this is a good show i will fight u


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap

i keep thinking about that “defeat matt mercer in honorable combat and he shows u the secret lgbt overwatch characters” post and im just like

real talk: don’t fight matt mercer he’s a gentle and good man who would not enjoy fighting. fight his fiance marisha instead because she will fucking brawl to defend his honor and enjoy every second of it.

isak and sana are the perfect example of:

“here’s 99 reasons as to why this friendship will not work but here’s 1 as to why it will and this 1 reason will outweigh the other 99 so hard that they’ll become a force to be reckoned with by the time they both realise how good their friendship is to each other’s growth, as individuals and together.”

but also:
“deep down we both care about each other so much but we don’t talk about that bc ~lol no i h8 u i have to save ur ass every single time 👏👏👏 i’m sick of ur shit y can u never agree with me on one answer y r u so difficult i’m just gonna tease u till u go red in the face out of frustration and that’s how we show our mutual fond for each other~”

but also:
“halla excuse me only we have the respective right to tease other HDU upset my BIOLOGY BUDDY 👏👏👏👏 U wanna FIGHT THIS OUT WITH ME HUHHHHH???? R U RACIST??? R U HOMOPHOBE??? R U A DONALD TRUMP STAN???? GTFO MY SIGHT. NO ONE HURTS MY BIOLOGY BUDDY AND GETS AWAY WITH IT.”

something I really love about xenoverse 2

when you fight Frieza on namek and Cooler shows up, he doesn’t SAY ANYTHING.

Like, Frieza’s freakin out like ‘omg cooler is that u?’ and DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING- all he does is smile menacingly and point at Goku

And Frieza just gets it?

they must have had some form of a good relationship prior to this, as all it takes is Cooler to point at someone and Frieza’s like ‘oh, ok I get it. you’re on my side’

idk this is just so funny to me

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what the hell i love you even more aaaa u like voltron.... aaaaaa

I do! it’s an amazing show!

There’s so much to love!

-great story line

-it’s hilarious

-character development (except for Lance my poor boy)

-good animation/I love the fight scenes


-diverse cast (out of the seven main characters, there are only two main characters who are white)

-Allura -a woman of color, leading and commanding ships! She’s a badass princess!

-Lance is latino (aaaa! as a Latina myself, I’m thrilled to see nice representation without the usual stereotypes)

-space dad Shiro

-Hunk is a huge cinnamon roll and will bake some for you, too

-DID I MENTION PIDGE?? I love her so much! A technical genius/ super huge nerd for tech stuff and she’s also the first female to pilot the green lion.  

-Keith is gay as fuck

when watching buffy i like to imagine the monks creating dawn and like researching what boy bands and tv shows were hot, buying endless tiger beats and posting them all over the monastery for information, fighting over whether dawn should be a fan of the backstreet boys or nsync, and like coming up with cute stories from her childhood to paste in for authenticity and someone will come up with a really good one and theyll all go “aww!!” and continue to glue pictures of justin timberlake on a vision board for information or read through the sunnydale middle school yearbooks to pick out dawn’s best friends (“i like this girl!! she looks nice.” “jesus gustavo do u want the key to be a huge megageek? she should be friends with chelsea b., she’s the HEAD CHEERLEADER”)

i assume that the Official Buffy Writers did not intend for this to be my main takeaway from the key storyline, but tbh it is

lirry fic rec post

i’ve had the pleasure of reading a whole lotta lirry fic over the past few months, so i thought i’d make a post reccing my favorites so far, in no particular order (and asking for recs for more that i missed!). if u read, pls rmr to leave comments/kudos/good vibes. thank u fic writers for doing u!

[updated 9/4, new fics are marked with an *!]

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Hi, about Iron Fist.


  I respect that you want a Asain Iron Fist. But If you have ever picked up a comic, The first 8 or so Iron Fists were ALL ASIANS. The fact that Danny Rand became Iron fist was Marvel wanted diversity and didnt want to repeatedly show a asains are only ones good in fighting. So your whole arugement makes you look stupid lol. So pick up a comic before throughing out statements. 

And from my email, you can tell Im not from U.S nor Europe. Im Asain also. So please.

This got submitted to me today, and hi to the guy who did so, whose email does have an Asian-sounding name (not that you can’t make up an email with whatever name you want). I always appreciate comments, but next time use the “ask” button so I don’t have to add an edit to your submitted post.

That said, you are completely wrong about the origin of the Iron Fist - not from a Watsonian perspective, because yes, in-universe Danny is the first white Iron Fist, but from a Doylesian perspective, because Danny was the only Iron Fist for 30 years. The idea of previous Iron Fists came much later in the comics, during Fraction and Brubacker’s run on The Immortal Iron Fist that ran from 2006-2009.

So no, making Danny white was not a way to diversify a character that had previously been stereotypically Asian, he was designed to cash in on the kung fu craze that began with Bruce Lee (and had already inspired the Shang-Chi character). They decided to make him white because that was kind of a thing back then - think David Carradine being cast over Bruce Lee in Kung Fu. The white chosen one mastering Asian arts has since then become a pretty tired cliche, and feels out-of-sync with the fresher takes that the Netflix series have been giving so far. Making Danny Asian-American or even mixed race could have added a level of complexity with a character dealing with dual identity issues that would have been equally interesting. Not the only way, of course, but one of the major complaints about the show is that their version of Danny is pretty bland.

Monster (Pt. 1)

snowlikesandinqatar: I LOVE UR IMAGINES!! THEYRE SO GOOD I LITERALLY CRY 😭😭 can u do an imagjne where the reader gets into a huge fight with isaac and then he hits her and they break up but later the reader gets a call that isaac has gone crazy without her?? thnxx 😚

A/N: Aww thank you so much! That means a lot to me :) I hope you like it x

(for everyone asking where I find my Daniel Sharman gifs, he was on a show called The Originals and played a character called Kol Mikaelson/Kaleb)

Originally posted by curlyhairrdontcaree

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Word Count: 1116

Warnings: Abuse, mentions and attacks at social anxiety, language

A/N: Isaac’s a huge douchebag in this. HUGE. It’s out of character and kind of harsh, so be warned.

“You’re misunderstanding,”

“No, I think it’s perfectly clear.”

“Oh my god Y/N! Will you stop twisting everything I say?!”

“Twisting, really? Because I think my boyfriend just called me mentally damaged, and said he didn’t want to be with me.”

“I didn’t say that!”

“Oh? Well I’m sorry, tell me what else ‘she’s got some serious issues, I don’t know if I can deal with it much longer’ mean?” you scream, quoting the conversation you overheard him have with Allison.

Isaac’s jaw clenches, and his eyes turn from his usual stormy blue into amber yellow. He scowls and starts yelling,

“You know what? You do have issues, sorry someone had to say it.” 


His words like shards of glass splintering your heart. Out of everyone, you thought at least Isaac would understand.

“I can’t believe you, you selfish prick!” you say lashing out.

He growls, “Oh I’m the selfish one? Get over yourself Y/N! We’ve had to cancel so many plans because of you and your panic attacks.” 

You were fuming, you couldn’t believe this. He knew you struggled with bad social anxiety, “You’re a fucking jerk, you know that Isaac Lahey? A fucking jerk.”

He laughed, but it wasn’t his usual joyous outburst. This time it was dark, cruel even, and when you looked up at Isaac he towered  over you, yellow eyes glowing, “Stiles has panic attacks too, but that doesn’t stop him from actually getting on with life. We had to cancel the music festival again because of you, you had to ruin it for everyo-”

You slap Isaac across the face, “Fuck you Isaac Lahey.” tears were running freely down your face.

He looks at you baring his teeth, angrier than ever, and slashes you in the stomach with his claws.

You gasp.

It was as if everything was in slow motion as his claws teared open your skin. You clutch your stomach, rivulets of blood pooling into your hand. You look up at Isaac, horrified, and see him back in his human form, stormy blue eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. 

He drops down to his knees in front of you, tears spilling down his face, “Y/N, I didn’t mean to! I’m so sorr-”

You push past him, still clutching your bleeding stomach, tears blurring your vision as you run to Stiles house. 

How could he.


It had been a week.

You’re stomach was all stitched up, and you hadn’t spoken to Isaac since. You stayed at Stiles’ house with him and Sheriff Stilinski whilst he tried to cheer you up from your heartbreak. 

You were currently sitting alone in Stiles room; he was at lacrosse practice and you didn’t want to risk running into Isaac. 

You couldn’t even look at him.

After what happened you didn’t go to school once, partially because you were injured, but mainly so you wouldn’t have to look at Isaac’s face.

Your phone buzzed, interrupting your thoughts. You ignore it and continue grieving. 

Your phone buzzes again. 

You groan, picking it up, looking at the caller ID before you answer.


“Y/N?! Oh thank god! You have to come over right now.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“It’s Isaac,” 

You immediately tense up, staying silent, “Listen, I know what he did to you was absolutely horrible, and I’m not asking you to forgive him,” 

Scott pauses and turns his voice into a whisper, “But he’s a mess Y/N, I’m scared for him. He won’t leave his room, he hasn’t ate; he’s not stable. He can’t control himself, and with a full moon coming up who knows what he’ll do. He’s going to hurt someone Y/N.”

He already has

You let out a shaky breath, “I don’t know what do you think I can do about it.”

“All he’s been doing since he last saw you is cry and say your name in his sleep.”

Your chest tightens, but there was no way you could ever forgive him for what he did. Not just for the physical stitches in your stomach, but for the mental pain he caused that couldn’t just be stitched back together, “Please Y/N, don’t do it for him. Do it for me, do it for the rest of the pack. I’m not asking you to forgive him, just please see him, talk some sense into him.

A single tear escapes, “Fine, I’ll come over.”


You reach the McCall residence, hesitating before knocking the door.

The door flies open immediately, revealing a disheveled Scott who pulls you into a delicate hug, breathing a sigh of relief,

“Thank you so much for coming. I know this is difficult for you, we haven’t forgiven him either for what he did to you.”

You just nod, giving him a tight, broken smile. Scott leads you upstairs and halts at the top of the staircase, “Are you okay?”

“No,” you whisper tears already spilling down your face that you wipe away hastily, not wanting Scott to see you cry.

“You don’t have to do this.” he says softly.

“Yes, I do.”

He gives you one more small squeeze before leaving you standing alone in front of Isaac’s room. 

You gather up your courage and twist open the door, the room’s a mess and there are objects scattered all over the floor. Isaac’s head is in his hands and he’s shaking, “Scott go away, I told you I don’t wa-” 


He looks up at the sound of your voice, fragile and shattered, “Y/N?” he looks down and shakes his head, “I’m dreaming again, aren’t I?”

You shake your head, still standing at the door avoiding eye contact, “No, it’s me.”

Isaac looks absolutely devastated, his face is pale and his hands are bloody from punching holes in the wall. There’s silence between the two of you, before he whimpers something that breaks you even more,

 “I’m just like my father.” he lets out a gut wrenching sob, breathing heavily and shaking, body drenched in sweat,

“I’m a monster.”

He looks up at you, and both your broken eyes meet, “I don’t deserve you.” he says, “You should leave, because if you stay I’ll be selfish enough to try and convince you to take me back.” 

You let out a sob. Your heart still ached for the boy, even after everything he did. He is the only one who ever made you feel special, the only one who elicits sparks from you heart, and yet he was the only one who completely destroyed your world, the only one who could cause you so much grief. 

It was love, and it sucked.

You took a deep breath, preparing yourself for what you were about to say,

“Isaac, I…”

A/N: Read part 2 here

Thanks for reading x

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You know I wouldn't mind if Mofftiss or someone else did a show where Sherlock fights Jack The Ripper or Dracula or involves magic or heck even a crossover with another show. What you don't do is break the rules of your universe, do nonsensical u-turns on characters and completely change the theme after 3 seasons when you've already gathered your audience's trust. Season 4 was as much of a crime as involving the fantasy magic in the show.

I completely agree. I enjoy pastiches, crossovers and AUs, but, in order to be good stories, they have to respect the rules of their own universe. You can’t change them on a whim in order to “pull a rug” - you may fall on your face and break your nose when you do so. Umberto Eco always said that the reader would accept anything in a story if the author established the rules of that given universe and stayed faithful to them. That’s exactly what Mofftiss didn’t.

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i had a dream where i wAS tracer but like i was just in her body and i was trying to figure out how it happened but i gave up and started playing matchmaker and started setting up different characters on dates?? long story short ,, genji was to fight to the death with fareeha while hanzo/jesse watched (mccree said something about a free show during dinner) mercy was about to jump into the battle an probably say she loved em both + i woke up via alarm and i sat in a cold sweat for about an hour


Genji…Fareeha…please…Just…both of u ask out Mercy and things will be okay…OT3 u guys….

I love that tho. Matchmaker Tracer who isn’t…honastly, sounds like a good fic idea :P

The signs when they realise they're talking to a player
  • Aries: i want him to turn on his location so we can fight PHYSICAL
  • Taurus: @god why do u keep doing this to me
  • Gemini: *turns off their phone and stares into the distance* not again
  • Cancer: he was ugly anyways
  • Leo: lol he dont even have a top lip tho... Bye
  • Virgo: *wipes every trace of them ever from their phone* good riddance
  • Libra: gross *screenshots to show friends later*
  • Scorpio: i fucking KNEW it what a shady ass.....
  • Sagittarius: i cant wait to drag his ass publicly
  • Capricorn: i didnt like him anyways
  • Aquarius: why do boys choose this path ? Why do they end up like this...
  • Pisces: oh God. I never thought i'd see one in real life

a pained grunt passes his lips, as he’s thrown backwards. he thought he could handle fighting an akumatized villain on his own, hold it off until ladybug showed up to finish it, but she has yet to make an appearance, and chat noir is holding on by a thin string now. where IS she?! he thinks to himself, getting back on his feet and rushing towards the other with his staff spinning, only to be tossed right back into a wall. he takes this hit with an actual scream, lying on his back on the ground, limp. everything hurts and he’s so tired… yeah, he definitely needs ladybug. he is NOT cut out for this solo life.

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Im the last anon the one wit the 🙏🏽 post 😂 and I'll say this them comming for u for writing imagines when they have a fan account is wack 🤷🏽‍♀️ your a good writer! And I hope you run with it even if u write abt tom so what? A bunch do and a couple of hundreds people love it and I don't even think it weird if I'm being real we all have celebs crush we all show it in a different way I know my ass thinks abt tom before I go to sleep 😭

This is true, it’s like look at the pot calling the kettle black. If you really think about, we’re all crazy as hell because we’re over here fighting over/about people who probably wouldn’t give us the time of day if we walked past them😂 And that’s me being real with myself. That’s honestly one of the main reasons I wanted to stop writing and I can’t deal with all the bs. This is the first fandom I’ve been apart of and I don’t like it😂 Feelings get hurt to easily over an opinion like damn.

But I’m sticking by what I said before. I’m over it but if people keep coming in my inbox I’m gonna answer. 

And as far as the writing I’ll continue to write-cringy or not- until my personal deadline👀 which is very soon. 

you ever look at pictures of you and think “wow, that’s my body. I actually really like it, even with the things I think are little faults.” it’s still a constant fight to think positive about my body sometimes, but on the whole i am really really please by it.

I wanna fight anybody who says Grace was an important character. 

I wanna fight anybody who says PB won’t be the same without her even more. Like ?????? R U BLIND? She was in two (I’ll repeat TWO) episodes of season three and she was absolutely unimportant. Why do you need her? PB is absolutely fine without her. The whole show IS NOT about love. It is about family business. If you want to watch a bloody love story then watch something else. 

Season 3 was so good. It was dark and brutal. Basically it was as it is supposed to be. I’ll repeat one again - IT IS NOT A LOVE STORY. 

Grace might have been important in season 1. She was not important in season 2 and she was absolutely unimportant in the last one. 

no offense but orphaning ur fonking child out of basically just pride? isnt good parenting! i like jackas a character but he knows he gonna die if he doesnt throw the fight and he still does it! knowing matt’s gonna b orphaned!! like he’s not just abandoning him,, hes teaching him  a rly bad message? like doing smth reckless and dangerous like that is noble! and if u think about that, that’s so sad? because u can see how much that’s affected matt….