this is a good look for her

Sometimes you live your life and everything’s going good, then you remember that Lucretia was probably the one who gave the Tres Horny Boys the IPRE badges for Candlenights, who had been holding onto their IPRE badges probably since they originally parted ways, and kept it with her as a memento of lost friends; ultimately giving these badges back to them anonymously as to not show her ties, but still give them back what was rightfully theirs the instant she could, and watch them look upon those badges with no recognition, no idea of the bonds that they had together. Someone’s heart broke at that moment and rn im trying to figure out if it was Lucretia’s or mine

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Can we talk about this moment right here? Look how happy she is! Her eyes light up, her face is shining, she’s smiling with the realization that she finally has something good in her life and she’s so darn grateful for it! She- Betty Cooper - whose life sucked big-time - the boy she was crushing on broke her heart, her dad was acting crazy, her controlling mom is totally out of control, her sister who she loves more than anyone was confined to a home and is now pregnant, hurt and missing! Add to that her own battle with anxiety and the pressure of school. It’s hard enough for an adult, forget a teen! In all of this mess, it’s a miracle she can smile at all, let alone beam like the light of a million suns! And Jughead Jones, ladies and gentleman, is responsible for that look on her face!

She’s over the moon that she finally has someone she likes who likes her back! Someone that makes her feel protected, supported, wanted, loved. Someone who will always have her back, someone who’s her clarity and someone that puts her first! Don’t you think this sweet, kind, beautiful cupcake deserves that?

Don’t you think THIS tortured, troubled cinnamon bun deserves to smile like this all the time?

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Don’t you think these two adorable, precious puppies deserve to be happy above anything else?  

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How many baseball have been reported has sent? I'd love a progress report!

Hi there!! 

We had a little over 400 pledged, and we’ve had 285 tracked!! Which is QUITE exciting!!!!

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We want more of Maggie bottoming

She knows the look the moment Alex walks in the door.

The look that means that Alex wants her.

The look that means that Alex has been thinking about her – about her naked, about her panting, about her whining, about her on her knees, on her stomach, legs spread and lips swollen – all day.

She knows the look, and the look alone is enough to get her completely wrecked.

She tries to keep her cool, to play it smooth.

She tries.

And she utterly fails.

Because when she tries – “Alright there, Danvers? You seem – “ – Alex cuts across the room and, hesitating only long enough to read the eager consent in Maggie’s eyes, kisses her senseless.

And Maggie surrenders immediately.

Surrenders to being surrounded by her girlfriend. Surrenders to Alex’s tongue in her mouth, teeth on her throat, hands up her shirt.

“All good?” Alex growls, and Maggie moans, and Maggie swoons, and Alex reaches a strong arm around the small of her back to keep her up, to keep her flush against her body, as Maggie’s knees nearly give out.

“Bedroom?” she begs, and Alex complies, sweeping her up easily into her arms and kissing her hard, kissing her passionate, kissing her permanent, until she sets her down on the bed and steps back to survey her breathless body.

“Clothes off,” Alex commands, but the way she doesn’t touch her, the way her body doesn’t demand it, makes Maggie feel safe, makes Maggie feel like she can say no, like she can stop at any moment.

But god, god, god, she can’t imagine wanting to stop.

So she strips for Alex.

Strips completely and strips slowly, lifting her hips off the bed to pull down her jeans, her boy shorts, sitting up to unbutton her flannel, to unhook her bra, to take down her hair, keeping her eyes locked on Alex’s face the entire time.

“What do you need, Alex?” she asks, and Alex kneels at the foot of the bed.

“You.” Her voice is full of gravel and her voice is full of reverence and her voice is full of raw, raw need.

“Then take me,” Maggie whispers, and Alex? Alex does.

She takes her soft and she takes her hard. She takes her on her knees and she takes her on her back. She takes her screaming her name and she takes her whimpering in desperate ecstasy.

She kisses her way up and down and across her body, leaving no surface untouched by her lips, her tongue, and – when Maggie whimpers, tangles her fingers in her hair, and begs her please, please, please – her teeth.

She flips Maggie on top of her, holding Maggie’s hips and bending her own knee, planting her heel into the mattress, and encourages Maggie to ride her thigh, to leave her leg soaked with how desperate she is, to cum all over her body, to bottom for her while she’s on top of her, and god, she does, and she does hard and screaming for Alex and Alex reaches up and takes her nipples between her fingers because she knows how sensitive they get when Maggie cums and she screams louder and rides her harder and god, god, god, she’s still not done with her.

Because all that time grabbing Maggie by the hips, by the ass, pulling her down harder into her so she can get as much pressure from Alex’s thigh as she needed?

Now, Alex needs Maggie’s ass against her clit, and now, Alex asks with her eyes and Maggie pleads yes, yes, yes, so now, Alex flips her over onto her stomach, onto her knees, and gets Maggie’s ass soaked with her own wetness, because god, god, god, topping Maggie Sawyer, watching the muscles in her back ripple like that, watching her hands slam down in ecstasy and grab at the sheets like that, listening to her scream her name into the pillows like that, is the hottest thing Alex Danvers has ever experienced.

That is, until she rasps, “Be a good girl and touch yourself for me, Mags,” and Maggie gasps raggedly and Maggie obeys, bringing both of her hands underneath her body so she can slip her fingers inside herself, so she can pressure her clit with her palm as hard as she needs while Alex pounds her from behind, and that? That makes Alex cum all over her ass, makes Alex cum hard, cum ragged, cum undone, completely and utterly wrecked, and Maggie follows close behind.

“Ally,” she whispers, and Alex kisses her way up Maggie’s spine, smoothing her hair away from the base of her neck to kiss every part of her skin she can, covering Maggie’s trembling body gently with her own.

“All good, babe?” Alex makes sure, and Maggie sighs contentedly, her dimples peaking out from her mess of hair, of pillows.

“You’re amazing, Danvers,” she murmurs, voice thick with sex and sleep, and Alex kisses her temple tenderly.

“That’s you, Maggie. You.”

I saw this tiel at petsmart and I am praying they get a good home. They were so sweet. Waddled right on over to me to say hi, just a happy gentle bird by the looks of it. They’re also the color of tiel I’ve always dreamt about having. I just LOVE all gray tiels. Please whoever buys her take care of her I’m begging you

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I'll admit it, I'm a Cait fan. I'm also a fan of the chemistry she has with Sam and recognize that without that, there'd be no show. As you mentioned, Sam is much more visible on SM-whether it's Outlander or MPC. He does for free what Starz is paying people do and he's good at it for the most part. However, as a journalist, you should have balanced reporting. If I looked at her Twitter as a potential new fan, I'd assume Sam was the show. Sorry, that doesn't work for me.

Exactly. She is there to promote the show. She’s not working for the tourism board of South Africa or for MPC. While I applaud the attention of a charity, she is there for Outlander and it would be great if she could remember that.

More Than Enough

It seems like everyone has that one person in their life that they will do anything and everything to impress.

They will completely change who they are, how they act, what they do, if it means gaining that approval from that one person.

For Joe, that person was his dad.

Through his years of schooling, he studied hard, worked to keep up his good grades, maintained a good social life, because that was what Zoe had done, and their dad had looked at her with such pride. All Joe wanted was that look.

Yet nothing he did earned him that look.

And so, following school, he joined his uncle in thatching, working hard to improve the skill, thinking perhaps that maybe this is how his dad would approve of him.


Instead, Joe watched his sister blow up on the internet, and their dad beam with pride at all the amazing things she was accomplishing.

When the opportunity for him to follow in her footsteps became available to him, he decided why not? If Zoe had gotten the look of approval for it, maybe this was how Joe would get it.

Again, nothing.

Even as his following grew, and he was offered new opportunities for amazing projects, working with charities, and spreading awareness about important topics, his dad never gave him any approval.

There was nothing Joe could do in his life that his dad approved of, that his dad was proud of, that his dad liked.

And it was hurting Joe, because while he was getting praise from everyone else around him, the one person he so desperately wanted it from was keeping it just out of reach.

He started to lose the motivation to do projects, to think of original and creative content for his channels, to make good use of his following. What was the point if he wasn’t getting the love and support that he wanted?

When Joe started dating Jack, for one brief moment, he wondered if possibly this was something his dad would approve of, but he quickly shook that thought off, not wanting to use his relationship as a way of gaining love and approval. Not from his dad. He wanted to explore and discover his relationship with Jack.

It was the first thing in a while that had actually brought him joy.

Jack knew of Joe’s struggle, the older man had opened up to him nearly a year into their relationship, when he was going through one of his darker periods.

His boyfriend had been concerned, and gently let Joe know that he was here if he ever wanted to talk, wanting to see Joe smiling and happy once again.

That was what broke through his barrier, and he spilled everything to Jack, the words getting caught in his throat in between sobs, but he felt relieved when someone else knew. Someone who loved him. Someone who approved of him.

Following his confession, Joe began to notice a change.

He stopped looking for an approval from his dad. Not completely, at least, not right away. He would still catch himself wondering about if a certain project being offered to him would finally gain that approval, but he was getting better at ignoring those thoughts, focusing instead on the project itself, and what it could do for him and his followers.

Joe also began to focus less on the love his dad was not giving him, and the love he was getting from Jack.

The younger man had grown quite important to Joe, and he found himself thinking of Jack and the little things to make him smile or laugh, to make his day better. Because that was what Jack did for him.

From telling him a stupid joke to ordering in his favourite food for dinner, Jack always found a way to cheer Joe up, to make sure he always smiled and laughed at least once a day. And when he was stressed because of all the videos to edit and plan, the meetings to attend, and other various issues, Jack helped him step away from it all, relax and take a breath.

Those were the ways that he made Joe feel loved.

While they were sitting on the couch one day, Jack waving his hands in the air in front of him as he told his story, a large smile on his face, his blue eyes lit up with excitement, Joe couldn’t help but smile back, his heart warming at the sight before him.

It wasn’t like Jack was doing anything special, he was simply just being himself.

But it was enough.

So Joe reached over suddenly, dragging Jack’s face towards his own, cutting off the story as he kissed him.

When they pulled apart, Jack blinked over at him for a moment, “I love your kisses, you know that, but I was in the middle of a story…”

“I know.” Joe smiled.

“Then care to explain the sudden kiss?”

“Because I love you.”

“I love you too. Still not an explanation.”

“Your answer is.”


“Because you love me.” Joe laughed, pulling Jack back in for another kiss.

And that was enough, he realized. Jack’s love was more than enough for Joe.

Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry

alison fernandez is my new favourite child. she must have had a great teacher because I’ve never seen a kid so absolutely committed to never using the same word twice in their posts like look at her trying to avoid using beautiful again

like what a Good Egg!!!

(on the one hand I want to tell her that tantalising and alluring aren’t the most appropriate words to use here but on the other hand I want to give her an A+ for communication because her vocabulary is so. frickin. broad.)

I just… Alison’s excitement is palpable. I’m so happy for her!

Last Bulk and its a long one

~~mod~~ everything else concerning this topic will be kicked to the modblog. ill try to add to the comments today. i feel like i got ran over so i may not be on at all. sorry for slacking on you and for probably being a world class asshole today. please keep it medium.

Anon: What kind of woman ALLOWS “her boyfriend” to make her hideout so she’s not seen with him? What kind of man DOES that? Be happy for them all you want. I think they look and act like morons. As “adorable ” as people think he is , he seems lately like a total douchebag. Good thing all the fucking booze he consumes gives him the balls to “allow” her be photographed with him. And how fucking desperate does one have to be to let themselves be treated like that? Typical Hollywood. I give this a week.

Anon:Okay, NOW do you think he will make an announcement on Jimmy Fallon about DK? Or that Jimmy will mention it? ~~mod~~  dont know dont care. as long as we get some couch action im good.

Anon:No new stories talk about the trip to italy right before dk dumped pacey. They dont talk about how long nr knew pacey before sky. Wonder how much that cost

Anon:I’m so sad mod….. 😢 Twd’s cast are finally coming to my country and i thinks that is very hard for they bring Norman because he is very expensive…. I mean, Norman is so rich, why he charge that much??! 😢😢 (Sorry for the english) ~~mod~~ aww maybe its not the money but more if he has time. where are they coming? you english is awesome

ahauntedfool: My two cents. I feel badly for disappointed fans who have invested so much time, energy, and possibly even money, on their beloved celebrity, only to see him acting in a way they do not agree with. That must be very hard for them. Maybe I can offer some hope and positivity?I believe no two relationships are alike, and none are black and white. Who really knows everything about their relationship besides them? But it does seem like they are together, and if that is the case I hope they make each other happy. I truly mean that. Love is not something we can plan for, but life is short and happiness is everything. I am still a fan of N, I enjoy many of his films and photographs, his charisma is pleasing, he makes me laugh and he makes me smile. There are some things I don’t like about him, but that’s how it is with people. We are all complex and flawed individuals, and in our imperfections there is beauty. I don’t know much about D yet, but I think I’ll check out her work, watch a few of her films and read some interviews. Maybe I’ll learn something about her that inspires me in some way. With that being said, I think they are an attractive couple, and I love seeing him smile like that. They appear happy in those photos and I hope they are. Maybe this relationship will be good for both of them. Oftentimes we learn from our partners how to be better people.

Anon: Wait for the other shoe to drop on fallon, the baby shoe, lol. He has an extra 0 on his paycheck now, so dk can stay in ny and give up her career while nk goes to ga and cons to keep her in designer duds and pap shots shopping and fashion shows. She can laugh with jdms wife about ppl who pay $$$$ to wait in line for a pic, and we get crappy cgi on twd ~~mod~~ come on the deer really wasnt that bad, if you squint it almost looked real

awesomebrokenheartuniverse: What the fucking fuck??? This is beyond baffling.  The public make out session.  Even as a teenager I didn’t make out on the street for 30 min.  They clearly wanted to be seen.  Have we been fooled by NR with some fake persona all these years?  Has he drastically changed due to DKs influence?  Is he whipped?  Is he tired of keeping it a secret and overjoyed to let it all hang out?  Does she have dirt on him and forcing this on him (sounds crazy but ya never know)? Is this a juvenile shit show for publicity to benefit both of them?  So many questions!  Maybe it’s not our business but when they flaunt themselves like this they are kinda asking for it.  This is like reality show in your face over the top attention whoring.  I feel embarrassed for them.  At least she is age appropriate. I don’t know a lot about DK, but the opinions here are largely unfavorable.  JJ seems like a decent guy.  Why would he stick with her 10 yrs if she’s such bad news?   I keep remembering a quote from AL where he said something like “the longer I know N, the more he is an enigma.”  NR seems totally all over the place to me right now.      

Anon: There’s a video of them kissing now. ~~mod~~ ok

Anon: Hey mod! Sorry to keep adding to this but I’m SO aggravated. Now she’s acting like CS posting pics from his apartment. An her fans are saying to stop bringing up Norman an respect her privacy to people. She doesn’t want privacy! Hence the photo! An the photos taken of them on the street the other night for a hour. If I’m w/ my bf I dont stop and post on SM things from his house. She wants everyone to know she finally got Norman. When will this “relationship” end 😭 personally he deserves better

Anon: Why would Norman be so open about his relationship? This PDA doesn’t fit to him, he never showed so much of his relationship, making out on the street, like in the video it looks like they were making a show. They just stood in the same street walked around kissed hugged just to make a show for the pap, my guess they called him, don’t know why

Anon: Re: the “lie.” Doesn’t it look like Norman’s reps said “friends” because of JJ? Timeline: Pic of Norman and DK at the car looking friendly with story about vacation. Rep said “friends.” Weeks later: picture of JJ kissing and snuggling with another woman at a restaurant. Stories: He’s moved on!! Two - three days later, Norman/DK are completely public. The “lie” was so JJ could say he moved on first. It had nothing to do with manipulating Norman’s fans.
Anon: Daily mail has just released an article on NR and DK confirming their relationship and they’ve got a few new pics in there and in one of them NR is looking directly at the camera. I guess we know for sure it was planned and a bit staged now.

Anon: Mod - this was an absolute publicity stunt but I don’t understand why. It makes him look like the biggest possible lying fake asshole alive so why would he want that image? I’m secretly hoping this is some kind of early April Fools day joke.

Anon: Mod when do you think NR and DK became more than just friends? ~~ mod~~ would you be offended if i said i have no idea becasue i dont care enough about them as a couple to even guess. sorry if i sound like a jerk im still not feeling well

Anon: I hope Norman doesn’t think we’re just going to “get over it”? It doesn’t work that way. There is a difference between lying about who you ARE and just simply having a girlfriend. (I won’t even go into how fake SHE is) You Lied to the people that supported you Norman. This isn’t just jealous fangirls. This doesn’t just go away in a few weeks.~~mod~~ im sure he knows it isnt just gonna go away in a few days

Anon: Woke up today with tears in my eyes. Every day I used to go check out all he cool Norman/Daryl fan art on instagram. Now I can’t even look at him.~~mod~~ dont cry anon we can find you someone else to look at.

Jan: Listen up To those deeply upset and disturbed by Norman’s recent actions, please read this - Nothing in your life has actually changes NOTHING! You still breath the same air, work at the same place, hang with the same friends and are surrounded by people that love and care about you in REAL LIFE. You have never, nor will you ever, know the real man behind Norman Reeds and thats probably for the best. All that has happened is that the fantasy you have of him in your head is altered, but you have the power and control to change that narrative back at any point, back to thinking he is kind and sweet and honourable and all the other things that gave you comfort and joy, use him for whatever purpose you want - because I have news for you as a fan/consumer of his brand he is just USING you. He is clever, he will smile and be nice as pie if you are paying for his time, (he is a professional actor), what he is actually like once the show is over, behind closed doors, is probably a very different story that really would shock and upset you. He is part of an ugly dark industry and his values are probably way off the mark to what any of us would consider acceptable. The clues are all around us, the fake hollywood friends he has, the partying showbiz life he leads, his love of attention and the limelight, the blind after blind about his shitty behaviour. It does upset me to see people defending him with the best of intentions, when they have no clue that he doesn’t deserve defending, he is surrounded by wealth and privilege and I highly doubt he cares one bit what faceless avatars on the internet say about him when he is home surrounded by his millions of dollars and fake narcissistic hollywood friends. Me, I love Daryl and I will always love Daryl, he is a real sweetheart and the subject of many a fantasy, Norman not so much, I could never fantasise about someone like him -a shallow and highly privileged actor who can have any beautiful woman he desires at the drop of a hat, and knows it. His priorities are clearly material things, this set up relationship with DK that will be played out in the public eye will just be linked to and part of that agenda in some weird way…(I do have my theories as to why he is so keen to play along with it, but best kept to myself) So seriously people go back to your Daryl (or nice sweet Norman) fantasises… Whatever helps you sleep at night…

Anon: You know what’s even worse than finding out he’s a lying sneaking jerk? That he let her troll his fandom for the whole year. He let us try to defend him the whole time when it was all true. It just shows that his fans don’t really mean anything to him. He didn’t care that she was playing with us and mocking us. It’s just so unbelievable that he is the complete opposite of what he made us believe.

Anon: sorry but I feel betrayed. And before I get jumped on it’s not jealousy or that he can’t have a private life, it’s about thinking one thing about Norman and admiring that person for so long then suddenly finding out that it was all a lie. He made us think that he was our friend but he’s not. he’s laughing at us behind the scenes watching how we buy into the image that he made us think was the real him. it’s not him now. he’s a phony. anyone want walker stalker tickets? don’t want to meet him now ~~mod~~ no need to be sorry anon lots of people are feeling all kinds of way right now. i hear craiglist is a great place to sell those

Anon: God Mod it just breaks my heart to see how fake he looks. Allowing himself to be papped is something I never thought he would do. I admired Norman for being down to earth and real. Where is that man now? He’s gone. He sold out. He’s not who he claims to be. Honest? Lol nope. So this is the real Norman we have been tricked into supporting? He looks just as fake as we know she is. It’s so sad and disheartening and I never thought it would happen to him. He’s just like all the rest. :( So sad.

Anon: Wonder how this will work when he starts filming in May will she go to Georgia she doesn’t seem the country girl

Anon: Mod why do think NR’s reps have the statements that they were “just friends” 3 weeks ago only for them to walk done the street holding hands and kissing now? Do you think NR’s reps didn’t know about the relationship? Or he didn’t consult with them before going public? Or do you think it was all planned? I’m just really confused about the whole thing!

Anon: Sorry…this is a long one… People seem to focus on others being upset because he lied.  But I think a lot of people are upset for 2 main reasons.  One, they really don’t like DK.  It is hard to swallow watching someone you like, date someone you hate.  I had a good guy friend date a girl that the rest of us LOATHED.  She was just a horrible person and we were all so disappointed when he started dating her.  When we asked him why, he just replied, “well, she is not like that towards me”.  Um..ok…so since she’s “nice” to you, it’s ok that she is a a-hole to everyone else?  It lasted all of 4 months, but I just remember we were all so disgusted.  So, anyway, I think that plays a big part in the fan hate.  Fans love Norman and think he is wonderful/nice/kind/good to his friends and fans and they can’t understand how he could fall for someone who is the opposite of all those things.  The second reason is the cheating.  Let’s face it, this didn’t start AFTER she split from JJ.  We would be naive to believe that.  Personally, I think it started during the filming of SKY.  They are together constantly, in the middle of nowhere, I am sure they got very close.  Even if there was nothing physical, they could have been having an emotional affair…which is often worse than physical.  Although we can argue that with his schedule and her being with JJ, they didn’t actually see each other a lot after filming SKY was over, they still could have been texting and calling, thereby continuing the connection and closeness that was formed during filming.  Looking back, I can’t help but wonder if someone DID see them hooking up in a NYC bar (before the break-up with JJ).  If they did in fact have an emotional connection, add a lot of alcohol to that and you can definitely lose control for a minute.  Obviously, this is my own speculation, but no matter when the physical aspect of their relationship developed, I truly believe, the affair started long before it.  As for the people talking about a possible pregnancy.  I can see it.  Even though Norman is pushing 50 and may not want a baby, as some people pointed out, it may not be up to him.  There are many ways for a woman to “accidentally” get pregnant.  Someone, I think it was PR wife, mentioned that DK’s star faded long ago.  She is definitely someone who will do anything to bring attention to herself.  Well, having NR’s baby would certainly bring the spot light.  It may be far fetched but I think DK is really sketchy and I would not put it past her.  I guess only time will tell if there is a baby as well as how long this thing will last.  We shall see…

Anon:I gave a heads up months ago that Diane had a plan and that she and Norman were playing out a fantasy as if they were living their film “Sky”. Health issues included. But guess what comes next (not the end) ;)

Stephanie Kumke:
Maybe it´s not DK in the photo, but come on, a naked bully with lights on it with the message “ Waking  up to good News”… ~~mod~~ maybe she got a job that wasnt in Europe

Anon: Ya’ll need to be realistic. Daryl isn’t the cash cow of TWD anymore. Not sure if no one sees this but the ratings last week dropped. Why weren’t they higher? I mean Daryl was in it a lot yet they weren’t as good as the week before. I’ve noticed whenever Carol and the Kingdom are on the ratings go up. Seems like she’s more of a cash cow now. She makes more viewers tune in. So I really don’t get when people say Daryl is the No 1 cash cow. It’s not true. It may have been years back, but not anymore

Anon: It disgusts the shit out of me when I see people support their relationship and are happy and even say DK is gorgeous. Wtf NOTHING on this woman is gorgeous. She’s manipulative, attention whore and snobby. I can’t believe his fans (not all of them) support her. She’s the worst nightmare. Norman went down to her level. She is unsympathetic to fans, Norman clearly isn’t the man he claimed to be. Not sure if I’m more disappointed or disgusted because he played all of us the whole time for his image

Anon: I think some people are not getting it…NR didnt own anyone anything but he was not coherent and yeah he deceived and lied when he said he doesn’t like cheaters and loves honest people. Regardless of course he have the right to date who the fuck he wants. not my problem. now the way he did it, for someone that calls himself honest is very questionable when you can see CLEARLY how this pics were staged. When you stage pics like that and you claimed for years being the opposite of course  people are going to question who you are and who was the person they have been a fan off all this years. People defended him exactly from this behavior. People defended him when people called him sell out and asshole and manwhore and honestly he just proves the others right. This have nothing to do with DK this have to do with him as a person and how he carries himself. He didnt assume her before because he was sticking his dick somewhere else too and the other kick him to the curb.

dandelioncherokee : Interesting. Norman and Diane are not looking AT EACH OTHER in one single picture. A loving couple would do that ALL THE TIME. One word. FAKE. I honestly haven’t got a clue WHY ALL THIS. Oh Norman,you had it going all good for you.Now I can only pray that the universe will give you another chance,so you can try to fix this. Kisses to you,mod ❤️hope you are alright.~~mod~~ i feel like i got kicked down 10 flights of stairs.. you flirting makes me feel better

Anon: I was just thinking about the happy anniversary post and the ‘comment’. Turns out the DK part of that was true and it makes me wonder how many of the other parts were also true. Maya Angelo said when people show you who they are, believe them the first time. Eyes opened, I get it now and I’m just here for wicked gifs, and weird banter. Good things always come from bad, you’re the good thing Mod.

Anon: Pic look good, his fans on ig congrat to him so lol. Congrat to him too. We know here it so far from jealous but it is about who is this guy. Why he won’t hint their relationship at all.jdm said I think he’s single. So he happy it’s foiod but it different story from why he lid like liar, completely behave another and then be another man. And I didn’t see any pic that he look at her face. He smile to ppl. Wake up idiot fans! ~~mod~~ Please dont call fans idiots we all have our opinion

Anon: Another blog says they KNOW that Norman and DK were a thing since Sky. They supposedly have a source but won’t reveal it, they’re also saying no one knows if cheating was involved because no one knows the status of DK and JJ’ relationship. DK moved to NYC in late 2015 to be with JJ AFTER sky was finished. They bought a home together in LA in early 2016. So if her “source” is correct than yes, they were cheating all along, which makes the dec 2015 rumor seem not so false. They’re disgusting

Anon: Who knows…Maybe they both have an agreement? Maybe he agreed to help her with her image by doing this. He may think what’s the harm in helping a friend?? I am soooooo not on her side…I’m just trying to ration it out. Unfortunately we may never know. I still haven’t seen pics of them full on kissing. That one pic where they’re close looks like he was lighting a smoke. Hand holding? Even friends do that. He seemed pretty drunk anyway. Ugh and her IG? Tries to be like N & HC. UMM no.

Anon: Thinking if the 2 of them together makes me so ill but hey…He’s a big boy. I’ve been going thru the stages of grief (as stupid as that may sound) and I don’t regret smashing my DVD copy of Sky! Didn’t much like it anyway lol now I’m past the anger and just sad. I’m not as mad at N as I was a few days ago but I still think DK is a snake. I hope that he guards his heart from her nasty ways! I also think the whole thing with the paps is strange. N is very impulsive and sometimes too too nice!

Anon:Hahaha I share the same first name as DK, so at least I know when Norman is having sex he is screaming my name. Seriously tho at least she is age appropriate and who cares anyway. You are a fan of his work or not no matter who he is boning.

Anon:Is it me or is Norman avoiding liking DK IG posts? I believe he may have been drunk that night and is regretting what he did

rebellacycle:Are you going to watch jimmy Fallon tonight ? Wonder if he will talk about the new relationship. Or just TWD~~mod~~ i will probaly be asleep. probaly just talk about he twd


Norman and Diane are happy and in love so the haters have already lost ✌🏼


I have a question for those fans who keep saying things like “Be respectful of Norman’s private life!”…. But they’re the ones who are (unnecessarily!) publicizing it. They staged and sold pics and video. In PDA, the P doesn’t stand for Private. If they are not respecting their own relationship, why should we? Also is talking about Norman’s penis size respecting his privacy? So what exactly do y'all mean? They don’t seem to want that. They want people to talk, comment, click the links.


:Feel better soon Mod! I don’t understand something about the whole DK Shitshow. If this is legit (and not just publicity) then how come no other gossip sites are picking it up??? TMZ doesn’t have anything to say about it after they just ran the garage pics/got his denial?? It looks like People ENews DM UsWeekly and a few less known sites are the only ones going with it, so how come??? I don’t get it! I don’t understand how Norman can be one thing one day and the TOTAL OPPOSITE the next!??! WTAF

Anon: The photos and the video of NR and DK … Looking at it I just feel DK is walking with his trophy. She wants everybody to see her new toy, her little puppy that she will manipulate as she pleases. DK wants everyone to see his new trophy !! While NR smiles like a fool who does not understand the situation. Yes he became the DK puppet


I appreciate this blog and your work, but you have to moderate some comments that appear on your site. I read comments accusing Norman of lust after teenage girls. This is defamation and it is very serious. It is unbearable to see all this hate and these lies dumped on an actor we have supposed to love. It is all the more intolerable that currently the world is experiencing serious problems. Thousands of people are dying of hunger, London and Paris are the target of terrorists, but some people prefer to waste their time to dumped their hate on Norman. Treat him as if he was a criminal just because he’s in love and he lied because he didn’t want to reveal his private life in the press.I doubt that you post this message on your blog but I needed to say. Many of us live very difficult moments and see all this hate for a simple relationship is ridiculous. Some may express their disappointment but have no right to invent lies and spill their hatred. Sorry for my aproximative English, I hope to find a warm and funny blog. Good luck to you Mod….

~~mod~~ just a few things. 1.tumblr rarely lets me delete comments, the tumblr app hates me…2. the quickest way to get your post deleted is to say “you probaly wont post this”.. i hate that.

Anon:Hope you feel better soon mod. This is for when you do the bulk: at this point I think I’d be happier finding out he did accidentally get her pregnant one drunken night but actually can’t stand her and did this for appearances only and they aren’t really a thing. At least that way he would be the same guy who just made one huge mistake while intoxicated. One night stands happen all the time. But being with her?? it changes everything about him and it makes him a liar.


been two days I haven’t looked at anything to do with N and I still can’t get over this. He’s a complete fake. short of telling us he was abducted by aliens and this was an imposter in his body I will never understand. ’s like he just revealed that he is the opposite of everything he made people believe for the past seven years. Liar. Fake. Hollywood. Stupid. Ingenuine. That’s what this makes him look like now. It makes me want to cry. someone say it was all a nightmare. where’s the real norman


:Happy Today, Mod! I hope your body parts will all in good working order soon. Please take care of yourself. The drama of Norman Reedus means nothing in the long run. Kind people like you who take the time to create community are what matters!

Anon:If DK’s marrage broke down because she cheating then norman gotta run far and fast, they cheat WITH you they cheat ON you. You should look at enty and type in Norman reedus/Diane Kruger this shit been stirring for a while
Anon:Will Jimmy Fallon grill Norman about DK? ~~mod~~ dont know


:Have you seen the pap walk pics & videos?? Omg I’ll swear DK slipped a Mickey Finn in Norman’s whiskey. For him to agree to call the paps on himself, something was totally wrong with him! I don’t recognize that Norman. DK is destructive & opportunistic. She manipulated her way into his life from day one when she recommended him for the SKY role. She is as TOXIC as they come! Wtf’s he doing with her? He’s in self-destructive mode, I pray he comes to his senses in Ga surrounded by good ppl.

Anon:Diane manipulates the media and manipulates Norman. An avid woman who likes to manipulate her little world. How can people defend it? I saw her in truth, she behaves like a haughty princess.

Anon:I no longer see goodness in Norman.


:Just canceled my trip to San Fran wsc. I was gonna meet him but I can’t even look at him nevermind meet him. How are we supposed to pretend he’s the same guy? He’s NOT what he told us he was! It’s NOT bc of a gf but 1) that it’s HER of all ppl (she is the epitome of famewhore sell out and no one I’ve talked to who met her have ANYTHING nice to say) and 2) He LIED about everything. He’s not any of the things we thought, made his reps look stupid and sold out to let himself be papped. WTF is that


: Personally I’m wondering if she got him drunk, got him to agree to this to make the rumors look true, and that he was too wasted to care. This is NOT the guy we know and love. This is also coming from a mutual friend of his not just some fan. he never calls the media, like TMZ on himself. He’s a private, fairly normal dude, and that’s why I think DK set it up. To boost her American publicity and get noticed for work here. Sad, sick, and sketchy.

Anon: I’m definitely over reading about it Mod but I don’t understand how anything is gonna go back to the way it was anyway so I vote to keep it on the main blog. He’s a lying jerk and this is what we have to see now every day because how can we not if he’s seriously with her. I think I’m gonna have to quit being his fan altogether bc I can’t take her I don’t want to see her ridiculous face every single time he goes anywhere ~~mod~~ here the  thing its an N blog, i dont have to post anything with her in it. im really good at cropping things out of pics.

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A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm. He calls to the bartender saying "One for me, and one for the road!"

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.     

Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says “Dam!”      

A woman is crying over her comatose son. She looks to the doctor, her eyes filled with tears, and asked “Doctor! Doctor! What state is he in?!” And the doctor looks at her strangely saying “Missouri?”                    

Have you heard of that new drug that came out that helps people get over their addiction for anal sex? It’s called Tri-no-ace-it-ol.    

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A+ puns!!! I ranked them in chortle order. The last one is good but took me a while because I kept reading ace as ‘ace in the sleeve’ and it didn’t make sense. I like my puns punny on first try.

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Update on Linny chickens: They are still pretty young and Ginny isn't doing too well because she is the smallest and the other peck at her, so we moved her to a separate area. Good news is that we put Luna in with her and currently they are cuddling and looking perfectly fine!


every time you
tell your daughter
you yell at her
out of love
you teach her to confuse
anger with kindness
which seems like a good idea
till she grows up to
trust men who hurt her
cause they look so much
like you
—  to fathers with daughters 
rupi kaur; milk and honey

Louise: Dan, why didn’t you ever have children of your own?

Dan: You mean besides the whole YouTube thing?

[Phil nods]

Dan: I promised my first born to some sketchy looking man under a bridge and I REALLY didn’t want to make good on the deal

Phil: Tell her the truth Dan

Dan: Okay, fine! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen into the sunset! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?

Phil: Quite

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Girl your fics are the greatest,please give us some beauty and the beast goodness !

Awwwww, thank you anon! You are sweet. And wellll, I was in a mood so here you go. It is just silly fluff, they are probably OOC.

When Belle suggested it, he took it as a joke. But on second thought, it wasn’t such a bad idea. And he honestly looked really good in it.

(That’s what Belle was saying anyway.)

But he felt something weird about it that day and he wasn’t sure what. Then again, it was a day full of oddities. It began in the morning when the servants who helped him dress won’t look him in the eye. He honestly hoped it wasn’t because of something he had said or done. Then at breakfast, Belle was giving him funny looks, trying to hide her amusement behind a book.

(She was reading Rousseau today and her concentrated face when she was reading was adorable and he loved it.)

Then when he was busy in his study, Lumière brought him some letters and tried to hide a chuckle. Adam noticed it, thank you very much. Honestly, he couldn’t understand what was so funny. Even Cogsworth was trying to hide his laugh! Something was very, very wrong here. If only he could find out why. Did he walk funny? He knew he had problems readjusting to a human body, but so did everybody else, so that was no reason to make fun. Did he have something on his face? He didn’t shove his face into his breakfast so he couldn’t have food on his face. Where his trousers ripped?

When the afternoon tea rolled around, he was about to burst. They were in the gardens, enjoying the sunny day as Mrs. Potts was serving the tea. And when not even she could hide her giggles, Adam gave up. As she walked away, the prince pouted, scrunching up his nose in an annoyed manner. Belle put her book down and took out her fan (since when was she carrying one anyway?) pretending to use it to cool down, but given the way her shoulders were shaking, she was obviously just trying to hide her laugh. He hunched back in his chair.

“Can you tell me just what is it that everybody is laughing?”

Giving p on her pretend game, Belle got up and joined him on his side of the table. Then she lifted the teacup enough for him to see his reflection.

“Really, love? Really?” he whined, entirely unamused by the little bow that his beard was tied with.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but it would be a lie.” Belle stated before having another fit of giggles. “You sleep like a log and I couldn’t resist.”

Adam stuck out his tongue at her.

“Orange isn’t even my colour.”

For @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet ’s Trope Challenge.

Ginerva Weasley x Blaise Zabini
Good Girls Loving Bad Boys

“Ginevra,” Blaise whispered through his teeth, his eyes full of molten lust as he felt her fingers slide up his shirt. “I’m not a good person.”

Ginny licked her lips, matching the look in his eye. “Have you not heard, good girls always love the handsome, rugged, in trouble with the law, bad boys.” Her smirk riding up her lips and he wasn’t sure he could resist them any longer.