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hey this is really good. you should watch it maybe
Petition · Level-5: Level-5, Dentsu Ent. USA, & Nintendo: Localize more/all LBX & Inazuma Eleven Content ·

Penguins and Ducks this petition is important to level 5s future. It’s important to the reputation of kodomo anime, and children’s video games in general.

We want Level 5 to get more recognition that it deserves, we want Inazuma Eleven (the Yokai Watch of the late 00s and early 10s) to be treated much better. We want LBX (a Cult hit in Japan and maybe America) to be treated with more respect and advertise better. Yokai Watch was a sleeper hit and that is a good thing in at least my book.

But in order for the company to be recognized being the best children’s games company of all time we must support Yokai Watches big brothers and create smiles to children everywhere in the world. Level needs to be more known than just Layton, more known than just Yokai Watch, and finally wash off the dark stain that is holding it back from greatness that is Gundam Ages reputation. (I like to talk about it from a Level 5 fanatic Perspective and it’s a guilty pleasure of mine)

So please read the petitions goal and sign it like I did and let Level 5 be recognized as the greatest children’s company ever. Spread the happiness, and high quality escapism for the child at heart and soul like me.

Level 5 is pure, Level 5 is love, And finally Level 5 is life.


Robert Pattinson graces the cover of the daily Gala Croisette at Cannes on May 26, 2017. This is quite an honor, and Rob is the only actor to appear on their cover. Rob is leading in the critics polls for Best Actor in Good Time. The reception for the film, and his performance, has been overwhelmingly positive. This is one of the reasons he’s known as the king of Cannes.

This photo was taken the night of his Good Time premiere, and there is a short video of him with the photographer, Gurtler Matthias, just before the picture was taken. Watch that here.

Actresses who have been on the cover during this Cannes Festival include Jessica Chastain, Michele Williams, Charlize Theron, Laetilia Casta, Diane Kruger, and Rob’s friends and co-stars, Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Berenice Bejo, and Elle Fanning.

starting to think a lot of the redneck revolt backlash is just an elitist anti-working class sentiment disguised as concern trolling. It’s not surprising, a lot of Marxist politics are very elitist (Vanguardism is the peak of revolutionary elitism) and chauvinistic, Marx himself thought that lumpenproles were unable to do revolution and communism. Aside from one early anarchist (Maybe Proudhon? My memory is failing me) I’ve never seen another anarchist repeat a similar sentiment.

The more I read about Redneck Revolt and watch Youtube videos, media reports, interviews they’ve given, it’s literally 110% clear that they are doing good work and the criticism they’re receiving is just knee-jerk reaction from a bunch of sour-faced do-nothings on the internet

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Sis how the fuck do I give a good blowjob I've never given one before :/

It’s really easy, I always repeat this quote I read on here a long time ago; you just really gotta want to suck this cock. There’s no use in it unless you wanna do it, too. I learned a lot from mycherrycrush videos- she’s a “porn star” who’s independent from the industry (actually, against it)- and she’s made several POV-blowjob videos that give a good impression of a nice BJ. If you’re comfortable watching porn, you should totally check those videos out. She’s a really cute girl and it’s obvious she chose to do this and enjoying it as well. You will figure out your technique as soon as you begin, I guess it just comes naturally. Talk to your partner about what feels good to them. It’s all about a variation of actually sucking, just bobbing your head and taking the dick deeper in your throat, using your hands in addition and teasing the tips. Don’t stress out too much <3

If anyone wants to understand the best part of my relationship @conclaved just introduced me to the fact that Pingu is not just a meme who goes NOOT NOOT and instead, WITH THE TOTALLY PURE WONDERMENT OF A CHILD, watched a video about Pingu making popcorn while saying things like That’s his dad! and His parents are gonna be so mad when they find out he made all this popcorn. She is too good for this bed and this cruel world.

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Hey, have you seen that "Defending a Plumber" video by MangaKamen? I reblogged your post about the Mario hate with the link but I'm not sure if you'll see it with all the notifications you must get. It might be one of the only videos us Mario fans need to defend him.

Yes i have! I watched it a while back but from memory its very good a debunking a lot of matpats Mario theories! I’ve also been linked a vid by Thunderciba which does a good job too :)

i suggest watching those vids for anyone who wants a more thorough Mario fans perspective!

Nothing like avoiding panic attack while you’re still on mini vacation by watching ballet instruction videos.

Even just listening to the instructor call out the movements is super soothing. I’m really gonna have to get back to at least doing barre work. My modern dance class in high school warmed us up with barre work and I could do it in my sleep by the middle of the year. 

Definitely getting back to that. It used to make me so happy and relaxed, and my body felt good and strong and graceful.

Fashion videos

Some weeks ago I posted some videos about fashion since @bluedori asked me for them and since I found some other good videos I would like to share them with you if you are interested ^-^ hope so

  1. Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 | Making Of  - this is just awesome, please watch it!
  2. Making-of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Haute Couture Collection
  3. “Once Upon A Time…” by Karl Lagerfeld - a short movie <3
  4. “The Return” by Karl Lagerfeld - The Film  - Lagerfeld likes making movies, thanks!
  5. 24 Hours With Public School  - I just love public school style!
  6. Six Japanese Menswear Brands You Need To Know
  7. channels:  all the channels of the brands (Channel has different making of videos) MR PORTER ;  HYPEBEAST

after you watch them you probably have many recommendations from YouTube so you will find what you like more ^-^

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I know right? The performance was very good and it fit! For example, I watched the SOTT music video I think twice? Maybe three times? And at some parts I just couldn't hold back the laughs! While with this Liam performance, which will probably resemble the music video considering he's dancing, it was very nice to watch!

i think the drama of the music video is very harry though. it’s a bit ridiculous and a bit charming, so it’s all good fun. i wouldn’t say it’s bad (not outstanding either but that’s fulwell for you). and i think liam’s performance is very liam too! he’s always had a knack for throwing a few shapes, just not in a stylised way. i’m very pleased that it works for him! it’s just that i hadn’t expected it to work so well, it’s a good sign in my opinion.

Woe.  I had yarn.  I had beads that contrasted and yet set off the yarn.  I watched videos on how to do beaded knitting.  I was READY.

Except I have no needles with eyes big enough to accept yarn that will also fit through the hold in a bead, and no idea where or how to find such a thing.  Of course I can’t find anything through google– the people who say they have such things don’t bother to give information, not even a brand name.

Anybody out there with ideas?

HA!  Never mind.  Logic and good old fashioned ingenuity saved the day.  I put a tiny thread through the needle hole twice, creating a loop, then fed the yarn through the loop and used the tiny thread to pull the yarn through the hole.  TAKE THAT YOU BUGGER

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Hey what are some of your favorite AH videos within the last year or so? I used to watch a ton but haven't had time in the last few months! As many as you're willing to list / can think of would be great :)

oh man there are so many good ones!! im just going to go through the recent ones and mention some series that they’ve done and maybe some single videos ?? hopefully this will suffice (also formatting will suck and everything im on mobile i apologize)

let’s play channel
- gta and minecraft are always good
- cloudberry
- snipperclips (there’s a play pals on the ah channel also)
- if you have the time/are willing to take multiple sittings please watch uno: the movie and the 50 turn mario party
- astroneer
- overcooked
- quick, draw
- steep
- any of the gmod stuff it’s all very good

ah channel
- golf with your friends (some of these are on lp)
- any hitman video
- 7 days to die
- shenanigans!!! they do more of these now and they’re great
- play pals but most specifically the chicken scream one
- monster mac and slamrock shake
- michaels segway tour
- hangin with lil j
- honestly any of the silly videos they make bts
- let’s watch ~anything~ is nice when you just want a chill time without paying attention to 6 screens at a time

honestly any ah vids are good but these are some of my fave recent ones!!! ive been having less time to watch them as well so ive narrowed my watch list down a lot :/ hopefully summer will bring me more time to watch them!!! happy watching!


Music Videos starring the Stranger Things kids (2016): 


a blessed fancam.


Tropical Sherbet 🍧
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