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Clown Emoji Ratings

A clown for all ages, makeup skill aren’t the best but I’m sure he’ll learn as his career advances. A solid 7/10

A soft boy with cold lifeless eyes. As much as I want to love him I feel like there’s a wall between us. I feel like he’d tell a hardy joke but besides that there’s not much going for this bozo. 3/10

NOW THIS, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. A very graphic young fella with solid colors and smooth lines. His eyes are a beautiful blue and his lipstick is brighter than my future. He looks like he’s great at entertaining but the humble expression on his face tells me he doesn’t like to brag about it back at clown college. I would give my all for this clown. 10/10

This young man looks like a rejected concept for Pennywise in the new IT film. 3/10

A sickly yellow paint, cold dead eyes, and a crunchy wig. This is not a clown I would like at my party. 1/10

A happy banana boy! He reminds me of a delicious twinky! This clown is in town and he definitely knows how to accessorize. That wig is also sharp and styled. 10/10

Not much to say here besides the fact that he looks like a more stylized emojipedia clown. 2/10

A fresh interesting take on The Clown. His mug is beat and he’s serving face, face, face! I’d definitely invite this boy to my parties. 10/10

How do I put this nicely? No.

@martyn-7 tagged me in that stop and selfie thing, so I’m going to stop packing my bag and lie in bed instead. Heading to Iceland tomorrow so here’s me and the lady herself! I knew this bedspread would come in handy one day. Also that anon who asked, here’s a selfie! I’m answering everyone’s requests and tags today.

Tagging all y’all but especially @grandbrotherwillow @ch0rdates @dandalf-thegay and @upside-happenings because we all need more of your great faces


I had a dream about Seb which legit never happens.

Like Anthony Mackie and I were on the Martian set and the three of us were watching tv (idk why like what??) and I keep laughing at Seb because he was on a laptop doing stuff like googling stupid stuff and typing like an old person lol.

And Anthony kept looking at me like “wtf are you laughing at?” Because I was fucking dyingggg! And Seb kept turning around and making stupid faces at me haha!

It was going great until I looked down and realized it was pregnant???? Then I woke up to my mom screaming at me kms.

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jimon + 5 “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.” 🌸

“I don’t understand why you’re so pissed off about this,” Simon says, arms folded, frown on his face, “Nothing even happened, we were just talking.”

“Just talking?” Jace throws up his hands in frustration, “You’re joking, right? He was all over you!”

Simon is going from annoyed to proper angry now, “Yeah, so what? I’m free to flirt, am I not? Hell if I’d wanted to kiss him, I would’ve kissed him, and if I’d wanted to sleep with him, I would have fucking slept with him.”

Jace’s face completely shutters down, “Great. It’s good to know what we have means nothing to you.”

“That is not fair,” Simon says, taking a furious step closer, “We’re just friends, Jace. Yeah, we fuck when it’s convenient, but at the end of the day, we’re just friends.”

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it,” Jace spits out, getting closer as well.

“Oh, do I, Jace? Because really, you’ve never really given me the impression that you care, that you want more. All I am to you is just a convenient fuck.” There’s a tremor in Simon’s voice now, like he’s about to break down. Jace wants nothing more than to take him in his arms and never let him go, but he stands his ground.

“I do care,” he says, voice still harsh but shoulders slumping, “I fucking care so much, Simon, but I know I’m never going to be what you want so I’ve tried to keep my distance, but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t watch you flirt with others and know that one day you’re just going to walk away from me and not look back. I need to quit you before it’s too late.”

Simon stares at him for a really long time and then, “Oh my god, Jace Wayland, you fucking idiot,” he says, and kisses Jace full on the mouth.

It’s a clumsy kiss, and it doesn’t last very long, because Jace doesn’t want this to be some sort of ridiculous form of pity, he’s not that pathetic. But when he pulls away Simon is smiling at him, wide and happy and fond, and Jace realizes that maybe they’ve both kind of been idiots about this.

“Would you, uh, maybe mind going to dinner with me sometime?” He asks, still nervous despite the look Simon just gave him.

“I would love to,” Simon answers immediately, and kisses him again.

gundam ibo s02e24 what is a mcgillis fareed, what is ibo anyway

Short answer: a total failure of a villain wannabe character.

I’ve remarked time and time again there’s a discrepancy on who McGillis is supposed to be, and how he actually comes off in the show. I thought by the time S2 starts, his writing would get fixed somehow, but nada. As a villain, he comes off so one dimensional that I feel *Todo* has more substance than he does, which totally says something about just how bad McG’s writing is. As a character, he’s so all over the place it infuriates me to no end bcs gdi what a waste of such great potential.

He is supposed to be GREAT. The show certainly thinks he’s PRETTY GREAT, considering how much they invest in animating his scenes and faces, for all the good it does him (no rly gaelio’s scenes would like a word w/ the budget allocation).

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Your comic is so cute ! I lost it with Jay's purple shock face xD your drawing is also pretty great. Though I am more of bruiseship its a very good comic. When there is the next part? :D

i wasnt planning on continuing that comic but i did kind of leave it at a cliffhanger so ill def be looking to continue :^) thank u for the kind message!


I think my ❤ is gonna burst! I’m inspired by ALL of you. #ThankYouFor sharing ur stories and hearts with me. I see, hear, and love you all 😌


Seventh tattoo! Took me three years since my last one to get it but it was worth the wait. The Raven Cycle became my favorite series last year. The story, the characters, the endless resources for memes… it makes me happy. @maggie-stiefvater and all the articles she writes, how she tells stories, really inspires me and meeting her at Hal-Con last year definitely helped my own writing and got me motivated again. Thank you for this quote and for putting Henry Cheng in book 4. I might be afraid of many things, but that isn’t going to stop me from being happy. (Tattoo done by Becky M)