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You walk in the common room and are surprised seeing no one there. Usually your teammates will have breakfast together. While you’re wondering, a voice behind you gives you the second surprise this morning. You turn around and see Bucky. “Morning, doll.” he says and tilts he’s head like a curious kid “So… Breakfast?”    

cuddling a sleepy michael - imagine

imagine cuddling with a sleepy michael. like you would be on his lap and he’d be lazily playing with your fingers while you quietly rambled about your day. every once in a while you’d kiss his neck or jawline and say that he needed to go up to bed but he was content right there with you. you’d murmur about your day until he finally fell asleep, soft snores coming from him. you would try to untangle yourself from him so he could properly sleep but he’d pull you back and akdkssj my heart

The Good Parent  - Part Seven

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 1680

Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Warnings: Smut, NSFW

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. You can easily skip this chapter if you don’t like smut or just read til the smut starts. You will notice when it does.


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ok hear me out..... voltron hercules au......

listen…..hercules is my favorite movie and i am way ahead of you……

ok so, i have a few versions of this?

  • constants: sendak as hades bc i can’t imagine zarkon idk why, varkon and morvok as pain and panic
    • zarkon and haggar can be titans….prorok can be prometheus (EDIT NOT PROMETHEUS, POLYPHEMUS, I’M A FRAUD)
  • klance version 1: lance as hercules, keith as meg, coran as phil, blue as pegasus, shiro as achilles?, alfor as zeus i guess
    • pros: lance would be a fucking adorable hercules?? i won’t say i’m in love is an EXCELLENT keith song. pegasus is blue. coran singing one last shot. keith working for hades being a good equivalent for the galra thing.
    • cons: keith trying to be flirty lmao.
  • klance version 2: keith as hercules, lance as meg, shiro as phil, red as pegasus, thace as zeus i’m sort of in denial
    • pros: keith would be the awkward hercules, and the whole “who are my parents” thing fits. lance fits meg rly well with the mocking hercules and the flirting and the eventual self-sacrifice. hunk, pidge, and coran as the muses. shiro as a half-goat man who hits on everyone.
    • cons: shiro as a half-goat man who hits on everyone.
      • this can be changed in a hypothetical fic.
    • wait now that i’m writing it out  this one isn’t as off-balance as i thought. i guess this is the Dominant Klance Version?
    • i’m still keeping the other one tho
  • shallura version: allura as hercules, shiro as meg (PLOT TWIST), coran as phil again, black as pegasus, alfor as zeus, paladins + matt as the muses.
    • ok i’ll be honest this one is kind of nonsense, but i like it. don’t @ me.

i thought i had more versions of this but jk! that’s bc i’m getting it mixed up w my les mis aus thank you for asking friend!!

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Would you be willing to share your French toast recipe????

I’ve gotten a couple of people asking for this, and I feel a bit silly posting it, because I feel like it will be a Disappointment but, here we go:

Mix these things in a bowl first:
1/8 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp Cinammon
¼ tsp sugar
1/8 tsp Cloves
¼ tsp allspice
A dash of ginger, if that’s yr thing (I waffle abt this)

All of these measurements are inexact, because I change them up, and my allspice only shakes out, so that’s a guess. I debate sometimes using a like… hot spicy or more full bodied spice (pepper, cumin) but at this point I haven’t because I’m just trying to have a good time here.

After those are mixed in, use a shot glass and put in:

2/3rd shot glass of Actual Maple Syrup
½ shot glass Amaretto
½ shot glass Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
Full shot glass coffee
½ tsp vanilla extract

I’m debating using other forms of alcohol here, like maybe a bourbon, or even a spiced rum. Use yr judgment, ya know? But once again, these are v. general and eyeballed measurements.

Mix those until they are like evenly mixed. This is important, because if you put in the eggs before you mix enough, the mixture doesn’t come out even, and is clumpy. Break 3 eggs and whisk them in the mix. You want it to be liquid, not a paste, so basically use whatever coffee you have to thin it until it’s the sort of consistency of milk I guess.

I cut up a loaf of cinnamon bread (I like cinnamon!) that has a spongey kinda feel to it. You can use ‘normal’/sandwhich bread tho; I just have always liked sweet bread french toast (like challah) and other egg breads for this purpose. I cut it into ½ inch to ¾ pieces, and then put it in the mix; I press the bread so that the mixture permeates into the bread a little bit, but like… softly, ya know? Don’t crush yr bread, it’s all a balance.

I then cook it on medium high heat on an oiled pan on the stove. I microwave some of the maple syrup (like 25 seconds here or else it’s a mess) to eat w it, and cook it on each side; enough to be cooked but like not burnt. I lean towards overcooked than undercooked tho, because 1) eggs and II) texture.

Then yr done! Hope that this is helpful for anyone who wants to make french toast w an unreasonable amount of ingredients.

Bound Pt 2 - Sirius Black

warning: abusive behavior, implied murder

Remus walked through the woods, a cigarette between his lips and a camera in his hand. He had been looking for a relatively empty area to get some good nature shots for his photography final and remembered Sirius mentioning his family taking him to these mountains during break. Deciding it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, he set off earlier that morning. It was nearly noon now, and the sun was coming through the trees ahead just right. Lifting the camera quickly, he captured the scene. As he scanned through the multiple shots, something caught his eye.

“Is that Sirius?” He whispered to himself, squinting at the leather jacket clad man in the background of his picture. Lowering the camera, he started walking towards where he had seen his friend. “Hey Sirius!”

“Shit,” Sirius cursed, shoving something into the bushes and jogging to meet Remus halfway. “What’re you doing up here?”

“Came to get some shots for my final, you were right this place is beautiful, I’m not interrupting a secret date with Severus am I?” Remus teased, elbowing Sirius in the side lightly as he glanced in the direction of the bushes. 

“Oh har har,” Sirius rolled his eyes, following Remus’ gaze. “Just a piece I’m working on is all.”

“Remus!” A woman’s voice shrieked from the bushes, Sirius instantly going rigged. Remus looked to Sirius, his blood going cold.

“Sirius is that Y/N?” He asked hesitantly. Sirius closed his eyes, exhaling deeply as he nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what Moons? ‘Y/N isn’t missing or dead, I took her and I’ve been keeping her locked up in my parents cabin? Oh by the way, how’s the weather?’ Don’t quite think that was an option!” Sirius snapped, running a hand through his hair as he began to lead Remus to Y/N.

Remus followed behind him quietly for a few seconds, processing what he had heard. As they approached the bushes you felt a small rush of happiness, this was Remus. He could talk Sirius into letting you go. You were finally going to be free!

“You know I love helping, just because it’s Y/N doesn’t change anything,” Remus snickered, looking down at you with an almost murderous look in his eyes. “They’re usually gone after a few weeks, why haven’t you killed her yet?”

“I have my reasons.”

You sat against the wall once more, the binds were back on your wrists. You watched the two men with fear, following their every movement with your eyes. They were talking on the far side of the room, laughing quietly and paying very little attention to you. You closed your eyes, trying to imagine yourself anywhere but here. 

“What do you say about a little trip down to the lake Y/N? Maybe James and Lily will want to join us too,” Sirius asked you, a smirk on his lips. You couldn’t help the shiver that went down your spine.

“We have to get this over eventually princess, might as well have some fun with it,” Remus spoke up, playing with the blade of his knife. Sirius snickered, shaking his head. “It’s a shame you had to be nosy, we were all such good friends.”

“Why don’t you join us instead, it’s that or die really,” Sirius suggested, looking to Remus to see if he agreed.

“What do you mean?” You replied shakily, not fully understanding what he meant.

“Join us, like Lily,” Remus elaborated. “She found out about James and decided she could deal with it, she picks all of his victims out now.”

You nearly vomited at the thought. You took a few seconds to yourself, weighing your options. Become a murderer, or be murdered yourself.

“So what’ll it be Y/N?”

That’s it guys, what happens next is completely up to you. I’m sorry for the wait and how short it is. -Kayleigh

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This is hands down the best thing I received! I accept this as truth and I will fight anyone for it!!!!


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”