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I have been seeing way too many pro-breeding posts and replies lately and it just infuriates me beyond words.

To the people who say things like: 

  • “Just buy from a reputable breeder!”
  • “Adopting isn’t for everyone!”
  • “But I want a purebred!”
  • “I don’t know what a shelter animal will be like!”

Explain to me how bringing more animals into this world is ever okay when THIS still happens every single day.

Explain to me how a “reputable breeder” makes this any better or makes this happen any less.

Explain to me how your desire for a purebred justifies this.

Explain to me why you think you’re entitled to an animal if you don’t have the patience to work with their negative traits.

Explain to me why you think their lives matter less.

The fact of the matter is, as long as we have way more animals that are abandoned and while shelters are overcrowded and are having to euthanize their animals just to make room, there is no such thing as a “reputable breeder”. 

While this is still happening, all breeding is irresponsible. Spay and neuter your animals, and most importantly…



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Sex work never has been a safe job and as long as it remains criminalised, it never will be a safe job. Due to their often transient lifestyle combined with the secrecy surrounding their work, they are quite often targets to sadistic predators. One such woman who fell victim to one such offender was 28-year-old Catrine de Costa.

Throughout the spring of 1984, Catrine worked as a sex worker on the streets of Stockholm. Catrine had fallen down on her luck and turned to sex work as a means to fund her drug addiction. The last time she was seen alive was on the 10th of June, 1984, when a client let her out of his car in central Stockholm. After not hearing from her for a couple of days, Catrine’s mother reported her missing. It wasn’t like her to not keep in contact with her family. Her mother had ever right to worry. On the 18th of July, the first grim discovery was made. Underneath a overpass in Solna, a bin bag was found containing dismembered remains. These remains were identified as Catrine’s by her fingerprints. A couple of weeks later, another bin bag containing more remains was discovered. Catrine’s head, internal organs, one breast, and genitalia were never found. No cause of death could be determined, however it was evident she had been murdered.

Shortly after the discovery, Teet Harm, a local pathologist, was suspected and arrested for the murder but shortly thereafter, he was released. Another suspect came to light the following year when the wife of Thomas Allgen, a general practitioner, told police that she believed Thomas had been molesting their daughter. Coincidentally, Thomas and Teet were acquaintances. While investigation the molestation, Thomas’ wife told them that her daughter had started talking about witnessing a dismemberment. The two men were put on trial for the murder and dismemberment of Catrine. They were subsequently both acquitted after the court determined that there wasn’t enough evidence she was murdered. After the verdict, District Attorney Staffan Bergman told local newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet, that Catrine theoretically could have fallen and dismembered herself and that the murder hypothesis was built on circumstantial evidence. “On the other hand, there is quite a bit that points to murder. I haven’t heard of anyone being dismembered after a natural death,” he added.

The murder of Catrine provoked the women of Sweden to rise up and protest against male brutality. Despite the uproar and popularity the case garnered over the years, the murder of Catrine still remains unsolved.