this is a graphical masterpiece


(Spoilers?+It’s mostly critics&complaining so please don’t read if you feel uncomfortable)

So I watched this…thing an hours ago
Since I haven’t read comics or anything I won’t complain about the storyline and the comparatively shitty graphic from tfp.(It wasn’t THAT bad but I will compare these two even if tfp is like a masterpiece of graphic out of most of the cartoons and hasbro spent a lot of money on it cause tfp is a cartoon from like, 10 years ago and combiner wars was made in nowadays but still can’t catch up to it) but seriously.
Is windblade always this mad?
I thought her first appearance in RID was a A hole(not the rest of the episodes she’s fine on them) but noooo Here’s the real A hole.
And not to mention hitting megatron to ground I mean she sure looks like she’s in thirst of fighting the shit out of people and I think its kinda out of her character?😓
And the animation was mostly hilarious? Megatron making fun of Optimus,(this was actually one of the few nice things in this anime) Starscream…combining with the other combiners and turn into some kind of cosmic hologram-giant-god thing and shoot beams with his mouth?🤔 I’m not exactly sure about what I just watched😐
But the thing I was most disappointed was the voices.
I understand they couldn’t bring op and meg’s original VA but what happend to the rest of ‘em?
The acting was so terrible it almost sounded like the English listening test I take on my school
And the casting for the fembots? No offense to the VAs but they all sound like a same person
TBH the reason I decided to watch this was to hear Mistress of flame’s voice.
I don’t know much about her but I can tell that she is an elegant, solemn character from her looks and her status, and what Hasbro gave me? A FEMALE TEENAGER VOICE!🤗(which also sounded like the actor was reading out of a fresh script and yes, I am so mad about this because I really love mistress of flame)
Come on hasbro I wasn’t expecting you to cast Cate Blanchett for mistress of flame’s voice but you should have at least cast someone who’s voice matches to the character’s image!
The same goes to Victorion, but I guess her voice wasn’t that bad compared to Mistress of flame, so I’m just gonna say that her image of voice was too similar to Windblade’s.
Think about Arcee and Airachnid from tfp
They have similar hights and similar low-tone voices but they do sound different.
Victorion is like 20 times larger than Windblade and she takes a strong protector/guardian-like position.
If they weren’t going to give Mistress of flame a deep sloemn voice then Victorion should have definitely had that kind of voice. But then again, the teenager voice.😡
I know that teenager voice I’m talking about is a standard voice of women and it fits perfectly to windblade but for Mistress of flame? I’d say no.
For Victorion? partially yes but I still think they could have think of a better, proper voice for her.
And the mech’s….aside from the poor acting, (personally)
Optimus and Megatron was okay(I’m still having a hard time taking other voices than the original VA's😂), Rodimus was really nice, porbably the best cast hasbro ever did in this anime besides windblade(for me.) Starscream was…actually I’d prefer the voice of tfp starscream’s voice but he was okay-ish, And Metroplex kinda sounded as if a giant robot jesus was speaking with his friend but I guess I’m fine with that😂

To sum up, I think hasbro was being lazy with the voice cast(especially with the fembots.)


The Eagle snap story part 3 (part 1/ part 2/ part 4/ part 5 )

watching this movie with director commentary is a trip. it is just this soft scottish man talking about the landscape and the extras and occasionally going “Jamie and Channing are so wonderful” before sighing at the trouble of filming in Scotland


get to know me meme: favorite films [2/5]

Moonlight (USA 2016)

“Running around, catching a lot of light”. “In moonlight, black boys look blue”. “You’re blue”. “That’s what I’m gonna call you: ‘Blue’.”

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I wish I paint this fast 😅
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