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Having a bookstore across the Joke Shop would involve... // George//

A/N: It’s basically a Dating George Weasley would involve…And agaaain I went a bit overboard because I can’t tell you how much I love him. ( and Draco) Enjoy this piece of fluff that I am throwing in between. 

Fred’s version

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Valentine’s Day Sentence Starters

Mixed Starters :: Cute :: Fluffy :: Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong.

  1. “Who needs a date on valentine’s day when I have you?”
  2. “Our waiter is so hot.”
  3. "No, you have fun with your date. Don’t let my being stood up stop you.”
  4. “Oh, my god… the babysitter just cancelled on us! how are we supposed to go on the date now?”
  5. “Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! I know it’s lame but I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. there, I said it.”
  6. “We’re going Dutch, right?”
  7. “Tell me that’s not my ex over there.”
  8. “What do you mean you’re at the restaurant across town?”
  9. “You’re literally the worst when it comes to being romantic.”
  10. “Babe, you know I love you, but… last time you cooked me a meal, I ended up in hospital. can’t we just go out for dinner…?”
  11. “Nobody said anything about this being a cover band!”
  12. “Um… yeah, these are really nice and all, but I’m allergic to roses.”
  13. Tthis is the worst valentine’s surprise ever! were you trying to scare me to death?!”
  14. “Oh my– are you proposing?!”
  15. “Do you think my secret admirer might finally reveal themselves today?”
  16. “Valentine’s day is such a scam of a holiday… it’s so stupid! I hate it.”
  17. “We’re eating out at the Golden Arches!”
  18. “We’re going to do anti-valentine’s day this year. we’re going to go out and do all of the least romantic date ideas ever, just to stick it to the man.”
  19. “I can’t believe I’m actually at a wedding on valentine’s day. what a lame cliché.”
  20. “Does this have caramel in it? I’m allergic to caramel!”
  21. “How was I supposed to know there would be a bee in the bouquet?!”
  22. “This is not a proposal!”
  23. “I shaved my legs for this?”
  24. “My boss told me I have to work late.”
  25. “I didn’t realize these tickets were for the nosebleed section.”
  26. “Um, I tried to buy some sexy underwear, but I think they sent me the wrong size…”
  27. “That movie was awful.”
  28. “You can’t seriously be proposing right now? on valentine’s day? couldn’t you have thought of something a little more original than that?”
  29. “Something has been nibbling on these chocolates.”
  30. “Um, I know this is really cliché and all, but it’s valentine’s day and I just wanted to say… I really like you.”
  31. “I’m going to be stuck at work for a little longer… I’m sorry, I know it’s our date tonight…”
  32. “I forgot to make reservations.”
  33. “I am not going to be your fake-date to this party.”
  34. “I wish I could do more for you today but I’m really broke…”
  35. “I love them and all, but their poetry is so bad! they’ve written seven love poems just for today.”
  36. “So… can I assume you don’t have a date tonight either?”
  37. “Olive Garden is not fine dining!”
  38. “I’m really sorry my dog peed on your good shoes.”
  39. “I didn’t forget that it was valentine’s day! I swear! your present is just… it’s somewhere else.”
  40. “What do you mean these diamonds are fake?”
  41. “We’re out of condoms.”
Domestic Sprace headcanons
  • Domestic sprace
  • Spot is a vegetarian, and when he and Race move in together, Race has the hardest time learning how to cook things that don’t involve meat.
  • For the first month or so, Spot basically has to live off of protein shakes, because Race keeps accidentally making chicken fettuccini or burgers, until Race finally buys a vegetarian cookbook. (Thug Kitchen. Check it out.)
  • Why isn’t Spot cooking, you ask? He accidentally set the stove on fire one day trying to make a quesadilla and was banned from using the appliances.
  • Let me tell yall about their dog. She’s a pit bull mix named Rosie, and Spot picked her up one day from the shelter. (“I was just there during my lunch break for fun and I couldn’t not get her!”)
  • Race was kind of hesitant about getting a dog- he’s never had pets before- but goddamn, does he love Rosie. She sleeps in their bed every night and takes up more room than either of them combined.
  • They play tons of video games together, and have a horror movie night at least every two weeks, usually more often. The bloodier, the better.
  • Spot’s the cleaner. Race is perfectly happy to leave dishes in the sink for a week or just pile the trash bags by the door. After one of their fights (which are always loud and explosive) they made a deal that Spot would keep things clean as long as Race cooked and did the laundry.
  • Speaking of laundry, they share socks. All of their friends think it’s kind of weird. But they always get mixed up in the wash, so they just decided to put them all in one drawer and stop trying to figure out whose was whose.
  • They argue a lot, but it’s never over anything serious, and they never stay mad for long. When Race is mad, he goes for a drive and when Spot gets mad, he goes to the gym. They both have their outlets and are respectful enough to give each other space when they need it.
  • Race snores like a chainsaw. Spot has invested in some really good earplugs.
  • You know that saying, “never go to bed angry”? Yeah, that’s bullshit. Sometimes they get angry right before bed and for that, there is a really good air mattress. It’s fine. They just sleep it off.
  • They have a really hard time agreeing on decor. For almost a year, their walls were just blank, white walls with nothing on them. They’ve divided out zones where they’re allowed to decorate.
  • The only exception was the time Race decided it would be cool to hang a clown mask on the wall. That resulted in their biggest fights ever. The clown mask is gone now.
  • Spot’s feel good show is the Great British Bake-off. Race’s feel good show is Criminal Minds. If one of them comes home and the other is watching one of those shows, they automatically know that it’s been a rough day.
  • Race plays piano.
  • Spot got Race a whiteboard once for Christmas, just so he could work out some of the physics issues he had to deal with at work. They used to have a strict “no work at home” rule, but it made Race twitchy and neurotic when he couldn’t work things out, so Spot finally gave in.
  • Spot sings in the shower. Not well. It always wakes Race up, because he has a tendency to take showers at ridiculous times, like 2 or 4 AM.
  • Spot is constantly falling asleep in places he shouldn’t, like on the couch or in the shower. Race normally just wakes him up and moves him to bed, but there have been a few times where he’s had to be carried. It’s not easy.

i am a mixed child who starves for representation so have some headcanons about the foxes racial/ethnic backgrounds that @manonblaxkbeak helped with

  • The Minyards - scandinavian af. I mean. They’ve got like pale white blond hair so yea definitely northern euro for these two
  • Dan Wilds - i imagined her as hispanic or latina but i’ve seen a lot of edits of her as black so i raise you this: half hispanic or latina, half black. pls.
  • Matt Boyd - half black half irish. give him amazing hair and freckles. what if he had beautiful natural ginger highlights. oh my god. i love him.
  • Allison Reynolds - i have a burning desire for my homegirl to be of british/north african descent. give her beautiful dark skin and some killer platinum locs. also, can i marry her?
  • Renee Walker - i see a lot of edits of her being east asian but like…what if she was southeast asian. or black. OR BOTH. ALL OF EM. WHATEVER. half asian half black renee. i love it. i love her. 
  • Nicky Hemmick - ok but middle eastern and hispanic can you??? imagine??? how iconic???? he’s great ok just imagine my homeboy with his beautiful brown skin and light brown eyes and the (s)ass that won’t quit
  • Neil Josten - ok but. and im totally projecting but imagine if he were southeast asian (like india ok) and british. Or. if Mary was british indian and his father was italian. who knows. i see this boy as ambiguous af ok like i cannot tell you the times i have gotten head tilts of confusion about my race/ethnicity. alright. that happens to him.
  • Kevin Day - my boy. i saw an edit once (fuck i wish i had a link but im? the worst??? im so sorry) where someone fancasted Dwayne Johnson as Wymack and let me tell you. I have never felt more alive than at the thought of my boy being polynesian and scottish. irish. whatever. he’s beautiful.

anyway yea i love the foxes and i also don’t ever see ridiculously mixed characters like me so. here we go. have fun.

I Remember You

Summary: You run into someone you knew before the apocalypse and that someone happens to be, Negan.

Sentence starter: “I remember you, I had a crush on you for like a month back when I was like thirteen.”

Pairing: Negan x Reader, Negan x You

Word Count: 1,435 Words

Type: Oneshot at this stage 

Multi-part series, 1 /2

Warnings: Swearing, awful flirting, large age gap (legal age gap, y’all), general Negan stuff.

Rating: Probably like PG13???

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As you fired another bullet between the branches of the bush you where crouched behind you were suddenly shoved face first in the dirt, the gun being ripped from your grasp. You were roughly pulled from behind the shrub and thrown to your knees in the muck. Your eyes met with a black pair of boots, a barbed wire bat resting on top of the left shoe. As you slowly look up taking in the man standing in front of you, from his blood splattered white shirt to his leather jacket you weren’t expecting to see a familiar grinning face looking down at you. Negan.

“Well shit honey, I did not expect to have someone as cute and small as you firing a fucking M60 in my goddamn direction today – AND! Where in the fuckin’ fuckedy fuck did you manage to find such a badass gun?” He very enthusiastically said, you don’t remember him being so animated. He had always been loud and charismatic but it seemed he had taken on a new persona, like he was playing a modern-day king in a musical.

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‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC, part 4)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn, Spanish cocktail-making, bad flirting, a bit of cheeky semi-self-insert???

Gif Credit: GIF is not mine, credit goes to the creator! (Also, how nice does he look in this gif? Seriously)

NOTES: In which Simon is a big dork who makes Spanish cocktails, meaning I spent a good hour or so on the Smirnoff website taking notes and regretting my obsession with trying to be realistic. Vamanos!

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @neganisking (if you’d like to be added, just let me know)

Part one!

Part two!

Part three!

It’s several hours later and I’m shifting awkwardly from foot to foot outside the door of the bedroom I’ve been told is Simon’s. In my arms is a soft white towel and a toothbrush, as well as clean underwear – which one of Negan’s wives begrudgingly bestowed on me – and fresh clothes for the next morning.

“I know what you’re thinking.” The blonde girl – Amber, someone called her, I think - whispered as she handed me the fragile lace undergarments, her fair brow furrowed. “It’s disgusting. But we chose this for ourselves. He wasn’t lying.”

“I didn’t mean that I thought you were gross.” I replied, ashamed as I accepted the clothes. “I meant him.”

“What’s the difference, really?” She shrugged, moving her long hair over her shoulder. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you for talking like that.”

“Does he usually do that?” I asked after her, but she’d already disappeared into her own bedroom.

“Okay, so…” I murmur to myself, rolling the toothbrush between my fingers. “Hi, Simon! I know we just met but I got in trouble with your rampantly-sexual boss and now I have to sleep with you.” I say to the closed door. “Not with you, just in the same room as you. But it’s cool because I don’t take up much room – I can fold up like an accordion and just, like, slot under your bed. You won’t even know that I’m there, I’m super quiet. Like a ninja-”

“Who’re you talking to?” Says a familiar voice and I give a spasmodic jerk, almost dropping the objects in my arms.

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anonymous asked:

You had said that you were firstly a Klaus stan. As such I do not understand why you chose not to watch his show but nonetheless don't you think that it would be best for him to be in a relationship with a woman that actually saw good in him and not constantly manipulate him like Caroline did?

1. I did not choose to watch TO exactly because I was firstly a Klaus stan. Despite your condescending tone let me tell you that personally I prefer my shows to hold on to their characterization and not sacrifice that just because some writers lack talent. If TO is your show good for you. Watch it. Let it entertain you. Have fun with it. For me TO always was a trainwreck. A show that mixed the vampire genre with diapers and I was never fan of shows like twilight. If I was I would have never become a Klaus and an Originals stan in the first place. To add to that the Hayley diaries was not an appealing concept to me and I would never sign up for that since I wanted a show about the Originals to begin with…but different strokes for different folks.

From the looks of it however ..and here is my condescending tone because I can be quite patronizing too when provoked…most Klaus fans made TO a possibility exactly because they got to love him and the Originals as they were presented in TVD. When that changed TO fell to 0.2-0.3 demo ratings so yay for all the TO Klaus’ fans viewing power.

2. Manipulate who? The villain of the story? The thousand year Original that killed thousands without discrimination, turned people into his slaves and was old enough to not care for human conventions and humans in general? The Original that ate humans and was considered a legend and a nightmare? An Original that for weak people that glamorize his abuse and violence and mania is the kiss of death? Thanks no thanks.

I wanted Klaroline to be a vampire romance in a show that was labeled as horror genre and take that with everything that would come with it. I wanted Caroline to hold on to her agency and to stand her ground in the face of a Lestat-esque vampire and show the amorality of their kind and of their relationship. I wanted blood and glory and carnage and emotion.

Klaus himself…at least TVD Klaus… was manipulating everyone left right and center so by default he would need an equal that would be able to handle his game and thus earn first his respect and secondly understand all sides of his without wearing rose colored glasses that only saw a facade of goodness that of course is a lie in his case since he may have glimpses of humanity in him but that does not change his twisted persona and his character. He was a vampire and owned it. He was not a good hero. He was not meant to be coddled. His ego and arrogance and menace did not need to be romanticized. Understanding someone’s motives and even his traumatic past does not excuse their shit. Klaus was damaged but was also a type of personality that was not the hero of the story and should never be treated as such and thankfully in TVD he never way. Especially by Caroline. And this was what I expected from Caroline and Klaroline also.  Add to that chemistry. And dynamics. And interactions.

So as I have already said. Different strokes for different folks.

3. However even by considering all the above in the end of the day you do not get to re-write the narrative and canon. And since I never cared for TO anyway let me just stick to TVD canon no matter how much TVD ended up being a trashcan in the end.

But here you go.

4. Why you even bother with me anon I do not understand. I have never watched TO. I have stopped watching TVD for years. I am only a Klaroline friendly blog for years now and I am generally neutral and drama free for years. Go play with someone that actually cares for such things. I have taken what I wanted from TVD. For me Klaroline is endgame. I enjoyed the Originals run in TVD for as long as it lasted and I moved on. I am only sticking to the Klaroline fandom and fanon… otherwise I do not care for whatever happens to TO inside or outside its narrative. I am pretty sure you can find more interesting people that actually care to engage with TO in order to have such discussions.


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(This is low-key the best thing I’ve ever written)

Suga had never been the one to care much.

He had watched people come and go, and his eyes had seen things no one should have. And still, he didn’t really care.

Suga couldn’t bring himself to feel compassion for any human because he knew how they all were. All they did was lie and lie, and they’d betray you the first chance they got. He bet even someone who dared to call him their friend would most likely kill him if given enough money.

But he understood. He would do the exact same thing.

Which was why he stayed out of everyone’s business when it didn’t have anything to do with him.

If he saw someone getting killed he’d just walk by. They had probably deserved it anyways.

He didn’t care.

However, his aloofness made his life a bit boring. He was in desperate need of excitement every day of his life, and he was so desperate that he’d do whatever to feel something, anything, for God’s sake.

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Baron | all I want 9 | Corbin































































































And we’re one chapter closer to the smut! And, and… This story won’t be over when they finally do it. I kinda have some ideas to keep this going. Oh and I hadn’t done it yet soooo.. I wrote in a shifting scene into this. Well, the more operative term would be I TRIED to write a shifting scene into this. I TRIED.

ALSO HUGE SHOUTOUT TO MY GIRL @writergrrrl29 because without you this story would be a hot damn mess and you’re amazing and I love you.


eventually rough sex, !Alpha Baron x !Omega Reader, biting/marking, talks of alpha omega dynamics ( things like reader having a heat cycle, Baron knotting reader at some point, etc) and pretty much anything that comes to me. I’ll update the warnings as needed. !Shapeshifting mentions.

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It was definitely strange, seeing Baron without the limelight and the cameras and all the people telling him how to act, feeding him lines. It was an eye opener, honestly. We’d just gotten into the town where most of his friends and the little family he had left were staying and we were meeting them for drinks at some bar they all liked to go to.

Corey flopped down in the seat next to me, tattooed hands gripping a Michelob Ultra and his index finger circling the top. “Figured you’d go with Ziggler. He seemed pretty damn confident at the airport.. What did my boy do to change your mind?”

I watched Baron and his brother horsing around at a foosball table, laughing loudly when Baron rubbed it in that he was winning and his brother spoke up quickly, “By one damn point. One, man.”

“I’m still winning.” Baron smirked as we locked eyes and it was that intense stare from earlier, back at the hotel this morning and I couldn’t help but feel my panties pooling with wetness as all the thoughts from earlier came back to mind again. Corey snickered and then nodded to Baron. “You still haven’t answered me.”

“Off the record, right? This isn’t Corey Graves, ring commentator.. This is Corey Graves, caring friend… Right?” I couldn’t believe I was about to just spill the tea as it were, but damn it, I couldn’t just hold it all in anymore. Corey nodded, took another sip of his Michelob and then told me with a laugh, “Yeah. I’m just curious because for a month solid there, you were at each other’s throats.”

“Who he is and who he lets people think he is are two very different things.. And maybe I have a strong dislike for bleach blond fuckboys who only want me because they know I only really want someone else.” I mused aloud as I reached out, stealing a cheese stick from the platter sitting on the table.

“So you do still want him.. All the annoyed looks and avoiding him and the two of you really ripping into each other was an act.. Any reason you’re just sitting on this and not telling him, Savannah?”

I coughed a little, choking on the sip of my mixed drink I’d taken. He’d caught me off guard, I didn’t have an answer for it right away. I mulled it over and then shrugged. “One thing, it’s more fun.. On a more serious note? He needs to prove this, for himself.. And maybe I want to have it proven before I just let him in.”

“Ah.. Good point. I don’t blame you, I mean he was pretty nasty that day on the plane. And I told him he was being a son of a bitch.” he smiled softly as his own wife slash mate came into the bar, excusing himself to go and meet her.
Baron wandered over and I saw the stormy look in his eyes. Was he seriously going to get jealous of every single man who dared to attempt conversation?
Apparently so.

“You can stop sulking right now. You don’t own me. And Corey was just asking me something because he cares about you. Don’t be a jealous asshole, okay?” I shut down the attitude as I calmly sipped my mixed drink and to my surprise, Baron pursed his lips but mumbled something under his breath that I didn’t catch and instead, he sat down, the back of the chair in his chest, tearing into the cheese sticks. He didn’t speak at first.

“Look, it’s hard not to get wound up.”

“No, Baron, it’s not. All you do is actually give me a little credit. I’m not your ex girlfriend.” I replied calmly, the startled look on his face as I revealed that yes, I knew all about the one other girl, the one he’d tried to settle in with, the one who’d rejected him.

Look, I’ve been in love with the guy secretly since I got signed to NXT back in 2013 We went through the PC together. Whether he realizes it or not, I saw how everything went down and I knew that while he’d hidden it very well, it had to hurt like hell.

Maybe that’s why I understood his pushing me away when his mark showed up on me, instead. When you love someone for so long and you’re thinking this is it, she’s the one and then you tell her this huge secret and she basically nopes the fuck out of the situation, severing whatever bond you might have once had, yeah.. It’ll feel like it’s going to kill you.

“I know.” he muttered the words after his shock at my knowing settled a few minutes later. “She was trying to fuck half my friends. It’s hard to bring you here and know I have absolutely nothing on you, there is nothing tying us together.. That  I basically treated you like shit and I honestly wouldn’t have blamed you if you just wrote me off.. And I don’t say this shit often, okay? I just don’t.. So take it however you want.. I’m shit at this.”

I weighed his words carefully and then, I was even more careful choosing my reply.. Because while it pissed me off, him lumping me in with that whore he called an ex fiance, I’ve spent the better part of a month now being nasty, pretending to hate him and more recently, I’ve just realized that despite everything, I just can’t anymore. This is the biggest reason I wish he’d hurry the hell up and be done proving what he feels he has to prove to me because I just… I want the rest of our lives to start? I want to be happy? I want to feel like I belong to someone and I want him all to myself.

but he’s still basically accusing you of potentially being like her…… not exactly…… either way, it was a jerk move and you should go off… my mind argued and I reached out, grabbing another cheese stick. “ I’m not doing this tonight. Things are going okay. Let’s not fuck that up. But for the record, I’m not the bed hopping bimbo your ex was. Now I’m gonna go play darts. You can sit here and stew in whatever you imagine you interrupted a few minutes ago, or you can take it to be exactly what I said it was and come with me.”


Baron sat there for about two or three minutes, just thinking about what she told him, their trip together so far and how the last time he bought a girl back it ended with the girl basically bolting for the exit when he sat her down, told her everything. Since then, he hadn’t bothered with letting another girl get close to him. Then Savannah came bursting into his life and try as he might – and he did try like hell at first – he couldn’t keep her out.

When she gave up not too long ago, it was scary for him. The fact that she was slowly re allowing herself to open up to him again here and there was huge for him. Her words just now hit him and the more he sat there slowly nursing his second bottle of the night, the more he realized that she’d never done anything to prove herself anything like his ex fiance.

He slid the chair beneath the table and stood, slowly making his way over to the dartboard, hanging back a few minutes just watching her in show off mode, a smirk on his face as he continued to nurse his beer and one of his thumbs through his belt loop. Corey made his way over, nudging him. “Piss her off already, man?”

“So why aren’t you over there? Do you really have to drag all this out? All denying your nature is  doing is making you miserable. Personally, I think it’s making her a little stir crazy too.” Corey nodded to Savannah who was turned facing away from the dartboard, a dart in her hand. 

“She won’t hit this.” Baron was shaking his head, chuckling as he watched her attempting to play a game of darts. The smile on his face wasn’t hidden and Corey noticed it, promptly smirking to himself.

“Probably not… And wow, her aim is really, really bad… You should probably go get your girl buddy, before she takes someone out with those things.” Corey turned and walked away and Baron started to walk over, slipping up behind Savannah, his hands at her waist casually. He seemed to just fall into the habit lately, touching her whenever he was near her and he could. 

“Your aim is terrible, kitten.” Baron muttered against her ears as he stepped up behind her.Savannah turned, found herself pressed right up against his chest and Baron had to bite back the growl threatening to escape his lips as his cock twitched, straining against his jeans for the thousandth time that day. She bit her lip and held out a dart. “Show me how to do this then, romeo.”

Baron got behind her, raising her arm, bending it how it needed to go.. The entire time he was doing this, his breath was warm against her neck and he could feel her tensing all over, when his lip grazed her neck he heard her whimper, felt her shiver slightly. “Now throw.”


“Now. Just don’t take out anybody. You gotta keep your eye on the bullseye, kitten. Focus.” his body rubbed against hers lightly and he chuckled when he heard her mumbling, “That’s easier said than done right now, Baron.”

“I’m not distracting you, am I?”

She turned to look at him, a pout on full lips. “Do you honestly have to ask that?”
“I’m not trying to.” Baron chuckled and Savannah pouted, giving her own low growl of frustration. When she missed, she swore quietly and he guided her arm up again, bending it again where it needed to be bent. His lips slightly grazed her neck and he felt the shiver that went through her body when it happened, but when she hit the 7, she jumped up, clapping and forgetting herself for a minute, she turned and hugged against him. “Did you fuckin see that? It didn’t stick in the column or the wall.. Or land on the floor.”

His arms slid over her body and when she gasped, her green eyes meeting his, he saw the faintest deep darkening, her pupils bigger, her scent sweeter and he leaned in, nipping at her lip. “We gotta head out early.. Do you wanna get out of here?”

“We’re leaving tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I usually don’t stay in town long. Being honest, I usually just pick up X and we hit the road again.”

“My dog.”

“You have a pet… Mr. Surly McCrabbypants has a dog. This I have got to see.” Savannah noticed then that yes, she was still sort of holding onto Baron. He glared at her and shook his head. “Besides… Your scent kitten… It’s driving me insane.. And if I can smell how badly you want me and that you happen to be in heat… Then I’m not the only one.” he nodded in the direction of a tall and muscular guy eyeing her from where the man sat at the bar.

Savannah bit her lip and felt her panties flooding all over again, felt the familiar tightening of every single part of her body as Baron very openly picked her up and carried her right out the doors of the bar, past the staring man and out to his motorcycle. 

She scooted onto the bike behind him and he sucked in a breath as he’d done earlier when they’d been leaving his friends place from picking it up. Her body was lightly thrown against his as he took off and it took literally everything in him not to find some dark place and pull off the road, do everything he wanted to do to her.

He almost jumped a foot into the air when he felt her nipping at his neck. He growled a little, a warning sound and she dared to giggle. “Sorry.”

“You better watch out, kitten.”
“Or what? The big bad wolf might eat me?” Savannah purred teasingly as they pulled to a stop in the driveway of his house. 

The dogs bark broke the silence and she’d just gotten off when she was nearly toppled over, being licked, making her laugh. She knelt down a little, looking at the dog. “You’re a sweetheart.”

“Don’t say that shit! X is a badass.” Baron gave her a look for saying it but Savannah poked out her tongue and then let the dog lick her hands, sniff them to get used to her scent. … because he’s going to have to because unlike some, I am here and I am here to stay… just have to let your owner get used to the idea… she thought to herself as Baron stood there, watching her.

“What?” I looked up from playing with X to find Baron staring at me intently. “Didn’t think you’d like big dogs.. Saw you as more of a small purse sized dog kind of girl, honestly.. Or cats.” Baron made a disdainful face at the word and I laughed for a split second before taking my phone out of my jacket.

He took the phone, looking at my lock screen, at my picture of my pit bull.“His name is Yoda.”

“Yoda? You named the poor dog Yoda?”

“When he was smaller, he had mange when I found ‘im.. Only had fur on his ass.. and the scales that come with the mange, well… They kinda felt like Yoda’s skin looked… Look, I was 8 and I really, really, really liked Star Wars.” I explained as Baron eyed me and then snickered a little. “You don’t know me like you think, okay?”

“I’m really starting to realize that.” Baron grabbed our stuff and stepped into the living room of the house and my eyes darted around because surprisingly enough, it felt more like home than I thought it would… I honestly thought that he’d have a bunch of furniture but nothing to make the place his own… I’d thought wrong, obviously, from the shelves displaying Civil War bone saws and horror movie stuff to the photographs everywhere, it honestly made me smile. I was slipping my shoes off and he cleared his throat.

“I’ll um… I’ll sleep in the living room tonight.”

god damn it, Baron!… but I want you in the same bed with me… Can’t you fucking cave in already?… I  get it, okay?….I wanted, more than anything, to scream that at him because I’m beyond frustrated at this point, but then I managed to calm myself down. 

He is doing this to prove how he really feels… To me.

And for some reason, I think he’s just proving to himself that he can let his guard down and get attached… It’s not entirely impossible to think that maybe, just maybe, he has his own insecurities about us.

He thought his last serious girlfriend was it and he went home one night and everything was gone but a note and his dog. That much I’d heard from one of the wives of one of his best friends. And I know that had to hurt like hell.

…. just like your ex did to you…. Just not quite the same reason… and you weren’t in a hurry to trust anyone, remember? It took you 3 years to finally admit to yourself that for whatever reason, you wanted Baron so badly you could taste it… 

“Are you sure? I mean that couch looks really, really small.. And you already cramped yourself onto that cot at the hotel.. And I know you had a kink in your neck earlier, I saw you, rubbing at it all night.” I bit my lip as I looked up at him.
“Just take the bed. You haven’t slept in almost a week.”

“I’ve gotten more sleep than you.” I pointed out as he eyed me and I tapped my foot, crossing my arms. “I can handle this shit, okay? I handled it all alone this entire time. I can handle myself.”
“Yeah, but..”

“Unless you’re fucking offering to give me what I really want, Baron.. Take the bed. It’ll help me sleep, okay?”
He stepped closer, that golden flash of lust temporarily changing the color of his dark eyes as he eyed me and tried to think of something to say. “Not yet, kitten.”

“That’s what I thought, romeo.. Now.. You’ll sleep on your bed, I’ll take the couch that we both know I’ll fit on better and that’s the end of it, alright?”

“You really think this is cute, don’t you? This whole tapping your foot, staring me down thing.. But I’ll let you have this one.. Just because I’m tired as hell and yes, my neck may be just a little cramped. But sooner or later, kitten.. I’m gonna show you exactly who’s in control.”

His lips were brushing mine, my hips were brushing his and both of us were so tense that any second we’d explode. I felt my heart beating faster, I felt the feverish heat of my skin boiling like molten lava and I felt more frustrated than I’d ever been in my entire life.

X was nosing between the two of us and whining for attention and looking up at us with a tilted head and an amused look and I fluffed the dog’s fur as I tilted my own head to look up at Baron. “Looking forward to it.” I muttered mostly to myself as I flopped onto the couch and found myself being the pillow for X when he jumped onto the couch a few seconds later, after I’d wiggled into place and covered up with a blanket that smelled exactly like Baron, my nose taking in the scent as deeply as it could.

If Baron doesn’t crack soon, I swear to God, I will lose my entire effing mind. It will be gone. 

Knowing he was asleep by now, because I could sense it and I could hear his obnoxious snoring, I stood and stretched and made my way through the house and out into the backyard. I needed to do something to de-stress. The only thing I’ve ever known that relaxes me, - other than sleeping with Baron’s shirt lately, is to let the other side out to play for a while.

I hit the woods as soon as I hit all fours and it felt amazing and freeing. The wind in my light gray fur, the snapping of twigs and leaves and bramble bush limbs a comforting lull as I just ran for a few hours, playing around in the forest behind Baron’s house. By the time I was coming back, the sun was coming up and I knew I’d be grouchy as hell and totally useless for at least part of the day but what I wasn’t expecting was to see Baron standing propped against the wooden post on his back porch, arms crossed, eyes scanning the trees as I burst through.

I quickly grabbed my clothes in my mouth and found a shed close to the back of the property and hurriedly shifted back to my human form, stepping out, slinking onto the porch past him. 

“You still shift?”

“You don’t?” I asked, a brow raised.
“I haven’t since I was 15.”

“It helps me through this heat cycle bullshit, okay? I go and run around a few hours and it calms me down. Why wouldn’t you do it if you were stressed out?”

“Because doing it stresses me out.” Baron reached out, snickering a little as he pulled a leaf from my ear. I poked out my tongue and shook my head, sniffing the air. “You cook something?”

“Pancakes… Chocolate chip.”

“My favorite..” I bit my lip and fell silent, following him into the house. “How long have you been awake?”

“Since you left last night. I almost came after you but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.. Besides, I hate shifting, I haven’t in years.” Baron sat two heaping plates on the table and then sat down, stabbed a mouth full of his pancakes as he looked over at me and so did I, groaning as the taste of them hit my mouth.
“Wow… you can actually fucking cook! This is…”He was smirking and I licked my lips as he eyed me and asked, “I’m taking that as a compliment.. But you can’t?”

“Nope. Motors? I can handle. Transmissions, bring it on… hell, I can even do hair and makeup and shit… But put me in front of a stove with directions and walk away and you will be returning to a house fire. The firemen in my town all know me by name, kinda?” I spoke cautiously while wolfing down my food.

“Nobody’s going to steal your food, tiny. You’re gonna choke if you don’t stop.”“I’m n-” I coughed as I promptly took too big a bite and after Baron hit my back, it went down. “I, ermm… Okay, sometimes you make good points.” I turned to look at him as I explained, “Whenever I shift out to the other me… I burn through food like crazy. I’m always starving.”

“Yeah.. Like that night back at the hotel, right? When I had your breakfast sent up?”

“You… you did that?” I acted shocked and bit my lip, staring intently at his, distracted by them a good f ew seconds before finally continuing to speak, 

 “Yes.. But how’d you know I shifted that night too?”

“I saw you go in your hotel room but I never saw you leave.. Then I bumped into you on the elevator that morning. Not that hard to figure out.. Besides, you always have leaves stuck to you whenever you do it.”
“I do not!”

“You do, kitten.” Baron smirked as I took a huge bite of my food and spoke through the mouth full, “It was easier than going to my dad and telling him what was going on and stuff, okay? Besides, I read my mom’s diary after I found her things in our shed… I knew she kept it hidden from my daddy. I didn’t wanna freak him out. He had enough going on. I mean my momma died unexpectedly… Then all his shit with the garage and other things… Besides, he wouldn’t have understood.”

“How do you know he wouldn’t have understood?”

“How do I know he would’ve?” I shrugged and sighed. “Look, he was already raising a little girl completely on his own and a lot of the time, that baffled him. The guy could hear the word Tampax and run screaming from the room.. he wanted to throw a bullet at my prom date and tell him that the bullets moved faster after 9:30.”

“Wow.” Baron couldn’t stop the laugh that came at her words. He was seeing her really smile for once, for probably one  the first times since he’d met her and her smile was… It was one of those smiles that you definitely wanted to see over and over again. It could light up the darkest night, it definitely had his heart beating a little crazy in his chest even if he’d never admit it out loud.

“You had a 9:30 curfew for prom?”

“That’s seriously all you took away from our conversation?”

We fell silent and I felt X walk towards me, resting his head on my leg. I reached down, petting him on the head as I focused on shoveling the food into my mouth. I didn’t know what else to say, and besides… Baron was about to get a full on crash course into my crazy existance in about another 12 hours anyway… I just found myself hoping to God that it didn’t send him screaming for the nearest exit when he did.

Marvelmas (3/13) - December 15 - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Words: 1134
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: none
Authors Note
: yasssss. I hope you guys are liking this series as much as I am!!

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You slept passed your alarm on accident. Yesterday, with all the running around the huge base, you were exhausted by the time you went to bed. Steve was too, but he didn’t have another person to meet up with today.

Luckily, you had a half hour before you had to find Natasha; your victim for the day. So you rushed to get ready to leave the base, hoping she wouldn’t forget. You threw on a comfortable outfit and left as quick as possible, getting to the meeting spot with barely any time to spare.

“You good?” Natasha laughed when she saw you run in.

“Yeah, just thought I was late!”

With Natasha snickering, you knew something was up. “What?” You asked.

“I knew you were going to sleep in, I mean, look at this place!” She gestured around to all the decorations. “So, I set your clock forward an hour to make sure you would be here before planned. Plus, I’m really curious about what we’re doing,” She admitted.

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unrequited sex || ashton irwin

requested: yes

word count: 2.2k+

synopsis: bartender!ashton supporting you through a lovelife struggle through the only way he knows how; helping you drink whilst throwing in some concern and flirting

warning: there is mentions and suggestion of smut/sex. there is also drinking involved.

a/n: i feel like i ended this horribly, but whatevers. it’s suppose to be light, funny with a touch of sex. credit to the rightful owner of the gif.

masterlist // writing prompt numbers

The liquor burned the back of my throat as I immediately chugged down at least 6 Jägerbombs within a 15 second time frame. Letting out a breath of relief and a tiny burp after hitting my 6th shot glass on the bar countertop, he raised his eyebrow at me, grabbing all of the shot glasses to clean up.

“You know, the Jägerbomb challenge doesn’t really start until next month, love.” he joked. I looked at him and I laughed dryly at his attempt to cheer me up or at least start a conversation with me.

“Can I have like 5 shots of tequila please?”

“Can I ask what is the occasion for you drinking so much?”

I rolled my eyes and threw him a 50 dollar bill.

“Just get me my drinks, Ashton.”

He took my bill and shoved it into his back pocket before walking a short distance to grab the best tequila the bar had to offer.

“You should really tell your manager to lower down the price range for your drinks. $10 a shot is a tad expensive don’t you think?”

He chuckled as he poured my drinks into their respected shot glasses. His curly hair was in that weird phase where it was too short for him to tie up but too long where he needed a hair cut. His eyes were brighter than any star and held so much confidence. His lips were shaped perfectly and looked like they held so much sex appeal. His black shirt was hugging all the right parts of his chest with the sleeves squeezing his biceps deliciously. His black apron covered how his jeans perfectly accentuated his large thighs and giving a little tease at his natural bludge. Ashton Irwin was the hottest bartender around. He was also the sweetest and the wittiest, hence the mix of smart remarks and questions that oozed with concern and worry for one of his favourite customers, and friend.

“I don’t make the rules, love.” He replied with a charming smile, pushing putting the shot glasses onto the countertop for me to devour. Licking his lips, he leaned forward from his station, placing his elbow up and resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

“But seriously, what’s wrong? I know you are a heavy drinker and all, but you have been sitting here for around 2-3 hours drinking your heart out.”

“Well this is a bar, isn’t it Ashton? I’m just using the bar’s clearly intended purposes.”

“No you’re abusing the fuck out of its intended purposes, which means you are hurt, angry or you are an addicted alcoholic but I know number 3 is definitely not the case.”

The fire in my eyes slowly flickered away as I swallowed down the growing lump in my throat. I stared down at the shot glasses in front of me before quickly grabbing one and drinking it down as if it was water.

I hated telling my feelings and my thoughts. I hated revealing my vulnerability and having weak moments. Why? Because it’s those small but powerful moments where people can take advantage of you or use that information against you. And I have been hurt way too many times to be an expert on that situation.

Throwing back my 3rd tequila shot, I put the shot glass down and reached over to the 4th before Ashton quickly grabbed my wrist to stop me from drinking.

“Y/N.” he said with a stern voice.

I looked up at him and he could see from my eyes that my strong persona was slowly withering away. He was getting to me. We could both feel it.

“Y/N…” he repeated, but this time in a more softer and worried tone. “What’s going on? What aren’t you telling me?” he asked.

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helioangel  asked:

Thought of another! BAP gif reaction when you haven't been sleeping well and your sense of time gets very very scrambled? (this happened to me two weeks ago and it was pretty bad. i wrote that it was 2014 and thought something that happened the day before, was a week before lmao) thanks~~


“You’re so cute, haha, but please try & get some more sleep.”

He would find it so cute when you have a little mix-up with the time, but then he’d tell you to get as much rest as you need. Yongguk would let you know that it’s not healthy for you to barely getting any sleep.


“What made you like this? Oh gosh.”

He’d probably make fun at you first. Like, when you ask if it’s a day from last week, he would laugh so hard because he didn’t think that you’d be that far behind on time. Then he’ll probably be all cute & ask if you needed him to sleep better.


“We can’t have you be like this, so get some sleep, ok?”

You could find this guy be more on the worried side. He’d wonder how little sleep you’ve been getting. Rather than dates, he’d pretty much cuddle and take naps with you to make sure you were getting some sleep.


“We’re actually in the year 3030 now.”

As much as he cares that you are sleeping well, he can’t help but pull little jokes on you once in a while. The prankster in him won’t let him stop. He’d make you even more confused, to be quite honest.


“Wow, I never experience that before.”

More than anything, he would find your situation quite strange as it’s probably going to be something he heard for the first time. He’d ask you if you knew ways to help with that or if he could help out in any way.


“That day is long gone…”

He’d be so confused when you mention the wrong date and then proceed to ask you if you’re okay. When you tell him about your situation, he would be more understanding, telling you to get more rest.

walking in the rain (m)

Originally posted by areerie

request:  can you do a fluffy scenario where you like to play in the rain but Suga finds it childish and you convince him to play in the rain with you and he ends up having a lot of fun (maybe at the end a little smutty but you can do it if you want) I hope this isn’t too much I love your blog <3

word count: 1.9k

author’s note: well … this took a turn. this is very overdue and by no means fluffy at all but it is what it is… -ally

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Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Dip: Perfect as side, main, superbowl dip and more! Mix together:

Cooked Quinoa, Black Beans, Diced Red Onion, Diced Bell Peppers, and optional Dice Jalapeno.

Dress with Squeezed lemon, Olive Oil, and you favorite hot sauce (optional, and let me tell you Tabasco, Buffalo, Chipotle and all similar sauces are great!

Serve alone or with side of corn chips and #DetoxtoRetox your way into some fun!

Lucky Ones

Have some Frienzoline with established Klaroline!  I am supposed to tag @romanoffsbite in all things Carenzo that I write.  @livingdeadblondequeen gave me the prompt for Mardi Gras. @lalainajanes wanted Klaroline and Frienzoline.  And @thetourguidebarbie just wants to read something happy.  @raycicle also wanted Carenzo… it’s not romantic, but will BroTP work?

“Well now, this is a sight for sore eyes.”

               Caroline grinned at the dark haired man that sauntered towards her.  She held a large, flashy pink sign, proudly emblazoned with the word NERD in full capitals, in her hand.  It had taken her an hour to create, but she tossed it aside without a thought to throw herself at Enzo.  He caught her with a laugh and whirled her around.

               “Hell, Gorgeous, should I be worried that you’ve missed me so much?” Enzo asked, dipping her back dramatically.  They were causing a scene, but it was typical of them when they were together.  “Has that arse you call a lover not been treating you right?”

               “He’s been treating me just fine, Enzo,” Caroline replied, grinning widely as he straightened her once more.  She planted her hands on either side of his face and tilted his head back and forth, watching him with narrowed eyes.  “Have you been eating properly?  You look pale.”

               “Lord, Gorgeous, give a man ten minutes to recover from the flying death trap he was in.  You know I hate to fly.”  He picked up the duffel he had dropped before catching her in his arms, and then held his arm out to Caroline.  She looped hers through it.  Then he looked at her with a raised brow, and she grinned back wickedly, and the two of them began to skip to the exit.

               After all, if you were gonna make a scene, you had to go all the way.

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Week 11 & 12

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Yelling

Words: 1,709

SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 11“Shut up, that was one time.”

SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 12: “You’re one insult away from starting a war.”

@one-shots-supernatural has been extremely amazing and has worked with me during these last two Hiatus’s. It sucks how fast you can fall behind again. Thanks, Kayla. I really appreciate it.

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Getting stuck in the elevator with Seventeen
  • Vocal unit
  • Woozi: Tries to fix the elevator by himself
  • "Aren't you gonna help me?"
  • Seokmin: -jumps in the elevator- "SEOKMIN ARE YOU TRING TO KILL US" "But this is so fun!"
  • Joshua: -Keeps calm and calls for help from staff--after a while- so let me tell you these puns
  • Jeonghan: -sits on the floor- oh well
  • Seungkwan: -mental breakdown-
  • Hip hop unit
  • S.Coups: -acts cool- "Don't worry babe, I got this." -Ends up breaking the elevator permanently-
  • Vernon: So in the meanwhile, do you wanna listen to my mix tape or
  • Wonwoo: -sighs- Wish Mingyu would be here
  • Mingyu: -Starts holding your sides- You're not Wonwoo but you'll do. What no I'm not scared, why would you think that
  • Performance unit
  • Jun: -moves closer- Well now that we're alone for a while
  • Minghao: -mumbles things in Chinese while sitting holding his knees-
  • Dino: -shivers- Yes I'm fine
  • Hoshi: -climbs out the actual elevator- ya u coming

anonymous asked:

(Sorry if you had this already) What do the Companions do when the SS is ill?

Yay, fluff! And no, this one is new. 

Cait: “Shite, I think I’ve had that before. Hold on, let me mix something up to help.” She actually knows her fair share of medical knowledge, and mixes up alcoholic cures. 

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum, are you comfortable? Do you need soup? I can get Curie if you’re feeling really bad.” He essentially dotes on Sole and constantly asks if they need anything.

Curie: “Ohh, yes, I know this illness. Let me consult my journal.” She’s an illness guru, particularly skilled at cutting sickness time in half. She’s also constantly whipping up strange, yet helpful cures. 

Deacon: “I have no clue what to do myself, but I can help keep your mental illness healthy!” He essentially makes sure that Sole isn’t lonely when their bedridden and tells them fun jokes, stories and riddles. 

Danse: “Soldier, I found this in a nearby facility.” He just busts in with an IV set, heart monitor and dialysis machine. After it was explained Sole wasn’t THAT sick, he’s in charge of checking for fevers with his hand. 

Nick: “Here, kid.” Nick tossed Sole a couple of mystery novels he found recently, “Just because your sick in bed doesn’t mean you gotta stop solving mysteries.” He winked. 

Piper: “Ah, Blue. Happens even to the best of us, huh?” Piper soaked a rag in cool, fresh water and wiped Sole’s forehead, “But when you’re feeling 100%, we’re going out to find some trouble. 

Preston: “Remember to take it easy, General.” Preston warned, pulling up and straightening their blankets, “Have Codsworth come and get me if you need anything special, ok?” 

Hancock: “Huh, that sucks.” Hancock chuckled and looked over the ill Sole, “But seriously, I could go run out and get some Med-X, or get some crazy medicine if you need it.” 

X6-88: “Sole, please consider letting the Institute, or at least me give you a check up.” He placed his hand on Sole’s forehead, “ I need you to get better soon.” 

MacCready: “Hey! Sole!” MacCready busted in, interrupting Sole’s nap, “Oh, sorry I woke you up. But you need to drink your fluids, ASAP!” He’s in charge of making sure Sole drank plenty of water of Mutfruit juice. 

Strong: “Human sick? Human needs to get better, not weak.” Strong urged, his tone somewhere between frustration and concern. 

Dogmeat: Keeps Sole company by sleeping by their side and giving doses of cuddles as needed. 

A Complicated Situation and A Reluctant Confession

Han Solo x Reader

Prompt: Can you do a Han Solo oneshot? Where Han is in a situation with people he owes and the reader happens to fall into the mix and they have to pretend to act like a couple and have to prove it to the people Han owes. Of course, the reader loves him, so it’s pretty difficult. Once they solve the situation, the reader hesitates to tell Han how she feels.

A/N: hi okay this was really fun to write and I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting! I’m not sure if this is exactly what you meant but you can message me/send me an ask letting me know. (that is if you want to)

Han Solo. It was a well known name with many people. For some, it was because he was a player, but for most, it was because he owed them money. A lot of money. However, you fit into neither of those categories. You were one of the poor souls who was stuck with genuine feelings for Han ‘I can’t be tied down’ Solo. Taking a slow sip of your drink, you heard an argument break out a few yards away.

“Solo! Give me reason not to kill you right now.” someone sneered. You groaned, of course Han was in trouble. Again. The last time this had happened, you told him you wouldn’t save his ass the next time and you were determined to stick to your word.

“Hey, buddy, listen, I can get you your money I just need a little more time.” Han tried, sounding rather nervous.

“That’s what you said last time. Your time is up Han Solo.”

“C’mon.. please, tell your boss I just need a few more day-” Han’s voice was strained then stopped short, and you realized it was because he was being choked. Evenso, you still refused to help. He got himself into this mess, he could surely get himself out. Taking another sip, you sighed and stood up, relenting and going to save Han’s ass for the umpteenth time. Moving swiftly, you made yourself look frightened and scurried over to where the two men were standing.

“No more time Solo. Boss’ orders.” the clearly annoyed Twi’lek said. As soon as you knew you were in hearing range you spoke.

“Oh! Please don’t hurt him!” you pretended to choke up. “Please! He’s the only family I have left!” tears formed in your eyes. “If you kill him, my children will never know their father!” you placed a hand on your stomach and sobbed, trying desperately to save your friend. The Twi’lek’s grip loosened.

“S’at so?” she muttered. “So Han Solo finally settled down, did he?” she wasn’t convinced.

“Please.. I love him.. He means everything to me and more. I can’t live without him..” tears dripped down your face and hit the floor. Giving in, she released Han with a grunt. To further your ploy, you grabbed Han’s face in your hands and kissed him. Pulling back slowly, you inspected him.

“Are you alright, my love?” you asked, looking over his face for any sign of injury. Still struggling to breathe, Han nodded a few times. Even though she appeared to still be suspicious, the Twi’lek left. As soon as you knew she was really gone, you turned on Han angrily.

“Y/n..” he murmured, clearly still struggling for air, “y/n.. do you?” your nose scrunched up and you looked at him with confusion.

“Do I what, Solo?”

“Do you love me?” nearly choking on your own spit, you had to think quick before responding.

“No. It was just a way to save your ass.. again.” you muttered, not meeting his gaze.

“Look me in the eyes and say it again.” Han persisted. You took a deep breath and looked into his eyes. His beautiful hazel eyes.

“Han. It was just a way to save your ass. Again.” he slit his eyes, not believing a word that came out of your mouth.

“Don’t lie to me y/n.” he whispered, moving his face closer to yours.

“I’m not ly-” you didn’t have the chance to finish your sentence.

“Oh yes you are princess. No one, not even you, could fake that much emotion.” he growled, inching his face even closer.

“Fine. Let’s say I did have feelings for you. Would it even matter? You’re single and you’re fine with it. You said it yourself, Han, ‘I’m fine with being alone. A relationship is useless and would only slow me down,’” you struggled to keep your voice from breaking. Han’s eyes studied yours for a few moments and you had to remind yourself to breathe. It felt like he was trying to burn a hole through your head, acting as if he hadn’t already torn a hole in your heart. You tried not to think about his rough yet smooth lips against yours, and oh how so badly you wanted him to kiss you again.

“Well y/n.. In case you didn’t know.. I’m not just a scoundrel.. I’m also a compulsive liar..  especially when it comes to my emotions..” you could feel his lips moving against yours and your eyes grew wide as you realized what he meant. You had little to no reaction time before he gently pressed his lips to yours and cupped the sides of your face with his large, calloused hands. Standing on your toes trying to somewhat even out the height difference, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and sank into the kiss, never wanting it to end. To your dismay, what felt like milliseconds later, Han moved away.

“So your highness, you sure you only did it to save my ass? Or maybe was it because you wanted my ass?” he taunted, caressing your cheekbone with his thumb. You gave a half smirk half smile and giggled.

“Well Captain Solo, kiss me again and we might find out.” you said playfully, accompanying your words with a wink.

“That so, is it sweetheart? Well.. I do need to know.” Han murmured before kissing you again. You made sure this kiss lasted longer than the first and after a minute or two, you reluctantly pulled away.

“I did it because I wanted your ass and I wanted to save your ass, because if you were dead, there wouldn’t be anyone’s ass for me to want.” you smiled, resting your forehead against his.

“I’m glad to hear it, your worshipfullness. Now I get to see the only angel I want to see everyday.” a small laugh left your lips and you noticed a faint blush creeping upon his cheeks.

“I love you too, Han.”