this is a different version of an edit i already posted


Been working on this FOR DAAAYSS

I finally finished!! 

This is the first full background that I’ve ever done digitally in a scene

The only question now is will I really turn this into a full story…? I already have a story mapped out, but the plot is still kinda jumbled

I’m v happy with this tho, even if I don’t lol because this was originally just supposed to be an animation but it turned into a comic idea and I was being lazyyyy

Right, folks - I have no idea why you’re confused because my posts are tagged (ー。ー ;) 

He may look different every now and again because poses can affect the way sims look, but you knew that already. I believe his appearance is dependent on his skin and whatever makeup I fancy at the time, though there is, of course, my consistently inconsistent editing style…

But yes, it’s the same sim, it’s my Levi (*ꈍ꒳ꈍ*)

This is probably the most neutral version I have of him. 

I posted this on Twitter already, but after the 4/1 update of the After the Rain website, I was looking around and found this hidden audio file after I clicked on something??? It’s a new Sekai Shikku track which I assume is going to be the version that appears on Black Crest Story!! (also the title is a bit different?? I bet it has some secret hidden meaning, I wonder what it means??)

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