this is a dumb gifset but i had to

Tumblr: here’s some cute fanart and gifsets from logan… what a great movie! one of my favorites! :)

Me: I feel like I just had my soul willingly burned and I’ve never felt such wild emotions ever from a superhero movie but I’ll still take this cute doodle of Laura riding on Logan’s shoulders, thank you please help


he had been asking you questions all day, dumb questions like “what do you see when you look at this ink blot” or “what is your most cherished childhood memory.” so when he asked “what do you look for in a significant other?” you were a bit taken back.

“why do you need this information again?” you grinned.

“psych paper.” he stated, “so? what do you look for in a significant other?”

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) gosh i adore the runner of this blog, you guys should all go check it out, such perfect teen wolf gifs im in love <3 <3 <3 and thank you so much to the creator for giving me permission to use these amazing gifs <3


“get away from my sister!”


Well then. Shall we return to Britannia, Sir Kururugi?


It’s gonna be so easy for us to fall in love.

A lot of friends are sad or angry or just not feeling good tonight. If I didn’t have the charisma of a lukewarm baked potato, I would try to help, but I know I would only make things worse. :(

Instead the only thing I know how to do is post some random, amusing gifs. They won’t solve your problems, but they might make you smile a little.


“also look at my shoulderpads!!”

“phil are u sure this is part of the show”

“ow, fuck–”

pope john paul 2: pope harder

hot men of Genesis are waiting to take your call! Dial 1-800-SEX-TONY


geddy stop trying to seduce me or not

the wild booty man strikes again (someone stop him)

Phil finally had enough of the dumb interview questions

“and then I realized how OLD I really am…”

butt dance in ur pants

the dinner party was a shameful disaster

and finally, hugs for mr grumpybutt (and for everyone else tonight. Hang in there, friends, it’ll be ok).

Hey y’all

So I discovered sanvers in the middle of s2, then somehow found some dirty fics on ao3, which turned into me writing my own first ever fic, which turned into me starting my very own tumblr near the end of the season.

And y’all have been super fucking rad. It’s been so fun getting to know some of you, making some great friends, bonding over some amazing fics, bitching about shitty writing, making dumb gifsets, laughing over barely disguised innuendo (I’m looking at you, #supercorp), drooling over these hot af ladies.

I’m not quite sure I have much more to contribute now that it’s over. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a reason to stick around. But if not, I wanted all of you to know how much fun I’ve had over here in the last 6 months and how often y’all made me laugh til I hurt.

And the best part is that I managed to get gayer during all this.

I’ve actually never been big on social media but I do have an insta I use sometimes. Hit me up on dm if you want to connect there (I don’t want to connect the accounts too publicly bc of, ahem, the aforementioned ao3).

Seriously, you all are amazing. I can’t believe how many genuinely smart, funny, and talented people are here. I’m sure there’s a shitty side to tumblr but I was lucky to fall into the good part.

Thanks for the wild ride, everybody 💕🏳️‍🌈

pokemonashketchumfan  asked:

What was Elmer like? Also, which one of your ferrets would win in a race against each other?

I’ll answer the quick question first - Tux would win!  When he chases toys, he runs so hard and so fast that you can feel the floor shake.  He also really LOVES to chase me!  Like, at top speed.

But if it was a race down the stairs, maybe Elmer would win.

The second question - Elmer was the best. ;_;  He was super playful and crazy and so funny to watch

…but also a super mellow lap ferret the second you picked him up and gave him attention.  He used to ride around on my shoulder or my arm while I did stuff in the kitchen, and I didn’t have to worry much about him trying to jump off.

He slept in my lap all the time.  He loved getting head rubs and chin rubs, and he had a major staring problem.  I love ferrets who make good eye contact, and he would just lie on his back and stare and stare and it was really cute.  And even though he played hard, he never bit people.  (Well, one exception - he would bite my sister’s feet while she was brushing her teeth because she was using “his” spot on the bathroom rug.)  But he was really super sweet.

He loved to play in water, and when I gave him soup, he’d steal his entire food bowl.  Basically, the gifset I made in his memory (which always gets picked apart and reposted as generic animal content ;_; - even Buzzfeed used the peanut butter gif without the right credit) is a good representation of him.

His best friend was Gumby, and together they were the Dumbrothers.  They were the closest bonded pair I’ve ever had.  Like, I have 20 million pictures of them doing dumb stuff together, but the post would get too long, so have this one (Elmer is the one with the “jacket”):

The Dumbrothers have a music video:

Elmer is the one you see doing all the crazy stuff.  Gumby is the one playing with that plastic chain toy, hiding in a towel, and getting shoulder rubs.  They were basically joined at the hip and did everything together, but Gumby was two years older, and when he died, Elmer just didn’t want to stick around anymore.  He was also sick with insulinoma and lymphoma by that time.

A lot of Elmer’s personality had to do with the fact that he had Waardenburg Syndrome.  So he was also deaf (hence the flipping out at a peanut butter jar).  But I’ve seen some other deaf and/or Waardenburg ferrets play *too* rough and be mean to other ferrets because they don’t know when to stop (ahem, Kit), and Elmer wasn’t like that.

He was missing all his bottom front teeth, everything between his canines.  He just never had any.  I mean, he was *really* inbred, so whatever.

Poke bird calls all ferrets Elmer.  For some reason, that was the only ferret name she learned.  She also got jealous of him sometimes because he got so much attention.  It’s hard because Kit looks a lot like Elmer, and sometimes that messes me up.  Their personalities are VERY different, though.  Kit is much more active and playful and doesn’t really like getting held and petted and stuff.

This is one of my favorite Elmer pictures: