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All the Klamille related scenes

WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! all the klamille related scenes tonight

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  • Klaus literally blurted out right in front of Aurora that he would gladly kill her FOR CAMI and that Aurora means nothing to him
  • Klaus saved Cami from Aurora and the vampires in transition
  • Klaus and Cami hugged
  • Cami tells Klaus to not kill anyone FOR HER,,,Klaus responded with “whatever you say so” or “whatever you want”
  • the painting that Klaus gave to Cami as a gift was used in play
  • Klaus snaps Lucien’s neck after he said “let Cami die”
  • Klaus went to save Cami in the first place
  • the klamille scene at the end

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all the klamille fans out there:

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[Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart+ #131]

- Big Announcement -

Klaus “…What are you all doing here?”

Elias “Um, you haven’t heard about it yet, brother?”

Randy “Wizardess heart+ has reached 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS! WOO-HOO!”

Azusa “We all came here to celebrate the record.”

Luca “Hey guys, let’s get started on preparing some gifts for all fans and supporters!”

Yukiya “We’ll send them more than once, so come check your Present Box everyday. Hope you like our gifts.”


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