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“Henry was worried about his son’s household, or so a letter he wrote one summer to Sir Henry Vernon, it’s comptroller, suggests. The King thanked Vernon that ‘by your wise and poletike meanes his household is the better conducted and governed, which is greatly to your laude and praise, but he also urged him ‘to dispose you to contynue and yeve your personal attendance there at such seasons as the counsail of our said son shal thinke necessarie and expedient’, warning that ‘elles we must of urgent necessite appointe oon of our hede officers to exercise your saide rowme, and calle you to serve us in his stede.

Henry had deliberately not placed a single nobleman in charge of Arthur’s establishment, as Edward [IV] had appointed his brother-in-law Earl Rivers as ‘governor and ruler’ of his son. Presumably he had wished to avoid the partisan use of the prince’s power practised by the Woodvilles and the bloody outcome it had brought in 1483. The decision was also congruent with Henry’s reluctance to entrust the rule of any region to a single magnate. But this left the seven-year-old prince nominally master in his own house, a house in which he had to learn to command and reward his servants with only the guidance of Vernon and his other senior household officers.”

From: Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales: Life, Death and Commemoration. Edited by Steven Gunn and Linda Monckton.

“I think God gave four daughters to the Tsar as if saying: ‘Be careful, Don’t, Don’t.’“ Don’t keep trying for a son, for he will be sick and play a huge role in the your decisions and ultimately your downfall. The four daughters were giving him time. The Romanov dynasty wasn’t meant to continue through Nicholas II. I think Nicholas was so stuck on being "anointed” (some say religion, I say to justify his crimes) despite the fact that his own grandfather was blown up. BLOWN UP.” - Submitted by Anonymous

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What is your favorite Ahri skin and your most hated one? And if you could make a skin real, which one would you choose?

my favorite skin is definitley Dynasty many people dont like it, but i think its lore friendly and i love desing, also she doesnt look sluty!

Most hated skin is ofc Arcade, its not even an Ahri.Its just a character that Ahri could possibly play in Arcade game.Anyways i dont like it because its not lore friendly and desing is terrible annoying for me.

Skin that i would love to see needs to be atleast legendary.I would love smth different, showing her from other side.

You know something which is not CUTE jesus christ.

Meet Erinsborough's Newest Family - The Rebecchi’s

One of Neighbours most popular dynasties, the Rebecchi’s is expanding with the arrival of five additional family members joining the hit series’ next month -  the largest influx of new and returning characters to Ramsay Street at one time in a number of years.

Nicholas Coghlan (Nowhere Boys, House Husbands) reprises the character Shane Rebecchi, the older brother of long-time favourite Toadie. He is joined by his wife Dipi played by Sharon Johal (Winners & Losers).  In their first television roles, newcomers Olivia Junkeer and Vani Dhir play daughters Yashvi and Kirsha respectively. Drama graduate Scarlet Vas has been cast as Dipi’s spirited younger sister Mishti Sharma who also makes the move to the big smoke from country Victoria.

The Rebecchi’s have been integral to Neighbours for more than two decades. Led by iconic characters Angie and ‘Big Kev’, the larger than life family that included their three sons, have been involved in some of the most memorable moments in the show’s history.

Eldest son Shane, originally played by Greg O’Meara, had his first stint on Ramsay Street in 1995 which resulted in a trip to prison, then a prison break. Around the same time, middle son Stonie’s had an affair with vixen Annalise Hartman (Kimberley Davies) that sent shockwaves through Erinsborough. Nothing brought the family closer together than when youngest boy Toadie drove his new bride off a cliff on their wedding day and the repercussions are being felt today.

“Shane Rebecchi is one of the great untapped characters from Neighbours history.  I’m delighted to welcome him back to Ramsay Street along with his beautiful wife, two children and sister-in-law, it’s a great new chapter of the Rebecchi family,“ said Jason Herbison, Neighbours’ Executive Producer.

Shane returns to his old stomping ground with his sister-in-law Mishti in tow. Why they have arrived together?  Where is his wife Dipi? What are they hiding?  are questions viewers will be digging for answers over the next few months.

The Rebecchi’s take up residency on Ramsay Street from April 17.


African American singer, television and stage actress known for her performances in some of the earliest major studio films to feature black casts
(Carmen Jones-1954, Porgy and Bess-1959). Played the main character in Julia (1968), one of the first series on American television to star a black woman in a non-stereotypical role and was followed by her portrayal of Dominique Deveraux in the primetime soap opera Dynasty over three seasons.

She understood the pull between two worlds, the cosmic force that ripped her simultaneously to and from his distant life. And it was painful, but the decision to leap either way was endlessly complicated. The thoughts circled her mind, and she could not escape.

To unbecome herself, after hundreds of years of study, of meditation, of spirituality in the raging winter of her home? It was impossible. It would be as if abandoning a tireless war, in which she was bound to the army of a righteous cause – even with the knowledge of it’s poisonous politics. She had to keep fighting. The distraction that she found in her love for him was only that; a distraction.

It was a unknown element of warmth, but one that she could not help but cling to. He was alone, as was she. Both were part of a mass of bodies, civilisations full of insincere companionship. Amid all who they stood beside, they knew nobody as they knew one another. And she supposed that she could live with that emptiness, as she had known it for centuries. But the thought of leaving him to face this eternal echo without her, was unthinkable. She would not allow him to face oblivion alone, or to be drummed down by those around him, those who saw nothing of his soul.

And ultimately, she did not want to return to the bitter halls of her people, without the knowledge that across the stars – he was there, waiting. And he would never forget her, far away as she was. He would always be a new constellation, in the bleak, dark skies of her decaying city.
—  Celestial Dynasty