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the signs as the ap english lang exam

Aries: writing the argumentative essay about donald trump

Taurus: when your mom’s a communist and you’re just a snail

Gemini: actual monetary currency

Cancer: the hedonistic treadmill

Leo: the “fake news” essay

Virgo: gandalf in the bowels of the minas tirith

Libra: bishop sheen and billy graham throwing rocks at you

Scorpio: colloquial

Sagittarius: et al

Capricorn: libraries are going extinct

Aquarius: artifice is the most essential skill

Pisces: “advanced capitalism”

Your grandfather was a fisherman. Your father and aunts and uncles worked the waters and the docks in the coastal town you hail from. It’s not glamorous, and nobody in the family had made it into college before. You grew up in a tidy little house that always smelled a bit of fish with a huge extended family.

Nobody expected the scholarship letter when it arrived, praising your performance in the local high school swim team, and nobody had ever heard of the school. Your parents were thrilled, and so were most of the aunts and uncles. Your grandfather was suspicious, making vague noises that sounded like “tricks and bargains and that kind of business.” What he said out loud was: “Don’t ever leave the sea. It’ll break your heart, girl.”

You were excited and optimistic and exuberant, and you packed your competition suit and a bag of things from home and you went off to college, not listening.


Freshman year was odd. You knew you wouldn’t really fit in, given you were a scholarship kid from the back end of the east coast, but it was more than that. You were, of course, on the women’s swim team, but some of the other athletes were … you couldn’t put your finger on it. A couple of the girls seemed too tall, and they never quite got the green from the pool out of their hair. One of the boys was much stockier than the others, a bit like your dad, but he could swim as fast and powerfully as you. He wouldn’t ever speak to you. Some of them were hard to look at, and kept to themselves. Some of them were just ordinary, but they kind of steered clear of you too. It seemed the only thing holding the teams together were the coaches. There were practices, and competitions and your team always did amazingly, but never made it out of state.

Your classes were … classes. Like high school but more interesting. Your managed to keep a decent GPA to hold onto that scholarship, but some of it was a chore. Sandy the RA gave you a list of rules and warned you about some of the other students. There was some superstition about, but given your heritage, none of that seemed off. Fishermen are superstitious folks.

Your roommate was snooty and complained constantly that you still smelled of fish, especially after winter break. You finally told her to go suck a clam and she stopped speaking to you. That was fine with you. You weren’t much for socializing with people who didn’t know the ocean.

That one guy, though, the one who asked you out after the first week of Comp 102 in January. That one, he was great. He was some kind of surfer kid from California. Not a college athlete, but Surfer Boy skated everywhere, talked constantly about the beaches and waves. Somehow tan even in winter.

The third week you were dating, he got you that steel ring for “safety” and you thought it was sweet. It said “always yours” on the inside and got stuck on your finger.

And then - your swimming performance dropped off. They threatened to bench you. There was an uncomfortable conference with the coach and the dean. The rest of the team avoided you even more, and Surfer Boy got … weird. Possessive. Mean.

He thought it was fine that you weren’t competing for a while. He could have you all to himself outside of class time. Isn’t that great? Maybe you could come to California with him for Spring Break. You didn’t want to, though. You wanted to go back to the cold water of home.

Then, about a week after you got benched, out of the blue while you were studying together, he asked you where your skin was. You had no idea what he meant, WTF was this serial killer shit he was asking you? You suddenly remembered Sandy’s warnings, and took off without your books to ask her for help, maybe how to get a restraining order? And maybe to help get this ring off, too.

Sandy the RA (short for Cassandra? Because nobody ever listened to her, not because it was her name) halfway listened to you, nodded tiredly, grabbed a form from a file for submitting to the dean of students and campus security and had you fill it out. Then, as you were both reading the forms over for errors, she looked up sharply, said, “Wait. A ring? Let me see that.”

Sandy took one look at it, got out a saw, and before you could even react, cut it off your finger, in two pieces. One piece said “always” the other said “yours” and she shook her head. “I thought I told you to never accept gifts?”

“But he’s just human, Sandy. Normal, even. More normal than I am.”

“Yeah, nobody ever listens to me.”

Under where the ring had sat for two of the worst weeks of your life, was fur. Sleek, short, dark fur. You yelped.

Sandy blinked slowly, somehow looking completely unsurprised, and said, “That stocky guy on the men’s swim team? The one they call Lion? GO. Talk to him. Show him your hand, he’ll talk to you now. I think he can help.”

As you left, she said, with her back turned, “I don’t think your grandfather was completely honest with you. Have you ever seen any photos of your grandmother? Do you know where she was from?”


I was playing mercy in comp last night and I had a really great pharah player who I spent the match flying around with and I got accused of pocketing her even though i wasn’t (i was just flying around with her) and we had an ana on the ground anyway, and the pharah turns on her mic and says “well maybe if you were a more competent player you wouldn’t be in such dire need of healing” and needless to say i think i’ve found my soulmate

hc that nursey and dex are secretly really good at what the other person is majoring in

nursey secretly is a genius and is actually super good at pretty much all STEM subjects, but he grew up reading a lot and while he’s great at all of those typical nerd subjects he’s only really passionate about lit and poetry which is why he chose english as a major

meanwhile dex is actually a literature NERD and he did really fucking well in high school english and he really loves writing, and for the longest time he wanted to pursue that, but because of his upbringing he decided to pursue comp sci as a major. and he isn’t even particularly good at comp sci and engineering and maths??? but he chose a major that was ~practical~ and would give him the most job prospects bc after his childhood in a small town where everyone knew everyone, he wanted out, he wanted to leave, and he knew to do that he needed a steady source of income, had to earn enough money to actually sustain himself.

so on top of nursey being attractive af and kinda annoying, dex kinda resents him for basically going after the future that he really wanted. dex HATES that nursey essentially has everything he wants

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The joys of hairdressing

Very rarely do I have any clients that are outright rude to me. However, the other day, I had an older man come in (probably late 50’s, early 60’s) who was near impossible. TL;DR at the bottom.

I sit him down in my chair and the following occurs:

Me: How would you like your hair cut?
Him: I’d like a [clipper guard] #3 all over.
Me: So you want a buzz cut? #3 all over, including the top?
Him: Yep.

I proceed to buzz his hair with a #3.

Him: Wait, wait, don’t you normally use scissors? Isn’t there some technique to this?
Me: Not for a #3 all over. That’s a buzz cut.
Him: Well, now my hair’s ruined. I have to take photos soon!

Dude, it’s not my fault you’ve reached the age that you have and still can’t communicate the kind of cut you want. Don’t berate me because I can’t read your mind.
My manager, who’s heard all these exchanges, comes over to investigate/defend.

Him (client): This girl normally cuts my hair, she knows what to do!
Her (manager): You asked for a #3 all over, right?
Him: Yeah, I wanted a #3 around here (motions around sides and back of head) and scissors up here (motions to top of head).
Her: That’s actually a #3 around the sides and back, and a trim up top.
Him: Well I wish I would’ve said that!

My manager hangs back and observes while I trim his neckline and around his ears. The other stylists give me sympathetic looks.

Me: Would you like me to trim your eyebrows?
Him: Yeah, but don’t take them off! (Laughs derisively)

I measure out an eyebrow length with my comb and bring up my trimmers. My hands are shaking because hso I accidentally catch his eyelid with the edges of the trimmers. No blood, not even a scratch.

Him: OW! Jesus, maybe slow down! Okay? Maybe then you wouldn’t mess up so much! I just went to the doctor for that eye!

Yeah, because I totally knew that and did so out of malicious intent. Again, not a mind reader. I finish the rest in silence and comp the cut.

Him: Great. Gotta get photos taken and…(trails off as he leaves the salon)

Luckily, my managers and coworkers were on my side. They all said he’d been an asshole to them before, too. One of the older ladies told me I should’ve charged him regardless. The staff is very supportive and will defend stylists over customers every time.

TL;DR: Old asshole can’t verbally communicate how he wants his hair cut, verbally abuses stylist for her inability to read minds. There is no One True Men’s Haircut.


Ok, so like, for those of you who know me, you know I LOVE marching band. That’s 90% of what I talk about. “Oh man, the comp went great!” “Hey, listen to this licks!” “God, I hate these sets!” And after hearing what I say, some of you probably question why I love it so much, and they aren’t wrong to. We practice for more than 12 hours a week for months on end in the blistering heat and freezing cold, we’re not appreciated that much, and it just add more stress along with other classes. Sure, the music is hard. Sure, the practices are long. Sure, we’re underappreciated. But the reasons I love it are for the the people in the band and the lessons I’ve learned here. I’ve been taught about commitment, pride, respoibility, and unity. The people in the band are such kind accepting people. They love you no matter what and I couldn’t ask for a better group to be in. The offer such a welcoming environment, it no wonder all the band kids stick in small pods. So many of my friends said they didn’t know what to expect when they first joined, but they were glad that the students and staff were so friendly, they took the time to teach the rookies the instruments, show them how the group works, and quickly integrated them into our big, crazy family. The band family is like a big clock, with each section being a separate cog and each member as a little screw. Everyone has a responsibility to learn their music and drill, there’s no such things as a small part. Sure, maybe if one or two of those screws fall out or are loose, it might not have that big of an effect on a bigger band. But if you’re band is like mine and has about 60 people, every screw matters. If those screws all fall out, so will the cog and the clock won’t work. The cogs also need to work together. Say the woodwind and brass have an interlocking part with changing dynamics. If one tries to overpower the other, the cogs with grind against echo the and burn out, breaking the clock. But, if and when they help raise each other up, the cogs will turn smoothly. I don’t want to say they EVERYONE in the band is perfwct, because that’s far from true. Sure, we have our disagreements. Sure, we might not like each other, but we’re all part of the same group. No matter what we do, we do together. We play the same songs. We march to the same beat. We laugh the same laughs. We cry the same tears. We bleed the same blood. We’re all here for the this sport. And that’s the most beautiful thing to me. Band brings such a diverse crowd under that same name. A crowd that probably wouldn’t otherwise associate with each other, and that’s pretty cool to me. If you’ve ever thought of joining a band or drum corps, go for it, at least for one season. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, and I’ll bet it’ll be the same for you

You know what’s so crazy about this is that there are much bigger threats in the house than Ramses, Josh, and Dominique and YET all these houseguests always have something to say about them or want to target them. There are multiple showmances, a vet, and a bunch of people who have proven to be great in comps in this game but that’s not a red flag for anyone. Dominique, Josh, and Ramses don’t seem to be great at comps so far, everyone dislikes Josh, and no one trusts Ramses which should make them small threats and yet everyone seems to have it out for them. You guys can call it a reach or just people being mad in the tag again but it’s very interesting that these 3 people are all playing 3 very different games and yet they all get the same label of being sneaky or untrustworthy.


2017 World Figure Skating Championships Top Ten Pairs

1) Sui/Han 232.06 (China)

2) Savchenko/Massot 230.30 (Germany)

3) Tarasova/Morozov 219.03 (Russia)

4) Yu/Zhang 211.51 (China)

5) Stolbova/Klimov 206.72 (Russia)

6) Ilyushechkina/Moscovitch 206.19 (Canada)

7) Duhamel/Radford 206.06 (Canada)

8) James/Cipres 204.68 (France)

9) Marchei/Hotarek 203.92 (Italy)

10) Scimeca-Knierim/Knierim 202.37 (USA)

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What would the delinquents all living together include?? (Bellamy and clarke have a secret thing going on pls if u could)

Hope this is alright!

  • Monroe and Harpers room:
  • Miller and Murphy’s room:
  • Jasper and Monty’s room:
  • Octavia and Raven’s room:
  • Clarke’s room:
  • Bellamy’s room:
  • It’s a college share house so finals week is brutal
  • They have giant beanbag/floor study sessions where they all share headphones and highlighters
  • Summer jobs at the waterpark and local pool
  • Food fights that’s usually start with Jasper refusing to pass Monty the salt
  • Raven won’t stop stealing everyone’s knick and knacks like lightbulbs and bobby pins for her experiments
  • Bellamy casually checking Clarke out every morning as she dances while making everyone breakfast
  • Clarke casually checking Bellamy out as he does pull ups in the entry way to her room
  • Octavia is still a senior in high school so they take turns dropping her at school in their crappy cars
  • The have the biggest house parties on the street even thought there’s only about 20 people there each time
  • Having sex in the house is next to impossible because the walls are so thin and everyone makes a game of impersonating your sex noises the next morning
  • Clarke and Bellamy are the only smart ones that think to use the clunky bangs of the washing machine to hide the fact his head board is smacking into the wall
  • Bellamy scolding Miller and Monty for running through the halls because Clarke hates patching them up then Clarke’s comes barrelling after them yelling about how she’ll shove them out her window if they touch her charcoal again
  • Harper sets up very strict rules for how each bathroom is used (and it always ends in her and Murphy butting heads)
  • Brining someone home is a feat on its own because everyone is so judgemental, whether it’s subtle needling questions (Clarke) or out right “no I don’t like them get a new one” (Murphy)
  • They set up a roster for who gets to choose what to watch each night after the Great Netflix War of 2012
  • The Mario Kart 8 comps are very intense
  • Clarke and Bellamy secretly cuddling into each others sides and letting their hands wander during movie nights
  • Monty insists that he cuddles everyone when he’s high so Murphy tries his absolute hardest to hide from the tiny octopus (you find the strangest things on the roof - for instance, Jasper)
  • Clarke and Murphy drinking everyone under the table with their hands tied behind their back
  • Possibly the weirdest traditions to ever exist I.E. A camping night in the backyard at the end of each month and drawing/writing messages on the birthday wall for everyone’s special day
  • Murphy doesn’t tell anyone when his birthday is but Harper and Raven make it their mission to find out and surprise him with giant essay long messages from everyone
  • From then one Murphy spends a lot of time sitting and throwing balls against that wall on his bad days
  • Jasper gets into the wrong kind of crowd for awhile so they take turns helping him though his withdrawals and recovery for a few weeks under Clarke and Abby insturctions
  • Everything Raven needs is really on the bottom level but whenever she wants to go upstairs someone will always carry her up and help her slide back down the bannister
  • Easter egg hunts that stretch both inside and outside the house and every year Miller and Harper forget to count them so they find old mouldy eggs months later
  • Murphy and Raven organising 4th of July fireworks for the whole block gives Clarke stomach ulcers from the stress alone
  • Monty and Jasper work together to turn the house into a temporary horror house every Halloween
  • Monroe and Clarke go all out for thanksgiving dinners
  • Bellamy and Octavia always lead a whole group effort to make Christmas in November the biggest and best holiday for everyone (and actual Christmas special for Murphy and Raven)
  • New Years is a shitstorm every year that thrashes the house
  • It’s also Clarke and Bellamy’s favourite because everyone is always too blind at midnight to the catch them sneaking a kiss
  • Summer storms start with everyone dancing in the warm rain and laughing and splashing and end in huddling in the lounge room in a giant pile of blankets and limbs to keep away from the thunder
  • Black outs turn into murder in the dark marathons (that leave the best bruises)
  • Celebrating the first snow by going out in their bathers and having snow ball fights
  • Building bonfires in the backyard every other winter weekend
  • The rest of their neighbourhood is terrified of the crazy ass semi-lawbreaking bunch of Rugrats down the road but their a loyal bunch nonetheless

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Got lucky and got teamed with a bunch of great people in comp. We lost the first round on Lijiang Tower, everyone talked and we switched up and managed to win. A different team of guys on Ilios made sure someone was always with me since I was solo healing for them and thanked me for the rez that would eventually win the round and the game. It's not rocket science people: communicate and protect your healers and we All win.

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in regards to your last post, apparently the ideal counter balance colors are blue and orange. there are entire papers written about why they look good together. it's why almost every hollywood movie or video game (action type stuff) is blue and orange. i like your red and blue more, but it's something to think about? idk

Yeah the thing is complementary colors just means they cancel each other out, and if you try to blend them you’d end up with gray or mud. Sometimes comp colors lead to great combinations, but more often they lead to really bizarre, bland or straight up obnoxious palettes. Following it strictly can be pretty tragic (if you put complementary purple and yellow near me I will start screaming) and work best if you think of it more as a guideline than a rule like below. I mean you said yourself that you liked the blue and red more…