes [laughs]. I was never good at sports, but I was really good at dance and gymnastics, that’s why I never pictured myself driving 1940’s trucks, shooting guns, fighting and doing tricks with knives. It’s very fulfilling when you need to do all these things and end up enjoying the process.

MA - With all Aurora’s virtues, do you think she can be a good example for women?

EB - That’s for sure, and she already is an example for me. We all need heroes and even nowadays there is this sexist view predominant in our society. Patti Smith is my biggest reference, she is pure love, art and freedom. And that’s why Orphan Black has great value for women. These characters’ importance doesn’t come from the attention a man is finally going to give them. It comes from the decisions they make to solve certain situations. I feel blessed because I can be part of things that are much bigger than me. Many people see me in the street and say “thank you for Delphine” and I understand the impact it has on people. Until today homosexuality isn’t accepted in some communities, so in truth I’m the one who says “thank you” for being at your 15, 16 years old with the courage of being yourself.

MA - Ok, Evelyne, our time is up, but thank you so much for receiving me. It was a pleasure.

EB - Thank YOU, until next time. Now let’s go take pictures together [laughs]

[I kinda freaked out when I read it because I’m the fan EBro talks about saiudaidiusagf]


Michel Arouca - Do you get excited about the action scenes? How is it for you to shoot with different guns and explode things?

Connor Price - Yes, it’s very fun. They take scenes with guns very seriously here in Hungary. We had to take these specific courses to learn the right way to wield a gun, the right way to load the older ones we use… they are very hard and worried about safety, so we can never walk around with our finger on the trigger during the breaks and we have to remember to point it to the floor. Even with feast bullets, the noise and the ricochet are identical to the guns with real bullets and it helps the reality of the show, because we don’t need to pretend we’re shooting so the bullets can be added later with special effects.

MA - It is possible to see that, it makes a lot of difference and the action scenes were very realistic.

CP - Having this level of reality on the set is great not only for us doing the scene but for who’s watching it too.

MA - I noticed that X Company’s producers love to explode things. There are many scenes with explosions during the first season.

CP - [laughs] It’s true, mainly my character, because he is a specialist in explosives, he loves to explode things. Starting right in the first episode with that bridge explosion. A specific skill I had to learn was the Morse code. I studied the right way to hold the devices, the posture, how the arm needs to stay and all the details to make it as authentic as possible.

MA - During four months you stay in Budapest to shoot X Company and after that you go back home in Canada, participates in Supernatural… what else do you usually do when you’re not in Budapest?

CP - I really like playing hockey, I love photography, I did a year of film school a while ago in Toronto, where I started liking directing short movies and staying at the other side of the camera.

MA - You’ve been in many sci-fi tv shows, how is it to be a part of something more realistic like X Company, something that happened in the real world?

CP - That’s a very good question. Truth is that even if something is sci-fi, in the world of that character, it is real for them, but for this tv show specifically it’s been very different, because when you deal with something real like the holocaust, you notice that those terrible things happened to people in real life and that affects me, emotionally. It’s not the same thing as being in a story where aliens want to take the world. Knowing that we’re showing reality in X Company, it’s something very strong.

MA - What is the best thing about playing a World War II spy?

CP - Great question. Personally, the best thing about playing a spy was the knowledge I had about what people like Harry had to do back then. It being Morse code, or radio or even a few cool inventions, like the glasses you use the rod to open locks. I jumped on the necessary technics that somebody like my character would need to know during the war. It was very exciting.

MA - What was your favorite scene to shoot in season one?

CP - Definitely the bridge explosion on the Pilot. First for the explosion itself and then because we went to Serbia to shoot the scene, the only time we left Budapest during the shooting of the first season.

MA - Is it weird to pretend that a bridge just exploded above your head when you press the detonator button?

CP - [laughs] Yes, it’s funny reacting to an enormous explosion that only happened with special effects and at the time you need to pretend the scare of almost dying.

MA - By the way, this explosion scene was really well done. What was your reaction when you saw the result on screen for the first time?

CP - I thought it was awesome, mainly because it was just the first episode. You never know what to expect when you’re shooting, but after I watched it and was able to see the effects, the soundtrack… I was really happy with the result.

MA - Your character’s name is Harry and you wear glasses like Harry Potter. Is there any sort of joke about that between the cast?

CP - Yes [laughs]. They only call me Harry, they don’t call me Connor anymore, so I kind  of embraced that character and answer when they call me Harry, even on breaks. And it’s worth remembering that my Harry came before Harry Potter [laughs].

CP - How many episodes have you watched?

MA - I’ve watched the whole season.

CP - What do you think?

MA - I really liked it, mainly the Pilot. I wasn’t expecting such agile episode.

CP - We go straight to the action.

MA - Exactly, it is great. I tend to watch the fall season’s pilots and rarely they’re good. This one really impressed me.

CP - Cool, I’m happy to hear that.

MA - Ok Connor, thank you so much, congratulations on the show.

CP - Thank you, Michel, it was a pleasure.

Through the Wire

Why not make a highschool!CC AU of them meeting through online messaging and e-mails. And let’s say they’re using secret identities. And for good measure a 1D song lyric as a title. ~3000 words. 

Chris couldn’t wait till the bell rang and he could get back home.

Usually, there wasn’t anything particularly amazing waiting for him back there, but it was certainly better than his shit-hole of a school.

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Q and A....

Sat down with John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, and Oliver Queen to ask a few (10 plus 2 bonus ones), pretty basic questions. Their responses might surprise you and have you rolling on the floor. Here’s some fun insight into your favorite OG3.

Question 1: What is your favorite color?

JD: Black, I think. I’m always in black. Plus, it’s all the colors in one, so…yeah.

FS: Red. Definitely red!

OQ: What do you mean, red? That is Barry’s color and Roy’s color. Correct answer is green. Always green.

FS: But you like me in red, it’s our color.

OQ: Well, yes, but you’re supposed to say green….you know….Green Arrow.

JD: Guys, seriously? Next question.

Question 2: What is your favorite movie?

FS: John’s is Frozen. But he’ll deny it. He says it’s because of Sara, but that’s a lie.

JD: *shaking his head* Felicity, that was not your secret to tell! And you know it’s Robin Hood.

FS: No, that’s my favorite….for reasons….I even have a poster.

OQ: Are those reasons me? *winks*

FS: Don’t flatter yourself. I liked that movie before you. It’s just more relevant now. But I like the cartoon one. *sings* Robin Hood and Little John runnin’ through the forest, jumpin’ fences, dodgin’ trees and tryin’ to get away….Guys, you’re Robin Hood and Little John.

JD: Oh dear. Now you have her singing.

FS: Does this mean that I’m Maid Marian?

OQ: She’s so cute. Just look at her.

JD: Oliver, focus! Favorite movie.

OQ: Dirty Dancing. I want to lift Felicity like that.

FS: *blushes and sings* I’ve had the time of my life….

JD: Can we do separate interviews? Shipping them was easy, living with this is hard.

FS: John said hard *giggles*

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I am the cursed child.

Harry Potter wasn’t my childhood. I started reading the books when I was 12, and read them on through my teenage years as I was turning into the person I am now. I would like to say that it wasn’t my childhood, it was my formative years. It was the building block of my personality. I don’t know how any part of my life would have turned out to be right now if I hadn’t been given those books 8 years ago. And I am of course one of millions of examples. My point is, those books mean more to me than a fictional story should. I have spent probably equal amounts of time in that world and the ‘’real’’ world. I have invested so much thought and emotion, it’s embarrassing to share that with someone who is not from the fandom. Harry taught me how to love. It taught me how to mourn, how to suffer. It taught me how to attribute actions to my values. It taught me how to live. And I am not alone in that.

With that said, you can imagine the rush of joy I had when Cursed Child was announced. The thought of maybe getting something more on people I love just as much as my friends and family. Food for my obsession with the marauders’ past, and Teddy’s future, Dumbledore’s mistakes and Regulus’ tragedy, the Weasleys trying to survive after losing Fred, the physical and emotional repair of that world after the Battle. I had dreamt of knowing how these things happened in that world while they were happening in the fandom, post-Deathly Hallows. So I obviously waited in line with 28,000 people in front of me when the tickets went on sale. I got mine for the first available date - in December. Taking into account all the things I said above you probably know that I had circled the first preview date, the premiere and the script release, etc. So it would not be surprising that after the first preview, I had an aggressively emotional battle with myself as to whether or not to look for spoilers. And I lost. Big time. I spent the next 2 months trying to reason that the spoilers I had read were, of course, false. This was JK Rowling we were talking about. This would not, could not be a thing in the real world. People, especially her, could not hear this and think it should be a real thing. No,no no nononnoo no.

It’s 31st July today, a big day in our community. I usually read a bit of the series, watch the third or the fifth film, cry, laugh, love, remind myself just how much, and go on about my day.
Today though, I can’t go on about my day because I have way too many things I need to say out loud. Because jokes about Craig and my immortal won’t do it. Because every medium(except tumblr) I come across is telling me how riveting the play is, how people are queuing with their hogwarts robes in bookstores around the world, what this community of ours is. And I know that it will always be. I know that whatever and whenever She decides to put something out, we will be there. We will consume it, we will buy it, we will devour it. Always. We are the most financially secure fandom. And I know this will always be true for me. I won’t boycott her, ever. I am too grateful to her. So I will need another way to express my thoughts. In no specific order, here they are:

- The whole script is written on the safe side. 70% of the action happens because of time traveling to the past, which is what you would do if you don’t want to screw up the original story. You just repeat it. I get it.

- What I don’t get is how most of the lines of the characters we know are like tiny trailers of their personality, or of things that have happened in the past. I don’t need Harry to tell me what Bane has done in 1994. I know that. I don’t need to be retold anything. And the whole play feels like just that.

- The tone of it. I feel belittled when I read it. Nothing is implied to the reader, everything is stated. A play for the grownup readers is much more simple and thought-unprovoking than a children’s book.

- I didn’t need Malfoy talking to pretty much everyone like they are best friends. I am fine with the repeatedly stated ‘‘humanization’’ of his character even thought I can’s stand him. But calling McGonagal ‘‘Minerva’‘ I won’t have. Not from the person whose family is responsible for the wretchedness of the world we see in Cursed Child. Or would have seen if it was written realistically to what happened in Deathly Hallows.

- Mischaracterization, obviously. That’s clearer than the day to anyone who has read the books. When it wasn’t on the safe side with pulling Dumbledore for some wisdom he has of course said word by word already in the books, or taking out the Snape/Lily thing just cause we know it has stirred something in the audience before; When it wasn’t doing those, the play was just destroying characters’ identities. If you think Snape would go all lovey-dobey about Lily ever… I don’t even like Snape and I know him better than whoever decided on this. Harry not having any role models for a father? Are you kidding me? Rubeus Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore, Arthur Weasley, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James freakin Potter. I am too pissed off to even make a sarcastic comment.

- Don’t even get me started on Cedric.

- The wrong factual stuff, of course. Time-turners don’t work like that. For reference, go to where Jo pretty much refutes the whole premise of this play.

You have to be an idiot to take out your child for a walk, when you are being protected by the Phidelius charm. And it has obviously been said that Liliy and James didn’t go out at all, but sure, whatever you say Cursed Child. I can come up with a thousand more examples but I don’t really want to ever reread the scriptbook so…

- I haven’t even discussed the biggest letdown. If I wanted to see out of wedlock forgotten children coming out as a plot twist I would turn to literally any soap opera ever. It is not just the cheapest, oldest trick in the storytelling book. It is also disgusting, inappropriate, factually impossible (probably) and offending. Do you really think that the person who has never touched anyone in his life besides his snake would ever in a million Merlin’s underpants have a sexual intercourse with another human being? Have you even met Tom Riddle, cursed child writers?  Also, just because the kids readers are grownups now, it doesn’t mean that you should put impotence, time-turner conception rumours and the image of Voldemort having sex in the HP compartment of our brains, thank you very much.

- These characters are not plot tools for us. They are not the next card you can pull up your sleeve to wow the audience. We are not a blockbuster movie crowd, we are not Beyonce’s fans. We are as deeply invested as anyone can be. We know everything and we are not fooled easily. And we don’t get all excited when you put an adulteress evil love child flirting with the main character’s son. We love them and we care for them as if they are real. And you apparently didn’t catch that.

- That was kind of directed toward however made these ridiculous decisions and thought it would be appreciated by the ‘‘audience’‘. But I still can’t fathom where Jo was.  What was she thinking approving this… But if I could ask her one thing it would be ‘‘Where the hell is Teddy Lupin?’‘ I know that she deeply cares for him  and I would like to know how exactly did commercial success brought by cheap plot twists and putting in as many things the ‘‘audience’‘ knows as possible come before answering the people who have supported you unconditionally their long-standing questions. Never would I have thought that a new Harry Potter thing will be out in the world and I would have more material on Theodore Nott than on Sirius. Nor that I would see Umbridge come back but not Tonks. Or hear all about Tom Riddle’s child but not Remus’.

You could always refute me by saying that I can never be pleased and a new HP thing will always piss someone off by not delivering everything etc. I know a lot of arguments can be made against the above points. And I encourage you to. At least, maybe, they will help me get over the disappointment. Jo said that Cursed Child will be the last of Harry Potter. Before, I would have protested that we need more Marauders. Now, I am really happy that I won’t get that.

The good thing about all of this is seeing the hilarious response we have. It feels nice knowing there are people out there who feel kind of betrayed in the same way, who are answering in an eloquent, hysterical, optimistic, and honest way. I guess that’s what Harry Potter was all about.

And I at least got to know about Craig. RIP Craig.

Number 1 Dealbreaker

So um, this is for khaleesimaka’s soma Valentine’s day challenge, day 2 is chocolate. So yeah, Chocolate does play an integral part in this, I wouldn’t say chocolate is the main part but whatever.
(it’s dialogue heavy and barely edited because I wanted to actually get it posted today so don’t hurt me if it’s not the best okay?)


Maka Albarn has never been a hopeless romantic. In fact, when it came to romance, she was actually rather cynical about such things. So, naturally, Valentine’s day was always stupid and cheesy in her eyes. Silly heart decorations that appeared in stores even before the year starts, cheesy romance movies playing everywhere, couples going out and making kissy faces at each other as if just a day on a calendar somehow increased their love. It was all nauseating.

Trying to get away from all the romance and hype of the cursed day was always difficult seeing as how it was quite literally everywhere. Previous years she had stayed at home and read a book. This year, she had friends who were insistent on getting her a date. She found herself unable to get out of the situation as they kept badgering her with questions of “Are you okay with long hair,” “Does he need to have a nice smile,” “Does he need to be a he.” Eventually she grew tired of the whole thing and decided to do the only thing that may give her an acceptable excuse; lie.

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Book Review: Carry On


Simon Snow is the worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen.

That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.

Half the time, Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he sets something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here—it’s their last year at the Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

Carry On is a ghost story, a love story, and a mystery. It has just as much kissing and talking as you’d expect from a Rainbow Rowell story — but far, far more monsters.


This is THE book for anyone who has ever wanted their ship to come true.

I’m not even kidding. The first time readers heard of Simon Snow, Cather Avery was writing fanfiction about him and Baz in Rowell’s previous book Fangirl. Yep, that’s right, Simon Snow started out as a parody of Harry Potter in a different YA novel. Did someone say meta as fuck? Yup, I thought so. Regardless of his humble beginnings however, Rowell found herself unable to resist telling Simon’s story. And thank God, because it. Is. Glorious.

If you have ever read one of my rants about the poor quality of gay YA literature ( Like in Lucky Linus, or More Happy Than Not ) than you know how disappointing most gay YA books are. Up until now the best one I had come across was Simon Vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda, which is still very lovely, but friends! We have a new winner! Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell.

Honestly, going into this I had expected no less. I have unequivocally loved absolutely every Rainbow Rowell book put before me, because she is a fantastic author. Her characters are always realistic and well rounded, with perfect narration and perfect dialogue. And the plot line is creative. 

For a book that was created as a parody of Harry Potter, it somehow manages to be perfectly original and yet give the fandom everything it wants at the same time. Want a Harry/Draco love story? Want a PoC Hermionie? Ever wanted Hagrid to be a lovable yet mopey Shepherd? Carry On has all of that and more! While still fitting into the magical school, chosen one prophecy kind of mold, Rowell manages to make the story all her own in all of the best ways. Some of the plot twists were a bit predictable, but I secretly think that that was just a clever ruse to lull me into a false sense of security. I say that, because there were a few twists at the end there that I absolutely did not see coming. The further into the story you get, the less it becomes Harry Potter after all and the more it is a world all of it’s own.

I especially love her clever magic system. The spells in the book are based on words, the speaking of words and the understanding of them. You can’t cast spells with words you don’t understand, but you can make a spell out of any of them. The best part is that spells are more powerful when they are comprised of words that are spoken often. That means that older spells, written in more archaic languages often need to be upgraded, or are more difficult to preform. Alternatively, popular song lyrics are often used as spells due to their renown and frequent use. They use MC Hammer lyrics once. It was splendid. 

Then there was the love story itself. And the characters involved. Simon and Baz were the best protagonists, and watching them fall in love was one of the best things ever. Why? Because they were just two boys. Who were attracted to another boy. And one was gay and one was questioning but that didn’t alter their behavior in any sort of stereotypical way. They acted like normal people instead of horribly stereotyped caricatures and I loved it with every bit of my heart. 

if I had any complaints about this book at all, it was that due to the nature of the story, it was kind of like jumping into Harry Potter in book 7. They would reference great adventures he had in previous “books”, made to mirror Harry’s adventures but it made it feel as if I was jumping into the story in the middle. because I was. If anything, it made me wish she had written all the Simon Snow books from the very beginning because I would have loved more of this. That is my complaint: She didn’t write more of it sooner. 

Overall this is absolutely a fabulous book, I will definitely be buying it and I recommend it to absolutely everybody. In the world. All of it.

Re-readability: 5/5

Rating: 5/5

Recommended For:

1. Drarry Shippers everywhere!

2. Harry Potter fans in general.

3. Anyone looking for the rare gay YA book that doesn’t suck more dick than it’s characters.