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Comic #2


MOD note: IM SORRY. its been over a week since last update ;♡; this is harder than i thought. i was finishing planing the plot and other stuff. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING AND SHARING you guys are greaat ×♡×

PS: sorry for all the drawing style changes, im trying to adapt and find the one that is easier and takes less time, which is probably gonna be the comic style i used for the last frame. except for the chibi versions, those are gonna stay the same.

if yoou want me to do do little cute chibi budged cuts feel free to fill my ask box with dumb headcanons.

oh and im gonna try and upload the main story every 4 to 5 days so stay tuned ^U^

**MOD out**

Message for Mark

Mark, ( @markiplier )

You are an exceptional person. Honestly, you have no idea how much you mean to so many of us. This may sound sappy and cheesy but I’m rolling with it.

On Twitter you said all you do is make excuses but you don’t. We don’t mind you having a life. That a good thing! Videos can wait. We’re not going anywhere. You don’t need to worry about us getting disappointed or annoyed. There’s gonna be one or two stupid people who get frustrated and say dumb stuff about it, but the subscribers that actually care about you want you to have fun with your job. Not get stressed over the amount of videos you put up.

You did a 3 HOUR recording session! That’s a long ass time. That’s 3 school lessons. That’s 6 epesode a of Gravity Falls. That’s on average 12 YouTube videos. You put so much effort in and we appreciate everything you do for us. Truly. You upload 2 videos per day. That’s incredible! I could never do that. Only a few people could ever do that. It takes so much dedication to do what you do and we can see how much work you put in.

I don’t know if you are stressed or if you are sad for some reason or another but trust me, if your worried about work, don’t be because we are all here for you and you take as much time as you need to do your videos.

We love you Markimoo, please don’t forget that.

From, the whole fandom.