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i see you reblogging this a few times but never really asked. what is buzzfeed unsolved??

My sweet summer child, Buzzfeed Unsolved is the one reason I even care about Buzzfeed itself!

There are two different types of Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes: True Crime and Paranormal. They will travel to places that are allegedly haunted, or they’ll go to places where a crime happened and just explore it, giving facts and the history and theories and all that good stuff! Now, I am biased towards the paranormal videos bc I am obsessed with that kind of stuff, but the true crime ones are just as great.

Ryan and Shane are the hosts, (the older videos had some other dude but between u and me, I like shane a whole lot more) and they are. so. damn. funny. They constantly tease each other and Shane is like, the logical skeptic and Ryan is always the one trying to convince him that ghosts are real, it’s actually a magical experience 10/10 dudes

Here is the playlist if you’re interested. I would highly recommend it to literally anyone but ofc, it is totally up to you! It doesn’t matter what order you watch the videos in, either. :)

A West Wing treat from Janel Moloney for supporting a good cause? What could be better? If you have Twitter head over to @NellyMoloney to watch this important video and retweet. 

You don’t have to have Twitter: To reject the NRA’s radical agenda, text REJECT to 64433. 


Jake and Amy || What makes you happy

today is a good day to watch this and cry

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Allies reacting to their s/o asking them to braid the s/o's hair?

Fun fact: I had long hair for years, but I only learned how to braid hair after I cut it too short to do it to myself. rip me


-He doesn’t know how to braid hair, but he’s more than willing to learn for you! He watches a video on youtube, and soon after he buries his fingers in your hair to try it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the hang of it, and you end up with a lovely, but slightly messy braid. If you let him, he’ll keep practicing on you until he’s gotten really good at it.


-He’s braided his own hair before, and knows a lot of more complicated styles. As soon as you ask, he settles in behind you and gets to work. You’re expecting him to just do a simple braid, but you end up having a braid with roses in it. It’s beautiful, and he blushes when you thank him. After this, he nearly begs you to let him style your hair for you.


-France has taught him how to braid hair, and he’s relatively good at it. So when you ask him one morning, he’s eager to help. He loves playing with your hair, and gives you an elegant fishtail braid, to low-key show off his skills in the hopes that you’ll ask him to do it again in the future.


-He doesn’t know how to do anything with hair except brush it, so he’s worried when you ask him. Still, he wants to make you happy, so he’ll try his best. He looks up a tutorial, and slowly follows along. He accidentally pulls on your hair a few times without realizing, and has to re-do it twice. In the end, the results aren’t half bad, and he’s rather proud of himself. But you might want to do your hair yourself from now on.


-He’s probably asked to style your hair before this, since he likes playing with it. His face lights up when you ask, and he rushes off to gather the necessary things. When he was younger, he frequently watched Ukraine braid her hair and helped her, and he weaves your hair into a crown braid. He’s happy, and he hopes you are too.


-He’s been alive for thousands of years, and has raised girls. Of course he knows how to braid hair, and braid it well. Once you ask him, he tells you to sit down in front of him and stay still. He finishes soon after he starts, and hands you a mirror so you can see the ladder braid. He hopes you like it as much as he does.

What do you guys think of the images? I thought it’d be a good idea for something like this, but let me know if I shouldn’t do it again in the future. 

I mean, I love any Dan, Phil, and Louise videos but that one was so so great! It reminded me so much of when I’ve had to sit my adult cis male friends down and explain to them about menstruation and about the female anatomy and tell them off if they say dumb shit or think it’s gross. I was watching the video like ‘well done, children. You’re trying to be very adult about this.’

Also can we just thank Louise for generally being amazing and putting them in place and calling them out when they were getting unnecessarily weirded out.

It was so funny and educational and whilst I knew a good few of the terms (shout out to my bezzie who is a junior doctor specialising in prenatal care) and I’m sure lots of the phandom aren’t ‘weirded out’ by talk like that, I mainly was just so frikkin pleased that Dan and Phil were being educated on this stuff.

hehe guess who drew Princess Peach :3c I drew the sketch for it some time ago but only got around to coloring it now! My favorite part of this drawing is probably the colors I used on her hair

I also recorded a timelapse for it if anyone’s interested in watching. I got permission from someone to use their music in the video and honestly please watch it for the music because their remixes are so good aaaa I love it!!

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Esplain not Santa Monica pls it the video is my fav

me (nick) and iain wrote this one 50/50 so i’m gonna explain some parts of it and then iain will probably add some stuff later d:-)

so the first verse is about how we’ll probably end up okay in the end (settled in life, watching our friends get married and be happy, etc) but right now it’s hard to imagine that. the part about chasing pieces of dust is because me, iain, and a very close friend called rakesh (who directed+starred in the good rhymes vid) used to meet up in a forest every week, buy weird tasting sweets for each other and talk about wes anderson films. iain wrote that part.

the 2nd verse (when you choke until i’ll just keep on singing) is about how if something goes wrong for iain (or anyone in the band) (or any of our friends) i’m gonna do anything i can do to help them. the things these guys have done for me is incredible and honestly i don’t know where i’d be without them.

there’s this video on filmcow (same guy who did charlie the unicorn) called swiffer, and it’s about a mad scientist who leaves his wife to run away to santa monica with a hoover. the chorus is a reference to that, because we used to quote that video all the hecking time. ive always interpretted the chorus as we know in the end running away from our problems is a dumb idea…but sometimes you just gotta go crazy with your friends for a few days and forget about the world.

again, iain will probably add his mindset when writing it but yeah!! its called not santa monica because the front bottoms already have a song called santa monica. i recorded the videos for the music vid on my phone over the summer of 2016. it’s really us and our friends just messing around but i guess thats
what the song is about??

love your friends, die laughing d:-)

Move On - J.M.

a/n - THIS IS SAD. THERE IS NO GOOD. i’m not sorry either i watched so many sad videos to write this. 

word count - 1452

requested - yes

description - prompt; “Person A dies and person B only has their child left. The child commits suicide from the depression caused by losing A.” But with my own twist on it

Warnings - multiple deaths, suicide, bullying, drinking, toxic relationship, family members being attracted to you.

NOTICE - this is from the child’s point of view. You as the reader, are married to Jonah but die.

I was five years old when my life was turned upside down. I remember coming home from school and I was so excited because I had gotten a 100 on my spelling test, but of course I would. I was always at the top of my class when I was younger. I remember how bright the world had looked when I was skipping home from the bus stop. The sun was shining down on me-it wasn’t- and there wasn’t a cloud in sight-there was-but I didn’t notice. How could I? I didn’t pay attention. I thought everything would just always be how it was; happy and full of love. But as I ran inside the house, kicking off my shoes, and screaming out for mum, “Mommy! Mommy! Where are you? I have something to show you! Look, look, I got a perfect score,” she never came. Instead I found my Dad slouching at the table, and I remember being annoyed because he always told us to never slouch at dinner. I didn’t know at the time, I thought it was just a glass of water because Dad didn’t like to drink the icky stuff. But I learned later that it was vodka, and my Dad was drinking because he couldn’t deal with the pain.

“Daddy, where’s Mommy?”

It was an innocent sentence. Honestly, I didn’t mean to make him cry. It was a horrific sight. I had never seen my father cry before, and it wasn’t about to be the last.

Through his sobs he managed, “Mommy is some place far away. She is safe and loved there, but she won’t be back for a very very long time. She wants you to know that she loved you with all her heart and that no matter what you do, she’ll be proud.”

Obviously I was confused, but I didn’t want to make him cry again so I didn’t ask him any of the questions that were clawing at my throat. That day changed everything.

I was seven years old when I experienced bullying for the first time. Of course I observed that the kids were mean, but I never realized how much until I was their next victim. Who knew that seven year olds could be so cruel? For the first time, I walked home because I had missed the bus due to the kids throwing me in the dumpster. No one would walk with me because I smelled bad, and I was going slower than normal because the scrapes on my knees had stung. I don’t even remember why they started hurting me, it just…happened. For the first time, I was getting lower grades because more of my study time was spent patching up all the little cuts all over me. I was a kid. I didn’t deserve it. I never told my Dad. He was always sad, rarely leaving the house. And when he did it was only for groceries. I still played with him though. It wasn’t like he was neglectful to me, just the outside world. I used to always make him sing to me, because as his daughter I thought he was the most amazing person. And yet I never told him about the bullies, I didn’t want him to be sadder.

I was 11 years old when my uncle said things to me that I didn’t understand. He always called me pretty and told me how I would steal boys’ hearts. At first I just said thank you, because that’s what I was taught to do after being given a compliment. But he said it so often, how if I was older and not related to him, that he might just go after me; and it stopped feeling like compliments. Eventually, he seemed to forget about the age and would always ogle me. I would try to avoid him when he would come over from dinner, but it stopped working and I would have to sit next to him. I wasn’t sad when he stopped coming over. He never touched me but some of the other boys at school weren’t so ‘thoughtful.’ It was at this age that I realized although girls mature faster, boys want things faster. Things I didn’t want to do. We were eleven year olds, you think they would understand the meaning of the word privacy, but they proved me wrong when they snuck in the girls’ bathroom to get a peek.

I was 14 years old when I started to wonder what was wrong with me. Everyone had friends, except for me. I sat alone, walked alone, I even did group projects alone. I was never happy anymore. The once bubbly and smart young girl had turned into a depressed loner. How pathetic was that? Yet, I still never told my Dad. He was still the same, always sad and worrying more about me than himself. I told him he didn’t need to worry. And he didn’t. I could handle it. Yes, I could handle it. Even if the world always seemed bleak and dismal. Even though my father was the only person I ever had conversations with anymore. He was all I needed, or so I thought.

I was 16 years old when I got my first boyfriend. He was rude and toxic, but I didn’t care because he was the first person to pay attention to me in who knows how long. He made the most crude remarks, and he would talk shit about everyone. Probably even me when I wasn’t around. He made me feel horrible but he was all I had. My father barely talked to my anymore. It’s been over ten years since my mom died. I figured out the truth at around 12. He couldn’t hide it forever. Over ten years, and he was doing worse than ever. Although maybe some of it was my fault. I never tried to talk to him anymore, I just assumed he’d be more invested in his alcohol. My boyfriend broke up with me two months later, “Oh honey, you know I never cared about you. I just wanted to win the bet.” My world had grown even darker. Even when the sun shone, I never saw the light. Even when I laughed, I never felt the joy. Even when I ran with the wind blowing through my hair, I never felt the thrill. It seemed as though I had forgotten how to live.

I was 17 years old when I took my life.

Dad, if you’ve found this, I’m already dead. Please believe me when I say that I love you. I will love you for as long as I possibly can. I will love you even when I’m gone. But I need you to understand that I will never be gone. I will always be with you in spirit. Even thought this letter didn’t make you out to be, I think you were the best father I could have ever asked for. You cared for me like no one else ever did. And I’m sorry I hid it all from you, I never meant to hurt you. I remember the first time I made you cry. And I really hope that this will be the last. You can’t mourn over me for long. You need to move on. Find a woman who will love you more than Mom or I ever could. You need to know that I’m happy now. I wasn’t meant to live. I just wasn’t. But you are. You are meant to live your life to the fullest. You are meant to do something with your life. Make a change, even if it’s a small one. In a way, you’ve already made a change. This wasn’t your fault, in any way. I love you Dad, and I will always be your little girl. I will always be your daughter.

With love,

Your daughter who wants you to be happy.

Jonah read the letter, but no tears came out. Not yet, at least. Shock was still setting in. He had lost everyone important to him. First you left him, then the last piece of you had left him as well. He wanted to give up so bad, so, so bad. But he couldn’t. He didn’t have the strength. But he also didn’t have the strength to move on like you and your daughter wanted him to. He was just so tired. He was an empty shell of a person who used to feel on top of the world. Finally, he understood what you meant when you said that you didn’t want him to grieve, because it would hurt. And god, it hurt so, so bad.



Today’s makeup tutorial is a super easy but very effective ‘Jack Sparrow’ from Pirates Of The Caribbean!
This is a great look for Halloween, particularly if you don’t feel competent in creating a horror makeup. You can hire a Pirates costume quite easily, throw on some liquid bronzer, a bit of guy liner and you’re good to go!

Click ‘play’ to watch the how-to, and don’t forget that all the products used have been listed and linked within the description bar of the video. 


Thanks again for all your support, if you ever watched my videos, this one is for you!

This time I’m answering your questions about what happened on the channel with Kiko leaving, featuring Good Anna 😇and Evil Anna 😈!

I hope this one makes you smile as well, and to all of you creative people I’m sure you have similar moments! (Thinking of @jumping-girl-juliet I hope this one makes you giggle!)

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New fave aesthetic people at the gym doing incredible things nonchalantly. I just watched a girl do a 7 min walk sit and was just on her phone looking bored. And another dude watches YouTube videos while he does a solid 10 min plank.

Originally posted by proceleon

Sometimes you can see some truly amazing people at the gym. It’s awesome!

Just last week I saw some guys using the weight racks to practice gymnastics. 

Probably not the best thing for the racks, everything considered, but they looked amazing jus flipping and flying around.

The best thing about this is that, just like you see at someone and go “Damn, that’s awesome. I wish I could do that” there’s a good chance there’s someone looking at you and thinking the same!

I love it when people at the gym find inspiration in other gym goers. 

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hi!! i love your cc, i wonder if you could make tutorial on how to separate tops / bottoms from fullbody outfits? i'd really like to learn :3 xxx

Awww thank you! I’m actually in the process of getting stuff together to start streaming and putting stuff on YouTube and @calisimgirl and @its-lunnarise were wanting me to stream while making some CC so they could ask questions and hopefully learn themselves so this sounds like a good place to start. As soon as I get everything ready I’ll let y’all know, it’ll prolly be a day or two and I’ll also try to record and and post it on YouTube for those of you who can’t watch the stream :D I’m new to streaming and making videos so bare with me but I’m happy to help anyone who wants to learn :D

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Wow you should call that chick out in the comments of that video. They called Cynthia princess jasmine cuz they didn't know her name and calling Iris the new Felicity when she's never been like her and that the therapy session was a waste. It's sad. Did you know that some churches require couples to get counseling before they get married? So, those nuts on the video should want them to work out their issues before they get a year or two in the marriage thinking they made a mistake.

I didn’t watch the entire video, so I didn’t see the princess jasmine comment. I know that dude from other DC vids and I can’t recall him ever saying anything positive about Iris. I guess of that whole litrlw internet crew that have working on DC online content, Hector is the only good one.


Luca Oliver Nash is 24, he lives in a tiny little house at the edge of a state park that he takes care of for a living. In his spare time he likes playing video games, hiking (not super intense trails), swimming in the lakes nearby, being artistic, and watching movies. His favorite food is just a good old, greasy af, hamburger from the local diner. His favorite books are lesser known ones printed by tiny companies, the kind you can get at conventions. He will genuinely listen to any style of music but prefers something that makes him feel happy or energized. He doesn’t have a favorite video game but he always goes back to Skyrim, he kicks MAJOR ass when he plays Skyrim.

He’s mixed so he’s this gorgeous shade of tawny, his hair is dark brown/black depending on which lighting he’s in and it’s between curly and kinky, he likes to take really good care of himself so every single part of him is moisturized and cleansed, he has dark green eyes and eyelashes so long it’s not fair. Luca’s teeth are perfectly straight and his smile is so wide and brilliant it makes your heart skip a beat

He’s a dork, he makes dad jokes and just puns in general. When he asks you out or just hits on you he’s dying on the inside and will 100% squeal like a child later. Luca is a good person who genuinely enjoys helping people and treating everyone/thing with respect until proving that they don’t deserve it. 

Luca loves hugs and making sure you know he likes you, even if it’s just as a friend. 

He loves star gazing and evening walks, he’s bigger than anything in the woods so he’s never nervous about something getting to the two of you. 

On full moons or simply whenever he needs to run in his wolf form, you’ll see him off and then wait outside (or inside depending on the weather) with a comb/brush (to get the leaves/twigs out of his hair), a bunch of wet wipes to get the mud off so he doesn’t trail it all the way to the shower, a huge towel (multiple if it’s been raining), and a several bottles of cold water. 

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send this to the last 10 people in your activity feed ❤

Thank you! 😊

1. That video of the crowd singing Bohemian Rhapsody that I just watched, reblogged, and then watched another time. 

2. Being outside in the evening in summer and hearing the frogs/crickets/etc. 

3. Cherry tomatoes. The good, small, red ones. 

4. When my niece climbs in my lap and cuddles up to me. 

5. When I have been in a really bad or upset mood and I can feel it lifting, lifting, lifting at last. 


Music Videos starring the Stranger Things kids (2016):