this is a good list of wonderful people tbh!

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hello! i love your writings but i was also wondering if there are other people who are good at writing like you?

Hello there, thank you so much for enjoying my writing!! 💛✨

I’m on mobile so sorry this is a slightly crummy formatted answer but I’ll pop a little list of the people I love reading myself (feel like you can only really recommend people you read yourself y'know?)

Okay here goes:

- @kpopfanfictrash
(Fanfic writing beast tbh, this girl has got it down to a well oiled machine and updates so regularly and tbh never disappoints. Not just exo writing either but my rec would be Guardian (Jongdae/Baekhyun) because it is great, and is getting a book two next month!)

- @yeolology
(Also just generally a babe tbh, but her writing is Great. Would especially recommend Collision Course (Jongdae hacker/mafia au) - such a good concept and characterisation I LOVE IT. Yaaaas)

- @pebble-xo
(My queen, an angel, a legend. I swear I always recommend Alone (Chanyeol soulmate AU) but MY HEART IT IS SO GOOD. All her stuff is great, and I just adore Jade’s style of writing so … yup)

- @nunchiwrites
(SUCH A GOOD WRITER!! My rec would be Devil’s Advocate (vampire Chanyeol) because like ?!?!? It’s so good ?!?!? Every chapter I am like winded by how good it is, I can never predict the next move. So good!! Also a very good Jongdae Werewolf AU over there too! Also nunchi is a gem.)

- @eradikeats-writes
(My queen, the nicest gal going and her writing is like drinking a fine wine. Honestly it’s so surprising in fanfic writing to find someone who crafts their work this much so Kat is a gem. Her story Hero (Vampire Chanyeol) is my current obsession. Also, she is one of my best friends on her so show her aaaaall the love)

- @kimnamwho
(My most ridiculous friend who has now started writing so there is not much written yet but DAMN SO FAR SO GOOD!! 0 mile (NCT fanfic, barman Johnny AU) is sooooo good.

Also, I don’t read much outside of EXO and NCT but over at @kpoptrashnetwork there are a load of very talented content creators for other groups!! So I would recommend heading over there too.

Okay … I’ve definitely forgotten people but that’s my usual recommendation squad. There are lots of other wonderful writers who I am friends with and support but these guys are people are really actively follow and support so there you go 💛✨

Also - my followers, might make a master list for recommendations / currently reading, if anyone would be interested?

what’s so good about old tv shows

people sometimes wonder why I watch so many oldies. I don’t claim they are better than modern tv shows - there are old shows I love and modern ones I love just as much. Of course, each show is different and has its own pros and cons but since you ask, I tried to list some general reasons why I find them so entertaining (I omitted the obvious ones like: “BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING’, ‘I love this actor and I watch all his filmography’ and ‘It reminds me of my childhood’ - although the last one helped me to rediscover some great shows tbh):

- you can watch it whenever you want and as many episodes as you want or even binge-watch the whole thing if you’re crazy enough

- the music

- you get to watch famous film stars when they were young and unknown

- every time someone asks what you are currently watching you sound more hipster than hipsters

- you can feel very young when you realize that the little kid from the show is fifteen years older than you

- it’s easier to avoid real life problems when going back in time

- the music

- the joy when you look at all those haircuts and outfits

- I don’t want to generalize but - scripts. Scripts are usually very good

- you will probably learn more about a given time period than from a textbook:

- great way to observe different social and cultural changes over the years (e.g. speaking of the US history, the rise of feminism and anti-war movements in “The Wonder Years” vs. the rebirth of conservatism in “Family Ties”)

- the show is either very popular and you have a number of books, blogs devoted to it or it’s completely forgotten and you have a unique chance to start a new fandom

- the music

- when you start noticing little nods and references in modern tv shows/pop culture

- you don’t have to worry about spoilers on your dash

- when you quote a joke from a show and nobody knows it and they think you made that up - hilarious

- the music

- less fandom drama, most people are just happy the fandom even exists

- if you like treasure hunting and you’re lucky enough, you may sometimes find some cool stuff like dvds, old posters & magazines in a thrift shop. I once bought an almost new dvd box with 2 series of granada holmes for like 1 pound because the shop assistant had no idea what it was and probably thought it was some cheesy old show

- it may be new for you but the show has been probably mentioned in a number of books, has been discussed and analyzed in press articles or even academic papers and there is no greater joy than discovering and researching all that material

- if it’s popular enough (like, let’s say columbo or m*a*s*h) there is a good chance your parents/aunts/grandparents watched it at some point in their life and you can talk about it with them which is nice

- did I mention the music

- seriously who cares if it’s ‘old’ when it’s good, just give it a go

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Rules: list ten of your favorite characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people.

1. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)

2. Cassian Andor (Rogue One) shhh it’s different

3. Joan Watson (Elementary)

4. Dana Scully (The X-Files) 

5. Janet and Chidi Anagonye are tied tbh (The Good Place) 

6. Ray Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) 

7. Olivia Dunham (Fringe) 

8. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) 

9. Furiosa (Mad Max) 

10. Morgana le Fay (Arthurian legend) 

I was also tagged in a variation of this by @bookdates and @goodqueenalys to list my 10 favorite female characters SO I will list 3 more to replace the dudes mentioned above. 

8. Sansa Stark (GoT) 

9. Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)  

10. Leia Organa (Star Wars) 

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okay meghan I've been sitting on a rec for you for a few days now and I gotta ask: would you take podcast recs? specifically for a dungeons&dragons podcast? one full of magic and gays and the sweetest family you could possibly imagine narrating it? with a story and characters I haven't found as compelling since the whirlwind of warmth and wonder from my initial reading of trc? it's got all your faves: found family, full heads, flashing cars, troubled friends. it's called 🌟The Adventure Zone🌟

skip! I trust you w my life & my interests

I’ve heard multiple multiple multiple good things about taz from irl friends and internet friends and irl brothers 

You just bumped it way up the list though I’m.. burning. a little. to listen

I’ve seen so much content from so many types of people that tbh I’ve gotta get my foot in the door of this universe that everyone seems to thrive in

ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴜɴ ᴍᴇᴍᴇ: ʀᴘ ғᴀᴄᴛs ᴇᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴ

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Pup if you please.
age (if you’re comfortable!): 20 (almost 21 woo)
how old were you when you first started playing? Uhhh… Like. 6? 7? I count D&D and my mom let me play with her friends when they’d come over every week.
height: 5’2
OCs or canons? Canons hands down. I played a lot of self inserts in the past (again i’ve been rping since i was a kid self inserts were my lifeblood) but as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to have a deeper respect for well developed and thought out OCs. I myself prefer canons because I like having a solid personality to work with from the start. I don’t trust myself making OCs as it’s been a while since I stuck with one for longer than a month.
females or males? Females primarily. I have played a few guys in the past (Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Momo from A:TLA he totally counts) but I’m more comfortable writing females because I’m DFAB.
favourite face claim: Right this second? My new FC for Fetch, Jenna McDougall. 
least favourite face claim: Oh, gosh. I can’t remember his name but his face freaks me out to the point of discomfort.

worst rp experience ever:
Well.. I’m not really one for gossip. But I used to be close to a large group of RPers in my previous fandom and it turned into this toxic hole of bullshit that left me.. alone and confused for a few months. And then I came here!

fluff, angst, or smut?: All of the above? I’m really not partial to one specific genre, I love fluff and angst and I’m slowly getting used to writing smut because I’ve found I’m actually pretty decent at it so yay.

most overused FC: Andrew Garfield & Nina Dobrev tbh.
worst character you’ve ever played: Morally or content wise? Content I’m not sure, but morally? I play/ed Karnilla, Queen of the Norns for a while. Tortured people for fun. B)
favourite type of plot: OH GOSH. I love revenge quests in general like watching Fetch hunt down Shane at the end of First Light?? I just love the emotional satisfaction.
at what time of day is your writing the best? Oh God. When I’m in a state of emotional distress I write my longer threads and I get a little bit of praise for those responses so I guess when I’m stressed out. Plus it helps me calm down so, win-win.
are you anything like your muse? If you had asked me this when I first started playing Fetch, I could have given you a laundry list of reasons we weren’t alike. But over time I started to see a lot of myself in her, and that’s not something you can see a character for ten seconds and just decide that you’re the same. It takes months of getting to know a character, and how they work, before you can say you’re so very similar. Now that I’ve had that time.. I’d say yeah, I am like her. She has a drive to do good, for the memory of a loved one that she feels responsible for the death of. She suffered from anxiety as I still do, and has found strength in the friendship of others. She’s often deeply misinterpreted and judged by her outward appearance, and above all else the both of us are sort of emotionally distant after encounters with psychological and emotional abuse.

worst thing about RP (in general or on Tumblr): Guilt trips. Or when someone doesn’t get the whole ‘no means no’ thing when it comes to a certain plot or interaction. Anon hate and harassment. Comparisons between two people playing the same character. The list goes on.

To end on a good note — best thing about RP?: The family. Kels, GG, Maci, Captain, Micah, Bacon, Ad, Chrissie, Angie, Nat, Lexi, Kas, Sydney… There are so many wonderful muns out there tbh. I’m glad I managed to convince them all that I’m the bomb diggity. B|

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Datxra’s 100+ Follow Forever Appreciation List

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    //wheezes// when a 70+ follow forever became a 100+ i–.

Frankly, I never thought a day like this will come. Like heck, back in March I was hesitant to recreate an Akuma no Riddle rp blog (previously a side blog), concerned that there’ll rarely be anyone interested in interacting with a mere side character. I was insecure to be honest, but now I’m glad I revived this shit midget and took steps to initiate interaction with new people; joining the Fabricated World group verse for one, though I’m still mostly a shy nut (rip).
I’m having more fun than before thanks to everyone, and I hope to rp with more of ya’ll one day :”D

   Hitsugi’s a muse I hold dear to heart. Never have I come across a character I relate to as deep as her, from her mannerisms to decisions, actions and even her inner conflicts. I adore her so much– and while I’m not as eloquent to write of my love for her, I could probably spend the entire day talking about her (and Hitsugi x Shiena headcanons). The shit midget needs to be loved and protected from justice warriors ahhhhh

   Alright enough of me rambling, I’m starting to sound incoherent. This is a Follow Forever + Appreciation list, so I’ll go exactly into that now.

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