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"Would you write a scenario for me about v where his girlfriend isn't ready for sex yet so they get off by dryhumping? Can you make it smutty?" But with Jimin please? I really love your blog ♡

Here for the rest of the series

Dry Series; Jimin

Warning: Explicit Content

For you, Jimin is always the answer.

One might ask to what and you’d tell them to everything.

And today Jimin will be the answer to that inexplicable restlessness and occasional throbbing in certain areas of your body you’d rather not mention.

It’s just, sometimes it’s not so easy to derive at the right answers even if they are right in front of you because - and this is quoting all the mathematics exams you’ve taken so far in your life - you’ll have to show your work.

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Translation of Komaeda's free time events

Since I’ve practically translated every piece of side material regarding Komaeda, it just doesn’t feel right to leave out his free time events…so here they are.

Extremely image-heavy post, as well as spoilers for the game.Here’s a google doc link if that works better with the images.

Komaeda: Hinata-kun…are you feeling not so well?

Hinata: Huh? No, not at all.

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Thanks for your request anon! We really had fun writing about this one.

Haruka looked away, hiding from their gaze. They were frowning at him with a big blush covering their cheeks. “It’s just a kiss…” Even though his voice was calm and he tried to seem indifferent, his cheeks and ears showed the opposite. “Ah… you’re nervous cause this will be our first kiss…” When he saw their reaction, Haru realised that what he had just said was true and he could only think about how cute and loving they were. Finally, without saying anything, he brought them closer and kissed them softly, grabbing their chin with one hand. It was a soft and slow kiss, giving the photographers time to catch the scene. “Better this way, so everybody will see it” He thought.

Makoto looked at them a bit ashamed. “Promise I had no idea about this” He really didn’t intend to bring them to take advantage of the situation. Seeing that they didn’t seem to care as much as he did, Makoto felt more relaxed and brought his hands up their cheeks. He leaned his face towards theirs and gently pressed his lips on theirs. When the photos were taken, he couldn’t do anything but keep his hands in their face and stare at them with a light blush covering his cheeks.

Nagisa: “Eeeh? Don’t wanna kiss me?” Nagisa asked pouting. They were very surprised with the sudden request, but he perfectly knew how to control the situation. “I thought this would be a very romantic scenario for us and our first kiss, ne?” They were vulnerable at Nagisa’s puppy eyes, and he knew it well, so when he saw that they didn’t seem angry, just a bit embarrassed, he leaned his forehead against their and smiled closing his eyes. “I love you, u know?” And before they could reply, he gave them a tiny kiss.

Rei tried not to panic when he was told about that particular scene. When he looked at them he realised that they were much more nervous than him. His gaze turned worried and he felt a little guilty for having lead them to this situation, so he tried to comfort them. “I’m sorry for having involved you in all of this. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to” Although they claimed that everything was ok, It took them a while to convince him about it. He blushed before hesitantly leaning forward them and slightly caressing their lips with his own.

Rin was looking at them with a strange face. “I told you there would be a kiss scene and you said there was no problem. So…?” They were pressed against the wall, posing for the next picture. But instead of a kiss, Rin was waiting for them, close enough to smell their perfume and feel their breath. “Are you nervous? Cause I’m excited…” The photographer asked again if they were ready, and when they nodded, Rin approached his face to theirs, one hand in their shoulder and the other one in their neck. “Wanna go out with me?” Maybe this wasn’t the best situation, but he couldn’t resist anymore and needed to ask them before giving them a passionate kiss, pressing his lips against theirs.

Sousuke couldn’t do anything to stop the grin spreading across his face. He finds them so lovely when he teased them, so overwhelmed and blushing, that he couldn’t help it. They asked him why he hadn’t told them about that kiss scene before. “Just details” He said hooking one arm around their waist and pulling them closer to lean forward their body. He run his hand across their face in a soft caress before pushing gently their lips together. When the photos were done, he didn’t stop gazing and smiling at them. “I really like you.”

Aiichiro felt absolutely overwhelmed with the situation. “I… I can’t do this” They didn’t seem to care that much, which made him fluster even more. They were the one approaching him as they held his hands between theirs, trying to calm him down. Ai closed his eyes as he saw them getting closer to him, finally leaving a soft kiss on his nose. Fortunately for him, the scene was caught by the photographer and it wasn’t necessary to take another one.

Momotarou had anxiously waited for this moment since they accepted to come with him. He tried to fake that he didn’t know anything about the kiss scene, but unfortunately he was the worst liar ever. Giggling, he nervously scratched the back of his neck as he tried to explain it to them. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t come if I told you the truth” He smiled happily when they decided to stay anyway and brought them closer for a kiss. But when their lips were bout to meet, they suddenly turned their face, causing Momo to kiss them on the cheek. Such a cute scene needn’t to be repeated again.

Seijuro was more enthusiastic than usual about the shoot. As soon as he heard kiss scene, he hooked an arm around them making the distance between them disappear. Before they could even ask anything, their lips met in a passionate kiss leaving them breathless. He slowly broke the kiss while staring at them. “I would be a liar if I said I feel sorry”.

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What do u think about people who are saying that Gio is not pregnant and her belly is fake? I wonder how they even could draw such conclusions because we all saw Gio in bikini as well as her training videos where her already quite big belly, that was not covered with clothes, was clearly visible. Is it really difficult for some individuals to belive that a woman who is in a relationship with a man can be for real pregnant with his child?

I knew since the moment the news about Georgina’s pregnancy appeard in the media that it’ll be a sensation but also a reason to crete and spread false informations and rumors. Obviously normal people won’t believe such ridiculous rumors as we could see Georgina in bikini and in many situations with her belly growing and Cris even said that they’re expecting. But unfortunately there are also people, who doesn’t like Cris and Georgina (jealousy) and they will try to nitpick and look for a problem that does not exist…I don’t care about them and fortunately Cris and Georgina either.

A Shortage Of Girls - Pt. 1

Genre - mostly fluffy, slight but not really (????) angst, au, you get it i think

Desc - dan is forced to go to a dancing class by his father, and meets someone there who becomes more than just a dancing partner

Word Count - 1.8k

A/N: right so i’ve had this written for so long and decided to upload it! it’ll probably be from 3-5 parts and i’ll update it every few days (maybe idk hopefully i won’t forget) but yeah enjoy and shit


“I know, love, but your father thinks it will be useful for the parties he has, and I know you don’t quite like girls. Let’s just keep our secrets between us,” Amy, the housekeeper told me. She had worked at my house for my entire existence of approximately 16 years, as my father needed someone to watch me in this giant (and unnecessary) house we live in. I’d like to think of her as my mother more than my actual mother, seeing as I barely know who she is. The saddest thing is we all live in the same stuck-up rich kid house with a literal golden gate in front of it, and I rarely see her. If I’m lucky, once a week. Amy on the other hand actually gives a fuck about me and has been here since day 1. 

“I’m sixteen, by now if he wanted me at one of his rich-people parties he would’ve at least invited me. Maybe he’d mail it, it’d get here faster than him actually giving it to me.”

“Not much I can do, but he’s the guy who puts dinner on our plates, so I suggest for now we just let it go. It’s not very many classes. And tell you what, I’ll sneak you out next week and we’ll go into the city, yeah?” She asked me.

“This better be worth it,” I said, giggling as I walked away with the soda she’d presented me with. I retreated back to my room to get ready to leave. I knew this would not go by fast.

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What Can You Do To Help Puerto Rico?

I’m psyched that PR is trending right now, and I’m beyond happy with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song, holy shit, don’t get me wrong, but I kinda think it’d be more useful for the tag to be filled with what can be done to help rather than the same video 10 posts in a row.

Unfortunately, PR really is in a rather horrible situation right now. Fortunately, it’s a USA commonwealth, and as such, the US can indeed help it. But once again, we hit a problem. There is no certainty that the proposed Puerto Rico Recovery Act will even make it past the first level of Congress. It’s simply been introduced, and now is the time to begin acting if you live in the US.

Let’s be real, what do congressmen want? Another term. They want the votes. If you as a voter, or even not a voter, say you’re a high schooler in the area, send your local congressman an email or letter outlining the crisis in Puerto Rico, and tell them that you think they should vote for the bill, and tell them why, you can make a change.

The name for the bill is as follows: S.2675 - Puerto Rico Recovery Act of 2016

Please, I urge all you US citizens to write! Take out a pencil, pull out a keyboard and write, no matter your age! Write to your local congressman and tell them what you want. This country is a republic, and these are our representatives whether you want it or not. You need to speak up, let them hear your voices.

Please help Puerto Rico.

Unfortunate Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Yes, yes, the title is a pun on Miss Fortune, blame Chat.

If someone were to ask Ladybug how she ended up in this situation, she’d say her luck had finally ran out.

If someone were to ask Chat Noir, he wouldn’t even give a straight answer; he’d just motion to himself and the fact that he was a black cat.

So now, as they stood in front of Hawk Moth, bruised and exhausted, their Miraculous almost running out. Neither of them knew what to do.

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The only aggressive thing I see here is the way these people are treating the KC fandom. Because sure. Delena fans sent death threats to Nina for leaving, SC fans attack journalists with go die cunt insults and yet the KC fandom once again is the aggressive one.

These people do know how to alienate their audience in the moment they need it the most don’t they?

But unfortunately or fortunately (because at least we are used to it by now) this is really nothing out of the ordinary for us so… chill.

However what I am finding extremely amusing in this situation is not what comes out in public (even by a tongue slip up) but what led to it during to what happens behind the scenes.

TVD and TO are right now failing HARD. Many actors are coming out and begging for viewers and ratings; That shows extreme panicking.

The writers might try to pretend that they do not care about the ratings but oh trust me they do! I am willing to bet that there is a constant discussion and pressure on how to fix their mess and the only result is getting the mess to become bigger and bigger and this is turning everyone behind the scenes crazy, frustrated and irritated. It is like you are in burning building and everyone shouts “HELP” and “SOMEONE DO SOMETHING” but they are all jumping up and down without doing anything while the fire gets bigger.

How much do you want to bet that in almost every discussion about fixing stuff Klaroline gets mentioned again and again and again LMAO. And trust me again that they keep on discussing on and on about how to save their shows.

Do you really want to know why they are so angry with the KC fandom? Screw their PR and what they are saying in public. It is not about the bad members of the fandom because the TVD fandom in total has some pretty bad apples in each and every sub fanbase.

Klaroline however was and still is the ONLY fandom that didn’t serve its purpose.

But guys really …we didn’t lmao

In the writers and even in the actors eyes we are indeed the problematic child. Not because we are “aggressive” or “ill-mannered” because the TVD/TO stuff are handling all sorts of fans from every fanbase. The big difference however is that Delena/Stelena/Steroline/Klayley/Klamille etc etc have served their purpose nicely one way or another while KC have not been able to be contained in a form that would be complacent and convenient for the writers.

The other fandoms gave them the attention, they gave in under the writer’s push every single time, they gave to the writers exactly what the writers asked. Let us face facts. The Klaroline fans… didn’t. The problem these people have is not the attitude the bad apples of the KC fandom have; it is the fact that the KC fandom remained loyal to the ship but once the shows started going to shit without any Klaroline in the horizon the KC fans simply said… fuck it. And not only they said it but they also did it. You see words are easy and each fandom uses them even as threats but the KC fans instead of words used actions and made their promises come true and that must have stung really badly because it was not expected. The writers and the actors were sure that sooner or later the KC fandom would either give in or fade away. Well it didn’t. The KC fans refused to follow the pattern the shows demanded from them especially after the fans have been treated badly for so long. Any other fandom (like all the other TVD/TO fandoms have done so far) would either plead with the writers or rage on (while still sticking along for the ride) or follow directions based on false promises. Delena had to lose Nina in order to retaliate. If Nina had stayed even if Delena was to be destroyed they would still be remaining loyal to the show and follow whatever Plec was to give them, either good or bad.

Klaroline is the only fandom that has managed to turn fanon into actual parsonal canon for the fanbase and to continue shipping without supporting the actual shitty canon Plec gives. The KC fandom speaks up, trends, shows its strength with no scenes and without believing false promises anymore. That is like a punch in the gut for the the TVD/TO writers. Plec wanted the support of the KC fandom. She wanted our devotion, our aggressiveness, our passion, our voice, our dedication but she wanted all those things in her own terms. But the KC fandom didn’t just retaliate but managed to be force to be reckoned with under circumstances that would have made other fandoms certainly give in. And that affected the presence of the shows in the media and their general standing.

Just how annoying must it be for the writers and the actors to be reminded of their bad judgement when while the shows are tanking the interviewers and the media and the fans keep on asking and reminding them about …Klaroline. Seriously. It must be their nightmare. Klaroline here there everywhere. The writers want to push their plots and new ships and the noise in the front and background keeps on being Klaroline lol.

All the above have managed to anger and frustrate the writers and the actors. KC is hindering a lot of their plans. The Klaroline fandom is not going anywhere. The Klaroline fandom is a thorn in their side. And a constant pain for them. They surely keep talking and even nagging behind the scenes for their rebel child LMAO.

And I for once I am very happy for this. Call me a sadist or an aggressive asshole but I admit it. I am. And the fact that all their inside annoyance comes out unintentionally in a time where they obviously need this fandom the most is even more funny to me. Because it shows to me the pressure they are under. The thirst is real. And after everything that has happened in the past this is like a winning parade for me and not a source of discomfort.

And guess what. The Klaroline fandom will still remain -even without scenes- active and vocal and united when everything in TVD and TO is currently burning and crushing.

And since I am not attached with the shows anymore but I am still a Klaroline shipper this is bringing me great enjoyment lmao…well I am just standing in the sidelines and I am observing. I am not actively doing anything to harm the shows. I do not ramble on in twitter. I do not affect the twitter ratings. I am from Europe. I do not affect their live ratings. Basically I am just pointing and laughing from my own personal blog in tumblr. I am not involved or going to show any ounce of support to shows of no quality and to people that have disrespected my fandom and me as an extension; However that apathy I have is spreading like a wildfire to everyone nowadays and no one seems to care about these shows so if by their book that translates as aggressive then so be it.

Aggressive is it? I so am. And in all honesty I would take honest aggressiveness over constant passive aggressiveness and patronizing every time of the day.

"If you continue like this you'll get fat"

A costumer said these exact words to me last night after I (for the first time since I started working at this restaurant 2 months ago) had eaten a couple of teaspoonfuls of ice cream with caramel sauce. At first I couldn’t believe that I heard correctly and thought he was talking about himself as he had eaten quite a few times at the restaurant and responded with “well, that’s good” and did a thumbs up with my right hand. More regular costumers = more sales on daily basis = more tips for my poor wallet- makes sense that that’s good, right?
Well… He answered “do you want to get fat?” And I paused a little and understood what he first said. I couldn’t believe that these exact words came out of his mouth and were directed towards me, a stranger. Who says something like this?
I, before thinking, started explaining myself instead of coming up with some brilliant comeback, something I regret deeply now. “This happens extremely rarely”. He just kept smiling and giggling while I, in emotional despair on the inside, clearly confused, kept on explaining myself. The first thought that hit me was not “what a jerk”, but “oh my god! I’m getting fat! I am never eating again!” I went into the kitchen and the urge to purge and exercise was overwhelming. He left and the rest of the ice cream went down the drain.
I kept on working. Cleaning the walls, doing the dishes, answering the phone, waitressing etc. while the words “if you continue like this you will get fat” were on replay in my head. I started scrubbing harder, lifting heavier, walking faster and generally be more effective, but no matter how effective I was, how much I sweated or how hungry I got, they didn’t stop. They didn’t even decrease in intensity, just kept going and if anything, only increased.
They still haven’t left my mind, 24 + hours later, and unfortunately probably won’t for a very long time as my eating disorder LOVES torturing me with comments like that- even though I now understand that he was trying to be funny.
However, what IS fortunate is that I have people around me that help me deal with this situation. A supportive mom, fantastic friends and a treatment team that try their best to shake some reality into me.

Not everyone you meet is as lucky as me.

Please, make it your life rule to never comment another person’s body or eating habits, especially not stranger’s. You know nothing about what’s going on behind the curtains and one stupid, ignorant, comment like that can easily tip them over. Let people be. There is nothing funny about it. A body is a body. Nothing more and nothing less than that.
If you notice you are about to blurt out something negative or “funny” about other people’s bodies or eating habits, think about how their weight or shape affects you. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t.

[Btw, a single ice cream on a boiling hot day won’t make you or anyone else gain excessive weight or get “fat”. Moderation is key.]

Sterek Fic Recs - March Recap

Just been too busy to post everything I’m reading, so here’s a few more.

When Nothing Else Works | 5,915

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex In Public, and One Time They Did It In A Bed | 23,880 | WIP

Lydia coughs pointedly. “An incident report filed by 87th Precinct Captain Erica Reyes. March twenty-fifth, eight p.m. Came back to the precinct to grab my coat, only to hear Stilinski banging his new boyfriend in the holding cell.”

Lead Me Home | 36,100 |  ♡ |

“Yeah, the world had gone to shit. What’s left of it split into territories, viciously fought over and protected, as if anything is worth protecting any more. Forests to the north, wastelands to the south. There are human territories, wolf territories, witch territories and no-man’s lands, where the Chimeras rule.”

A post-apocalyptic fairytale.

It’s Always Been You, Dumbass | 11,028 |  ♡ |

“But… Do you even care about photography?”

“Not as much as I should,” Stiles plants both his hands on the table, bracketing Derek in, “You’ll have to correct my miscreant ways.”

Have My Heart | 3,278

Whatever Laura says, Derek doesn’t stalk Stiles. He doesn’t. Yes, his sketchbook might contain studies of Stiles’ hands, the subtle muscle definition in his forearms, but that means nothing; he’s good at art, it’s life drawing, nothing else.

Soul Strong | 6,894

“To put it simply,” Deaton said, “you have a soulmate.”

Derek wanted to slam his head against the wall and just black out.

That Unfortunate Situation | 58,294

Derek Hale, 3rd Duke of that name has an unfortunate run in with the young Baron of Stiles - accusing the young man of being a fortune hunter. Regency Romance meets Sterek.

You Fit Me Better | 5,210

Five times Stiles and Derek ended up wearing each others clothes on accident, and one time it’s deliberate.

The Mating Rituals of Alphas | 9,884 |  ♡ |

Sure, Derek was born an alpha but he’s never been good at all that dominant behavior that’s expected of him, and even though the adults around him tell him to be himself, he worries that he’ll never claim an omega if he doesn’t get it together. But his omega actually already claimed him, years ago.