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Don't know if this is a big enough deal to make a post about, but Candice was featured on the Go Fug Yourself fashion blog: www,gofugyourself,com/photos/mayor-lavon-hayes-is-back-the-cw-superhero-shows-at-comic-con/comic-con-international-2017-the-flash-press-line -- the caption is the best part!

Candice Patton

A much fresher take on a patterned suit. Last season of Flash was… not great. But it must feel very nice, as an actor, to have it now be canon that if anything happens to your character EVERY SINGLE LIFE WILL BE RUINED because you are All That’s Good And Pure.

Hi everyone! First off, thanks for all the follows, reblogs and general support. I’ve been blogging since my senior year of HIGH SCHOOL and I’ve grown and learned and changed so much since then, and so has this blog. I’m now 23, queer, fatter and happier than ever!

I’ve been thinking about changing my blog name to better reflect myself. When I started this Tumblr, I was chubby. I was about a size 14 when I found this community and began sharing my own photos and stories and triumphs and setbacks. If you were there, you remember the original Chubby Chick Swag. Fat was still a bad word. I was still very focused on maintaining my new, smaller body. I thought swag was an appropriate description of my style. So yeah, a lot has changed!

Because of these changes, I’ve changed the “chubby” in my URL to “fat” to better reflect myself! So everyone, welcome! I’m so happy to be in this vibrant community 💖

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Name: Milly
Star sign: Cancer
Average hours of sleep: 8-9
Lucky number: 17
Last thing I googled: Francis II of France (lol)
Favourite Fiction Character: Stella Gibson, Dwight Schrute, Celeste Wright.
What are you wearing right now: alien print pj pants, and a big hoodie (and undies obv).
When did you start this blog: November 2014
Amount of followers: 4K
What do I post: Gillian Anderson stuff, memes, gay shit and sometimes political stuff.
Do I run any more blogs: ya I have a fashion & art blog (main blog) - @w0teva, and a stranger things blog - @a-series-of-stranger-things
Do I get a lot of asks: it ranges from 5-30 a day lol
Why did I choose this URL: idk I thought it sounded cool 

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Meet 63-year-old Lyn Slater, who has, until recently, been an ordinary professor at Fordham University. One day she went to meet a friend for lunch outside the Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. Foreign journalists suddenly surrounded her, mistaking her for a fashion icon and attracting spectatorsIt was a defining moment that turned Lyn into an ‘Accidental Icon’. Her blog of the same name, inspired by the experience, soon began making international waves. She is now a public voice against ageism in the fashion industry and the world.

“Fashion and my style help me struggle against that invisibility that comes with age.“

She was once asked about the old notion of ‘dressing for one’s age,’ and her response was clear:

“We use language to control people’s behavior. This phrase is a way of putting older women in their place. I’m certain that if you feel comfortable in your own clothes, it’s completely irrelevant how old you are.”

🌸 COLORS (색깔) saek-kkal

검은색 - black
흰색 - white
희색 - gray
갈색 - brown
노란색 - yellow
주황색 - orange (or 오렌지색 which comes from the english word “orange”)
빨간색/붉은색 - red
녹색/초록색 - green
보라색 - purple
파란색 - blue
하늘색 - blue sky
분홍색 - pink (or 핀크색 which comed from the english word “pink”)
짙은… - dark /insert color/
연한… - light /insert color/

⚠as u probably noticed, they all end with the same syllable : 색
“색” comes from chinese and means “color”!
MOST of the time, you can remove the syllable “색” if the word is placed before a noun.

🌸 some examples on how you can use these words:

빨간 입슬 : red lips
분홍색 꽃 : pink flower
갈색 머리 : brown hair
파란 눈 : blue eyes
검은 차 : black car

♡ 가장 좋아하는 색깔이 뭐예요?
-> what is your favorite color?

♡ 제가 좋아하는 색깔을 연한 녹색이에요
-> my favorite color is light green

♡ 저는 보라색을 좋아해요
-> i like purple

💭 now, what is YOUR favorite color?🤷 go ahead and let me know by quoting this post :) in korean obviously~

Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t beautiful. You are beautiful. You’re beautiful in the way your mind works, how you smile, and how you appear. Please do not believe in the pseudo-theory that “I’ll be beautiful when I lose XX amount of weight.” You’re gorgeous now, regardless of your size. Stay positive, babe. You got this 😁


“Now you Shouldn’t even get into who I’m given Skins to~
It’s none of your business
So don’t try to change my mind, I’ll tell you one more time~
It’s none of your business”

(If y’all do not know of Salt-n-Pepa, then I highly suggest listening to a few of their songs!)

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Isnt it funny how every girl associated with louis throws whatever job they had as soon as they start to date louis.. Briana with her"stylist" job, danielle not doing any acting n skipping a con to follow louis around n now eleanor giving up her fashion blog as soon as she started to date louis.. Almost as if they all had found another way to earn money.. Funmy coincidences, arent they?

“almost as if they all had found another way to earn money”


Well it almost got cold in Houston, so I decided to take advantage and wear some longer sleeves. I wish this weather would just make up it’s mind.

I love prints, so when I saw this vintage dress at the thrift store I just had to get it! I already owned this awesome fabric for the head scarf and together I thought it was a great look. 

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and my family had made plans for dinner at my Grandad’s, but yesterday he fell and broke his hip, so now our plans have all been postponed. 

It was pretty scary to see him in so much pain. Thankfully I work as a caregiver to him, so I, as well as my mom and sister, were there only minutes after the fall.

This was the whole reason I moved back to Houston…to be with and help my Grandad. My Grandmother passed away this time last year, so it’s been a strange time being in this city without her and I can only imagine how that’s affected Granddaddy, after all they were married for over 60 years (unbelievable!). 

In my family, on both my mom and dad’s sides, every event pretty much revolves around the Grands, so this season is already proving to be pretty tough for me. My Grandad is the last of my Grands and I’m really struggling with this. However, I am so so grateful to be able to be spending so much time with him now. There are so many distractions in life, the only thing that really matters are the relationships you have with people and the memories you make with them. Time is precious, don’t let it slip away from you.


♡ ~았어요 (verbs ending with the vowelsㅏ or ㅗ)

일어나다 (to get up)
일어나다 remove 다
= 일어났어요, got up!

오다 (to come)
오다 remove 다
오+았어요 [오+았 > 왔]
= 왔어요, came!

♡ ~었어요 (verbs that dont end with ㅗ, ㅏ or 하)

걷다 (to walk)
걷다 remove 다
= 걸었어요, walked!🚶

가르치다 (to teach)
가르치다 remove 다
가르치+었어요 [치+었 > 쳤]
가르쳤어요, taught!

♡ ~해였어요/했어요 (verbs ending with 하)

궁굼하다 (to be curious)
궁굼하다 remove 다
궁굼하+였어요 [하였 > 했]
= 궁굼했어요, was curious!🤔

이상하다 (to be strange)
이상하다 remove 다
이상하+였어요 [하+였 > 했]
= 이상했어요, was strange!😯

now, you can conjugate korean verbs in past tense, yay!

Model Kelvin Davis on what it’s really like to shop as a plus-size man

  • Model Kelvin Davis has dedicated the past few years of his life to shedding light on how it really is like to be a plus-size man. 
  • He’s appeared in ads with Chubbies, spoken out after appearingAerie’s male body positivity joke and dished out encouraging words for bigger guys nearly every day on his blogand Instagram, Notoriously Dapper.
  • Now, in an interview with Mic, Davis is revealing what first inspired him to start his body positivity blog for men. Read more (7/21/17)