this is a gpoy tho

i was tagged by @wandering-seth forever ago but i’m bored so here goes. i think i’ve done something like this before tho.

  1. Name: Ray
  2. Nickname(s): Ray-Ray, Rayv, Rayvan, Sunny, V  …and then family nicknames that I still allow but are off of my birthname, so… yeah. 
  3. Gender: Casual kid. (i guess masc-of-center nb? i still like the term genderqueer and identify as some sort of trans*)
  4. Star Sign: Sagittarius (with sag/cap rising and aries moon. so much fire)
  5. Height: 5′6″ ?
  6. Sexual Orientation: Idek what this means anymore. Pan, i guess? Queer af. Demi. Poly. Subby. what was it you wanted to know again? Gender makes no sense so why would attraction.
  7. Hogwarts/Ilvermany house: Slytherin ftw. (tho scratch me and i bleed yellow, apparently)
  8. Favourite Colour: Blue. also rainbow. (fight me, it’s totally a color)
  9. Favourite Animal: Fox. Raven. Smoo. (she’s my favourite one i know)
  10. Time Right Now: Weirdly I’m on west coast time, but working on east coast time and my computer is on midwest time, but my phone says 2:44pm.
  11. Average hours of sleep: 5ish? well, i guess i average out 7, because 5 on worknights and 8-9 when i need to catch up. 
  12. Cat or Dog Person: Cat person. I don’t understand dog people or dog ownership at all in this day and age in the city. there are dogs (and even dog owners) i love, but still. Cats cats cats.
  13. Favourite Fictional Characters: This is an absurd question. Ronan Lynch. Buddy Glass (and Zooey, and Seymour). Finn. Pico. Ged. Will (the pullman one and the cooper one). Freddie Lyon. Geoffrey Tennant. Hamlet. Robin. Z.
  14. Number of blankets you sleep with: A big down comforter all year round, sometimes with another blanket on top. 
  15. Favourite singer/band: I don’t really listen to music anymore (except for the hamilton soundtrack, idek) all time faves who i still love are the beatles, iron and wine, nick drake, radiohead, REM, Paul Simon (with and without Garfunkel)
  16. Dream Trip: expatriation to the UK. preferably scotland, tbh. barring that, at least a month (preferably 3) to explore the mediterranean and every country on it. 
  17. Dream Job: Writing novels, probably YA, and/or voiceover work, including but not limited to audiobooks. 
  18. When was this dream job created?: i don’t understand this question. writing has been around for thousands of years, oral literature even longer. novels date back a fucking far way tho recording equipment is a lot newer. 
  19. Current Number of Followers: on this blog? or total for all blogs (of which i have like 6)? 872 atm for ZC, i’m not adding up all of the things from all of the places (tho at one time a certain cowritten fic blog of mine had over 10k).
  20. When did your blog reach its peak?: i don’t understand this question either. what is a peak? never. 
  21. What made you decide to make a tumblr?: Animals Talking In All Caps. I was deeply in love with everything Justin ever wrote, tbh. And then I found Kams and Mixy’s SherlockRP blog-stravaganza and the rest is history. 

tagging anyone who wants to get tagged. 

Hello friends!! I’m still alive and sorry for not being more active lately - I’ve partly been busy working on a piece for the Star Wars fanzine coming out soon (a really exciting project, keep an eye out for the launch! :D)

It was also a chance to update my avatar for the first time since… 2010…. (I’ve become much more Star Wars since then, but couldn’t let go of the Slytherin scarf! HOUSE PRIDE \o/)