this is a frankie grande appreciation post

Autistic Lovelies

Have my list of characters I like to headcanon as autistic. (One of the few posts where I’ll include popular characters.)

Strawhats: Chopper, Franky, Brook

Supernovas (and crews): Law, Bepo, Killer, Drake, Chiffon

Marines: Coby, Hina, Tashigi, Sengoku, Rocinante

Revolutionary Army: Sabo, Koala, Inazuma

Warlords (and crews): Bon Clay, Boa Marigold, Baby 5, Gladius, Mihawk, Kuma

Emperors (and crews): Big Mom, Katakuri, Rockstar, Ace, Haruta

Cipher Pol: Kaku, Kumadori, Wanze, Nero

Grand Fleet: Gambia, Chinjao, Leo

East Blue: Kaya, Patty, Gin, Johnny, Yosaku

Paradise: Crocus, Dalton, Chimney, Iceberg, Tilestone

Skypiea: Aisa, Gan Fall, Pagaya

Fishman Island: Hachi, Shirahoshi, Ryuboshi, Neptune

New World: Momonosuke, Carrot

This is getting a bit long, but I’m sure there’s a bunch I’m missing.

I decided to join in on the Zankie selfiegate.
I’m still quite new to Tumblr and I don’t have many followers AT ALL but I decided to join in anyway.
For years and years I hated the way I looked, I was never called pretty by anyone including myself. I hated facing myself in the mirror. When Zach/Frankie/Zankie came into my life I gained a new level of confidence. I’m a much happier person than I was and I can look in the mirror and smile. I was constantly picked on for the way my teeth looked and I know it hasn’t stopped but I choose to ignore it because everyone is beautiful, whether it’s inside or out. So even though no one knows me on here I wanted to post the picture just mainly to appreciate how much better my life is because of these people and that I have confidence to something like this.

anonymous asked:

Your description of the night at 54 below like is literally my fav post ever. Do you have other descriptions of that night from other anon questions you've answered? Or could you describe everything that went down there again? It really puts me and others in the zankieaf mood. I'd appreciate it so much.

I’m trying to think of things I haven’t said before or that I didn’t say in that post (x) or that we haven’t heard everyone talking about that night. 

I guess just my favorite things were the fact that Zach was keeping to his people at first, back in the booth with Joan Grande and Frankie’s friends and AJ, and he was friendly but chilling with his people in the booth.  Then as soon as Frankie hit the stage he couldn’t help be so animated and cheering as loudly or louder than everyone else in the booth and the whole room.  

He definitely noticed people looking at him and watching him.  He definitely noticed people turning their phone cameras toward him.  He has to have felt the complete lack of judgment that he was cheering for Frankie looking every bit like a supportive boyfriend, and felt how people were actually happy and smiling at how he was acting. 

I perceived it as I watched him (I was one of those people who couldn’t help looking at him, but my gosh, he was screaming practically in my ear “I LOVE YOU FRANKIE” so who wouldn’t turn to look?) that he kept getting more and more comfortable being animated and vocal about his admiration and love for Frankie in that room.  He felt safer and safer as he felt the supportive reactions of the people around him witnessing his communication.  He screamed “I LOVE YOU, FRANKIE” at the top of his lungs, holding his hands around his mouth like a megaphone so many times.  

You can see in the videos of The Winner Takes it All how he got more and more comfortable showing his feelings more and more blatantly as the song progressed, after he got nothing but ENTHUSIASTICALLY positive reactions from the crowd to each thing he did.  The whole night progressed that way.  After the show he greeted people with Frankie every bit like an established couple.  People hugged the shit out of him.  Everyone wanted to.  Everyone wanted photos of them together.  He was nothing but smiles.  

He and Frankie both gave time to everyone who wanted to talk to them or take photos, but they kept gravitating back to each other to embrace and whisper and not let go until they had enough of their hands all over each other and whispering and finally felt guilty about how long they’d being doing that with people waiting to talk to them, and they’d go back to talking to people and giving professional photographers and Broadway stars and friends and fans their time and attention and then they’d gravitate back to each other and embrace and whisper and rub each other’s backs and ears and all that all over again, over and over they did this.  The last time they did it before Zach headed out, they really didn’t want to let go, and I heard Frankie saying “I’ll see you tomorrow” long before they actually let go. 

I said thank you to Zach not long before he was out the door, and I can’t even describe the smile he gave me.  Like, he was ecstatic.  I mean he was tipsy, but I had spoken to him a few minutes earlier and he was perfectly eloquent and articulate so I think the alcohol hit him more as time went by or he drank more at AJ’s before that ZRL.  

You made me go through my archive again, looking for things I wrote right after the show.  That was fun.  Another run down memory lane, omg.  I might reblog more things I couldn’t help gasping at seeing again from the glorious The Winner Takes it All era.  

But in answer to your ask, here are a few things I found that I wrote that had as much as possible to do with reactions to what I actually saw at the club.  I found a lot of things where I was babbling about things, but these are the ones where I do more of describing actual things.  I never just wrote a description alone because I tend to babble off on tangents.  

Here’s about the room and all the smiles and hugs from everyone:

Here’s about it looking like Zach was shouting it from the rooftops:

Here’s about Strangers Like Me:

More hugs: