this is a great playlist i am in love


“Shall I tell you a story? A new and terrible one? A ghost story?”

i. i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead, i think i made you up inside my head ii. i know it’s true that visions are seldom what they seem iii. i must be one of the devil’s daughters iv. when persephone appears on the river bank, tell her “i am another lost daughter” v. we are the daughters, we are the damned and doomed, gives us your violence, we won’t be silent vi. in my head there’s a warrior, and it’s a war to feel whole, and it’s a fear to feel at all, and it’s the wonder at love vii. how many years i know i’ll bear, i found something in the woods somewhere viii. we are shining and we will never be afraid again ix. i am the voice of your history, be not afraid, come follow me, answer my call, and I’ll set you free x. i would like to find a place where the taste of blood in my mouth could evaporate, where my soul could just rest from all this weight


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

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hi, kinda am really in love with the playlist you made. Really great bc I already loved the majority of the songs on there, but cool bc now I like the few I wasn't familiar with .

I am glad you like it!!


I asked her if she felt pain and she said ‘which one’s pain?’ 

listen to it [here] 

team effort by me and my dearest girlfriend @what–happiness–means–to–me because music is life and eurus deserves a playlist

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hey kylo, im kinda having a really bad night and am struggling to not relapse. would you or any of your followers be kind enough to share some of your favorite happy videos?

mark’s challenge videos are always so funny to watch! there’s tons of them! i also love his google fued series because mark just laughs the entire time and it is so pure. 💙 his don’t laugh challenges are great too! 

honestly, anything in mark’s awesome games! playlist is surefire to make you laugh or even feel a bit better.

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how are you able to find such amazing songs for your playlists, i love almost all of them

In an alternate timeline of my life, I work in the music industry. I was a bit of a band groupie/blogger/obsessive curator in high school (even started a Music Appreciation Club) and then I majored in Music in college and had a college radio show where I talked about and played stuff I liked. In short: I am a music person. 

Discovering new artists is something that I sadly no longer have a lot of time for, but I have a personal library of over 20,000 songs that I’m constantly putting on shuffle. So I don’t really know how music discovery happens in the modern world. Most of the new stuff I find is from TV/film/other friends/my existing library. I still use iTunes and that’s how I found new stuff for a long time - they used to have this amazing Free Weekly Single thing, which is how I first heard Adele and a bunch of other great artists. Even though my indifference for it is fairly well-documented on this blog, Spotify is probably pretty good for discovery? 

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Hi, this is random but I recently saw your Sirimione playlist post and loved the images. Could you please recommend some good SiriusxHermione fics? If not it's okay. I love your writing, thanks for posting!

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for a rec before so thank you 😁this is by no means an exhaustive list, just because I am trying to get this out before class this morning. I am sure people will comment more wonderful stuff that my sleepy brain has overlooked!

Didn’t @ash-castle do a great job with that picture set and playlist?

Plan W by @ash-castle this is on my to read list but I haven’t gotten a chance to yet!

Toothpaste Kisses by @calebski :

Seasons by @synoir :

Art of Love by WickedSwanz

From the Past also by WickedSwanz:

And a shameless plug for my own fic! ☺️Back to the Future:

As I said, I know I am missing a ton, but these were just the few I had on the top of my head 💙

This will be an ever-changing, ever-long playlist of songs that has reminded me of Zero and Yuuki’s relationship or the characters themselves as I’ve listened to these songs endlessly and loved them over the years. Some range of relativity from the tone of the song to the very minuscule detail of lyrics. My goal was to make an entire long playlist that could always put me in the mood to listen to about our beautiful, favorite pairing. c: I hope you guys can enjoy it, too!

Click here to listen to the PlaylistRead below for the entire listing. 

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let’s chat 10

okay everyone needs to go follow @cursivesugg IMMEDIATELY. I am absolutely IN LOVE. What a great way to start my Sunday morning. I’m sick in bed, can’t go to church, so I’m sitting here listening to my Christian music playlist to make up for the lack of church and I’m reading these imagines. Weird combination, I know, but I am so content.

Go follow RIGHT NOW I know you won’t regret it xxx

am i punk yet? → some newer songs. some older songs. all super badass music that will make you want to sing and burst into nostalgic flames

i. lost in stereo - all time low // ii. bruised and scarred - mayday parade // iii. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne // iv. rejects - 5 seconds of summer // v. teenagers  - my chemical romance // vi. sugar, we’re goin down - fall out boy // vii. 21 guns - green day //  viii. the anthem  - good charlotte // ix. be my escape - relient k // x. 1985 - bowling for soup //  xi. crushcrushcrush- paramore // xii. smells like teen spirit - nirvana // xiii. angel with a shotgun - the cab // xiv. absolutely (story of a girl) - four year strong // xv. anywhere but here - mayday parade // xvi. what’s my age again? - blink182 // xvii. good girls - 5 seconds of summer // xviii. the middle - jimmy eat world // xix. i write sins not tradgedies - panic! at the disco // xx. face down - the red jumpsuit apparatus // xxi. check yes, juliet - we the kings // xxii. dirty little secret - the all-american rejects // xxiii. thnks fr th mmrs - fall out boy // xxiv. i don’t wanna be in love (dance floor anthem) - good charlotte // xxv. the kids aren’t alright - the offspring // xxvi. ocean avenue - yellowcard // xxvii. weightless - all time low // xxviii. i’m not okay (i promise) - my chemical romance. // xxix. misery business - paramore // xxx. loverboy - you me at six // xxxi. the great escape - boys like girls // xxxii. you’re gonna go far, kid - the offspring

[listen x]

Astro walks in on you jamming to one of their songs...


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JinJin is pleasantly surprised when he walks into the kitchen to find you dancing around to “Breathless” while making toast! He sneaks up behind you and begins wordlessly dancing along until you hear him join in when his rap comes on and turn around to see him. After seeing your shock and embarrassment, he grabs your hands and starts to twirl you around to put you at ease~

“Don’t stop because of me, Y/N! Let me jam with you~”


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This boy…As soon as he hears you singing along to “Hide & Seek” he immediately calls for a a karaoke contest! MJ challenges you as to which one of you can sing the loudest, or the worst, or the most off-key… At first you refuse his requests, still embarrassed from being caught, but he manages to persuade you~ The contest goes on for hours and by the time you two call it quits, your voices are hoarse from both singing and laughter…

“What? I sound great!!” *cheekily* “I’m not embarrassing you, am I?” 


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You had learned a little bit of the choreography to “Confession” at one point, so when the song comes on your playlist, you can’t help but try and dance along to the chorus! Little did you know, Eunwoo hears the song playing from the other room and comes to investigate… He’s very impressed that you’re trying to do their choreography, and offers to do it with you so you don’t feel as awkward~ 

“You’re so cute, Y/N~ Can I dance with you?!”


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When Moonbin hears your beautiful voice singing “First Love” acapella, he sneaks up behind you and hugs you from behind~ He compliments your singing and asks you if you’ve ever taken lessons~ You’re a little ashamed to have been caught singing one of his group’s songs, but he tells you there’s no need to be embarrassed, since you sound great! He takes out his phone and starts playing the song, mimicking playing a violin…

“Would you like some music to accompany your beautiful singing?”


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You want to surprise Rocky, so you decide to learn the song and his choreography for “Fireworks” and perform it for him. You don’t notice Rocky walking into the practice room until he starts a slow clap after you finish your run. Despite your protests, he reassures you that you just need a little bit of help to make it perfect and insists that neither of you leave until you nail his choreography… #diva

“Okay, you may sound great, Y/N… but let the pro dancer show you how it’s done~”


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You have your headphones in so you don’t realize when you start singing aloud to “Cat’s Eye” while making breakfast. But Sanha thinks it’s absolutely precious! He starts jamming with you and pokes you to get your attention. You quickly stop singing, slightly embarrassed. He tells you it’s amazing that you sound so good so early in the morning and says that he usually sounds like a bullfrog until he’s fully awake and proceeds to demonstrate…

*singing terribly off-key, voice cracking* “Janghwa sineun goyangi gateun nuuuunbit, nae mam da humchyeogal geot gatjimaaaaan…”

Requests are Open!

Molly Hooper’s Playlist
  • I’m Yours: Jason Mraz
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark: Death Cab for Cutie
  • I Won’t Say That I’m in Love: Hercules
  • Rockstar: A Great Big World
  • Hooked on a Feeling: Blue Swede
  • Somebody to you: The Vamps
  • Give Me a Try: The Wombats
  • Say it, Just say it: The Mowgli’s
  • Cleopatra: The Lumineers
  • Say Hey (I Love You): Michael Franti & Spearhead
  • You Are My Sunshine: Johnny Cash
  • This Town: Niall Horan
  • La Vie En Rose: Daniela Andrade
  • Just a Little Bit of Your Heart: Ariana Grande
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love With You: Haley Reinhart
  • Wonderwall: Oasis
  • Say You Like Me: We the Kings
  • All of the Stars: Ed Sheeran
  • Trouble: Never Shout Never
  • The Way I Am: Ingrid Michaelson

Please don’t make me say it. MH.

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jackwhitesgirl  asked:

So I just went to the Bastille concert in VA two days ago (it was amazing, I cried when I got to hug Dan the lead singer 💔) and they played one of my favourite songs that just seems so haunting that it reminded me of Nightmares and Nocturnes. (I honestly have no idea it just was so beautiful reminded me of it somehow) and it was "Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith)" I don't know. You know I am complete Playlist 🗑🔥so I thought I would share it with you. Hope you are having a great day!💋✨💕

Oh my god the entire Bastille discography is basically the playlist for that entire fic, I love them cOMPLETELY - the song “haunt” especially is e v e r y t h i n g 

Thanks for telling me! I love it!

rules: list your top 10 favourite girl group songs and tag 10 people. my baby girls need a lot of love !!!!

I was tagged by @pure-sugarplums thanks bae ❤❤ this was kinda difficult bc i have a very limited amount of artists i listen to (i need more recommendations and this is a great way to add to my playlist) so here we go:

1.       BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire

2.       f(x) - 4 walls

3.       SISTAR - I Like That

4.       Red Velvet - Russian Roulette

5.       MAMAMOO - Decalcomanie

6.       AOA - Excuse Me

7.       Wonder Girls - Why So Lonely 

8.       Miss A - Hush

9.       SNSD - Lion Heart

10.   Apink - Mr Chu 

 well as you can see these are the “mainstream” gg songs (but then again i am a newbie in the kpop fandom) so i would love to see what you guys come up with :)

also i dont think ive got 10 people to tag (surprise surprise) so im gonna tag @cheolsol @cookieangelwonho @leejihxxn @minminyoongi @spriing-giirls @swngyeol of course you lovelies don’t have to do it if you don’t want too 🌸🌸

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♫ + ana !!! congratulations!!!!!!

thank u!!

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compliment: i LOVE your desktop theme!! it’s so cute!! + you icon is adorable

following? not yet, but you’re great | now i am! | of course! | ‘till the end of the line


another sad love song by khalid

need the sun to break by james bay

aftertaste by shawn mendes

want one?

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So I am typing this as I am listening to your Playlist. First thanks so much for doing this. It made my day better :) And I really love your choices! A great mix of kpop bands I like plus an old song that I already loved. What really surprised me was the Killers song you recommended. Never listened to it before but omg it is totally my style! So thanks a bunch for this A+ Playlist :) (and also are you psychic? How did you guess my bias was Ravi :D my blog isnt exactly kpop centred)

OMHOMGF YES YES THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME KNOW!! I’m really happy that you liked The Killers’ song that I recommended lol they’re one of my favourite bands :D also lolol i think just intuition haha! i usually assume ppls’ bias would either be N, Leo, or Ravi. I use a lot of Ken gifs bc I have too much of those right now haha!

me, while studying: solavellan college!au

me, while walking to class: thank god none of these people know how much I love solavellan

me, while listening to music: wow this is a great song I should add this to my solavellan playlist

me, while in the shower: what if I put solavellan in THIS scenario

me, lying awake at night: solavellan