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Domestic kiho is my aesthetic omg! Imagine Kihyun making breakfast while in Wonho's shirt. Then he'd go back to their room and wake Wonho up in the sweetest way possible bcuz he knew he was working hard last night. He'd crd his hair and stroke his cheek before straddling his waist and wrapping his arm around him. "Wake up you lazy ass," he would chuckle and Wonho would wake up with a pout. "a simple wake up would be fine, babe," and he'll roll over so he's crushing Kihyun while he kisses him~


I told myself I would never write another poem about a young man who broke my heart ever again. But this isn’t just any young man, because he didn’t break my heart by pulling on it’s fragile strings.

Two weeks ago, we were faint strangers. Merely two people who crossed paths in the most unlikely of ways and in the most unlikely of places. But it was something about the way the purple-blue light hit your face that silently begged me to see you again.

And so for two weeks, I let you parade me around to your friends; an Irish-Korean girl who was tossed into the mixing pot of cultures and languages that sounded like secrecy. For two weeks, I let you drive me around in your old, beat up car that carried your very essence. For two weeks, I let you convince me that we had a song that neither of us would ever naturally understand.

In two weeks, you showed me what it felt like to be alive. To be free.

And today, we are two hearts that burn and ache for the other to return.


an excerpt from a story I’ll never write #6

maybe it’s the smoke.

You deserve someone who wants to give you a fucking text back, y’know? Someone who wants you, only you, and makes you feel wanted. Someone who can’t help but message you first thing in the morning when the sun light is slow-dancing through the curtain, and they’re barely waking. Someone who wants to spend their drunken Friday nights with you, but also their lazy lemonade Sundays. Someone who holds their one-person umbrella right above you when it’s bucketing down, so that you’re sheltered, even if it means they get soaked through. You deserve someone who thinks of you, often. Someone who calls you on the phone at the end of a long day, because they want to hear the sound of your voice before they drift off into slumber. Someone who makes plans with you on a Tuesday evening, because the weekend is just too far away, and who cares if we have to go to work the next day. Someone who says definitely, not maybe, and follows through. You deserve to hear a song on the radio that makes you melt on the inside at the mere thought of this someone. Someone who could watch you sleeping for hours at a time, and be perfectly content in the grace and stillness of that moment. Someone who steals a cheeky kiss when you’re mid-sentence and least expecting to find their lips. Someone who will happily pig out on pizza with you in bed, and not judge the sweatpants & top knot look you’re sporting. Someone who is just that into you. You deserve someone who challenges the both of you constantly; someone who makes you strive to be better each day, because they’re trying to be better too. Someone you can count on to stick around when the shit hits the fan, which it will. Someone who chooses to lift you up, always. You deserve magic, and fireworks, and confetti canons exploding in your clear blue skies. You deserve someone who will always be careful with your heart, because they know just how fragile it already was before they held it. Someone who’s heart aches whenever yours does. Someone who wakes up next to you each day feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot, over and over again, and thinking what on earth did they do in their past life to be so damn lucky. You deserve someone’s complete attention. Someone who looks at you, and I mean really sees you, and all of the beauty you hold. You deserve to be someone’s first choice. Someone’s best friend. Someone’s partner in crime. Someone’s everything. You deserve to be loved; and loved extraordinarily well. And to be told that you are loved, every single day

– Thought Catalog

I think one curious little thing is that we, at first sight, never get shown Viktor’s expression in this moment when Yuuri suddenly pushes him way, leaving many wondering how he actually responded to it


they did add his reflection in Yuuri’s eyes and it makes me cry because he’s SO CONFUSED AND HURT BY THE SUDDEN REJECTION

it just ties in so well with Viktor’s fear of rejection (I wrote about it here) where he desires emotional and physical closeness but fears being pushed away at the same time AND I JUST



I’m so in love with the thought of Viktor guarding the depth of his heart and at the same time he wants nothing else but to have someone take care of it for him with all the love and care they can muster so he can give them all his love in return 

it just makes me remember this line 

I think Viktor’s heart is just as fragile as Yuuri’s but in a completely different way, instead fueled by Viktor’s loneliness and longing for someone to stay close to that would never leave him


I have a very fragile heart that constantly breaks at the thought of your arms around someone else.
—  Things I realized when I admitted that I’m not over you, part II
Standing Up From My Wheelchair in Public

I often bring up the ableist action of harassing/accusing ambulatory wheelchair users (as well as scooter, walker, crutches, and cane users) of “faking” because it’s something that happens ALL the time under the guise of “allyship” that people seem to WANT to remain oblivious to.

A person standing up from a wheelchair or standing without their mobility aid SHOULD NOT be cause for alarm, should not inspire accusations of faking, should not inspire you to say, “it’s a miracle!” in a mocking tone, or to ask me if I should “really be parked here”, or recommendations of weight loss so I won’t “need that chair anymore”, or whispering about how my karma is coming or how I’m going to hell for “playing with a wheelchair”; all comments I’ve received from strangers for just standing in public, getting my chair out of the trunk of my car on my own, or doing something as minimal as riding my chair while being young and smiling.

It’s prejudice; it lacks understanding to how diverse disability is, it uses a singular representation of wheelchair users to judge all wheelchair users. When people are called out on that ableism, those who do it will become defensive and claim to be acting in defense of disabled people because they truly deeply believe in the myth of a “faking disability epidemic", but hear this: non-apparent disabilities/invisible disablities, etc. are REAL disabilities and you are harassing the very people you are claiming to be advocating for.

For me, it is physically very difficult, painful, and risky to walk in the first place, the moments when I am able to, it takes alot of energy and concentration. Emotionally, it takes courage for me to get up from my chair in public; doing so causes anxiety that is parallel to what I would feel as a woman walking alone in the street at night. It’s a situation where I have come to EXPECT harassment and that is not okay. This is not how it should be, getting out of my chair in public should not have to feel like a radical act.

A person who gets up from their wheelchair might have limited ability to walk because they are rehabilitating, have dysautonomia, lung issues, heart issues, chronic pain, hypermobility, fragility of joints or muscles, fatigue, there are so many reasons for being an ambulatory wheelchair user and they come in all ages, sizes, colors, there is no one way, no one look.

cool things from the yuri on ice website

-leo really likes social media, he updates it frequently!!

-yuuri has the ‘most fragile heart made from glass’

-yuuri has had a ‘longing’ for viktor since his junior days

-yurio has held the role of the provider for his family since he was young

-seung gil lee is ‘not familiar with fashion’

-emil is kind of like a henchmen for mickey

-seung gil lee doesn’t care about his fans at all

-christophe hasn’t won once

-guang-hong ji wants to be a hollywood celebrity 

-guang-hong ji longs for his friend phichit so he often uploads their selfies to social media!!

-jj’s parents were ice dancers and his younger siblings are in the junior division

-mickey is a ‘hard virgin’ (IM SOBIBNG)

-minami is attracted to yuuri !! and his entire family is doctors

-mila ranks as the 3rd female skater in the world and sala is the 4th