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Could you make a post on little things you can do to be happy? I just got evicted and my mental state just went down a lot. I find happiness in small simple things but I can't think of anything right now. Sorry for being annoying. thanks.


Here are some sea cows to make you feel better ; u ; I’m so terribly sorry about your situation. Do you have a safe place to stay? If you set up a gofundme or youcaring account for us to donate to, please send it my way so I can share with everyone! I can’t imagine how hard it must be right now, please hang in there. This might be a tough situation but I believe that you’re tougher, especially with some help from friends who care about ya! I love you so so much. Okay anyways onto the list. 


weave silk into cool patterns (artsy and easy to use)

mood boost!!! (get flattered by a computer)

strangers give you hugs (videos of strangers offering hugs)

look at cute animals (blog of baby animals!!!)

1 correct answer = 10 grains of rice (help donate rice to feed the hungry) 


1. Make some slime!!! {here’s how}

2. Try out one of eighteen different facial masks {diy recipies here}

3. Here’s a playlist of popular songs but in musicbox form. It’s nice to just listen to it while laying down {click for link}

4. Take a nice bath with oatmeal lavender soak in it! It’s easy to make!

 1 cup Epsom salt 

1 cup quick oats

 1/2 cup baking soda

 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Grind up your oats in a food processor and mix all this stuff together, store it in a big jar or gallon sized plastic baggy. It should be good for about 4 baths! The oatmeal will soften your skin and the lavender’s aromatherapy properties will help calm you down!

5. Take an epson salt bath. You can buy a big bag of it from Target for about $5 and you’ll have enough for A LOT of baths!! They come in different scents like tea trea/eucalyptus/lavender/etc and are all pretty darn awesome for calming down any muscle tension. Light up a few candles and relax. Bonus Points if you do it after a nice workout/neighborhood walk. 

6. Have a laugh. Listen to some Louis CK stand up performances while laying on the couch or sitting outside. It’s even more fun with friends {click for comedy}

7. Make a bonfire with friends. You don’t even need a beach or woods to do this. Just find someone with a firepit, go to the backyard and burn some wood when it starts getting dark outside. You guys can roast marshmallows and sing karaoke together. It’s a cheap way to make sure everyone has a relaxing night, just make sure you’re safe around the fire (keep a gallon of water nearby just in case)!!!

8. Bake some sugar cookies and decorate them with friends. A pack of sugar cookie mix is like $2 and you can form them into funny shapes or cover them in sprinkles/frosting. You and your friends will have fun making a mess in the kitchen. Plus they taste awesome. 

9. Snuggle. A pillow. A pet. A friend. A lover. A family member. Build a fort of pillows and blankets to snuggle in, grab your buddy, and go go go. Snuggling is great when you feel like poo.

10. If you’re not a touchy person with others, try spending time with a pet. If you don’t have one, find a friend who has one and see if they’re cool with you sliding by. Tell them you wanna take their dog on a walk even and see if they’ll let you. Or brush their cats. Or pet their rats. Or lizards. Feed their fish. Cute animals just make everyone feel a little better ahhaha.


Sims No Filter Challenge

I was tagged by the awesome @katsujii​ ♡

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo ( ♡ ‿ ♡ *) 

Rules: take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

Before/After with Maachii ~~ I’ve fun plans with her. I promise *winkyface* but with some new faces too… You’ll see sooner or later ^-^

Goodness XD . She’s literally only wearing the skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair cc. This skin’s magical. (I’m not even sure from who it is lolol, sorry, but kudos to them the skin’s great *claps) She still looks so cute *squeals >3<

Let me tag ~~ @simovee, @reenadelenyel, @cidersims, @igotsims, @puffshale, @itsoceansecret, @eenhoornsims, @lilyssims, @jordutch, @cynicalsims

yea, lets do that. Show me your bare sims >:)   *wiggles eyebrows suggestively

Fleeting Moments

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 900

Warnings: No warnings, just fluff!

Summary: Dean plans a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for the reader.

Author’s Note: Okay, this one was supposed to be an Imagine but I got carried away (as usual) and now it’s just a cute one shot for Valentine’s Day! I hope you guys like it :) Feedback is appreciated!

If you would like to read any of my other fics please check out my Masterlist!

*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Dean’s rough hands brushed your cheeks as you stumbled forward on your seldom used heels, your boyfriend’s strong presence behind you the only assurance you needed that you would stay upright with your most relied upon sense snuffed out.

     “Okay, almost there,” Dean said beside your ear. “Keep your eyes shut.”

     His hands fell away from your face and found their way to your waist, lifting you off your feet and setting you down at – you could only assume – the bottom of the kitchen’s tiny set of stairs.

     “And …” Dean guided you forward and into the room. “Now.”

     Your mouth fell open and your heart skipped a beat. You couldn’t believe what you were looking at.

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Never thought this day would come.

100 followers , actually it’s 130 but that happened while I was making this post, this is the largest amount of followers I’ve ever had on a blog. I might lose a few after this post but hey I wanted to make a big thank you so here we are.

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So to end off this post and to keep up my tradition of needing a read more on long posts, I’m going to link to all the blogs I can and write down a little thought and why you should follow them.I’m going to be keeping this list mutual exclusive and if anyone I follow gets left out I apologize, sometimes I’m a bit scatter brained and forget which personals have side blogs. Also some will be a bit longer then others because I don’t know a few of these blogs and the muns well. Hoping to change that though~

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An Aside:

One of my favorite things to do is look through the people that follow me, to see the different demographics of everyone who likes my content. I can now break those demographics down into a few different types.

Type A) The Fandom Fanatic

Everyone knows at least three of these. These are the people with sideblogs devoted to certain fandoms, but it still bleeds into their main blog an awful lot. The people with character icons from various books/games/shows, usually with that character wearing a flower crown. These people are very nice, if a bit manic. Likes reblogging cute animals and Fandom Discourse.

Type B) The No-Face

These are the people with no background, no icon, nothing but the tumblr default. The majority of these will only “like” your posts. Looking at their blogs will reveal a wide variety of random crap, from poetry quotes to alligator gifs to whatever’s on the Trending page that day. No idea what these people are. I was once of them. I think on them kindly.

Type C) The Guy Who Likes Butts

These are some of my personal favorites. Mostly men (though I have seen a few women) whose blogs are near-exclusively softcore porn. Lots of butts. Not a lot of boobs, surprisingly. These people are nice enough, if hard to read. But it’s odd, to see your fandom post shoved in between a 56 second twerking video and a hand-drawn gif of a girl sucking a dick.

Type D) The Normal

These are approximately 2% of your followers. The rest are majority No-Faces and Fanatics. Normals are people with nice, pleasant main blogs, with not a lot of flashy HTML and a mix of content. Some fandom stuff, some cute stuff, the occasional political piece. They probably only check tumblr once or twice a day. They do not realize how few they are in number.

Bonus) The Porn Blog

Need I say more?

Feel free to add onto this post if you’ve noticed any other types.

On the topic of fandom racism, I’ve just got to give my opinions on how the fandom portrays Finn because as I’ve been looking on blogs i’ve seen some stuff.

It’s gross and dehumanizing and now I realize why I stayed away from the Finn fandom.  I’ve seen people reduce him to being nothing but a “cup cake” and “innocent bean”, people act like his only job is just to sit there and look cute and helpless, while you portray other characters kicking ass for him?
And like do you guys know Finn at all. I  think more than anything the introduction of Finn, a black male to star wars, shows how much white fans do NOT know how to portray black men in their fics, especially such an interesting and complex one like Finn. You guys fail so much you strip him of all his interesting qualities, or just play him off as some racial stereotype (yelling too much, running around, being dumb/clueless, being the clown, weak . and the way you describe him in your fics is just….and I might mention people have said this happens to Poe a lot as well, they’re both pretty fucked over by white stormpilot fans alike).
And that’s infuriating because fandom Finn is literally what white fans have taken into their own hands and ruined.  Like let me repeat that again in a different way, the popular Finn we see in fandom is a white washed Finn stripped of all his qualities. And I know he isn’t really “white washed” as in skin tone but I think you get my point.
And when people of color, specifically BLACK PEOPLE try to correct you white people and try to help you craft Finn properly without being offensive you get mad and try to defend your racist portrayal. Then you either accuse us of overreacting or claim you don’t understand how you’re being racist.  And then we have to sit there and see a character that was meant for US being treated badly and ruined by white fans who act like they give a care about black people. Like that isn’t fair at all? He’s for US, we  know how he’s supposed to be portrayed but YOU guys are getting popularity and fame for completely taking what was supposed to be OUR representation, and ruining him so he can fit your flawed perspective of black men. Smh….

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So this might be a little weird, but before my husbands first kiss with me, instead of being smooth, he said "It's going to taste like cookies." I had baked some to try to win him over. How would the RFA+V+Saeran react in a similar situation? Like Seven saying "It's going to taste like Honey Buddha Chips." I know it's a little weird and personal but I thought it might be cute

Hey hey!! Just a little head cannon to break up the matchups! For now, I’m only doing casual story peeps because of how long they got… I’ll post the Deep Story and Minor Trio guys over the course of the next few days to keep matchups from completely taking over. I hope you understand <3
Also, there are HUGE things afoot for this blog right now guys, that’s all I’ll reveal for now but stay tuned ;) Also it’s not weird at all!! that’s super cute?? You guys are adorable oml.

-Mod Cozy <3

- Okay so you two DORKS were studying because it’s exam season!!! T-T
- And it was an EXTREMELY late night, you poor bbs were up WAY past your bedtimes and the caffeine stopped working two days ago so you were super overtired
- Instead of covering Darwin’s four conclusions and the statistical formula for figuring out whether trends were scientifically proven for the sixth time,
- You decided to bake a cake!!
- Because, when the caffeine fails, the sugar perseveres!!
- Cute matching aprons? Check.
- Tasting spoons? Check.
- Oven preheated, pan sprayed, ready to go.
- Y’all thought you were alllll professional set up and wearing your stern “chef faces”
- “Sous chef Kim, please pour the mix into the bowl.”
- “Yes, chef MC!”
- And that’s when it went to hell
- Poor yoosung tried to open the mix bag and when it wouldn’t rip properly, he pulled with all of his strength and it more or less exploded all over the kitchen
- You guys dropped the chef faces and held your sides laughing like idiots all covered in flour
- You salvaged what you could to make the cake but by the time it was finished you both were coated in a fine layer of icing, mix, and powdered sugar
- Yoosung carefully placed it in the oven and began to walk over to you when he realized a little too late that he had closed his shoe lace in the oven door???
- He tripped into the counter behind you, catching himself with his hands and successfully, accidentally trapping you in between him and it
- Poor boy was a blushy mess and tried so hard to scramble off you but due to the fact his shoelace was still in the oven door, all he managed to do was further unbalance himself and lean into you
- You two locked eyes and suddenly he wasn’t the only tomato in the room
- “I-I ahh I’m sorry MC I’ll just..” He looked away for a second and you giggled softly
- “It’s okay yoosung.” You were NOT just talking about him tripping into you
- He turned to face you again and leaned further forward until your noses were touching, obviously getting the (mystic) message
- “A-are you sure MC? It’s going to t-taste like cake mix a-and..”
- You smiled at him and he lightly smiled back before closing his eyes and the space between the two of you
- You guys burnt the damn cake nice going

- You guessed it:
- Café taste-testing session!!
- Presently, all you sold were pastries and beverages but you were trying to branch into savory territory by developing a nice selection of paninis
- Unfortunately
- Paninis were one of the few projects C&R had never pursued so even jaehee knew nothing about how to make them well???
- You had all the ingredients laid out and were testing a new flavor combination when jaehee walked up next to you and motioned for you to take a bite of the one she had made a few seconds prior
- And we all know that jaehee is good at basically
- Well, everything
- But lordie was that hot sandwich delicious beyond compare
- She looked at you with anticipation and burst into a grin when you shot her a thumbs up followed by a muffled “It’s soo good.”
- You swallowed the remainder of her sandwich and handed her your most recent creation
- She chewed a small bite for a few seconds before turning to face you with a grin “Oh my god MC, I could kiss you right now.”
- Okay well shit that put you guys in a bit of a bind because you were pretty damn close already and neither of you knew what to say after that comment so it was left hanging in the air which was getting pretty?? Hot?? For some reason??
- Nope just you blushing
- You guys actually partook in an unspoken staring contest before jaehee blinked a looked at her feet with a blush to match yours
- “Hah! I won! Yes, and I was starting to think you were good at everything, jaehee.”
- “It’s gonna taste like panini but fuck it.” Jaehee said half to herself
- “What was that jae-“ Oh, oh
- The minimal space between the two of you decreased to nothing almost immediately when jaehee grabbed your wrist pulled you into a kiss
- She expertly moved her hand up the side of your arm and tangled her fingers in your hair before pulling away so the both of you could breath.
- She smiled at you with a coat of red dusting her cheeks before turning back to the press
- “I’d take that over a sandwich any day.” She hummed which only deepened your blush

- Zen was trying to recreate a cute little cliché breakfast-in-bed scene he saw in a movie the other day by bringing you a lovely little meal
- Do you remember the word “trying”? keep that in mind.
- Burnt eggs, burnt toast, and cold tea???
- What?? Zen do you not know how to-
- Oh shit
- Newsflash: rising star Zen has never before even touched a damn toaster oven
- You now take it upon yourself to teach this boy how to cook and the easiest thing you could think of was French toast!
- “Okay zen, all you have to do is coat the bread in eggs, simple? I already beat them so just, dip the bread.”
- “Why would you beat an egg? What did it ever do to you MC?”
- Sigh
- You guys FINALLY finish up making the French toast and around halfway through your second piece, you decide to get some orange juice!!
- Because what’s a cliché breakfast without orange juice?
- WELL what you didn’t expect was for that floor to be so slippery??
- You spilled two full glasses of orange juice directly onto your clothes
- The ONLY clothes you had left because of your and Zen’s mutual refusal to do laundry due to the insistence that it was the other’s turn
- Zen was by your side so quickly and offered to let you borrow HIS clothes to which you accepted, anything to get out of the citrus suit you were currently wearing
- You walked out wearing only one of Zen’s shirts and, of course, your respective undergarments and poor Hyun turned bright red
- “MC, you can’t do this to the beast c’mon now.”
- “I didn’t state that you had to keep him in check, just saying…”
- And you broke the fucking dam great job MC
- Zen had you kabedonned soooo fast and hovered his lips close to yours
- “It’s g-going to probably taste like French toast Zen…”
- “I can’t wait to find out.”

Fanfic Submission

I’m sorry about any typos or if it sucks. I love your blog, its such a unique concept and it is so cute! Thanks for your tomevand enjoy.

Alex had to stay inside from recess one day because he had gotten in a fight with Thomas. He was using the time to finish his homework. It was silent. Mr Washington was sitting in the corner on his computer.

“Okay son,” he said. “You can go back outside now.”

Alex looked up. It was only halfway through recess. The last time they had gotten in a fight, Thomas had to stay for the whole recess and clean the floor. Sometimes Mr Washington let Alex do things the other kids weren’t allowed too. He let Alex eat lunch in the staff lounge once. It was really fun, but Thomass accused him of being a teacher’s pet after. That wasn’t so fun. Alex wondered if maybe Mr. Washington liked him more than the other kids. Maybe that was why he called alex his son. Alex got up to leave, but then stopped and turned around.

“Mr Washington?” he asked

“Yes, Alex?”

“Why do you call me son?” he asked

Mr Washington paused for a second then spoke.

“Your real dad was not a nice man. Before you came here, he wasn’t very involved in your life. He was a father but he wasn’t a dad.”

“No.” Alex responded

“Alex, family isnt defined by who gave birth to you. Family is the people who love you no matter what. I willl always be there for you, just remember that, Alex. Sometimes it may seem to the other kids that you get an unfair amount of attention from me, but everyone needs someone in their lives to guide them. Don’t listen to Jefferson. He’s a jerk. Now go play. “

“Thanks, daddy.”


Something from the year 2005, Dongwan posted about plants and his aquarium. His old apartment was really nice, the living room, his bedroom and his mom’s bedroom had a nice view of Han River.

I guess not many know that once upon a time Kim Dongwan was into rearing plants. It was cute that he posted about the orange jasmine tree and was worried when Guma ate one of the bulbs. Now, he only has cactuses and stuckyis in his house since he’s a busy man.

If I’m not wrong Dongwan moved out two times from that apartment to live alone. I think he moved out to Pyeongchang-dong with his mom in 2008 because in January 2009 he posted this picture on Oreobox.

Pics cr: Kim Dongwan

anonymous asked:

I believe you made a post once about "sure he's cute but does he lower his gaze". I'm not very educated in Islam, if it all, but did you mean lowering his gaze in respect towards a woman or in lowering his gaze inappropriately? Is the message to make sure he's not only cute but also respectful or making sure he's not only cute but not only lusting/after your body? Also, your blog has shown me the surface beauty of Islam and I hope to pursue it!

Lowering one’s gaze is prescribed for both men and women based on the fact that it protects the heart, keeps it pure from evil thoughts and desires that could eventually lead to haram. Now it does not mean that every look leads to zina, but ever zina has started by one look.

So every female must understand that she is the most respected when a man lowers his gaze in front of her. It means he has a certain hayaa, certain modesty, the essence of this religion. I as an example don’t feel flattered when someone turns around and stares at me shamelessly. They say eyes are the door to the soul, so what about the soul who can’t off their eyes from any random female’s body?

Just as our duty as women to cover ourselves and to lower our gazes, Allah expects men to also cover their awrah and to guard their looks. And this, is a real challenge for some which is why so much more weight is put on this part. There is even a beautiful narration about this matter that I’m sure most of you know:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbas:Al-Fadl bin 'Abbas rode behind the Prophet as his companion rider on the back portion of his she camel on the Day of Nahr (slaughtering of sacrifice, 10th Dhul-Hijja) and Al-Fadl was a handsome man. The Prophet stopped to give the people verdicts. In the meantime, a beautiful woman From the tribe of Khath'am came, asking the verdict of Allah’s Apostle. Al-Fadl started looking at her as her beauty attracted him. The Prophet looked behind while Al-Fadl was looking at her; so the Prophet held out his hand backwards and caught the chin of Al-Fadl and turned his face (to the owner sides in order that he should not gaze at her.(the narration goes on with the question of the woman. Didn’t copy it for this answer.)

Volume 8, Book 74, Number 247

So yeah that’s what I meant. I actually deleted the post because it might’ve been misleading and too provoking.

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THIS BLOG IS SO AWESOME! but the endless scrolling is killing me >< also,now I wonder how will advanced aliens,whose entertainment from times unknown is shot with cgi and green screens without any practical effects,react to,for example,tokusatsu? (it's just that recently I REALLY got into old toku-for example,watching Space Sheriff Shaider right now,although ONLY for a cute transvestite evil priest,heh,-so most my thoughts are about it)

Thank you so much!

The endless scrolling has been changed to pages, but I’m afraid that’s all I can do for you :/

I know very little about cinematography, so I’d have to have a pretty thorough chat with my brother before being able to write something. Unfortunately, he’s hella busy with his work, so that’d be difficult. And that’s ignoring the fact that I didn’t even know what tokusatsu is before googling it.

That being said, I’ve got some talented followers who might be able to add something to this?

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Hello I am new to ikon so I don't follow many blogs. Could you please recommend me some of your close ikon fans friends please? Similar to your blog? Thank You I love you and your blog

oh anon you’re too cute + welcome to the family!! ♡ I’m so glad you enjoy my stuff and yes, of course there are some must follow iKON blogs I can recommend :

@hanbabi  double biased gal who pretends having her eyes only on Hanbin, makes gifs, seems all cute and innocent but is extra/hyper on the daily. main reason why I have so many bias crisis problems + will bless you with her infinite love of Double B stuff - including shirtless pics.

@han-bin an actual angel with a super cute blog you’ll get addicted to real quick. she’s also the only person who is going strong with one and only bias being B.I / Hanbin - Sebin we will protect you from this switching lanes mess.

@konychanwookie ult. Chanwoo lover who showers us all with this giant bear and reminds everybody that he’s all grown up and manly now and will certainly steal everyone’s bias spot super soon. don’t mention Hanbin though, she still has troubles accepting him in her heart.

@bobhwa ok first go read her Bobsoo fic, I swear it’s so good + her tags = an explosion of love for iKON & you’ll find out she’s another extra chick and double b lover after following her, posts mainly iKON + Blackpink stuff aka you’ll be blessed by YG’s talented and visual kids every day.

@donghyuks-thighs let’s not talk about her bias situation, it’s probably the more messed up out of the entire fandom but it makes her posts and tags soooo hilarious tbh + actual iKONICs mom and Yun(hyeong)Dong(hyuk) lover - mention Dong’s ears and she’ll be happy.

@bi-ai Binhwan (B.I & Jinhwan) biased bringing us content from above all the time, super pretty gifs and sometimes even share content she bought herself with us, in other words bless her soul. but she will probably make you question who’s your bias real, real quick too and that’s an adventure of its own.

@ikonis I know you said close friends BUT this blog is legit the backbone of our fandom, always blessing us with the latest infos, gifs out of this world and sharing content such as DVDs and stuff aka the epitome of kindness hehe.

jokes aside, all of them are really nice and funny and make being an iKONIC a million of times better.

also since you’re new, here are some super useful masterposts to get to know the boys and their history better here and here as well.

you can always come off anon and talk to me too if you want, I’m talkative as hell and I have some bias crisis every two days but I’m nice, I promise haha! xx

1,700 Followers on this trash blog god bless

Alright, I know I should have done one for 1,000 and if not then, one for 1,500 but as many of you know I put the pro in procrastination so here. If I didn’t tag you, just remember that I once forgot that my full name was Abigail for like 3 months so my memory is not something to be reliant on.

I’m gonna put this under the cut because it’s so long rip if you’re on mobile

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Not only do you use a terrible FC that doesn't fit Damon but you can't even be arsed to erase the iratze from Matthew's neck. Clearly you know how to photoshop. Do you realize how stupid that looks?

personally I think matt looks really cute. idek what u have against him tbh.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. OK BUT NOW SERIOUSLY. if you actually made the effort to look into my blog you would realise

THIS IS THE ACTUAL FC I’D LOVE TO USE FOR DAMON. you would also see how I complain how he does not have enough material. so here’s the thing. when you have another oc YOU ADORE AND LOVE because you have him for years and you already use ONE FC THAT HARDLY HAS MATERIAL and you actually are busy with uni you don’t have the time to search material FOR TWO FCS. so wow. matthew has the dark hair. the pale skin damon is desrcibed with bonus the bitchy face expressions I NEED. + has a lot of material. SO WOW BOO ME wanting to make it easier for me. 

as much as for the iratze. I think people are DECENT AND LOGICAL enough ( unlike you ) to know very well DAMON DOES NOT HAVE IT. but I mean yes I should totally fade the iratze on every damn image bcs that’s what everyone would do. N O T. but if you have the time PLEASE YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO IT FOR ME

ALSO THIS IS THE FIRST & LAST ASK I REPLY. i generally ignore messages like those. WHICH WOW WERE NEVER THE CASE BEFORE I MADE DAMON. a canon character. that apparently people feel entitled of just bcs he is canon. 


also one thing I despise is people FEELING ENTITLED OVER MY CHOICES. so yes I got a tracker now. so shut it or tell me ur opinion on private. not that it will matter because

MY BLOG AFTER ALL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

°☆。 ❛ — prompt list #01: 2 broke girls inspired
  1. “Hey, when you get a second, stop looking at my boobs.”
  2. “You’re an A. He kinda seems like a B.”
  3. “I thought you’d be at home feeling bad for yourself, not feeling your bad self.”
  4. “Hello, reason I do two hour phone therapy sessions every Wednesday.”
  5. “Don’t look at me like that, everyone masturbates.”
  6. “And text me next time. This whole talking thing is insane!”
  7. “I know your idea of fine dining is a ham and cheese hot pocket.”
  8. “You don’t have to be embarrassed in front of me, I’ve seen worse.”
  9. “Don’t get attached.”
  10. “When you went through that toilet looking for my earring, I knew I found my soulmate.”
  11. “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was staring at my new boyfriend over there.”
  12. “I’ll ride you home on my bicycle like a real man.”
  13. “You look so beautiful, I forgot how bad your personality is.”
  14. “It finally happened. Someone doesn’t want to have sex with me.”
  15. “Dude, don’t make me hit you.”
  16. “Just so you know, I’m not a hooker.”
  17. “And I should have told you four years ago, but I thought we wouldn’t last a month. But then we did. And then another month. And I’m still not sure how this happened, we became best friends.”
  18. “I really liked him. I did what you said and I let him get to know me. I’m never doing that again.”
  19. “I’m not wearing a bra and I think my thong is on backwards.”
  20. “Maybe this is the universe’s way of telling you to stop doing drugs.”
  21. “Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on me twice, your balls are in a jar.”
  22. “Damn, girl, you look good. What you doing later? Can I get your number?”
  23. “Oh, shoot, now I’m gay.”
  24. “I will do anything for that girl.”
  25. “I’m sorry, have we met?”
  26. “I’m not good with faces I never want to see again.”
  27. “Sorry about the entire experience.”
  28. “You’re so beautiful. I don’t tell you that enough.”
  29. “Yo, did you just ask me to marry you?”
  30. “You can’t seriously be into him.”
  31. “He looks like someone in a boy band.”
  32. “He’s going in one direction, down there.”
  33. “What you need is a good nine inches.”
  34. “I was masturbating.”
  35. “I don’t have sex in beds, that’s where I eat.”
  36. “My pants kept saying ‘take me off,’ and I was like 'no, pants!’”
  37. “Well, I’m pretty classy, so…anal?”
  38. “I’m not ready to live without you.”
  39. “I need a break.”
  40. “Not seeing you 24 hours, 7 days a week would kill me!”
  41. “You know I don’t hold hands.”
  42. “You are the one person I care most about.”
  43. “So you’re not sick of me?”
  44. “That’s the first time you’ve said I love you.”
  45. “You’re the only person in the entire world I am not sick of.”
  46. “Your knowledge of these superhero movies is kinda turning me on right now.”
  47. “Are you about to come over here and touch me?”
  48. “You’re very cute when you’re worried.”
  49. “I can’t have another idiot up my ass right now. It’s at capacity.”
  50. ( anon’s choice of any line from the show )

twinskeletns  asked:

any sims 3 cc recs?

@the77sim3 has amazing clothes and decor objects, @deltasim has some really cute clothes collections, @sugary-plumb does amazing hair retextures and they’re basically the only hairs i use now, @simplysickandtired has really nice decor objects I love them, @cakenoodles has a lot of cute clothing and amazing skins, @alhajero makes such pretty lip makeup, @pxls does amazing hair retextures as well, @santosfashionsims makes amazing clothing, @annoyinglydarkblaze does sims 4to3 conversions and I love them, @simplyimaginarypeople and @mimisapje store has tons of amazing stuff! From toddlers to adults and furniture as well c:

These are just some of my favorites off the top of my head, but if you want an organized cc finds blog @sssvitlans is the place to go! :D

Exo reacts to getting a piercing


Vertical labret

Baek would be so elated that he’d practically be vibrating as you two walked into the parlor. He’d be bouncing out of excitement and nervousness as the piercer readied the needle, shooting you excited smiles that made your heart melt. He’d close his eyes as the needle pressed against his lip, his eyes shooting open as he squawked in surprise when it punctured his skin. Once the piercing was in, though, he’d never be able to stop looking in a mirror.

“Doesn’t it look sexy, jagi?”

“I look like a real badass!”



Chanyeol would be the least calm person on the planet, he’d be constantly asking questions like if it would hurt, what if it gets infected, what if i die, in which you’d respond with “god chanyeol I dont know Ive never had my tongue pierced.” Once he was sitting on the table, he’d be squirming so much to the point where he’d be asked by the piercer to kindly calm the fuck down as he put the clamp around his tongue. Chanyeol would make the strangest choked sounds as the needle pierced his tongue, but once the piercing was in, his energetic behavior would disappear. He’d turn to you once you two left, sticking it out and flicking it suggestively with a smirk, effectively making you blush.

“I hope you know the real reason I got this, jagi.”



Jongdae would have brought the subject of nipple piercings up numerous times, eventually pestering you enough until you finally agreed that he should get them. When you did, he’d make an appointment for the next day (after speaking with the piercer, of course) and he’d be off. He’d come home the next day, his shirt off with, sure enough, two silver barbells decorating his chest. Being the cheeky shit he is, Jongdae wouldn’t stop teasing you with them by shimmying on you every chance he got and whatnot. Despite you acting impassive, you’d actually love them.

“I feel so goddamn fabulous right now.”

“I can’t stop touching them, help me.”



Kyungsoo, even though you had to spend literally months convincing him to get one, would be pretty excited about a new piercing. He’d like changing it up a bit, even if it was something as simple as a stud in his ear. He’d hold your hand all the way through it for comfort purposes, calm all the way through, and the sweet smile he’d give you as you left the parlor would surely melt your heart into a puddle.

“I’m glad you convinced me to get it. I like it a lot.”

“I think you’d look cuter with it though.”



After seeing how he looked in the Monster teaser photos, Jongin couldn’t help but want the lip ring to be permanent and of course, you agreed. You found it impossibly adorable how your boyfriend was bouncing in excitement as the piercer pierced his lip, but the instant the piercing was in, the air surrounding him changed. He went from Jongin to Kai in a fraction of a second, smirking at you with the new black ring in his lip. The first thing he did was press his lips to yours, taking your breath away with the feeling of the metal against your skin.

“I’m curious as to how it would feel on…other parts of your body, jagi. Care to find out?”



It didn’t take much convincing for this kid to agree to get his eyebrow piercing. In fact, it barely took anything at all. It went more like, “hey tao you should get your eyebrow pierced” “alright, lets go.” Despite having had piercings done in the past, he’d still whimper and whine well before the needle was anywhere near him. Once he felt the needle at his eyebrow, he’d squawk and complain, yelping out when the needle poked through his skin. He’d whine that it hurt like a child all the way back to the car, only stopping when he caught his reflection in the mirror.

“Damn, I look hot.”

“I’ll bet you even Luhan isn’t manly enough to do this.”



Kris already had a lot of ear piercings, so he already knew what to expect when the clamp was squeezed around his nostril, or so he thought. Kris was nonchalant about everything, that was, until the needle broke through his skin. He flinched, yelping out as his eyes involuntarily filled with tears from the sting. You began to laugh at his outburst, watching as his cheeks tinted bright red. Once the piercing was in and you had left, it was his turn to laugh when you ran right smack into a pole due to staring at him.

“You know I’m the only one who can pull this off, baobei.”

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”



Luhan would come home one day with his button-up shirt wide open, followed by Sehun. You were about to ask what the hell he was doing when you noticed the diamond studs poking from underneath his collarbones. Your jaw dropped, unable to form words, until finally you managed to squeak out a sentence. “Are those real?” Luhan smirked. “You likey?” You nodded. You asked him how he managed, and before he could respond, Sehun cut in. “Oh my god, it was a disaster. He kept yelling then he cried for like twenty minutes.” You were quickly distracted, though, by the way they made his collarbones stand out.

“I know how my collarbones drive you crazy, baobei.”

“How about you give me a reward for being so brave, if you know what I mean.”



He would act calm about it just up until he was about to get the piercing done. Right before the piercer put the needle up to his lobe, his cool demeanor would shatter like glass and he’d whimper. He would clutch your hand tightly in his, howling as the needle punctured his ear, but as soon as the piercing was in, he’d flaunt it like no tomorrow. Sehun would use his ear piercings as an excuse for literally anything and everything.

“You should buy me bubble tea because I pierced my ears.”

“Sorry, jagi, but I can’t do the dishes because my ears are pierced.”



As per usual, Yixing was his usual calm-but-bubbly self during the whole thing. He’d smile his precious dimpled smile at you as the piercings were placed, wincing only slightly during the process. When the two of you were done, he would jut out his hips, watching as the metal glinted in the light. He’d roll his hips a couple times to test out the feel, knowing full well how crazy he was driving you.

“What do you think, baobei? How do you like them?”

“They really define my hips well, don’t you think?”



It took an unbelievable amount of convincing to finally get Junmyeon to get a piercing. He nearly backed out a few times right before the appointment, but you managed to keep him calm. When the time actually came, Junmyeon was freaking out. He managed to stay quiet, shooting you nervous smiles as the piercer did his work. He flinched only slightly when the needle finally went through. After the appointment, he was strangely happy, surprising you by telling you how he thinks he wants another one.

“I actually really like it! I might get another one.”

“I think it makes me look hot, honestly. I wonder what the boys will think.”



Minseok had brought up the idea of the piercing in the past and had left for the appointment earlier that day, and to say the least, you were excited to see what it would look like. Soon enough, Minseok had walked through the door and you practically jumped him. You saw the new metal bar decorating his ear and nearly screamed. Minseok merely laughed as he detached you from his body. “I take it you like it?”

“Hopefully now I won’t get teased so much for being cute.”

“You seem really flustered from this alone, I can only imagine how you’ll feel when you see what else I got.”

so some of these took a turn i did not expect, but what can you do, ya feel? anyways, i hope you like this for my first reaction on this blog! requests are always open, but please read the rules beforehand~


did you miss this guy?

me too!

i have received a lot of feedback that people want barysan to return in some form. however, i felt that the barysan blog should be left in the past, as a relic of who i used to be. not to mention, i have a lot of other characters im devoted to, so i came up with a compromise.


this is a comedy blog in the same vein as kumamonfan, but with other cute and cuddly characters of all types, from product characters a la san-x and gudetama, to gotochichara and yuruchara like barysan and funassyi. 

as of right now, the blog is not yet set up, but i wanted to alert people of its existence as soon as possible. this way, old and new fans of characters alike can get some enjoyment out of out of context photos and captions from someone whose japanese knowledge extends only to finding the plush section of japanese web stores.

i will be sharing posts occasionally from that blog to this one, just to remind any interested parties that it exists. love you all!

Tumblr MBTI Community Over Time

Okay, I’ve been around in the MBTI/Typology community on tumblr since before February of the 2013 and, to say the least, I’ve witnessed many strange and bizarre things. Nevertheless, I’ve also noticed some changes and progress over the years.

• At first, there were nearly no sensors around and what you’d often see were intuitives believing they were geniuses for being able to grasp personality theory. “All sensors are probably too busy with their stupid lives.”

• “MY TYPE IS BETTER THAN YOURS!!!!!” You can still come across this, but at least more of us know how silly this is.

• “Thinkers are horrible people!” And “Feelers ARE DUMB!” Classic. We’re over this, right?

• “Functions?!?!? What’s that!? That’s too complex!” Indeed they can be scary at first, but it’s pleasant to see so many people now have a profound and accurate understanding of them and can explain them well.

• “Fi is the most selfish function of all and it will never be anything else! I HATE FI USERS!!!!!” And “Look at all those Fe users caught in groupthink, following the herd and falling off the cliff!!!” Not always the case. We now know that.

@myersandbriggs is not as active as they once were, but from the beginning, they were a relief to me for they regularly posted quality content from different sources that helped us be more and better informed. They built a huge database that you can visit and easily find much about anything MBTI-related.

• “LOL, why would you bother with the Enneagram!?! MBTI is obviously superior and anyone not fitting the typical descriptions of their MBTI type is clearly defective and will never make it anywhere!” Thank goodness it’s more common knowledge now that the Enneagram plays a big role in the personality and looks into what MBTI doesn’t.

@eilamona made a blog that not only has many cute, smart and funny MBTI interactions, but also many articles that keep us from using MBTI as an excuse to be terrible people or to remain in terrible situations.

• “I can’t stand people of this type because of what I read or people I’ve met, so I come here to continually spread my disgust and hate as though they’re all the same and all deserve to know how awful I believe they are!” This keeps happening but is now more countered.

• “Oh, look at this evil character with a plan. Must be INTJ.” And “Look at this character that’s obviously Ni dom, Te aux and so on. But they’re not evil or physically useless. Type them ISFP or something else.” One of my biggest frustrations, but oh well. You can find a few non-villainous fictional INTJs in the pile.

• “You cannot possibly be the type you claim to be, you ignorant wannabe!” Mistypes happen, yes. But the narrow understanding of type and aggression to tell others what their type is or isn’t seems to have lessened.

• “ENFPxINTJ are the OTP! They’d be incomplete and never grow without each other! ENFPs and INTJs shouldn’t waste their time in relationships with other types! Let the ENFP puke a rainbow on you, stoic INTJ, and make your life wonderful at last!” Admittedly, I’m grateful for a few of the ENFPs in my life (high school friend, second mother, tumblr mutuals) and I’ve seen a few happy ENFPxINTJ couples that are lovely. I have enriching intellectual conversations or moral support with ENFPs from time to time. But honestly, in my case, most of the time I need to take a nap after an hour or so of listening to them, so it’s quite unlikely that we’d work as closer partners. Point is, recommended type pairings are not for everyone!

• We have ISTJs around and they’re much more than how they were often painted. Type descriptions found online can be very unrelatable and cause mistyping (ISTJ I’ve known for years couldn’t relate much to them either). @intj-confessions is an ISTJ blogger and I always liked her blog because of its straightforwardness and humor. I appreciate her down-to-earth anecdotes and practical advice. Plus she’s no-nonsense and calls us out on our bullshit.

• People stereotyping and shitposting like those are the facts. But lately, I’m often seeing more posts that explicitly point out that they’re using stereotypes and are shitposting so they don’t mislead the audience. Thank you for this.

• Things have gotten much more crowded and louder, which has its cons, but it also means there’s more diversity and more you can find to break out of preconceptions.

• More blogs dedicated to tackling biases or absurdity within the community. @kill-that-mbti-stereotype puts it plainly and @mbtisuggestion cleverly makes fun of us.

There’s more, but I had to summarize. In other words, we’ve come a long way.