this is a good video watch it

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You know, I was worried for you hearing about how you were gonna do this video but I think you made it very fairly and not offensively! You had a lot of solid points and there wasn't much opinion put into it. If anyone complains they're really babies

Actually… there is some offensive and dark jokes in the video… but thanks goodness everyone watch it as a jokes and undestand the real point of the video; Respect how everyone is

I was SUPER scared to upload this video!!! OOH BOY SUPER SCARED!!!! why?? well darky jokes, I like dark jokes sooo I put jokes in all my videos… I am super happy with how everyone react it to it, I am soo happy about this video.

I really enjoy making Pelo Talks about society problems  + puting some darky/unfunny/example jokes, it’s kinda scary because the problems I had (specially here) thanks to my kind of jokes… but yeah! I am super happy of how yall react it

Thanks to yall for sharing your opinions, even if you don’t agree with the video

now let’s wait for another pelo talks war… or maybe one with the yin yang, idk

“Uh... good news bad news time, Ted.”

Ted the Animator: “Oh dear.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey, at least there is some good news involved, ‘cause… y’know… good news is good.”

Ted the Animator: “Let’s get this over with. What did you do?”

Carl the Animator: “Well, I created reeeaaally nice lantern glow cutouts for the swamp zombie scene that follow perfectly when he moves his arm.”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, good job, those are tough. What’s the bad news?”

Carl the Animator: “I forgot to move his arm.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh.”

Carl the Animator: “I might have been multitasking while watching Maru the cat try to fit into a tiny box.”

Ted the Animator: “I didn’t think the ‘no cats in the studio’ rule was going to have to start applying to video cats, but you’re just full of surprises I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “It was a VERY tiny box. I couldn’t resist.”

Ted the Animator: “I… I don’t even know what this looks like. The zombie’s ghostly shadow self is leaning down, while he himself stays perfectly still.”

Carl the Animator: “Whoops.”

Ted the Animator: “Actually, that would make for an interesting overarching visual theme for a monster, were it not just a random screwup.”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh! Ooh! Can we do that for the rest of the episode?!”

Ted the Animator: “No. It would make no sense, be completely unfitting… and we don’t get to write the scripts.”

Carl the Animator: “Humph.”

Ted the Animator: “It’s bad enough for the light thing to happen just once. Even more would–”

Carl the Animator: “Twice.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh?”

Carl the Animator: “I might’ve accidentally used the same loop a second time.”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, Carl….”

Carl the Animator: “Is that enough precedent to do the whole episode like it, now?!”

Ted the Animator: “No, but it is enough to get your illumination-cel privileges revoked.”

Carl the Animator: “But moooooom…

Ted the Animator: “You heard me, young man.”

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Sunny! Have you seen the play Heathers? It's a musical, but deals with serious issues in high school. There's a full show video on YouTube if you want to watch it! :D

sdkfj a lot of people rec’d it, anyway I ended up watching the movie version because there wasn’t a good video/audio quality version of the musical one available; (I’m also not that into musicals myself)

I liked it! it was really dark and messed up tho omg

  • Today as I was scrolling through bughead videos (because I'm obsessed with them).I happened to come across a video which claimed to contain leaked spoilers about who the killer might be. For the people who are desperate to know who it is, of course they can watch the video but It kinda goes against the whole premise of the show.But your probably asking, hey loser why are you telling us this ? Because obviously people are going to start posting those spoilers and I'm here to just tell those people TO RESPECT the fact we don't want to know about the spoilers.

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People should chill, he barely knows about BTS, the first time I saw a mv of them (it was Save me) I had problems recognizing Suga/Jin/Rapmon, and they don't even look alike! Same with One Direction, I used to mess up Liam and Louis. What I'm trying to say is: when we got into BTS I'm sure a lot of us messed up their names without it being something we did to be rude or mean, or btw.

yep, when i first saw bts’ videos like 1 or 2 days, i could barely recognize who is who despite having watched a fairly good amount of their videos, bangtan bombs, run bts and sort of. there’s absolutely no need to be furious about this or saying he should google kook’s name first. he’s a busy artist as much as bts are and just the fact that he spent time checking out kook’s cover makes me happy enough. imagine how you would feel if you do a cover of bts’ song and bts check out you cover, and quote your cover on their twitter account, that’s how kook is probably feeling like.

another thing that i’m considering whether to post this separately or not but since this ask is about wdta, i’m just gonna post it here. taehyung’s fansite ‘king of the heart’ said that in one of the fansigns during ‘wings’ era, one of their accquaintances asked jungkook if he has any thought of covering charlie puth’s song and he said he would think about it. then few months later and he presented us with a full cover of 'we don’t talk anymore’ :’) it’s a good day today, the cover we all waited for has been released, let’s all just plug in earphones, enjoy his voice and enjoy today.

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Have u watched Duncans latest video? Dnp are such good People!

nope, atm i’m skyping with my best friend who lives really far away for uni, but i’ll check it out later! :)

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I STOPPED watching because moonlight lost and i missed that whole fiasco I am so mad at myself!

oh my god i ALMOST did esp when the guy from la la land was like ‘i want to thank my blue eyed wife’ …….. i was like ok my phsyical nausea is about to overpower me and then EVERYTHING HAPPENED AND I WAS JUST SO SHOOK WTF 

good thing there are 10000000 videos of it everywhere now for you to replay on loop (tbh i feel bad for the la la land ppl and i also hope this shit doesnt eclipse how phenomenal moonlight is and how much it truly deserves the award gotta love live tv holy shit)

  • Went to bed after 4 am, gets woken up at 6 am and told that I have to meet someone down south about an hour away by 10 am to sign some business papers. 
  • Lays in bed for about 30 mins because anxiety now wont let me go back to sleep.
  •  Feeds dog, let’s dog out into backyard. 
  • 7:30 am sits at desk and does hair. 
  • Gets another call at 8:30 am and told that we can’t meet today, but tomorrow instead.
  • Has no idea what to do with their self at this point.
  • Just refreshes Tumblr while watching ‘Abandoned’ themed videos on YT.

Good Morning!


Screenshots from I’M NOT READY FOR THIS | Emily Wants To Play VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)! :) 

I don’t think Seán should play horror games on the Vive or in VR in general, it’s not good for his health. xD But in all seriousness though this was a fun video to watch. It’s interesting seeing Seán play a horror game in VR he hasn’t done one in a long time. Plus for me it’s fun watching him get all scared and get the heebie jeebies, haha! :) 

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lololol today when i went on youtube it showed that mark had uploaded 13 videos on the little video counter for my subscriptions and i almost had a heart attack but it was just a glitch rip me

Yeah, I really hope he archives all of these videos today so we can watch them all consecutively. (Also, I love your icon ♡) Hope you have a good day, darling ♡♡♡♡

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That most recent USWNT video about the new cycle, if you slow it down when your watching it on tumblr at the end, you see Ashlyn came out of a different row, Ali is at the front with Kling, she waits on her and then turns to her and they walk out with Kling! I think it's cute! I want an Ashlyn!! 😭❤

She really did lol good job spotting it 👍🏼

ya so like more on composition stuff;

what do you guys feel makes a Good composition like. 

BC originally what i figured was good was if the composition leads your eye around the whole piece and then back so that you see the Entire thing, so that you wouldn’t get Stuck in one place was what was desirable, because prior to this i’d generally get crit about the eye getting stuck on one spot/on the subject

but i have more recently been getting crit in entirely the opposite direction where theres now Too much movement in my compositions and Nowhere for the ‘eye to rest’ and this is probably my biggest frustration currently so if you have any advice or know of good videos to watch or artists to look at

what is the difference between the eye “resting” somewhere and just not being led anywhere afterward

((btw this is not intended to be rhetorical or ranty or angry))

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Have you ever seen this video on YouTube called shelter? (It's my fav I suggest you watch it if you haven't)

Yes I have!

Oh goodness its a gorgeous video and song! I adore it :) 

I actually bought the song on ITunes and put it on my phone :) 

I love it so much. I honestly cried the first time I watched it ;v;

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Archie & his s/o going to college together. Getting a nearby apartment together, having no furniture yet other than Archie's bed, your TV, and the X-box he brought with them, so they chill on the bed all the time, playing video games together and watching Netflix. He ends up getting pretty damn good at cooking. Whenever you're up late studying, no matter how tired he is, he'll stay up and help you. And whenever all the other girls fawn over him, he's very quick to remind them he's happily taken.


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your gifs are so pretty, for how long have you been a gifmaker? you really seem like a pro omg

i’ve been making gifs for about a year now, i have prior experience with photoshop so that helped a little. thank you so much, im far from a pro though ^^;

I watch videos and catch moments I want to GIF, but idk how and where to start.. Can you give some beginning tips? And literally idk what programs or apps to use or whatever.

this has been answered in my faq, please do give it a read. there are lots of good tutorials on itsphotoshop & yeahps that guide you step by step through gif-making, that is how i learnt too and i use photoshop cc