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Memory Lane

A belated birthday gift for @destieldrabblesdaily! Have some Witch!Cas and accidental magic shenanigans :)

Sorry this didn’t get posted on your actual day of birth, life became VERY BUSY recently for some reason but HERE IT IS NOW.


“So, what does this do again?”

Dean frowned as he brushed his fingers along the dried-out tentacle from something that Castiel had hanging up along the wall in his work room, alongside several bundles of herbs and various other ingredients that Castiel used in his potions.

Castiel paused his chopping to glance over at his friend.

“It’s highly poisonous, and I would recommend not touching it.”

Dean made a small noise of surprise in the back of his throat and jerked his hand back.

“Jesus, really?”

“No, but please don’t touch it anyway. It’s very rare.”

Nonetheless, Dean rubbed his hand on the front of his jeans as he sat at the table across from Castiel, just in case.

“Not to rush you or anything, but are you about done?” Dean rested his chin in his hands as he watched Castiel begin scooping up the finely-chopped bits of fire beetle and gently poured them into a small vial. “I’ve been dying to try out that new burger place and I’m starving.”

“I have tea in the kitchen if you want something,” Castiel murmured, his concentration never wavering from his work.

“I said I’m hungry.” Dean flopped down into a pout, knowing how much it bugged Cas whenever he dropped his attitude to the age of a twelve-year-old. “You said we could go out to eat today, so here I am.”

Castiel let out a long sigh and wiped off his knife on a napkin.

“Yes. I did. I’m sorry.” He put a stopper in the vial and looked up, a pleading tension in his eyes. “Give me just a few more minutes to finish this. I didn’t realize I was going to have so many potion commissions this week, and I really need to get them completed.”

“Yeah, yeah, alright.” Dean stood up from the table and ruffled Castiel’s hair as he passed.

As much of a hard time as he gave his friend for being so busy now, Dean couldn’t help the swell of pride he felt whenever Castiel mentioned his small business. Trying to get it up and running had been an upward battle for the past two years and that was only after spending the seven years before that honing his craft and practising his magic. Dean had been there for every step of the way; he couldn’t be prouder of Castiel for finally succeeding.

Even if that meant they didn’t to get spend as much time together as Dean would like, anymore.

At least now Castiel didn’t have time to date anyone. Not that he had dated before his business began to boom.

And not that Dean cared.

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Okay but Consider This: Lance....... loving himself................... and actually feeling like he's good enough.... like he really does deserve to be part of this team...... Yiss

now this is a concept i can get behind,,
imagine: Lance being happy and secure in his role as a fundamental part of Voltron. He knows no one wants him gone and that he’s an exceptional asset to the team, besides being a delight to be around, also because all of his friends keep telling him in backhanded compliments and praises. “Nice shot,” Keith calls into the comms, and Lance can feel the smile in his words as the others whoop in agreement. He grins and pumps his fist in the air, dodging another ship coming his way only to turn back and bullseye it with an ice ray. In the castle hangar, Shiro pats his shoulder amicably and says “Good job out there, Lance” to which he replies with a snarky one liner on the gist of “I kinda missed the smell of galra’s kicked butts.” Everyone laughs genuinely, and Lance is still grinning as he takes a long, hot shower, humming some indistinguishable pop song to himself under the spray.

He still misses home, but the hollowness it leaves in his ribcage is filled with weird altean game nights and the feeling of belonging to a new mismatched family. They’re doing this together, for better or worse. And when they’ll have saved the universe and come back to earth, he’ll have cool scars and amazing stories to tell. Maybe he’ll write a book and they’ll get an apartment all together, maybe he’ll be able to tell his mom that he’s fallen for an unruly boy with a mullet and a heart of gold, that they want to get a dog and adopt children. He’ll bring alien stuff to his nephews only to see their eyes light up in awe, their little faces rapt in wonder as he recounts the tale of the salvation of humanity and everything beyond. He’ll tell them that he was there, with the bravest companions he could ever desire, and they fought back to back by the skin of their teeth against a tyrant with a will as strong as steel. He’ll tell them how he saw cities crumble and raise from the ashes, a testimony of just how strenuous is the instinct in all living beings to keep fighting for good. He’ll tell them, at last, how the light will always shine brighter in the darkness, and that there is always hope for a better future.

There are a lot of things that he didn’t know at first, and even more that he still doesn’t. The road is long, and bumpy, but he’s ready to learn, and see where it takes him.

That night, as he laughs at something Hunk said, Keith entwines their fingers under the table and squeezes gently. One thing, he definitely knows. Lance squeezes back, and knows that they’ll be okay.

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And after nearly a month’s worth of work, the longest Shovel Knight comic that I’ve done up to this date… is DONE.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along for this ride… and was patient with me while I worked on this instead of my actual webcomic. 

┃┃╱╲ In this 
┃╱╱╲╲ house 
╱╱╭╮╲╲ I love 
▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate 
My Friends
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Could you do 57. “Wait a second.. are you jealous?” Thank you so much =)

57. “Wait a second.. are you jealous?” 

She was clearly flirting with him. How could He not see it? 

Magnus watched from afar as the young mundane girl attempted to sweep the shadowhunter off his feet with her charm. Unfortunatley though for her, Magnus was about to sink his claws in her, or more accurately, suck face with his boyfriend in the middle of the bar, completely interrupting whatever conversation the two may have been having.

Magnus had lost track of time while kissing Alec, but it had at least been long enough for the mundane girl to have paid her tab and left the establishment.

“What was that for?” Alec asked, confused and out of breath.

“Can’t a man just make out with his boyfriend?” Magnus thought that would’ve been a convincing enough answer, but Alec noticed the girl was gone, and Magnus was scanning the room. Alec’s observational skills were highly tuned, no it wasn’t long till he’d figured it out.

“Wait a second.. are you jealous?” Magnus wasn’t one to blush, but there was a slight redness in his cheeks, causing Alec to smile. “Do my eyes decieve me? Is The High Warlock of Brooklyn jealous of a mundane girl?”

“Shut up and eat your burger”

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me: i’m going to wait until december when tlj comes out and tells us who finn and rey’s parents are because right now all we have is speculation

also me: if you look at the concept art before daisy and john were casted, rey looks exactly like carrie and always wears a han esque outfit. finn looks like your typical skywalker male hero and looks an awful lot like anakin. so you see-

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It seems you like it, and I like it too :) I send Howl's Moving Castle for the Fandom thing!

  • Favorite Male Character = CALCIFER (jk it’s Howl)
  • Least Favorite Character = Madam Sullivan. She’s a stone cold boss and I love it but she’s all too ok with helping with a war that endangers the people of her kingdom. Politicians, eh?
  • Favorite Ship = SOPHIE AND HOWL MY B O I 
  • Favorite Friendship = Tie between Sophie and Calcifer and Sophie and Markl. They’re both darling and dear friendships that deserve more attention.
  • Favorite Quote: Can anything Sophie says ever be a quote? She’s seriously so fuckin sassy and incredibly quotable. Fuckin. “So just find a field and stand in it?” Bruh. That little monologue she goes on about how good Howl is? B r u h. And Howl, when Sophie bangs into that belltower while they’re escaping and he just says “Wow, you’re good.” And don’t get me sTARTED on Calcifer. This movie’s writing is impeccable
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = NO ONE DIES at least in the ghibli version.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = Sophie being a boss ass bitch in charge in the last third of the movie tbh.
  • Saddest Moment = For some reason, the scene with Howl eating Calcifer and losing his heart as a child and Sophie watching it. It always makes me feel… empty. Is that weird? It’s weird. Sophie having that “dream” of talking to a nearly too far gone Howl tugs at me too.
  • Favorite Location = That fuckin… fairytale land that is Howl’s private study area. The flowers and the water and the fog and the cl o u d s breathtaking i die every time.
Voltron as shit my friends and I have said:

Shiro: “I wanna die, but also go outside.”

Hunk: “And I, someone who hates minions, am going to be there crying.”

Lance: “My dinner was popsicles and chocolate milk. Every four-year-old’s dream.”

Pidge: “I coded three AIs in four days, then yelled at my microwave for being inefficient and loud.”

Keith: “Do you guys think this alien sticker makes me look too desperate to be abducted?”