this is a different version of an edit i already posted


Been working on this FOR DAAAYSS

I finally finished!! 

This is the first full background that I’ve ever done digitally in a scene

The only question now is will I really turn this into a full story…? I already have a story mapped out, but the plot is still kinda jumbled

I’m v happy with this tho, even if I don’t lol because this was originally just supposed to be an animation but it turned into a comic idea and I was being lazyyyy

anonymous asked:

Hi, i know you already have Kanaya, but do you think you could make a version with her without her c.hainsaw? Weapons like that make me really nervous, sorry to bother you, and its ok if you dont want to!

Sure thing! I’ll edit the post and choose a different picture for her, then I’ll rb it! How’s that? :)

–Mod Mercy

Right, folks - I have no idea why you’re confused because my posts are tagged (ー。ー ;) 

He may look different every now and again because poses can affect the way sims look, but you knew that already. I believe his appearance is dependent on his skin and whatever makeup I fancy at the time, though there is, of course, my consistently inconsistent editing style…

But yes, it’s the same sim, it’s my Levi (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

This is probably the most neutral version I have of him. 

I posted this on Twitter already, but after the 4/1 update of the After the Rain website, I was looking around and found this hidden audio file after I clicked on something??? It’s a new Sekai Shikku track which I assume is going to be the version that appears on Black Crest Story!! (also the title is a bit different?? I bet it has some secret hidden meaning, I wonder what it means??)

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