this is a good show i will fight u


Take it, take it, take it! Mark is ready to stab you with some fresh sharp rap

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aaahh you're making me want to watch black sails. what's it about?

forget what you saw. run. run while you still can.

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I was on your side. I was like "it's obviously a cup". But at the end, you said you have some sort of weird cup/bowl hybrid, and idk wtf that's about, but it's a cup.

love is compromise.

i had been giving her shit for 12 hours. like the least i can do was be like ok bb its some sort of weird hybrid, lets go watch jurassic park i’ll brew cafecito and pour it in the bowl.

(its totally a cup. if i died tomorrow, showed up to hell, and satan himself told me it was a bowl i’d fight him too. esp him. who the fuck is satan to tell me what human things are. like ur the overlord of hell - not kitchens. what suddenly u are the master of all kitchenware? suddenly u cook satan? bc fried human doesn’t count. u have fire everywhere. that shit is a 1-2 easy bake oven easy breezy beautiful covergirl meal. like do u actually cook. do u even eat. does satan even consume nutrients to maintain his corporeal form? u know what. no fuck this. i take this all back. cuban coffee was 100% made by the devil. nothing that potent is made by anything good or pure. i take that back. ok. ok. rewind. ok so! if i died tomorrow, showed up to hell, and satan himself told me it was a bowl - i’d still fucking fight him because that shit is a cup)

so anyway like i was saying, love is a compromise and

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Should I watch Steven universe?

!! well really it depends on what kind of shows u like? If u want like a feel-good show with a well developed plot, diverse cast, and swell tunage, then yes! I recommend steven universe! it manages to be light while still teaching some very good lessons, and the few fights scenes they do have are great! Animation is aweSOME too so i definitely recommend it! 

I will fight anyone who disrespect Italy’s song or winning. It’s something not to like a song - and it’s totally normal. BUT, if you disrespect Occidentali’s Karma saying:
- stupid lyrics (which is Italian)
- stupid gorilla (like, do you EVEN know what it represents? yes, Y O U.)
- Francesco’s voice (is this even a reason to not like a song?)
I will literally fight you. It’s not about funny dancing or a gorilla, you moron. It’s about every stupid thing you like and fantasize about popular culture.

For God’s sake, just read the lyrics and translation in whatever language you know.

Occidentali’s Karma is too good for a politically corrupt show like Eurovision. It will go up there, and perform, and win. It’s the best Eurovision song ever and nothing can and will convince me otherwise.

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do you have any hance headcanons ?

[cracks knuckles] BOY DO I 

  • hunk and lance didnt meet until the third grade and when they did lance automatically went that one and clung ever sense 
  • prior to contrary belief, it was hunk that was always dragging them into trouble as kids. not that lance wasn’t a little troublemaker at heart, but hunk was waaaaay less scared of his two moms than lance was of his one
  • lance was always highkey jealous that hunk got two moms. “It means twice the kisses, man!” 
  • needless to say, lance always got “welcome home” kisses when he visited hunks 
  • “lance, i like iron man” “but dude its not as cute if we’re not matching” “…fine”
  • speaking of high school……………….. thats when they shared their first kiss
  • lance claims he was very smooth about it but if hunk remembers correctly, lance was shaking more than he was. and thats saying something. 
  • it started out as very innocent sleepover which quickly turned into “what do you mean you haven’t kissed anyone, hunk?” and “shut up, lance, neither have you.”
  • “should we……….just do it to get it over with?” hunk nodded so fast he made himself a little dizzy
  • afterwards there was lots of “that was nice” and “your lips are soft talk”
  • neither of them really spoke about it but there was kind of a mutual agreement that they both liked it. like,,,,,,,, alot. 
  • needless to say they started doing it a lot more and it resulted in the ending of further sleepovers
  • and shut doors(thanks to lance’s mama)
  • they’re actually not all that positive when they got together. lance claims he knows, but hunk is pretty sure the day changes every year . 
  • “last year you said it was on the 8th.” “nope, nope im pretty sure i told you it was the 12th.”
  • despite being together all these years lance still blushes all the way to his toes when hunk sings to him 
  • hunk has a bit more control over his reactions but is visibly at ease when lance plays with his hair 
  • they dont fight much but when they do they resolve it pretty quickly as neither of them has much practice being mad at each other 
  • hunk always supports lance’s terrible comebacks 
  • pide: lance u literally smell like a wet dog go shower, lance: well u LOOK like a shower pidge, hunk while sighing: good one babe, you really showed her
  • because of hunks continued support of the years the insults get worse and hunk l o v e s it
Dating Ivar would include:

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- you hating each other since you were kids

- but not really because you just want to piss each other off

- you growing up being close friends with his brothers

- him being upset because he wants to be normal like them, you reassuring him there’s nothing wrong with him

“I just want to feel… normal”

“being normal is overrated, Ivar”

- spending the nights laying on the ground watching the stars and listening to him talk about his feelings

- you comforting him when he talks about his father

- being amazed because you can understand him

- him not admitting that he has feelings for you, fearing that you won’t love him back

- acting all tough around his brothers

- but when you are around he is all sweet

- eventually you find out he likes you so you tease him about it

- “so you love me, huh?”

- him blushing so hard you find it cute

“are you blushing, seriously?”

“you wished”

“you know, red looks good on you”

“shut u-“

- you kissing him to show that you feel the same

- since that kissed you spend a lot of time together

- Aslaug seeing you as a daughter

- everyone loving you both because you look too cute together

- but also not wanting to be around you when you two fight

- it’s like the freaking apocalypse

- “stop bossing me around!”

“I just want to keep you safe!”

“Ivar, I DON’T need your protection!”

- but of course with fights comes the reconciliation (if you know what I mean)

- lots of touching

- you moaning his name and he loving it

- being worried he can’t satisfy you properly

- “Ivar, there is more than one way to pleasure a woman”

- he wants to kiss all your body

- LOTS of oral

-  you loving his hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- people being afraid of him when he is angry

- you being the only one able to calm him down

- getting jealous when you talk to other boys

- you teasing him about it

“I’m yours, you know that”

- you sitting on his lap

- whispering filthy things in your ear and you loving it

- after having sex you spend the rest of the day/night talking about the future

- him wanting to marry you and have a lot of kids

“we’ll talk about that”

- basically you being the luckiest bitch ever 

something I really love about xenoverse 2

when you fight Frieza on namek and Cooler shows up, he doesn’t SAY ANYTHING.

Like, Frieza’s freakin out like ‘omg cooler is that u?’ and DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING- all he does is smile menacingly and point at Goku

And Frieza just gets it?

they must have had some form of a good relationship prior to this, as all it takes is Cooler to point at someone and Frieza’s like ‘oh, ok I get it. you’re on my side’

idk this is just so funny to me

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what's your opinion on supercorp??

things that are dope:

  • ppl headcanoning lena as a lesbian
  • katie mcgrath validating supercorp shippers
  • the quality content the shippers put out – gifsets, fics, etc
  • the notion that a show could have two wlw, and a bisexual main character who is also an iconic character
  • melissa and katie have wicked chemistry and would do that storyline justice

things that are not dope

  • negating and undermining an already existing wlw couple on the show 
  • ppl fighting over which is better (the answer is theyre both amazing bc theyre both wlw ships)
  • ppl ot3ing james/lena/kara bc they cant choose between karolsen and supercorp (lena and james would NOT BE A GOOD PARTNERSHIP THEY WOULD NEVER ENTER A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER)
  • people calling it karlena (i’ll fuckin fight u i’ve already had this hashtag discourse)

like, im a supercorp fan, but sanvers is my otp of this show and fans need to chill the fuck out

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what the hell i love you even more aaaa u like voltron.... aaaaaa

I do! it’s an amazing show!

There’s so much to love!

-great story line

-it’s hilarious

-character development (except for Lance my poor boy)

-good animation/I love the fight scenes


-diverse cast (out of the seven main characters, there are only two main characters who are white)

-Allura -a woman of color, leading and commanding ships! She’s a badass princess!

-Lance is latino (aaaa! as a Latina myself, I’m thrilled to see nice representation without the usual stereotypes)

-space dad Shiro

-Hunk is a huge cinnamon roll and will bake some for you, too

-DID I MENTION PIDGE?? I love her so much! A technical genius/ super huge nerd for tech stuff and she’s also the first female to pilot the green lion.  

-Keith is gay as fuck

((If i had calculate this right, it should be 2.15am of 15 April at your place by now. If not, well… i can’t math lmao))

Happy Birthday, @sunfloweranimator !!! I wish for your good health and happiness. May your day be jolly and filled with killugon floof huehue. I want you to know that you are nice, kind, understanding, awesome, you are an amazing friend and i am blessed to have met and known you! \(TvT No, if u disagree i will fight you Kloe, lol.

Gift is inspired from those ‘ai-ai gasa’ that always shows up in hunterpedia (>w<

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(Ok this isn't exactly fluffy, but) A thought: Anne teaching Max how to fight with a sword.

THIS IS SUCH A GOOD THOUGHT OM G and oh my godd thank u for actually sending in medicinal fluff like. that was the most draining four hours i’ve experienced in ages i am Depleted and this is Healing me

because like now im thinking about how gently anne would adjust max’s grip, her stance, how softly she’d murmur “i’ll show you” – and then how fiercely she’d move once her blade’s in hand, even though it’s just practice, she can’t help but strike like she’s prepared to clean blood off the blade afterwards. and max would marvel, at all of her, this patience and care other people would swear she doesn’t have in her, and that glimmer of the raw, brutal, deadly skill she’s so infamous for. and she would love anne for it, for all of it, and she’d kiss her, and anne would drop her sword and take max’s face in both her hands.

“hope you’re not planning on trying that in a battle,” anne would say. “he’d run you through.” 

“perhaps,” max would purr. “but perhaps if I could distract him long enough, my pirate would see, and kill him out of jealousy.” 

“might work,” anne would smile back. “but i should teach you how to do it yourself, just in case i’m not there.”

and then they’d train some more and kiss some more and live happily ever after THE END 

So since Switched at Birth’s finale and all of the episodes being up on Netflix, I’ve started watching from the beginning (also I missed some of season one the first time around) and hey! Switched at Birth is great! Considering I know one other person who watches it, I thought I would do a rec post.

Switched at Birth (YES, THE TITLE IS AWFUL. IT’S A COUGAR TOWN SITUATION) is a five season show that aired on ABC Family/Freeform, about CAN YOU GUESS WHAT. Two teen girls from Kansas City, working class Daphne Vasquez, raised by a single Latina mom, and Bay Kennish, daughter of super rich and white parents, discover at age 16 they were switched at birth. Their families decide to live together in Bay’s giant fancy house so they can all get to know each other. What follows is a show less about the switch, and more about a bunch of well-meaning human beings just trying to do their best. 

  • I’d never rec a show based purely on “It has representation of x and x and x” because that tells you nothing about the actual quality of a show. That said, Switched at Birth is defined by how it is about Deaf culture. Daphne is Deaf, and as a result there’s a big cast of Deaf and Hard of Hearing supporting characters largely centered around Daphne’s high school, where Bay also ends up attending. 
  • All these characters are played by Deaf/HoH actors, including MARLEE MATLIN. Many scenes take place in ASL with subtitles, there is an all-ASL episode early in S2. The show has a great deal of consideration and respect for the culture it’s depicting, and after a few early missteps kind of gets right down in it re: examining this culture from it’s own perspective and ableism and audism being bullshit. 
  • Bay and Daphne are THE BEST and their relationship with each other is ALL-TIME. Bay starts out as a spoiled brat, and becomes this amazing, selfless, loyal person who is still kind of awkward, Daphne begins a little too “perfect differently abled person!” but that gets broken down and her character becomes firey and ambitious and prone to big plans and equally big mistakes in a way I can only describe as Classic Gryffindor. They go from Reluctant Roommates who Dislike Each Other to Friends, Kind Of to Sisters to Best Friends and Soulmates and I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! So much time is devoted to their personal passions and dreams and ambitions.
  • In general, there is some amazing, sloooow-build character work going on on this show that’s as good as anything I’ve seen on prestige TV. People come to like and understand each other, then backslide, then fight, then make up like mature human beings, and stumble their way towards understanding. It makes where they all end up so rewarding and earned. Every relationship is specific and lived-in and unique. 
  • The parents are all great, fully-formed characters in their own right. Equal weight is given to their stories and arcs as their kids’.
  • Do u like to ship good het? Can I interest you in the star-crossed love of Bay, and Daphne’s childhood best friend Emmett, otherwise known as “Deaf James Dean”? Riding around on a motorcycle doing illegal street art and learning to navigate their language barrier? 

And I mean, it’s not perfect and subject to the over-earnestness and faults of it’s early 2010s ABC Family origins, and man are there some arcs that are just duds, but it’s absolutely worth checking out. Please come love the Kennish-Vasquez family with me. They won a Peabody Award!!!

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How did u know about undertale? I mean the first time ? Who told u about it ? ( I feel like this has been asked… sorry…)

My dear friend. :> I remember him telling me about Asriel for the first time, and he showed me bits of the boss scene where you have to fight to earn a true ending (at first my impression was like WOW WEIRD GRAPHICS!! SO CLASSIC??? IS THAT HEART? SOUL?? SO CONFUSING! ), and that’s how I ended up playing it. 

Good memories, huh. ;) 

when watching buffy i like to imagine the monks creating dawn and like researching what boy bands and tv shows were hot, buying endless tiger beats and posting them all over the monastery for information, fighting over whether dawn should be a fan of the backstreet boys or nsync, and like coming up with cute stories from her childhood to paste in for authenticity and someone will come up with a really good one and theyll all go “aww!!” and continue to glue pictures of justin timberlake on a vision board for information or read through the sunnydale middle school yearbooks to pick out dawn’s best friends (“i like this girl!! she looks nice.” “jesus gustavo do u want the key to be a huge megageek? she should be friends with chelsea b., she’s the HEAD CHEERLEADER”)

i assume that the Official Buffy Writers did not intend for this to be my main takeaway from the key storyline, but tbh it is

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Mtl outgoing Venus signs? :)Also I hope you feel better, have a great day sweetheart💞😘

Ahhh so much kindness going on here that makes me so happy!! 

(please remember that this is only my opinion and the whole thing can change up regarding houses and aspects~)

1. Aries - since they usually don’t hold back and can get a little impatient which would only make them more outgoing to get what they want

2. Leo - because they are kind of always stuck in the “Honeymoon” phase of a relationship, they need attention and a lot of showering with love making them not holding themselves back with getting that from their s/o

3. Scorpio - once they do open up and fall in love they’re DOWN THAT DEEP HOLE FOREVER, like an “all or nothing” energy

4.  Libra - not necessarily outgoing but very impressive when it comes to their charms!! They can and will make you red as heck

5. Gemini - I feel like geminis can be extremely flirty as well, ruled by Mercury and down for making you feel great they will use their eloquence to make you weak in the knees 

6. Taurus - may come off as possessive therefore very ready to fight for u 

7. Sagittarius - they really do respect independence which could make them not that outgoing but more playful, do you know what I’m trying to say??? I hope that I’m making any sense…

8.  Cancer - more sensual and caring, I don’t think they would show that in a very outgoing way but with small very loving gestures  

9.Pisces - I think they would rather be daydreaming about their s/o than actually trying to seduce them in real life… though still they are very good at both, seducing and being the seduced one!!

10. Aquarius - they’re just not. They would be lovable outgoing dorks in front of their love but for example keep jealousy and romantic things to themselves since it’s hard for them to let it through 

11. Virgo - so. cute. but not outgoing at all. They are known for being the one that gives attention to details and would make small gestures that make you fall in love with the little things I tell ya

12. Capricorn - They will shower you with their love by giving you emotional security and make you feel great by only looking at you - but they will not beg for attention whatsoever at. all!! They are so humble and for example show their love by covering you with the blanket that fell off the bed at night and make your favorite food and aah 

I swear I have a weakness for all of you 

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