this is a false bby

lol okay buddy whatever u say

I kind of wish people would stop being all “you’re perfect the way you are xx”

Because guess what? Nope! You’re not perfect! You never will be perfect. Not ever. You are flawed. You are not perfect.


Remember that old lesson? Nobody’s perfect? I feel like we don’t say that enough anymore.

Nobody is perfect. Nobody CAN be perfect. That’s the POINT. That’s OKAY. It’s more than acceptable to not be perfect. It’s not POSSIBLE to be perfect.

Yeah? You’re not perfect. You will never, ever, be perfect. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Quite the contrary. You may not be perfect, but you can still be pretty great. Everyone has flaws. Your flaws make you the person that you are. And the person that you are is pretty great.

So who needs perfect?