this is a dumb post hahaha

A smol plant

Okay, so here’s a recollection of the best day of my fandom life? #ECCC

I’m usually just here to make short, dumb, spazzy comments, so bear with me, because this will probably be long. However, I’ll try not to be too repetitive and remember the interesting parts. ;) Apologies if the pics are effing huge. I don’t do this posting thing - ever. hahah

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blackcur-rants  asked:

So in honour of the new Justice League trailer, can I ask you what you feel are the top ten worst things about the DCEU movies so far?

*grins evilly, cracks knuckles*

Let’s get this one out of the way:

10. This fucking shot right here

“Pretentious” does not even begin to cover it. And that expression! I don’t have much nice to say about Henry Cavill in these movies, but I do enjoy his utter inability to hide his embarrassment at what he’s participating in at this moment. 

9. The Why Did You Even Bother Club: Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, Rick Flag & June Moon, the media, the military, Congress…

Remember how The Avengers had this idea of Agent Coulson as the in-universe fanboy who understood the team better than anybody, and how the best part of Age of Ultron was the trip to Hawkeye’s farm? So why do the “human” elements of the DCEU feel so forced and stale?

8. Someone needs to go to jail for these action scenes

I thank the gods that I (unlike many of my friends) walked into Man of Steel sober, because Snyder’s destruction porn in that movie is a truly bad trip. Everything you need to know about the dude is in this juxtaposition: when he’s showing a building breaking apart, he wants you to see details, dammit, this is his canvas. When he has to cut to, y’know, humans, they’re dully shot and horribly lit, and his impatient desire to get to the next orgasmic splash-panel-shot is palpable. Elsewhere, the Doomsday sequence in BvS not only extends the plot far beyond its logical climax (the dictionary definition of overkill), it’s an unbelievably dull and drab nesting doll of mushroom clouds, pure headache-inducing sound and fury signifying nothing, my least favorite superhero throwdown on screen…until the Enchantress fight in Suicide Squad, which had me in tears in the theater, I was laughing so hard.

7. Pa Kent wants you and your children dead, you hear me? DEAD!

This may be the single worst aspect of Man of Steel specifically. I hate it on every level. I hate that Pa Kent spouts this BS, I hate that we’re supposed to take it seriously, I hate how it bogs down the post-Krypton story with no real weight or payoff (since we already know that Adult Clark is saving people by the time we get his Dad’s speech about not doing so), I hate that entire unbelievably dumb tornado scene, and I hate how freakin’ casual Snyder and Goyer are about death throughout this SUPERMAN STORY. Supes kills Zod, screams that scream…and then he’s downing satellites with a smirk, and biking through an apparently just-fine Metropolis, and hahaha look, glasses! Tone? Stakes? What are those? What was the point to him killing Zod other than Snyder getting that fetishistic close-up of the scream? Man of Steel was always going to be a bad movie, but this is where it became a Bad movie.



5. Batman v Superman is I Took Half a Philosophy Course, The Movie

Every single second of this insufferable thing is screaming at you to take it seriously. Every. Single. One. And it’s earned maybe 2% of the time, usually when it directly swipes a line from a comic. There’s nothing else to most of these scenes—just This Is Dramatic, with no attention put into the “this” from the basic “we need to care about these people” angle that Marvel generally has a lock on. The ambition falls flat. In particular, the worldbuilding sequences in BvS (the Injustice future, the Flash visitation, the videos of future JL members) constitute some of the clumsiest and most misguided scenes ever in a comic book movie, because they thoroughly ratfuck the tone, pacing, and focus in the most masturbatory manner imaginable outside of literal porn. (Has there ever been a less appropriate use of Exciting Pump-You-Up music than when Wonder Woman is…sitting at her laptop…watching QuickTime videos?) 

4. Scene to scene, line to line, end to end, every storytelling decision in Suicide Squad is wrong

I don’t demand a movie make perfect logical sense for me to like it, and nitpicking about plot holes often aggravates me, because there are many more important things to making and watching movies. What I demand is that you not assemble your movie like a dozen different food-poisoning-induced fever dreams all happening simultaneously. When you have to literally actually reshow parts of your “villain launches their evil plan” sequence (kind of an important part of a comic book movie!) because it was so confusing and poorly communicated the first time through, you’ve lost any semblance of structural coherence. This isn’t clever nonlinear storytelling. This is an abysmal, abyssal editing fail. Honestly, given the garbage fire behind the scenes, Suicide Squad barely counts as a finished movie.

Final three slots reserved for the fatal performances. You know the ones.

3. How did you let Jared Leto keep doing this after day one

How did you not brain him with a shovel or something

2. Why, though

Why would you do this to us

And of course, at #1…

1. This ostensibly sentient block of granite you insist on calling Clark Kent

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. He’s poorly cast, written, and directed. The DCEU is fundamentally broken because its central character does not work. He’s got two modes–deadly boring and straight-up deadly–and neither is compelling. I’m far from the first to say it: this is a Superman for people who never liked Superman.


therE I DID IT HAHAHA, btw thats my new youtube channel where i will b posting my dumb stuff

anonymous asked:

Ooh! How about Jack freaking out when Rhys is in labor, like 'We need to get you to the hospital immediately!' And Rhys, totally chill, is like, 'the contractions are super far apart and I'm covered in amniotic fluid, I am taking a shower first.'

hahaha i actually love this idea. mostly because i love anything where jack loses his cool

under a cut since its dealing with a lil more graphic things (though not really that much)

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Dumb Gravity Falls AU nobody asked for or needed in which Dipper creates a dipperized Mabel to counteract the mabelized Dipper that is Dippy Fresh. Dippy calls her Mabes but I think that’s just him, I can’t come up with a good name for her. Also for some reason I cannot write them interacting without him completely losing his cool, hahaha it’s pretty fun :’D

I could have posted my rough sketches and called it a day but A, they were unreferenced and drawn in a moving car, and B, Dippy Fresh has a more saturated palette, so Mabes needed a desaturated color scheme to heighten the contrast.

sparkleywonderful  asked:

The story of who and why someone paints the first mustache inter the eyes at the cabin. It's OK if you can't fill this one.

I want to write this so bad but I seriously cannot think of anything!

I wanna say it was probably Mor who pissed off Cassian or, Cassian who pissed of Amren. 

Oh my gosh, I’m actually so sad that I can’t think of anything! If you guys have an idea write it on this post. 

hahah it was probably something stupid like Cassian and Mor having a drinking contest and she surpasses him by like 10 drinks and is still standing and Cassian is like mumbling and stumbling over to the wall and is jokingly like, “F-Fuck youu Mor” (but also slightly upset becasue his manhood is on the line) and paints it.

With Amren….. Cassian probably just said some dumb shit and she wasn’t having it, hahaha

a-and-h replied to your post:

                   a-and-h replied to your post:                  …                

  hahaha, you and that dress will never be friends :) i like i , i have to admit, but i love the one Emmi wears in Stockholm more    

I mean, I won’t claim I never liked neon…

(fashion sense: A+++)

…but thing with the Star Princess costume is that I’ve seen what it can be, I’ve seen how beautiful you can make it, I’ve seen what the design shows. The costume can be SO gorgeous. And then I just don’t see the point with going NEON and dumbing down the details, like they’ve done in West End. When compared to say Germany and the US, they just fall flat:

But by all means, the West End dress has its fans. Some prefer the neon shades and the type of decorations. It’s just not for me. I’m not able to see past the “children’s Halloween costume” look. 


Guten morgen everyone, I am Magneto, greatest semi vague villain of them all.

My hobbies include warping metal with my mind, angsting about my life, wearing this cool magenta cape and this helmet so Charlie can’t read my mind, and also killing humans (like this one in the picture I forced to take my photos, hahaha.) 

Everyone have a nice evening and remember that mutants rule and humans drool, and I AM homo superior!!


hahaha okay an update from me:

i h a t e him. and i feel stupid for ever liking him. why?!???? what was I thinking. literally he’s the least likeable person i know what the actual fuck is wrong with me. and like he’s a fuvking teacher and hes so gross and bitchy and rude ughh omg wtf am i doing wit this dumb blog i need to stop this shit he doesnt deserve my love or my thoughts hes a cunt i hate him i hate him i hate him and i feel like a fool for making it obvious that i like him hes a fucking dickead and he hates me too now its over anything that we ever had is finished im done with him god i should have listened to all my friends who hate his guts like literally i realise now that he doesn’t give a fuck about me lol

- h

MBTI Types Nightblogging

(as nightblogged by an unstable ENFJ at 3 a.m.) 

INTP: wtf free will is an illusion

ESFJ: so sad :’( Wish He Understood

ENFJ: *months deep into someone’s personal blog* 

ENTP: But Have You Considered the Bees


ESFP omg guys guys what if trees have feelings im already vegetarian idk what 2 do

ESTP: hahaha kisses sounds like farts we r all farting

INTJ: *psychadelic nietzsche gifs with illuminati every 5th frame*

INFJ: *super angsty poetry* if anyone is up feel free to IM me even if we dont have mutuals!!!!

INFP: *INCOHERENT SOCIAL JUSTICE RANT* gah will probs delete 2moro *doesn’t*

ISFP: fml i dont know wut im doing with my life :’) *actually deletes the next morning* 

ESTJ: im just so tired of “certain” ppl and their shit jk not just ppl jessica this is u u ho

ISFJ: *reblogs aesthetic posts, puts life story in tags* 

ENTJ: god ppl can be so dumb sometimes. -15 min- enough said -15 min- ALRIGHT IT’S TOTALLY MY ENGLISH TEACHER WHAT A BITCH *1500 word rant* 

ISTP: u up? ;) 

ISTJ: *doesn’t nightblog, is asleep fuck all of you get some fucking rest ok acts superior when they aren’t dead tomorrow rightfully so tbh* 


Guys, this took me forever but YAY. I’ll start a new one now that this is out there bc I have so many more Sterek pics to read. And there’s no rhyme or reason, I just love them all.

Celebrity Crush

Kinda Beauty and the Beast-ish Sterek. It was wonderful.

Electricity in the Contact
Adorable. Little smut. Lots of tension.

Fly a Little Faster
So much oblivious Stiles, it’s adorable. And the Hale family, JFC I LOVE THEM.

Prince Among Wolves
SO FUCKING CUTE. Absolutely loved it.

Pay By The Hour, But Don’t Leave Too Soon
Smuuuuut. Short smut but holy crap. *fans self*

More smut. Short and smutty and kinda hilarious.

Half of You, I Want All of You
Stiles twin smut. Whajsbjwsbdb XD

Say It With Me (Don’t Assume)
Sterek cop alpha/omega fic. *wolf whistles*

Howlnatural’s Tumblr Fic
Bunch of short Sterek fics. All good, short, and smutty.

Our Lives Are Changing Lanes
Slightly smutty. Cop Stiles. Super cute.

Muffins Are A Declaration of Intent
SMUT adorable fucking smut and short and smut and awwwwwwwww.

A Question of Sterek
UGH SO GOOD. I was so sad for Stiles then poor Derek then laughing Sent from my iPhone

Big-Dick Derek Hale
*dies* Hilarious smut

Enemy Lines
Fucking awesome. Long but not ridiculously long. Good plot and some smut.

adult_disneyprincess’ Sterek Fics
All one shots. All adorable and/or smutty. All fantastic.

Soulmates tbh series
Loved this. Love the idea, love Sterek, LOVE IT.

But Then What…
SO CUTE. UGH I loved the video game thing and Derek is such a little shit and so obvious and omg this was so cute.

Knot Again
THEY GET CAUGHT SO MANY TIMES OMG. My favorite is the last. Hehehehe.

Lock All The Doors Behind You
Derek is fucking adorable and such a puppy.

Meddling Kids
HOLY FUCK THIS IS SO GOOD. No smut but it’s in Lydia’s POV and it’s fucking genius and adorable and holy fuck I love it.

(Not So) Pure Imagination
My absolute favorite. I followed this religiously while it was being posted and FUCK ITS GOOD. It’s smutty and cute and I fucking cried bc of Stiles and Derek is so stupid yet he’s so adorable and GOD I LOVE THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF THIS AU. Also made the mistake of reading it at work…yeah don’t do that guys, wait until you’re home.

Parrish Stilinski-Hale Drabbles
Ugh I love this head cannon. Its so awesome. I really would love a full story to it, not just drabbles but it’s good.

No Homo
UGH THIS IS FUCKING CUTE BUT I WANTED TO PUNCH STILES. Lots of smut and internal homophobia (fucking Stiles) and Derek basically makes me want to cry. These fuckers god.

A Yeti. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s a Yeti. And it’s so fucking adorable. JFC.

Holidayish. Fucking awwwwesome. Stiles is the most embarrassing adorable little thing and Derek is GRUMPY CAT.

The Price
This KILLED ME. Ugh unrequited love literally stabs me in the heart every time. But it was so good I couldn’t stop reading.

It’s A Christmas Thing
Short. Cute. Derek really needs to work on talking. Like a normal person. Not a feeling stunted dummy.

Three Marks
So good. I love the whole bond mate thing. It ended and I was like wait what the fuck I want more now. This is SO SO GOOD.

All’s Fair in Orgasms and War
Porn. Derek and Stiles are porn stars. And then pirates. It was just so awesome. I can’t.

I Might Be A Fool
College Frat AU. Adorable. And hilarious. Omg Stiles is so dumb though.

Milkshakes and Matchbooks Series
Fucking Christ, Derek is emotional constipated. And breaking my heart. So cute though. Omg the beginning was adorable. They’re both so awkward, I loved it!

Five Times Detective Stilinski and Fire Captain Hale Had Sex in Public, and One Time They Did It in a Bed
I’m dead. This was hilarious. SO MUCH KIND OF PUBLIC SEX HAHAHA. Just dead.

Derek’s No-Good, Very Bad Day
Short, cute fluff. Just adorable.