this is a gr8 picture

yo yo yo my name is oda. i’m a norwegian nerd. when my new classmates drew me i ended up looking like the love child of gollum and the alien emoji and i’m surprisingly okay with that. i took this picture ironically. pls come talk to me, friends are gr8 m8 8/8


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★★★ Kai is lovin life and feeling gr8! ★★★

omg i think you could really do whatever you please with this pic, Kai’s face is just priceless! 

  • It can be funny, random, dirty, anything! It can also be dialogue. Just make it awesome!
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- Admin Momo

What’s your caption?


pic #1: I spent a half hour curling my hair and ages doing my makeup in ways I didn’t even like to achieve a look I wasn’t really going for.

self confidence level: 1-4

pic #2: I literally spent five minutes putting makeup on. You can tell I did nothing to my hair. I love this picture and am happy with my look.

self confidence level: 7-9

Wearing more noticeable makeup does not make you more insecure. Dying your hair another colour doesn’t either. Wearing more fitting clothing doesn’t. Taking more pictures of yourself definitely doesn’t.

Society is too closed minded, like the concept of itself is. That’s just the way it is set up. Can we all just assume we know nothing at all and erase everything we think is true and look at everything from a state of acceptance that our thoughts could be wrong? And not label somebody as something and act as if you’re superior to the way they think just because of the things that something as black and white as society has taught you?

I’m not hating on our society. I’m hating on the concept of it itself.

(disclaimer: there are bright lights flashing at an extremely pale person, but if you did see me you would think I am wearing MUCH more makeup in the second picture. it was v subtle in the first)

*looks up pokemon strategy website* ok how long do you think i’ll need to prepare to be good enough to win scholarship money playing pokemon