this is a graphic right

anonymous asked:

How did you feel about the portrayal of suicide and rape in 13 Reasons Why?

It was certainly graphic and I can understand why those scenes could be triggering to people. However with that being said, I think that to really get people to pay attention to these issues is to show what they are really like, these scenes need to be realistic. Suicide isn’t painless - you don’t just drift off to sleep. Rape isn’t always perpetrated by complete strangers - it can be perpetrated by those you think are your friends.

To just show the aftermath would have been wrong, in my opinion, and that’s why the show was so gripping. A lot of programmes shy away to the consequences of horrendous things that are done to people but 13 Reasons Why didn’t. It forced us to think about what was happening and to care about what was happening and consider why it was happening. It’s graphic and it’s uncomfortable but to elicit the right response, I personally think it needs to be. I think if you’re not uncomfortable when reading or watching something then you aren’t fully understanding what’s happening and you’re not being forced to grapple with it and that’s what I think not showing those scenes would have caused.


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