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Snippets of songs from my first ever mixtape ‘DON DIVA’ it would honestly mean the world to me if you guys would support. Thank You so much.  

How To Fuck A Boss Bitch

Get On


Signed My Name

Real ft. Adele & Kirk Franklin

Y’all remember my Diva from the blog @rathermonstrous

Yeah I had some plans for her. She gets wrapped up with these two other witch ponies because they know Diva’s (mom) and they are bad role models because she gets sucked into a whirlwind of pranks and general mischief. When they find out Diva is actually part siren, it only adds another playground to spread havoc on. (Hey we need some villains too you know! Or at least some misguided ponies)

They aren’t mean to her though, like they are actually pretty supportive of Diva and help her build up some self esteem <3 So here is a little doodly doo of the three of them! Pretty ladies <3 SIREN SISTERS UNITE! 

Left blue: Lilith (The ponytail is a side ponytail btw, lopsided)
Middle purple: Diva
Right seafoam: Belladonna

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Today we finally passed our goal of 3,000 + followers! When I made this blog I never even thought it would get over 100, so to get so many new followers every day is amazing. To thank all of you for your support, here’s a follow forever of some of our favorite wrestling blogs. Sorry if we leave anyone out. Thanks again for continuing to support our blog and making us feel like the best blog for the show ;) - Shanise, Roosa, Kim, Em, and Eulonzo.

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@thenikkibella: Words can’t describe how I feel right now. I could not do this without my #BellaArmy & #FearlessUniversity support! Your love & words make me a fearless person, train harder and be the absolute best Nikki Bella I can be! For all of you who didn’t turn your back on me, thank you! Thank you for all of your love and faith! And for the haters, when you refer to me in your blogs tonight… It’s THE NIKKI BELLA! Your NEW DIVAS CHAMPION! 

I’m quitting this blog because I’ve realized most people that follow this blog and run this blog will never grow up.

This blog doesn’t support Asians, they support Asian Americans only.

I’ve tried bringing up important things that happens in Southeast Asia and other events that I can raise awareness too, but if I don’t follow American mindset in this blog which revolves around fetishizing mental illness and hate on anyone that’s not oppressed - I’m wrong.

Not everything is about the west and not everything is about hate.

I tried keeping up with it but I can’t take it anymore.


- Diva

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