this is a freaking candid

possible spoilers ahead if you know nothing about season 2 reveals!!!

okay, but what if ladybug and chat noir are actually a part of the selection process for who gets the next two kwamis
and of course ladybug chooses alya to be volpina because when marinette didn’t want the powers at first, she was so ready to give them to alya. besides, alya is the one who is so determined to do good, because if good people do nothing, the bad guys win. such a perfect candidate!
and then there’s chat noir, torn over who to give the bee miraculous to. should he give it to nino, his best friend, or some other kind classmate, like marinette? (teehee) maybe chat even suggests marinette as a candidate and ladybug just freaks out and says, “NO!” and then chat is left wondering, “geez, wtf did marinette do to make ladybug hate her? lol”
ultimately, however, chat noir remembers his first and only friend through most of his life: chloe. of course, he knows that she’s rough around the edges and has so many flaws, but he sees her potential. he’s always seen it, the true goodness of her heart buried beneath the surface. maybe a bit far, but it’s still there, and what if becoming a miraculous user will bring out that side of her, just as becoming chat noir helped adrien come out of his own shell, free from his strict upbringing? he knows that ladybug will disapprove (and she sure as hell does) but something about the decision just feels *right*. so he slips the miraculous in her bag one day, waiting and hoping for chloe to blossom into a better version of herself.

PRODUCE101 – How the perfect boy group would look like

Only one day left, and I literally can’t wait to know who’s gonna make it into Produce 101 Season 2′s final boy group. However, I know that not all of my favorites will make it. To be honest, I wish they would just debut with 20 members –  but that’s not going to happen. But hey… that’s how survival programs work. 

Still… a girl can dream, right? That’s why I’m going to show you which 11 trainees of Produce 101 would form the perfect boy group (in my opinion of course).

For me, a member of a boyband has to fulfill his role. However, these days members of boy and girl groups have much more roles to take than just rapper, dancer, vocalist, leader and face.


The face is the one that inherits automatically the center position, which leads to acting as the signature member of the group. A perfect example is Sungjae who is (not the visual but) the face of CUBE’s BtoB.

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For me there’s only one that would be able to pull this role of, and it is without any doubt MMO’s Kang Daniel. He has the personality, the charisma, the skills, the sex appeal, the body, the stage presence and of course the face to take over the center position. Yeah… it should be illegal to be this perfect.

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If you need a detailed explanation why I would love to see him as center (and why I have serious ovary issues), check this out.


Every bunch of half-crazy boys needs an exemplary leader who is able to keep everything and everyone under control. A popular example would be B1A4′s Jinyoung

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Assigning this role might be the easiest, right? PLEDISKim Jonghyun proofed so many times that he’s perfectly capable of motivating and guiding others. No one would make a better leader than him – who already has enough leading experience thanks to NU’EST.

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Again, if you want to know a detailed explanation, why I love this sexy fella so much, read this.


A boyband without a main vocalist? No way! Every group needs at least one singer that is able to hit high notes and breaks listeners’ hearts with his voice. One of my favorite main vocalists of all time is for example Block B’s Taeil.

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Under the last twenty Produce 101 trainees are two I would love see as main vocalists. But there can only be one – and it breaks my heart to make the decision between Starship’s Jung Sewoon and individual trainee Kim Jaehwan. I’ve tried to be as objective as possible, and chose Jaehwan as my dream main vocalist of my dream Produce 101 boy group.

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As much as I like Sewoon’s voice and personality, I can’t deny that I prefer Jaehwan’s skills a little bit more. His range is incredible, and he would make more than just a solid main vocalist.


If I would be in a girl group, I would definitely be at least lead dancer – yes, we are talking about my usual favorite position. However, in this Produce 101 group we need a main dancer that is able to inspire others with his sick moves like SHINee’s Taemin.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

My original dancer pick for the Produce 101 boy group has been someone who already got eliminated (Yes, it was Taehyun). So I decided to go with the sweet and extremely talented Kim Samuel from Brave Entertainment.

Originally posted by kim-biased

You can’t deny it: he’s more than just passionate about dancing. He masters choreographies as easy as freestyle. Yes, this kid got the moves! And that’s why he should be able to dance the shit out of this project. 


Sometimes all those hyungs need a precious baby boy to take care of. However, this can be quite nerve-wracking since some of our most popular K-Pop maknaes are from time to time wicked brats. The probably most popular example for an annoying and evil maknae is Jungkook from BTS.

Originally posted by madness--princess

After watching last week’s Produce 101 episode, I’ve finally found my perfect maknae. Even though CUBE’s Yoo Seonho is only eleven days younger than Samuel, he has all the – let’s say – qualities to be Produce 101′s ideal maknae.

Originally posted by donghans

On stage he tries to be sexy as fuck, but among his hyungs he acts like the cutest little brat that actually annoys the shit out of everyone. All this skin ship, all this bromance… How can Seonho be such a perfect maknae? 


Almost every single boyband has its rapper – sometimes even more than just one. There are some extraordinary main rappers that support their group with their insane skills – like iKON’s Bobby.

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In Produce 101 Season 2 are many trainees who call themselves rappers. Well, I’ve already mentioned two of them. But my number one should be Brand New Music’s Park Woojin.

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Although he took part as a dancer in the position evaluation, he’s still the one I would definitely choose as rapper for this group. His super deep and husky voice combined with his badass expression is what a boy group’s main rapper definitely needs. 


I’ve already mentioned it before, but the face isn’t automatically the group’s visual. However, Infinite’s L is actually both. No wonder with that face.

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When it comes to my favorite visual member, some of you might disagree with my choice. But this is just my personal preference, so deal with it. Anyway, I think there is not a single trainee that is able to keep up with Choi Minki’s visuals.

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He looks more like a fairy than an actual human being. Some of the younger K-Pop fans might not know this, but when NU’EST debuted, the community went completely crazy because of Minki’s aka Ren’s feminine look. And you guys cannot imagine how many hilarious memes were created just because of his absolutely unbelievable pretty face. Yes, he is indeed the perfect visual.


Besides all those usual positions I’ve mentioned, there can be other roles for additional members of a boy group. One of my personal favorites is the respective role of the handsome gentleman. Sometimes this gentleman is someone who is actually a little bit older, and looks freaking hot in a suit – like Yunho from TVXQ.

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There’s only one candidate of Produce 101 I can think of as the perfect gentleman – and that’s obviously PLEDIS’ extremely good-looking trainee Hwang Minhyun

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Besides his fantastic visuals, he’s charming, smart, reliable, talented and hot as hell. If you’re interested why this guy is so sexy, you should read my latest blog post about him.


The term asshole is not meant to insult anyone – it means this member is just savage as fuck and doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone while mentioning all the time how perfect he is. I think I just described Super Junior’s Heechul pretty well.

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And come on… you already know who I picked. There’s only one trainee that would fit perfectly for this kind of role – and that’s Fantagio’s Ong Seongwoo.

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Like Heechul, we all know that Seongwoo’s just trying to be funny – and it works. Honestly, I can’t imagine the future Produce 101 boy group without Seongwoo. This group needs its sexy asshole. Why? Here’s the detailed explanation if you’re interested.


After over a decade of being Hallyu infected, I’ve realized that there are so many boy groups who have a member that appears super bad boy-ish on the outside, but is actually all cotton candy sweet on the inside – like my SF9 bias Zuho.

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To complete the PLEDIS family, I obviously chose our sexy bandit Kang Dongho as sweet bad boy – because we all know that he just looks like a wild beast, but is actually the softest and cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen.

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I could now tell you why this sexy bad boy is actually the cutest daddy among the Produce 101 trainees. But I already did. Feel free to check it out.


Last but not least, the perfect boy group needs someone who makes everyone laugh. This is usually the member that is – because of his hilarious kind of humor – perfect for variety shows. A wonderful example makes of course ZE:A’s Kwanghee.

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And there’s only one that brightens my mood every single time he appears on screen: MMO’s Yoon Jiseong. Some hate him, some love him – I simply adore this honest and emotional human being. However, it is a matter of fact that he is number one pick among your favorite Produce 101 trainees. They want him in the group, I want him in the group. Just deal with it!

Originally posted by misckpop

Besides being number one pick, he’s the oldest trainee right now. And yes, he should debut to give old bitches like me the opportunity to stop finally creeping on baby idols.

With Kang Daniel, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Samuel, Yoo Seonho, Park Woojin, Choi Minki, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Kang Dongho and Yoon Jiseong, Mnet would form the perfect boy group – for me.

Countless of you might think – Where the hell is Daehwi? What did you do to Jinyoung? And why the fuck is Jihoon not on this list?

Originally posted by swoojin

Please, look at most of Produce 101′s trainees. A cute concept with this group wouldn’t work. There are way too many manly, sexy and older contestants. Although I really really like them – in my opinion, there is no place for someone like Daehwi or Jihoon or any other trainee that looks like grade schoolers.

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Maybe I’m a little bit biased because I’m way older than any of these guys. Yeah, it kinda sucks to be in this community for so long. Idols get younger, and the groups you – let’s say – grew up with, start to disband one after another. That’s not a joke. I’ve experienced Music Bank live once. And the only girlband I’ve seen there that hasn’t disbanded yet is SNSD.

So yes… I want these eleven boys to debut together. BUT IT WON’T HAPPEN! Because the majority of votes comes from teens who prefer a cute and pretty image over fucking sex appeal and charisma. And that’s okay! You can’t make it right for every single one out there.

I just want to let you guys know that I am really looking forward to this future boy group – although there won’t be all of my favorites. And I can’t wait to watch tomorrow’s final episode. 

Prepare some tissues, ladies! We are going to cry rivers!

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Work in progress: Remedy addition

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started writing the addition to Remedy, and I decided to pull out the old taglist to let you all know as well! 

I don’t know when it’ll be finished, but I’m making good time here. I have a few ideas, so.. I might be continuing with a sequel series! 

Remedy masterlist

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anonymous asked:

lauren and lucy didnt break up??? did you not see the photoshoot of them??

Yes I’ve seen it, but again it’s a PHOTOSHOOT - things are staged, and Nicole Cartolano’s work has a lot lesbian vibes. It doesn’t make Lauren and Lucy a couple, they could just be two best friends posing for a photographer who has a concept for the shoot. So like I said, to me it’s the same deal as the kiss pic - the day when I see a candid pic of Lauren and Lucy kissing in a freaking supermarket or in the street then maybe I’ll start believing it, but so far I’m not convinced.

(and to all the anons who feel the need to tell me I’m delusional in the rudest possible ways, please don’t bother, I won’t answer you and I couldn’t give less of a shit about what you think, thank you.)

A special moment between Tony, Clay, and their babygirl

Fulfilling an anonymous request for a clony fic featuring a baby *tears* Let me know if you guys like me doing these little clony fics and I’ll continue writing them. Message me or hit up my ask for requests!

Rio Carlin Padilla.

That was the name Clay and Tony had agreed on when they adopted their precious baby girl. Rio was a little biracial girl with dark curly hair and brown eyes like her Puerto Rican father.

Tony and Clay had recently celebrated her 1st birthday (Little Einstein theme) and of course she was showered with gifts from both sides of her family. Mostly toys, books, and clothes, things they had already gotten for her but nonetheless it was great. 

Rio was undeniably the light of their life but there had been a time, back when Rio was just a possibility, that Tony and Clay had their doubts about being parents. Clay was initially the first one to bring up the idea of a child after they got married but Tony was the one that really pushed for it when they both decided it was what they wanted.

Going through the adoption process wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as everyone made it seem like it was going to be. Maybe they had just gotten lucky somehow.

When the call came that a new born girl had been put up for adoption and they were the top candidates, Tony had a little bit of a freak out and for the first time ever, Clay was the one to calm down Tony. He reassured him that everything would be fine and that Tony was going to be a great father. Clay also mentioned that he was honored for their child to carry the name Padilla.

Ever since that moment Tony never doubted his and Clay’s decision to adopt. They were meant to have a family.

Clay’s POV

Coming home from work was the most exciting part of my day. 

Everyday that I was away from my husband and my little girl was a struggle for me because all I wanted to do was spend each and every second with them. But if I wanted us to eat and have a house to live in then I needed to work.

Tony worked as well it was just that he was able to work on his cars from home where as I had to go in to an office everyday. I would never admit it to Tony but I was a little jealous with the amount of time he got with Rio compared to me. I always tried to make up for it during late nights when Rio would wake up and I would hold her until she would fall back asleep.

As I was walking in the door I could hear Tony talking to Rio which automatically put a smile on my face.

I slowly rounded the corner and stood in silence to secretly watch their interaction. It looked like Tony had a book in his hand so he must of been reading to Rio. This was something we tried to do on a regular basis to help her with speech and learning letters.

So far Rio hadn’t learned to say ‘papa’ or ‘dada’ but she could say certain words like ‘cat’ and ‘dog’. She even could make the sounds that went along with each animal. 

“What is this, Rio?” Tony pointed to the picture in the book.


“Yes, carino. Good job. Can you say perro?”

Rio giggled and squealed in response.

“Perro is dog in Spanish - woof! woof!” Tony acted out the motions and sounds of a dog. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Rio continued to smile and watch Tony act like a little puppy. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to record this so I pulled out my phone and pressed the button but accidentally ended up taking a picture. With the flash on.


Tony turned and smirked.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were here. Trying to take secret photos of us?”

“Yeah, you caught me.” I said as I walked over to them.

I picked up Rio and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek as a way to say hello. I also leaned over the sofa to give Tony an inviting kiss.

“Mmm, your lips taste like coffee.”

“Thanks…I guess.” Tony laughed at my awkwardness.

“So you’re already trying to teach Rio Spanish before she even fully knows English. huh?” 

“Well, yeah, why not? I think it would be great for her to be bilingual.”

“I’m just messing with you, Tony. I think it’s great too.”

Tony playfully pushed my shoulder. “Maybe in the process I can help you with learning Spanish.”

I scoffed. “I can understand Spanish pretty well, thank you very much.”

“Yeah but you can’t speak it very well.”

“I just need to practice rolling my r’s.”

“Baby, you can roll your tongue, I’ve seen you do it in the bedroom.”

I gasped and covered Rio’s ears. “Not in front of Rio” 

Tony softly chuckled and I slightly blushed.

“She doesn’t know what we’re talking about.”

“Hey, you never know, she’s a smart baby.”

Tony smiled and agreed.

He made is way over to the kitchen to get dinner started so that gave me one on one time with Rio and I was able to finish reading the rest of the book to her. She ended up falling asleep in my arms like she always does.

The rest of the night was peaceful and relaxing. We had a great dinner, as usual, put Rio to bed, and snuggled on the couch to watch a movie together. As I was drifting off into a slumber on Tony’s chest I thought about how I couldn’t wait until the next morning just so I could do this all over again the next day.

A/N: Sorry if this was too short or if there’s a bunch of mistakes with my punctuation. I’m like half asleep writing this.

Call Me

Call Me by ShadowOfTheNight

Pairings: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Rating: G

Length: 1875

Warnings/Tags: AU, Human AU, First Meetings, Flirting

Summary:  Sam is a call center agent, that gets a call from someone in his small town that he happens to meet later on at the local bar.


The idea behind this fic is so unique. I love the characterization (Gabriel would flirt with the call center guy!) and the fact that Sam sort of turns the tables on Gabriel, by playing his little trick. Great fic- Lauren 

I seriously adore this fic! Gabriel uses cheesy pick-up lines over the phone, Sam is charmed by his candid flirtations, and the idea of Gabriel freaking out over having two Sams two choose from, not knowing they’re the exact same person, made me cackle. Wonderful piece, I love it! - Gisselle

This was so sweet and hilarious, leave it to Gabriel to be romantic and a silly dork all at once. Wonderful fluff indeed and I wish there was more! - Nikki

I love short, fluffy, oneshots like this. I totally understood Sam’s concern, and Gabriel’s worry about choosing between Sams was adorable! - Patty

Time for a Princess Madeleine appreciation post

Victoria is my girl, you all know that, but Princess Madeleine has well and truly carved her way into my heart and so this is dedicated to her.

This women is a cinnamon roll, too pure for this awful awful world

Look at this, look how much she loves kids

I think we’ve already agreed that this was the most amazing thing, but I’m all for looking at it over and over, because this was the sweetest, most adorable thing ever, look how she got dressed up, she said ‘Princess party’ and she pulled it all out and I love it and I lover her ok

Here’s one more for good measure, JUST LOOK HOW HAPPY EVERYONE IS

Madde is also insanely adorable

Like look at that, will we ever know the context? No, but we can bask in the cuteness.

She’s also an insanely strong person. Even after everything she went through with Jonas Fuckface she came out stronger with an incredible man by her side


And of course she’s an amazing mother to two of the world’s most adorable kids



Not to mention she’s a social media QUEEN so we get freaking adorable candids like this

and this:

So precious <3

Not to mention besides being an adoring wife, mother and patron, she’s a sweet daughter and an incredible sister, and a loving aunt




and of course, she’s a dedicated sister, who is honestly so cute

Did she HAVE to post this? No! But she did, because she loves Victoria and she loves Estelle and ugh, I love her so much and there is so much more I could have put in this, I skipped over so much but basically Madde is a precious, precious angel, and we are lucky to live in this time with her

Just wanted to share few (kind of) thoughts about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

and what some (most) people seem to complain about.

One thing, before I start. I’m Italian, so obviously English is not my mother tongue. I want to apologize in advance for the (many) possible mistakes I’ll make.

I really, really enjoyed this movie, not only because it’s been 5 years (!) since Deathly Hallows has been released (so many years, I’m gonna cry) and I missed Harry Potter’s world so much, but also for many other (and deeper) reasons:

  • Eddie Redmayne. God bless him. Most people know him for The Theory of Everything and/or The Danish Girl, which are pretty recent movies. But I’ve known him since The Pillars of the Earth (2010) and I can tell you he was already an amazing actor. Through these years he even improved his terrific acting skills. Just think about how detail-oriented he is and how every expression he makes is thought out and calculated. He’s so talented, yet so grounded and kind. We can really consider him one of the best contemporary actors.
  • Ezra Miller. This young man never ceases to amaze me. I’ve known him since We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) and, like Eddie Redmayne, he was already brilliant at that time. This movie has only confirmed my opinion. His acting is extremely expressive, he elevated the quality level of the movie. Especially if we think that he played an abused and damaged character (two of the hardest conditions to impersonate for an actor) with admirable accuracy and realism in a movie that isn’t supposed to be angst and that the public opinion consider to be affable and enjoyable. I’m so proud of him for having been able to do that.
  • Tina Goldstein. A very well-played character. Didn’t really like her at first, but I changed my mind during the movie. She’s strong and determined yet quite insecure. Katherine Waterstone could show each trait, suiting perfectly her character.
  • Colin Farrell. Do we really need to talk about him? Don’t think so.
  • The whole cast. From the freaking scary little girl singing freaking scary songs about burning witches, to the stupid Senate candidate. All the actors played masterfully their roles.
  • The set. New York, roaring ‘20s, I don’t need anything else, I swear.
  • The soundtrack. I loved every damn track from this wonderful score (also, Hedwig’s theme had me crying the Niagara falls tbh).
  • The beasts. Colourful, sweet, majestic and fabulous. Love them.

Am I missing something? Hope not.

And now let’s talk about what so many of you seem so keen to complain about:

  • Johnny Depp. For God’s sake, are you really complaining about his presence in the movie? Fight me. First of all, he’s one of the greatest actors this damned planet has ever seen. He’s played so many roles, so different one from another and succeeded in every of them. Second of all, I figured out most of you criticize him not for his acting skills, but for what happened with Amber Heard. What does that have to do with it? Also guess what, we do not know what really happened! There aren’t any proofs proving what Depp was accused of. (Obviously I am NOT saying that beating a woman or whatever is fair, I’m just recommending you not to jump to conclusions and judge without knowing facts). I think you need to learn how to separate the person from the actor.
  • The lack of black people. Jfc, the fucking President of MACUSA is a black woman. Now, with this I don’t want to insinuate that there were plenty of black people, I’m just suggesting not to overstate the question.
  • The contextualisation. For all of those who “Rowling seems to have forgotten all the situations that were going on at that time in USA (ex slaves, natives, etc.), it’s so superficial”, shall I remind you that this movie is actually a slice of life and doesn’t represent the whole situation of the entire wizarding world in USA? It’s just a point of view, besides Newt’s one. Moreover this is the FIRST of FIVE movies, can’t you wait? Maybe in the next one those questions will be solved.

I think I’ve finished, but before the very end, I just wanna ask you: why, for once, can’t you just enjoy a good movie, with a really pretty plot, amazing actors and stunning special effects?

To the one who managed to read until this point, thank you, you were very brave. I’m sorry for the length. And for the bitterness, hope I didn’t go too far and didn’t offend anyone.

Okay, I’ve really finished this time. All the love.

the respective memes from every season 2 episode of gravity falls
  • Scary-Oke: huNKLE STAN
  • Into the Bunker: six fingered nerd
  • The Golf War: rip big henry
  • Sock Opera: b i P P E R
  • Soos and the Real Girl: SPACE JAM TWO
  • Little Gift Shop of Horrors: nothing we were too busy being drugged and trapped in a box
  • Society of the Blind Eye: NOTHING WE WERE TOO BUSY CRYING
  • Blendin's Game: man we were memeless for a bit this is sad
  • The Love God: I EAT KIDS
  • Northwest Mansion Noir: the ringing of the bell coMMANDS YOU
  • Not What He Seems: the author of the brother
  • Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons: princess unattaiNABELLE
  • The Stanchurian Candidate: tad freaking strange
  • The Last Mabelcorn: well well well wELL WELLWELLWELLWELLWELLWE
  • Roadside Attraction: [insert "maneater" amv here]
  • Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future: YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYES
  • Weirdmageddon Part I: literally everything
  • Escape From Reality: DIPPY FRESH

how come torbjorn (nasty freak) has a pirate skin and junkrat (prime candidate, certified good boy, also a nasty freak) doesnt!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjolras starts to be a really prominent politician very quickly after he leaves university, so Grantaire constantly gets dragged into his limelight as his boyfriend and the more famous Enjolras gets, the more attention the media pay to Grantaire and suddenly everyone’s interested in his art and his past and it kind of freaks him out.

And eventually Enjolras is looking like a prime candidate for President and everyone wants Grantaire on their chat shows and photo shoots and interviews for magazine features, not least because he’s boyfriend not girlfriend and that’s progress in the politics world.

He’s a little bit terrified at first, but goes along with most of it and as it turns out, the public love him for being down to earth and witty and Grantaire’s just kind of going /what/ because the whole country is interested in his life and he and Enjolras are even followed internationally, and everyone wants him on their show and in their magazine and he can’t possibly be this interesting.

Actually, he’s a PR dream, as he tells funny stories and answers the inevitable questions about their sex life and how much they famously argue and the homophobic hate mail they’ve had by hinting just enough to satisfy but without ever revealing anything that would make people lose even an ounce of respect for Enjolras. He is happy to answer the insatiable public demand to know all about their romance and gives a dryly amusing normal person’s perspective on trying to live life at the centre of national politics.

But then talk turns to the possibility of him becoming France’s First Gentleman, and people do some digging and the press is questioning whether he’s suitable, whether this is the man who should be sharing the President’s bed, because he’s always struggled with drink and he sometimes used to dance on tables in clubs for the money shoved in his back pocket and he’s taken some hard drugs in his time, but when some underling in Enjolras’s office makes a snarky remark about it Enjolras has an absolute fit and declares that anyone who doesn’t support Grantaire alongside him can leave, right that minute, he won’t have them.

And when Grantaire goes on his next chat show, he’s already expecting to be accusingly questioned about the drugs allegations and other disreputable parts of his past that the press have ferreted out and made into headlines, but instead of denying anything he just shrugs with a little smile and says it’s probably all true, but they don’t have to worry that he’ll relapse because he has Enjolras now, and that’s better than any drug.

And everyone in the office thinks that Grantaire killed Enjolras’s chances by basically confirming that he chooses to share his life with someone with such a screwed up past and who, even though he’s much better now, doesn’t have the healthiest mental state.

But the public love it. They adore how real and raw it is and how human it makes these famous people seem, and decide that the whole episode is the most romantic thing in politics ever when the news comes out that Enjolras threw everyone off his team who didn’t think Grantaire was good enough, and support rockets even higher.

And when Enjolras wins and the first thing he does is kiss Grantaire, it’s the photographs of that moment that are plastered over the covers of every French newspaper the following day with exultant headlines.