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Having a bookstore across the Joke Shop would involve... // George//

A/N: It’s basically a Dating George Weasley would involve…And agaaain I went a bit overboard because I can’t tell you how much I love him. ( and Draco) Enjoy this piece of fluff that I am throwing in between. 

Fred’s version

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Valentine’s Day Sentence Starters

Mixed Starters :: Cute :: Fluffy :: Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong.

  1. “Who needs a date on valentine’s day when I have you?”
  2. “Our waiter is so hot.”
  3. "No, you have fun with your date. Don’t let my being stood up stop you.”
  4. “Oh, my god… the babysitter just cancelled on us! how are we supposed to go on the date now?”
  5. “Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! I know it’s lame but I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. there, I said it.”
  6. “We’re going Dutch, right?”
  7. “Tell me that’s not my ex over there.”
  8. “What do you mean you’re at the restaurant across town?”
  9. “You’re literally the worst when it comes to being romantic.”
  10. “Babe, you know I love you, but… last time you cooked me a meal, I ended up in hospital. can’t we just go out for dinner…?”
  11. “Nobody said anything about this being a cover band!”
  12. “Um… yeah, these are really nice and all, but I’m allergic to roses.”
  13. Tthis is the worst valentine’s surprise ever! were you trying to scare me to death?!”
  14. “Oh my– are you proposing?!”
  15. “Do you think my secret admirer might finally reveal themselves today?”
  16. “Valentine’s day is such a scam of a holiday… it’s so stupid! I hate it.”
  17. “We’re eating out at the Golden Arches!”
  18. “We’re going to do anti-valentine’s day this year. we’re going to go out and do all of the least romantic date ideas ever, just to stick it to the man.”
  19. “I can’t believe I’m actually at a wedding on valentine’s day. what a lame cliché.”
  20. “Does this have caramel in it? I’m allergic to caramel!”
  21. “How was I supposed to know there would be a bee in the bouquet?!”
  22. “This is not a proposal!”
  23. “I shaved my legs for this?”
  24. “My boss told me I have to work late.”
  25. “I didn’t realize these tickets were for the nosebleed section.”
  26. “Um, I tried to buy some sexy underwear, but I think they sent me the wrong size…”
  27. “That movie was awful.”
  28. “You can’t seriously be proposing right now? on valentine’s day? couldn’t you have thought of something a little more original than that?”
  29. “Something has been nibbling on these chocolates.”
  30. “Um, I know this is really cliché and all, but it’s valentine’s day and I just wanted to say… I really like you.”
  31. “I’m going to be stuck at work for a little longer… I’m sorry, I know it’s our date tonight…”
  32. “I forgot to make reservations.”
  33. “I am not going to be your fake-date to this party.”
  34. “I wish I could do more for you today but I’m really broke…”
  35. “I love them and all, but their poetry is so bad! they’ve written seven love poems just for today.”
  36. “So… can I assume you don’t have a date tonight either?”
  37. “Olive Garden is not fine dining!”
  38. “I’m really sorry my dog peed on your good shoes.”
  39. “I didn’t forget that it was valentine’s day! I swear! your present is just… it’s somewhere else.”
  40. “What do you mean these diamonds are fake?”
  41. “We’re out of condoms.”
BTS reaction to their child’s first day of school

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Jin would play the calm dad exactly until your little girl disappeared into the school. Then he would turn around and hug you for a long time.

“Wah, this is so hard. I wish we could keep her with us forever.”

“I know, I know. This is never easy. But you did so well! I’m so proud of you.”

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Yoongi would be really attached to your child and reluctant to let it go once you arrive at school.

“Dad, let go of my hand! I have to go now!”

“What? Oh yeah, sorry.”

“See you later, love you!!”

“Bye baby…”

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Namjoon would be the kind of dad that is super calm the entire time, but then waits close to the door the entire day for your little boy to come home.

“Why are you writing lyrics on the stairs Joonie?”

“You know, no reason.”

“If only people knew what a gigantic softy you are.”

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Hobi would have mixed feelings. He would be super excited until you arrived at school. He would realize that he has to let his little boy go and get a little sad.

“Alright Champ! Go have fun! And tell me everything later!”

“Ok, bye bye!”

“You ok Hobi?”


“Yeah, I’ll be alright. Let’s go home, beautiful.”

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Jimin would get really antsy and nervous, but he would try and keep himself busy to distract from that fact.

“Ok, sweet pea. Did you remember to pack all your pencils?”

“Yes daaaaaad.”

“Alright, alright! Off you go. Oh, but remember to not let anyone pick on you!”

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Tae would be really excited for his little boy, he wouldn’t be sad at all. 

“Wah, I’m so excited for you! You will meet so many nice people and learn a lot of new stuff! You have to tell me everything later!”

“Really dad?? Ahhh, so cool! See you later, love you!”

“Love you too!”

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Kookie would have very mixed feelings. On the one hand he wants to make sure that his little boy is always safe but on the other he knows that he won’t be able to protect him forever.

“Alright, junior. You have both our numbers right? And you won’t hestitate and ask the teacher to call us when something happens?”


“Is Appa getting on your nerves. Alright, off you go!”

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What would you reckon would be the music tasted of class 1a and the teachers? I see present mic liking old rock, aizawa liking grunge and doom. Bakugou liking metal hell yeah and midoriya liking pop (katy perry ftw). Thai is nkt really a request, i just like to chichat lols

OOOO FUN lets do this… I never realized how wide my music tastes were till now lol (EVEN THOUGH SOME OF THE ARTISTS LISTED I DONT LIKE LOL)

Midoriya Izuku: You literally cannot convince me that he’s not a HUGE fan of Unison Square Garden. He really like softer rock bands like them. His favorite album is Dr. Izzy and his favorite track is Mix Juice no Iutoori. It’s his go-to study tune.

Bakugou Katsuki: Likes underground rap. He indulges in Doja Cat. He also likes heavy rock, but not as heavy as metal. It hurts his ears lmao. He likes Trap music. DONT TELL ME HE DOESNT LIKE TRAP MUSIC. Cardi B’s #1 fan. Rich Chigga at least once a day.

Todoroki Shouto: Likes EDM, but not the standard kind. Something like Remember or Water Lily~Suiren. He also likes Jorja Smith.

Iida Tenya: Classic music nerd. If he’s not listening to that, he’s probably indulging in random artists on Avex.

Uraraka Ochaco: loves bubblegum pop. She still likes toybox sorry. Basically the very standard AMV music that people make fun of nowadays. She also likes the cutesy k-pop girl groups. Her current favorite is Happy by WJSN

Kirishima Eijirou: He’s the one who likes metal. But not death metal. Death isn’t manly. He also has a taste for Panic at the Disco lol.

Mina Ashido: Also likes cutesy k-pop. Signal is the shit… Twice as aliens was her phone background for a really long time. She also indulges in jpop idols like Perfume and ORESAMA. Kawaii Future Bass mixes on full blast

Tsuyu Asui: Likes underground artists in general. Lianne la Havas is always her go-to artist, and she enjoys certain songs by Alice Smith, and Kali Uchis.

Kaminari Denki: Loves all types of rock. Doesn’t matter what it is, he’s jamming on it. he also likes really weird tunes like Nanayoubi for some reason. He can’t explain his appeal for Uzhaan and Kakato… he just likes them.

Yaoyorozu Momo: Really enjoys Future Funk mixes, and listens to 80′s jpop idols. She’ll go into detail about how good of an artist Junko Yagami is, and it’s her second-life dream to be like her. Bay City is a bop.

Rikido Sato: BIG FAN OF FUNK. He doesn’t give a fuck, he’ll blast Prince at 2AM in the morning, and be humming tunes by Cameo all day. He wants Candy to be his theme song. Also really likes Drake. Views was a good album, but More Life SUCKED.

Kyouka Jirou: All types of old school rock. Queen, Pink Floyd, David Bowie… Even rockabilly like Elvis and Stray Cats. Also don’t even talk to her about vocaloid if it’s not old school vocaloid. New age shit just isn’t her cup of tea.

Aoyama Yuuga: only listens to Toybox. Sorry.

Tokoyami Fumikage: Nickelback. Anything even remotely emo. Linkin Park. He’ll fight you over black veil brides… quilty pleasure is BOTDF… fhdsfjdfcsdd

Mashirao Ojirou: Tibetan Throat Singing

Hanta Sero: Anything that’s on the radio. He doesn’t have a particular taste, he just likes music!

Koji Kouda: Likes Meditation Music. The kind thats playing whenever you get a professional massage.

Mezo Shouji: Acoustic mixes. He also really likes Spanish Guitar. He doesn’t really like jazz, but he’ll indulge in bossa novas

Tooru Hagakure: Abstract music. Babu-chan’s music is a little scary, but she likes the noises and how they form a tune. Kikuo’s old music. Vocaloid is cute.

Minoru Mineta: Doesn’t care about music. Only watches Laysha Fancams.

Aizawa Shouta: Calming rock music. Things that he can fall asleep to. Nothing too rowdy. He’s also really into lo-fi hip hop.

Present Mic: Will probably fight someone over how much he loves Carly Rae Jepsen. Ariana Grande was meant to be his wife, he claims.

All Might: Anything in English. Likes motivational Rock. You can catch him crying to Whitney Houston.

Midnight: Sexual pop. Fantasy by Fei, 24hours by Sunmi. Stellar’s music. She probably really likes kpop in general. Fight her on Beyonce, thats her queen.

It ain’t me

Hey loves!!! How’re you all? Lol I’m sure y'all are just as blessed with Harry as much I am XD. Anyways, it’s a one shot based on the song ‘It ain’t me’ by Selena Gomez. It’s a short one. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think about it :)

Goodbye. It all ended with one simple word which held thousand emotions behind it. It held a thousands of heart ache. It held lot of pain. It held a lot of tears. But to him, like others—was just a simple word that could be found in dictionary.

You hated how he could end it so easily, so easily that within a bling of an eye he was out of the door. Out of your world. And all you could do was unthinkable laugh rather than go after him. Laugh at yourself for being so madly in love with him that you couldn’t even see the reason behind his presence with you was.

You found it out when you went to visit him after he returned back from tour. He was back in London for two days and you were more than excited to spend the complete two days with him but when you saw him naked—panting over a woman’s body, all your happiness faded way with a heavy weight pressed upon your check. You felt disgusted when the moans of the man you loved filled your ears, the same moans that gave you pleasure where ripping your chest apart now.

Turning back on your heels you prowled down the stairs not in the mood to third wheel the scene going on upstairs. You were dumbfound, never ever you thought Harry would do this to you. Yet he did. With tears strained cheeks, a duffle bag on your shoulder—filled with the stuff you brought to stay with him you walked back to home.

The other day he came, came and told you the truth. Reality shattered you more. You were being preyed—hunted by him for nothing but publicity and he didn’t minded when his management placed this idea of him dating his best friend in front of him. He was more than okay with it.

He thought he’d tell you but when he saw the love and affection in your eyes when he told you ‘I love you’ coated with lies, he just couldn’t open his mouth and blabber out the truth. He kept it with him—that’s the mistake he made. When he went on tour, he met up with Camille. And since after that they started hooking up. He decides he’d tell you,
but—before that you found out.

It all came upon you like a wave of complete destruction enough to take up everything from your life from its roots. Your heart that once you thought was secure within Harry's—crushed into million pieces. You were never bold enough to wear your heart on sleeve but when you met Harry, you did because you always believe that he’d never break you. Stupid you were.

You felt like an idiot standing in front of him who had a role of an entertainer in his life. Whom he used to gather some more fans. It was so irony how you always gave everything of yours into the friendship that you had once and in return, taking you granted—took everything of yours.

“I’m sorry.” Harry said when you found him standing on your porch wet from rain. His teeth chattered and skin pale. His eyes were mixed with teardrops and drops of rain.

“For what?” You asked stepping aside and letting him enter your warm heart? Your warm building of a cold person.

“For using you. For leaving you. For lying to you! Fuck for everything I did!” He pleaded holding up your hands in his. And just like the other day, you laughed in his face taking him back in shock. It was funny how he came back. After kicking you away like a pebble on the road—used for nothing but fun till it rolls with us.

“Why Harry? Oh let me tell you! Because you’re new girlfriend doesn’t gives you all what you need? Doesn’t acts like the world revolve around you? Oh well bad for you Harry. ” you spat with hate and agony. A little glimpse of sadness could be seen in your eyes in the form of tears.

“Now you’re thinking huh? Who’s gonna rock you to sleep? Who’ll take care of you when you’re sick? Who’ll drive you home when you’re drunk off your ass? Who’ll be there for you?—love you?” You whispered the last part. Your eyes were burning red, tears down your cheeks. Oh dear only if he knew how much it hurt you to say all that. Only if he knew how much you still loved him even though his words were just made up of lies.

“This time, it ain’t me” you said ripping his hand off yours.

“It ain’t me anymore Harry. You can leave now”

The truth was told. It wasn’t you anymore whom he could rely on. You weren’t whose world revolved around him. He was faded for you now. He was gone.

walking in the rain (m) : myg

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request:  can you do a fluffy scenario where you like to play in the rain but Suga finds it childish and you convince him to play in the rain with you and he ends up having a lot of fun (maybe at the end a little smutty but you can do it if you want) I hope this isn’t too much I love your blog <3

word count: 1.9k

author’s note: i’m reposting everything i have written on hoseoksgal onto this new, writing blog. well … this took a turn. this is very overdue and by no means fluffy at all but it is what it is… -ally


Another groan. Another giggle.

Yoongi couldn’t help but be annoyed at the weather. Even more so he was annoyed with the fact that you would not stop playing in it. You tried to persuade him to join you, but he just shook your hand off of him, sighed, and continued walking.

It was understandable why he was upset. Walking home from his studio the day before his mixtape release would be stressful on anyone. But you couldn’t understand why he was taking it out on you. Throughout the entire day he had just seemed so irritated by every little thing you had done, even snapping at you for dropping the cap of your water bottle. This day was supposed to be one filled with excitement as the final preparations for his mixtape were finished with. But no, instead it was a dreadful day just walking in the rain.


“Min Yoongi,” you stopped right in front of him. “I know you’re stressed but please try and have fun with me. Today is a celebration, if anything. Not just another day for you to be grumpy.”

The only response was not. You were right and he hated to admit it to himself. But that wasn’t going to stop him from being annoyed with the weather. He looked towards the sky, today of all days.


He absolutely would not let himself admit how cute you were being right now. You were wearing a black dress that he bought you, instantly making it one of his favorites. He would also not admit the tightening in his pants when you twirled a little too hard and your underwear was exposed. There was no way in hell he was going to join you in your silly actions.

But he did.

Now the sounds of splashing were coming from the two of you together. It was something that no one would have ever thought of doing. Dancing with Min Yoongi of all people, outside, in the rain. Giggling to yourself at the thought, he looked at you and raised an eyebrow.

“Oh my god. You look so cute!”

“I am not cute whatsoever.” He protested.

“Okay sure.” That was your response as the two of you linked hands while approaching a stop light.

You noticed that Yoongi was looking around. There was no way of telling what he was looking for until the grasp he had on your hand suddenly tightened and he ran you off to an alleyway that was close by.

Before you had a chance to ask what was going on, you were pinned against a wall with a leg between yours and a hand roughly squeezing your ass.

“You think you can parade around here and not expect me to see what you’re doing? You didn’t wear shorts under that dress on purpose. I specifically bought it for you because it was short, and now you decide to tease me with it? What am I going to do about this, hm? Those were the only words you heard before he left you standing there in a puddle of your own wetness.

Turning around to look at you, he cocked his head to the side as if asking if you were coming. There was no way you were passing up a chance like this. Finally, you thought, your ploy actually worked and you were once again going to see the dominate side of your boyfriend you constantly longed for. It wasn’t like Yoongi avoided showing this side of him to you, it was more that he was just a gentle being in everything he did, including activities in the bedroom. Hell, you even had to ask him to tie you up the first time because the foreign thought never even crossed his mind. You even felt a little bad. You knew the stress he was under, but you also knew that this would help him in more ways than one. He would finally be able to release some of the pent up anger he had residing in him over the past few months. Despite the feelings of guilt, you were happy for whatever was to come.

Finally reaching the house, Yoongi only demanded, “Upstairs. You know the routine.” before you even had a chance to take your shoes off.

“Yes Sir,” you answered.

Walking up the stairs you did a little jump out of excitement. It was happening after who knows how long, and it was going to be intense. Stripping off your clothes and walking over to the drawer that held your best lingerie you debated if you even needed any. Chances are that it would be ripped off as soon as he walked in the bedroom so you decided against it. Instead, you placed the choker on your neck that you knew was his favorite and assumed your regular position on the bed. Face down, ass in the air. The spanking you were in for would be brutal, but it didn’t matter.

“Would you like to tell me why,” he entered the room, “you thought it was a good idea to tease me, today of all days? Kitten, you know I don’t appreciate it.” He took off his belt and set it on the bed next to you, now only in his boxers.

“Have an answer for me?” He was not behind you, one hand on the belt, the other on your lower back. “I’m going to take that as a no, then.”


The sound of the belt against your porcelain skin rang out through the room. Mixed along with the sound of your moans and Yoongi’s breathing.


“The sooner you answer me, the sooner the fun starts.” You knew that. You also knew you didn’t have an answer for him. There was no way of just stating you did it because you wanted to, that wouldn’t satisfy him.


“Since it looks like you don’t have an answer for me, I’ll stop for now.” You let out a sigh. The spanking was quite enjoyable if you were honest, but there was no way of telling how far he would go. Especially tonight.

Flipping you over so you were now laying on your back, he grabbed your collar and forced you to the floor. Right in front of you was what you had been waiting for. At that moment the only sight you wanted to see was him. Every inch of him. Slowly pulling down his boxers for you and taking his length into his hand, he tapped the tip onto your mouth waiting for you to open. When you finally did, he instantly moaned out of relief.

“That’s my girl.”

Bobbing your head along his length, you could almost feel him twitching inside of your mouth. It hadn’t even been that long since the two of you had had sex but he was a sensitive one and always had been.

“That’s enough.” You released him from your mouth and nodded with a sly smile.

“You’re smiling because you’re getting what you want, huh?” You only nodded.

Next thing you knew, he roughly grabbed you by your arm and threw you on the bed. With a squeal of excitement leaving your mouth, the thoughts in your head of what was to come next only left you dripping, even more than you already were.

“So wet already,” he said while slowly climbing on top of you. “Do I even need to play with you? It seems like you’re ready for me now.”

“Please,” you moaned. “Please touch me. It’s been too long since we’ve been like this. I’m desperate.”

And you really were. There were countless times you had snuck off while he was in bed just to touch yourself. Anything to help you push away the naughty thoughts of him that you had in your head. He was too much without even knowing it sometimes.

“Only if you’re a good girl.”

Then with warm heavy hands, he spread your thighs open. The wetness from your sex now dripping down your thighs. He could see that and he smiled. Slowly dipping his head down until it was parallel to the place you wanted him to touch you that most. With hungry eyes, Yoongi’s mouth began attacking your clit. He was relentless in his licks and would not stop even if you begged him to although you never would. Just as you were about to hit your climax, he stopped.

“Yoongi,” you moaned, “Come back.”


He got up from his position and began to look at you intensely. With one eyebrow up and a hand on his chin he finally spoke, “How should I take you? Hm? From the back, maybe with you on top? You decide.”

Knowing that no matter what position you picked he would eventually take you the way he wanted, you chose to be on top at first. Hoping to get a little more satisfaction out of him than usual.

Moaning out of pleasure as you slowly rested down on his length, you began to ride him. Slowly at first until you saw him getting irritated at your movements.


“You better pick up the pace before I decide to change things.”

Nodding in agreement you began to bounce faster. The pleasure erupting from your core was indescribable. A mix between your clit rubbing against Yoongi’s skin with each downward movement, and the feeling of Yoongi’s length inside of you had you almost in shambles. It was almost too much stimulation and you two had just begun. Noticing the increased moans coming from your mouth, Yoongi reached down and began rubbing your clit.

“It’s too much.”

“Too bad.” He continued until tears began to form. “Time to switch.”

He grabbed you by the hips and put you to the side of the bed motioning for you to get to the center and flip on your stomach. Abiding by his rules you did just that. This was a position Yoongi often favored, since he was now able to control your movements.

Not even waiting for you to adjust, Yoongi had began his quest for ultimate pleasure.

Moans filled the room. The sound of the rain pouring outside and the cracked open window made the atmosphere humid. You were both sweating, but that didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was the feelings. It wasn’t only sex that you were exploring, it was a new side of each other neither of you had seen before.

Skin continued to writhe against itself and Yoongi began picking up the pace. You could tell he was close. His groans were getting even louder and he had even grabbed your hair.

“Yoongi,” you moaned.

“Hold it.”

Respecting his wishes you held off your climax for as long as you could. Expecting him to take longer you were surprised when the two of you came at the same time. It was something that had never happened before.

“Oh my god,” you breathed as you flopped down on the mattress. “What just happened?”

Getting nothing but a groan from Yoongi, you looked over to him and patted his cheek.

“Cheer up buttercup. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and your mixtape is sure to be a hit.”

i am a mixed child who starves for representation so have some headcanons about the foxes racial/ethnic backgrounds that @manonblaxkbeak helped with

  • The Minyards - scandinavian af. I mean. They’ve got like pale white blond hair so yea definitely northern euro for these two
  • Dan Wilds - i imagined her as hispanic or latina but i’ve seen a lot of edits of her as black so i raise you this: half hispanic or latina, half black. pls.
  • Matt Boyd - half black half irish. give him amazing hair and freckles. what if he had beautiful natural ginger highlights. oh my god. i love him.
  • Allison Reynolds - i have a burning desire for my homegirl to be of british/north african descent. give her beautiful dark skin and some killer platinum locs. also, can i marry her?
  • Renee Walker - i see a lot of edits of her being east asian but like…what if she was southeast asian. or black. OR BOTH. ALL OF EM. WHATEVER. half asian half black renee. i love it. i love her. 
  • Nicky Hemmick - ok but middle eastern and hispanic can you??? imagine??? how iconic???? he’s great ok just imagine my homeboy with his beautiful brown skin and light brown eyes and the (s)ass that won’t quit
  • Neil Josten - ok but. and im totally projecting but imagine if he were southeast asian (like india ok) and british. Or. if Mary was british indian and his father was italian. who knows. i see this boy as ambiguous af ok like i cannot tell you the times i have gotten head tilts of confusion about my race/ethnicity. alright. that happens to him.
  • Kevin Day - my boy. i saw an edit once (fuck i wish i had a link but im? the worst??? im so sorry) where someone fancasted Dwayne Johnson as Wymack and let me tell you. I have never felt more alive than at the thought of my boy being polynesian and scottish. irish. whatever. he’s beautiful.

anyway yea i love the foxes and i also don’t ever see ridiculously mixed characters like me so. here we go. have fun.

paladins as things I’ve done during a game of BS

Shiro: figures out exactly what numbers are going to be on my turn- ensures that my last card is correct so I win even if someone calls BS

Pidge: will be on last card after next turn- puts both Jokers in my hand so no one will call BS just because it’s my last card (wins)

Hunk: takes the pile after a bad call- “You are all filthy filthy liars.”

Lance: calls BS indiscriminately until I can guess (with amazing accuracy) who is BSing or or not based off of the cards in my hand

Keith: has no poker face- just smiles maniacally the whole time so no one can tell when I’m lying

“I’m having a mix of feelings right now and I can’t tell if they’re good.”

“Don’t let me stop you from having fun, but I think there are safer ways to do this.”

“There’s lots of problems here and it’s kind of hard to focus on which one needs the most immediate attention.”

“I refuse to play along with this. No thank you, go away.”

“What betrayal! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

“I am confused, but I’m doing my best, okay?”

Fuck Managers

I work at a place where we serve pizzas “superfast”, and the kitchen is in plain view of the customers. We recently got a new manager and whenever he is stressed out he takes it out on us. We’re all told to make his day better when he is upset. Today I had been working for 8 hours with no breaks, I was stressed out from doing too much at once, and it was nearing the end of the night. My shift had ended but I clearly wasn’t getting off on time. The kitchen was dirty and he was telling us we needed to be faster so we could get out on time. My boss told my manager he needed to act less like a drill sergeant because that was stressing the employees out, but he said, “it’s the only way to get it in their skulls to be faster”. Cue absolute rage. So I’m basically slamming the paddle as I pull food out of the oven and he asks me why I’m upset, so I tell him I’m just being fast like he said, so he tells me “you’re supposed to be having fun while going fast.” I snap at him and say, “Well I’m getting mixed signals here” to which he immediately sends me home. I’m mostly pissed that he’s allowed to be mad but the moment one of us is angry we get sent home. Fuck managers, stop cutting my breaks and if you see I’m pissed off, let me take a break to cool down, don’t fucking send me home after complaining about not getting enough cleaning done.

1 A.M Slushies

The lid squeaked under the faucet as it shot mounds of blue slushie into the large plastic cup. Once it weighed down Richie’s hand enough, he dragged it to the neighboring flavor and pulled the handle to mix them. He didn’t let go until the red started to spill over the dome lid, reflecting the neon lights above him. He smiled and stabbed a straw through it and slurped it down. From Behind him, Beverly jabbed her straw through the wrapper and stuck it into her piña colada flavored slushie. He slowed down in the candy aisle and waited for her to catch up as she glanced at the newly stocked fridges. 

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Got7 Reaction to Going to a Haunted House.


You would be clinging to Jaebum with all your might while walking down the dimly lit hallway with a flickering light at the end. Everything was going decent until a dark silhouette appeared under the light. “Jaebum, I think we should turn around.” You say, eyes glued on the ominous person standing a little farther ahead of you. He would just chuckle at your fear and continue to slowly lead you down the hallway. The man under the light was not moving, which made you even more scared. “How is Jae not freaking out right now?” You thought. As you neared the person, his features slowly came into view. He didn’t look scary at all, and as a matter-of-fact, he was a worker that simply pointed you to the way of the exit. Needless to say, JB would probably enjoy watching you be frightened the whole time, but wouldn’t be too scared himself.


You and Mark had made your way though about half of the haunted house and are now being led down a flight of stairs which leads to the stereo-typical creepy basement with cobwebs, weird baby-dolls, and the occasional dead body. As usual, you are using Mark as a human shield against the fictional monsters that chase after you. “aHH, why do I have to go first, are you trying to sacrifice me or something?” He would say rather loudly as a monster popped out at him. His screams of terror were also usually accompanied by a jump in the opposite direction and a giggle of sorts. He wouldn’t be extremely terrified, but the ghosts and ghouls would certainly evoke a reaction out of him.


Leading up to going inside of the haunted house, Jackson would tell himself to act like he’s not scared so he can protect you and act all manly and such. It worked for the first couple minutes, but as soon as an old woman with a butcher knife lunged towards him from a dark corner he would scream at the top of his lungs for sure. From there it could go two ways: he yells and then runs to the opposite side of you, so that you are left to face the angry lady, or run ahead of you and, yet again, leave you to defend yourself. Either way, you’re rendered helpless while Jackson fends for himself to try to get out of there as fast as possible.


Jinyoung would probably only be there because you dragged him there, honestly. The whole time you would walk through the creaky hallways he would point out the different “scary” decorations and whisper to you: “You know those aren’t real cobwebs, right?” or “These are all just smelly guys dressed up in cheap costumes, they’re not going to murder us.” Needless to say, he would only be good to hide behind in the haunted house.


Someone pray for this little noodle, he would probably have a heart attack. You would be slowly (but surely) making your way down a dark corridor when an electronic, motion-activated monster springs out from the wall. Of course you scream, but Youngjae would 100% scream louder than you. You both would jump into eachother’s arms and remain glued together like that until you were out of the house and into the safety of your car.


So, BamBam is the guy who, when at haunted houses, gets a little too scared and accidentally punches the monster in the face or something. Either that, or when a monster jumps out at him he would make karate hands and be prepared to fight them, if necessary. He wouldn’t really be loud, but he would probably go: “woAH” or “wHAT THE.” I honestly think BamBam would be super fun to go to a haunted house with.


Yugyeom would probably be a mix of Jinyoung and Mark. Let me explain. He would try to tell himself (and you) multiple times that nothing is real, and that it’s all just fake decorations/dressed-up sweaty dudes, but when the time comes and you two are in a dark basement he would probably freak out a ‘lil. He would even say things like “YOU’RE NOT REAL.” to each monster who jumps out just to make himself feel a little better. And while he won’t scream to the top of his lungs, he would probably jump toward you a little bit as well.

I Told You

Written: Divas of Storytelling

Prompts: You Know I’m No Good” ~ Amy Winehouse

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1611 (including lyrics)

Warnings: ANGST, Minor Smut

A/N: Amy had a way with words and I certainly hope I did her justice. All errors are my own, gifs/photos found through google, and as always thank you so much for reading!

Summary: You have a boyfriend but he can’t always be around to fill the need. Unfortunately, he’s more understanding than you feel like you deserve.


    The crash of the glass from the bar downstairs didn’t startle you at all. If the engine was to be believed then Dean was back and none too happy about finding a fellow in the bar this early in the morning. You’d hoped Ryan, no Rick, would’ve been gone before Dean arrived but life was rarely so simple. With a groan, you slipped on your gown and pulled a robe on you as you descended the stairs finding Rick sitting on a stool with an ice pack over his left eye and Dean behind the bar throwing back a shot of whiskey you assumed.


   “You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend?” Rick groans as Dean scoffs not meeting your eyes.

   “I didn’t think it mattered I thought you’d be gone by now,” you shrug walking over kissing Dean’s cheek. He seems to sigh with relief as you look back to Rick who is looking at you both incredulously, “I think you can go now, Rick.”

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‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC, part 4)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, eventual smut, slow burn, Spanish cocktail-making, bad flirting, a bit of cheeky semi-self-insert???

Gif Credit: GIF is not mine, credit goes to the creator! (Also, how nice does he look in this gif? Seriously)

NOTES: In which Simon is a big dork who makes Spanish cocktails, meaning I spent a good hour or so on the Smirnoff website taking notes and regretting my obsession with trying to be realistic. Vamanos!

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @neganisking (if you’d like to be added, just let me know)

Part one!

Part two!

Part three!

It’s several hours later and I’m shifting awkwardly from foot to foot outside the door of the bedroom I’ve been told is Simon’s. In my arms is a soft white towel and a toothbrush, as well as clean underwear – which one of Negan’s wives begrudgingly bestowed on me – and fresh clothes for the next morning.

“I know what you’re thinking.” The blonde girl – Amber, someone called her, I think - whispered as she handed me the fragile lace undergarments, her fair brow furrowed. “It’s disgusting. But we chose this for ourselves. He wasn’t lying.”

“I didn’t mean that I thought you were gross.” I replied, ashamed as I accepted the clothes. “I meant him.”

“What’s the difference, really?” She shrugged, moving her long hair over her shoulder. “You’re lucky he didn’t kill you for talking like that.”

“Does he usually do that?” I asked after her, but she’d already disappeared into her own bedroom.

“Okay, so…” I murmur to myself, rolling the toothbrush between my fingers. “Hi, Simon! I know we just met but I got in trouble with your rampantly-sexual boss and now I have to sleep with you.” I say to the closed door. “Not with you, just in the same room as you. But it’s cool because I don’t take up much room – I can fold up like an accordion and just, like, slot under your bed. You won’t even know that I’m there, I’m super quiet. Like a ninja-”

“Who’re you talking to?” Says a familiar voice and I give a spasmodic jerk, almost dropping the objects in my arms.

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Drabble Noora/William

Emily requested:

This is the second to last drabble from your submission you sent a long time ago. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this. I’ll come back to you for the last drabble :)

It happens on Noora’s birthday during season 2 because apparently birthdays inspire me a lot. 

49. “Well, this is awkward…”

As today is her birthday, Noora decided to skip class for the afternoon. William had to be more serious than she is, he couldn’t have any more absences. That’s why she is alone in his apartment, waiting for him to come home. When he asked her to spend the day with him, she agreed almost too quickly for her liking but, well. She’s been spending a lot of time with him since the party and they have a lot of fun together. When she told Eskild she had plans for her birthday, he seemed to be a bit suspicious but he didn’t ask questions. Vilde asked her why she didn’t want to do something with the girls after school but she was, fortunately, able to dodge the question without too much trouble.
William gave her his apartment’s keys and told her he wouldn’t be home before 5 pm so she still has time to do whatever she wants.
She runs herself a bath and applies a beauty mask she found in her vanity case. Relaxing in William’s huge bathtub, with Justin Bieber’s songs playing in the background feels like heaven. She tries not to think about anything and just enjoy the moment, but she can’t help but think about William and the last few days they spent together. What a plot twist. If you had told her just weeks prior that she would be sneaking around to have heavy make-out sessions with William Magnusson, she would probably have been offended, but… things change.  For now, things are great, William doesn’t even ask for more. They just enjoy each other company and well… he’s a good kisser, so.
When she’s done reading her magazine (don’t tell anyone she loves to read Cosmopolitan, okay?) she gets out of the bathtub and puts one of William’s T-shirt on. (He has huge T-shirts that are very comfortable, okay?)
She applies another mask (bless her for putting those samples in her vanity-case), takes her iPhone, her Cosmo and goes to the kitchen. Hungry, she prepares porridge while dancing to Justin’s songs.
She turns around and jumps. William is here, watching her with a huge smile on his lips.
She clumsily grabs her phone to stop the music. William is still grinning. « Bieber, I see » he tells her. She notices that he’s hiding something behind him. A bit embarrassed, she doesn’t know what to say or do so she just stays frozen right where she is. He comes closer and holds a bouquet of flowers out to her. « Happy Birthday, Noora » he says, smiling.
« hm…well… I… » She’s blushing. « Well this is awkward » she whispers. « Thank you, William ».  William bites his lips and smiles. Honestly, she just wants to kiss him right now, but with her beauty mask on, she forgets about it.
She tries to compose herself and says « Why are you here? »
He chuckles, « Probably because it’s my apartment.»
He’s not wrong but she still gives him an exasperated look. « You weren’t supposed to be home until 5 pm! »
« I couldn’t concentrate in class knowing that you were here waiting for me » he says.
« I wasn’t waiting for you, Wilhelm » she replies instinctively. It doesn’t even sound very convincing, but she really doesn’t want him to imagine things.
« Right. Is that my T-shirt? » he says smugly. She rolls her eyes so he continues: « you’re just here to steal my T-shirts, right? »  
« Maybe. »
She always expects people to judge her when they learn that she’s a Bieber fan, but she doesn’t see judgment in William’s eyes.There’s something in his eyes, something kind and sincere she would say, but she doesn’t know what it is. She’s just glad he isn’t making fun of her, honestly.
He gets closer to her, his body touching hers and takes her hands in his. « I would really love to kiss you right now » he says.  
« I can take this mask off in about ten minutes. We’ll see. » she teases him.
« What if I don’t want to wait? » he asks, tilting his head a bit.
« I look like Fiona from Shrek, come on »  
He plays with his lips. « She’s hot »
« Flattering. » Noora pouts. He laughs and squeezes her hands.
« Anyway » he says as he leans his head towards her neck. « I was thinking of kissing your neck » he teases her.
« hmmm. » she replies. « I get that you’re into girls like Fiona, but I’m going to take this off. » she sticks her tongue out at him and pushes him a bit to go to the bathroom.  

When she comes back, William is mixing the porridge she was cooking before he arrived. She goes to him and touches his back. He looks at her and says « So what’s the plan? We watch Never say never while eating that thing you cooked here? »
« Hey! Don’t make fun of me! » she tells him. « You weren’t supposed to see that. »
« I’m not making fun of you, Noora. »
« It was embarrassing, okay? Forget about it. » she says. He kisses her, letting his fingers run through her hair.
« No, it was cute. And I’m serious, we can watch never say never if you want. »
She looks away and says « I’ve already seen it »
« I figured. That means we don’t have to concentrate on the film, so… » he answers, kissing her cheek. « it’s up to you, birthday girl »
« I have to admit that it is tempting. » she whispers, hiding her face against William’s torso.
« I agree. »


Originally posted by jjks

(This is low-key the best thing I’ve ever written)

Suga had never been the one to care much.

He had watched people come and go, and his eyes had seen things no one should have. And still, he didn’t really care.

Suga couldn’t bring himself to feel compassion for any human because he knew how they all were. All they did was lie and lie, and they’d betray you the first chance they got. He bet even someone who dared to call him their friend would most likely kill him if given enough money.

But he understood. He would do the exact same thing.

Which was why he stayed out of everyone’s business when it didn’t have anything to do with him.

If he saw someone getting killed he’d just walk by. They had probably deserved it anyways.

He didn’t care.

However, his aloofness made his life a bit boring. He was in desperate need of excitement every day of his life, and he was so desperate that he’d do whatever to feel something, anything, for God’s sake.

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anonymous asked:

You had said that you were firstly a Klaus stan. As such I do not understand why you chose not to watch his show but nonetheless don't you think that it would be best for him to be in a relationship with a woman that actually saw good in him and not constantly manipulate him like Caroline did?

1. I did not choose to watch TO exactly because I was firstly a Klaus stan. Despite your condescending tone let me tell you that personally I prefer my shows to hold on to their characterization and not sacrifice that just because some writers lack talent. If TO is your show good for you. Watch it. Let it entertain you. Have fun with it. For me TO always was a trainwreck. A show that mixed the vampire genre with diapers and I was never fan of shows like twilight. If I was I would have never become a Klaus and an Originals stan in the first place. To add to that the Hayley diaries was not an appealing concept to me and I would never sign up for that since I wanted a show about the Originals to begin with…but different strokes for different folks.

From the looks of it however ..and here is my condescending tone because I can be quite patronizing too when provoked…most Klaus fans made TO a possibility exactly because they got to love him and the Originals as they were presented in TVD. When that changed TO fell to 0.2-0.3 demo ratings so yay for all the TO Klaus’ fans viewing power.

2. Manipulate who? The villain of the story? The thousand year Original that killed thousands without discrimination, turned people into his slaves and was old enough to not care for human conventions and humans in general? The Original that ate humans and was considered a legend and a nightmare? An Original that for weak people that glamorize his abuse and violence and mania is the kiss of death? Thanks no thanks.

I wanted Klaroline to be a vampire romance in a show that was labeled as horror genre and take that with everything that would come with it. I wanted Caroline to hold on to her agency and to stand her ground in the face of a Lestat-esque vampire and show the amorality of their kind and of their relationship. I wanted blood and glory and carnage and emotion.

Klaus himself…at least TVD Klaus… was manipulating everyone left right and center so by default he would need an equal that would be able to handle his game and thus earn first his respect and secondly understand all sides of his without wearing rose colored glasses that only saw a facade of goodness that of course is a lie in his case since he may have glimpses of humanity in him but that does not change his twisted persona and his character. He was a vampire and owned it. He was not a good hero. He was not meant to be coddled. His ego and arrogance and menace did not need to be romanticized. Understanding someone’s motives and even his traumatic past does not excuse their shit. Klaus was damaged but was also a type of personality that was not the hero of the story and should never be treated as such and thankfully in TVD he never way. Especially by Caroline. And this was what I expected from Caroline and Klaroline also.  Add to that chemistry. And dynamics. And interactions.

So as I have already said. Different strokes for different folks.

3. However even by considering all the above in the end of the day you do not get to re-write the narrative and canon. And since I never cared for TO anyway let me just stick to TVD canon no matter how much TVD ended up being a trashcan in the end.

But here you go.

4. Why you even bother with me anon I do not understand. I have never watched TO. I have stopped watching TVD for years. I am only a Klaroline friendly blog for years now and I am generally neutral and drama free for years. Go play with someone that actually cares for such things. I have taken what I wanted from TVD. For me Klaroline is endgame. I enjoyed the Originals run in TVD for as long as it lasted and I moved on. I am only sticking to the Klaroline fandom and fanon… otherwise I do not care for whatever happens to TO inside or outside its narrative. I am pretty sure you can find more interesting people that actually care to engage with TO in order to have such discussions.

helioangel  asked:

Thought of another! BAP gif reaction when you haven't been sleeping well and your sense of time gets very very scrambled? (this happened to me two weeks ago and it was pretty bad. i wrote that it was 2014 and thought something that happened the day before, was a week before lmao) thanks~~


“You’re so cute, haha, but please try & get some more sleep.”

He would find it so cute when you have a little mix-up with the time, but then he’d tell you to get as much rest as you need. Yongguk would let you know that it’s not healthy for you to barely getting any sleep.


“What made you like this? Oh gosh.”

He’d probably make fun at you first. Like, when you ask if it’s a day from last week, he would laugh so hard because he didn’t think that you’d be that far behind on time. Then he’ll probably be all cute & ask if you needed him to sleep better.


“We can’t have you be like this, so get some sleep, ok?”

You could find this guy be more on the worried side. He’d wonder how little sleep you’ve been getting. Rather than dates, he’d pretty much cuddle and take naps with you to make sure you were getting some sleep.


“We’re actually in the year 3030 now.”

As much as he cares that you are sleeping well, he can’t help but pull little jokes on you once in a while. The prankster in him won’t let him stop. He’d make you even more confused, to be quite honest.


“Wow, I never experience that before.”

More than anything, he would find your situation quite strange as it’s probably going to be something he heard for the first time. He’d ask you if you knew ways to help with that or if he could help out in any way.


“That day is long gone…”

He’d be so confused when you mention the wrong date and then proceed to ask you if you’re okay. When you tell him about your situation, he would be more understanding, telling you to get more rest.

Marvelmas (3/13) - December 15 - Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Words: 1134
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: none
Authors Note
: yasssss. I hope you guys are liking this series as much as I am!!

Marvelmas Masterlist. Masterlist.

You slept passed your alarm on accident. Yesterday, with all the running around the huge base, you were exhausted by the time you went to bed. Steve was too, but he didn’t have another person to meet up with today.

Luckily, you had a half hour before you had to find Natasha; your victim for the day. So you rushed to get ready to leave the base, hoping she wouldn’t forget. You threw on a comfortable outfit and left as quick as possible, getting to the meeting spot with barely any time to spare.

“You good?” Natasha laughed when she saw you run in.

“Yeah, just thought I was late!”

With Natasha snickering, you knew something was up. “What?” You asked.

“I knew you were going to sleep in, I mean, look at this place!” She gestured around to all the decorations. “So, I set your clock forward an hour to make sure you would be here before planned. Plus, I’m really curious about what we’re doing,” She admitted.

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