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an incomplete list of mcu iron man Traditions that are deeply under-appreciated:

  1. no matter how the story tries to trick you in the beginning, the villain is actually an entitled greedy rich white man
  2. pepper is always the one to take him out

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What if Lance had to get stabbed in order to get a good shot in a fight? (Like let's himself get stabbed in order to shoot something)

Oh god yes I’m definitely up for this Good Shit 👌
There was no other way. The Robeast was moving too fast for the others to keep up. He couldn’t let them get hurt. Blue growled in agreement.
He led the creature away from his struggling teammates, turning off his comm link so they didn’t have to hear. He looked through the eyes of Blue, concentrating, come on, closer, closer, charging up the ice canon…
The sickly purple sword drove through their gut, the flesh body of theirs taking damage and spitting out blood so that they could finish the job. They fired, freezing not only the Robeast but themselves in the process, vaguely registering the screams through the Paladin bonds as the ice froze the circuitry in the monster and forcing it to explode from ice piercing the inner machinery.
They blacked out after that.


Annie, Cinderella and Tiana for @raisinbranagh! I’ve never seen the Iron Giant so I couldn’t really find a good shot of Annie so I just chose one where she’d conveniently cover Tia’s awkward foot X,D I like to think that they all have shifts in different restaurants. Cindy works the regular day shift and is only just waking up after a good nights sleep, Tiana worked the night shift and has only just got home (she didn’t want to move Cindy so she just passed out on top of the bed), and Annie has the day off and is just checking on her sleepy girlfriends <3

April 23 run - 5.7 miles. Got a little hung up around mile 2 of this one because of the Revolutionary War reenactment going on in the center of town. The minutemen and red coats were shooting muskets (presumably blanks) at each other when I was going past. Apparently, they weren’t very good shots, as no one was pretending to get hit. As for the run, pace was zippy, which is nice. I kept trying to slow down - I think I have a tendency to run faster than my conditioning, if that makes sense. Sun is finally out, so this was a good way to wrap up the week. Thinking about some gym time in a little bit.

Alright I guess I give up on keeping the leak a spoiler.

Is anyone out there still avoiding it?  Because, like, [shrug emoji] good luck, it’s already mostly untagged.  I can give it a shot but there’s SO MUCH GOOD FANART I’M MISSING

Honey, I'm good. (Markson one-shot)

Genre: Fluff, cute and romance.
Word count: 1.1

Jackson enters the shared apartment between himself and Mark and finds Mark lying lazily on the couch, legs sprawled on it. Jackson takes off his shoes and mutters a hello but doesn’t get a reply. He walks over to the couch and picks Mark’s legs up and sits down and settles them down on his lap. The blonde male focuses his eyes on the bulky male and gives him a poker face.

“Hi, Markipooh!” Mark blushes after hearing Jackson use the cheesy nickname that he came up with and looks away.

“Hey Wang,” He mumbles back. “Wang?” Jackson’s brow shoots up. Can’t he use a cuter nickname for me instead of calling me by my last name? Jackson frowns.


“Why aren’t you looking at me?” Jackson asks the obvious when he notices Mark usually staring at the commercial on the TV screen.

“I’m allowed to address you as I wish,” Mark replies snappishly and rolls his eyes, “Do I have to look at you whenever we talk?” 

Jackson scratches the back of his head with a sheepish smile and says, “Not really although I thought we were on the first name basis. I guess not.” He leans back on the couch with a sigh. “So what did you all day?” he asks instead. 

“I am angry at you cuz you were out with Amber all day, I’ve been sat here all day watching TV.” Mark, can’t help but fills in the silence and Jackson looks down with guilt. “Oh, sorry about that. Eric bailed on her so I had to go with her,” Jackson explains but Mark is already getting up.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Jackson asks just in time and grabs Mark’s wrist, preventing the blonde from moving. “Sit back down.”

Mark blushes red and tries shrugging his hand off, “No, Jackson let go.”

“What’s up with you?” the dark haired male furrows his brows, “you seem off…” sends Mark a worried look.

“Just let go!” Mark jerks Jackson’s hands away and shouts, “Don’t you understand when a person wants to be alone? Sheesh!” Jackson flinches at the loud tone but says nothing. Mark rarely snaps so something must really be bothering him, he thinks. Mark glares at Jackson before running to his room and slamming the door shut after him.

“What the hell…?” 


An hour later, Jackson knocks on Mark’s door. Mark is inside slumping on his bed and regretting his actions when he hears Jackson’s soft voice come from outside. 

He gets off the bed and opens the door, peeking out slightly.

“Yus?” He is still avoiding eye contact, Jackson notices sadly.

“Dinner’s ready. I made your favourite.” he smiles.

Mark breaks out into an angelic smile after hearing him and swings the rest of the door open, almost hitting Jackson in the process but due to his quick reflexes, he dodges. 

“Oh no! Sorry!” Mark’s eyes widens and rushed to Jackson’s side within seconds. “I’m fine-!” Jackson assures Mark and smiles at him.

“Jackson, I’m sorry about earlier. You know I get mood swings especially when I’m hungry.” 

“It’s okay. Let’s go before it gets cold.” Jackson takes Mark’s hand and leads him toward the dinner table. The blonde excitedly pours his soup inside the rice bowl and digs in hungrily, making Jackson laugh. He also starts eating.

“What?” He asks but Jackson simply shakes his head. Mark continues eating with occasional hums and yums escaping his lips. 

“Jackson, I have something to say,” “Hey- wait!” Jackson interrupts Mark as he points to his cheek, “You got a bit of rice here,” he says as he leans over to lick it off Mark’s cheek before he even has the chance to react. Mark freezes in his spot as Jackson goes back to eating. His cheeks burn and he’s sure that he’s red as a tomato. 

“Jackson, what was that…?” Mark places his chopsticks on the table to glance at the male. “What was what?” Jackson looks up at Mark innocently.

“Don’t act innocent.” Mark’s voice harshens.

Jackson frowns, “What did I do?” Making Mark roll his eyes. He massages his temples in annoyance and jackson speaks up nonchalantly, “You just had that rice so I removed it off for you.” He shrugs. 

It’s Mark’s turn to frown, “You could’ve used your hands or just let me do it.” Mark diverts his gaze from Jackson to his food and sighs, “Jackson, its just that we’ve known each other since we were like babies.”

“And you do know its not normal for friends to … I dunno know … Lick rice off each others’ faces.”

Jackson chuckles in response, “Of course it is! We’re bestie remember!” He exclaims in a high pitched tone which is unusual for him. Jackson tries laughing it off. “My bad,” Jackson adds with a grin, shrugging.

Mark lets out another sigh, “Okay. Whatever you say Wangie Wang Wang.” He pinches his nose.

When they are done eating, Jackson stands up, piling up the empty bowls and brings them to the kitchen sink. Mark follows after him with the other dishes and puts them back in the fridge. Then he walks over the sink and stands next to Jackson. The younger male turns on the tap and starts washing the dishes. Like they’ve always done, Jackson washed the dishes and Mark dries them before placing them back in the cupboard.

Mark notices that Jackson in usually quiet and when they’re hands accidentally brush against each other, Jackson flinches. He’s acting weird, Mark thinks with a frown. The silence and his behaviour is making Mark restless. He wants Jackson to talk, to at least act like there’s nothing wrong but he doesn’t.

“Jackson,” Mark breathes, catching the dark haired male’s attention. Jackson hands him the last plate without even looking directly at him and hums in response.

“Do you think of me as …” Mark pauses, unable to complete himself, “Only as a friend…?” Jackson stills for a second, and slowly lifts his head to look at Mark.

“Why do you ask?” he croaks out. They are engulfed by a distressing silence, Mark’s heart hurts the longer Jackson stays silent as if stunned. The older male hates himself for blurting it out just like that. 

He doesn’t feel the same, Mark concludes in his head and shakes his head, muttering, “Never mind. That was weird of me, shouldn’t have said that.” Mark dries the plate and places it back in its spot before rushing out of the kitchen.

A little while later, Mark is sitting on the couch in his usual position and Jackson leaves his room to sit down next to him. It’s eleven and the both of them are waiting for their favourite show to come on. But honestly, Mark doesn’t care now. His body stiffens when he feels Jackson’s body lean lightly over him. 

An hour later, when the show is over and Mark has turned the TV off, the rooms falls silence before Mark hears his friend whisper, “But what if…” Mark freezes. His eyes go round and he swallows, slowly turning to look at Jackson who is staring at him without even blinking.

“What if what?”

“What if I don’t think of you only as my friend … what if … my heart … beats a little harder every time you smile at me.” Jackson can’t help but utter all this to Mark and he is aware of the colour rising to his cheeks. 

“What if … I like you? Then what Mark?”

“Then … I’ll have to say that, uh, I like you too, Jackson.” Jackson breaks out into a beautiful smile and Mark’s heart skips a beat. Jackson doesn’t give Mark a chance to react as he jumps on Mark with excitement and cups his cheeks, Mark’s eyes widen but he doesn’t complain as the younger male that he has had a crush on all his life locks his lips with his.


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”