this is a custom layout

So @kerrigore asked a question about Necropolis (something about the layout) and I made a custom game to wander around and take a look and discovered something entirely unrelated??

There appears to be an “ancient” image set of the three “old soldiers” - Ana on the left, then Soldier: 76, then Reaper facing them - all throughout Necropolis.

The first set of people are a woman and man, both facing the same direction.  They are both wearing white and blue.  The man appears to have an implied “deshret” (Lower Egypt) crown.  It is not colored.

This appears to be Ana and Soldier: 76  (“decrowned” as a “fallen commander”).

The third man is facing them.  He wears a “double feathers” crown, representing Amun or Amun-Ra, considered “the king of the gods.”  However, the crown is mostly black and blue, with black being a color that represents death.  He holds what looks to be a wheat stalk.  Wheat was a symbol of Osiris, god of the dead, and could represent resurrection (“life growing from death”).

Considering Gabriel’s surname means “kings,” and he’s kinda, well, undead, this seems pretty straightforward.

This image is directly behind the computers in Ana’s hideout.  The computers show Reaper, as well as locations where he has been.

And before people are like, “It’s just a coincidence!” Blizzard put in another little “character easter egg” in their like, one other “ancient Egyptian art” image.

Feathers rain from above!

You can find “Pharah” on the Temple of Anubis too.

Hadn’t seen anyone mention this, figured I’d post some of my pics on it.



here comes along a little 500 follower gift! there are two lovely hairs and they come in “Di Immortales” palette by @inspiredmoodlet.

you will need these meshes: bridesmaid // long wavy classic


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

download (SimFileShare): 1 // 2 

credits: @rusty-sims // @simduction // @inspiredmoodlet

So I decided to work smarter for once… (Better late than never?)

Layout test for @rosedelsol ‘s custom Aequis, which will have coloration based on a tricolored heron! Are you as excited as I am? (Color study coming soon!)


Awww yeah, this ended up being a productive week after all! And what’s more, I’m actually pretty pleased with the first three custom Aequis layouts. 

Top is a desert type based on a rufous legged owl, second is a mountain type based on a lammergeier, and third is a mountain type based on an osprey.

Next, color studies/last custom layout!
A Better Page! A Better Converter!

im so sorry that i made my lau the actuaul converter. i;;;ve moved it to it;s own seperate pagge, so its now easier to view my posts , and access it on mobile,,,,

But in all seriousness, I’ve moved the Crytype-Ifier to it’s own custom page, allowing the main layout to be the posts. Everything be easier to see and navigate; and update that’s pretty amusing considering the hellcode I’ve unleashed.

anonymous asked:

Is there any writing software you can personally recommended?

Back when I received this question a million years ago (I am so, so, so sorry for taking so long to respond–I am a terrible person), I really didn’t have much to say on the subject. But now I do!

I like the Web version of Write or Die, and I use the application versions of Pro Writing Aid and Scrivener. I sometimes use the Web version of Pro Writing Aid, but like… I paid for it, so I might as well use the pretty one.

Write or Die is good for when you’re on a deadline and/or when you need to get the creative juices flowing. It’s highly customizable to whatever works best for you. It annoys the crap out of you if you stop typing for more than a few seconds. I don’t recommend Kamikaze mode unless you really hate yourself.

Pro Writing Aid is great for editing. You can look for very specific things in your writing and see how often they are issues. If you have a lot of clichés in your writing, for example, it will underline them and point them out. It has sooooo many great features, even if you just use the free version.

The non-free version lets you put in as many words as you want (while the free one only goes up to 3,000 words), which means you can literally copy and paste your entire novel into it. The more text you can enter, the better, because it can see overall how often you make errors and take them in context of everything.

If you use a lot of adverbs in a 3,000-word section but not overall in your writing, the free one will be like “Hey, that’s a lot of adverbs.” But if you use the paid version, it’ll look at how often you use adverbs in your entire 50,000+ word novel. You’d be surprised at the difference it makes. I went ahead and bought the version that’s permanent, because I use it often enough for it to be worth it.

Scrivener is great for storyboarding. If you find Microsoft Word to be distracting, crowded, or restrictive, you’ll love Scrivener. It allows you to make little bulletin boards, keep writing separate from research, put pieces of your stories in folders so you can edit them a little bit at a time, and more! If you do a lot of shuffling when you’re planning a story out, you need Scrivener. When you’re using Word, you have to scroll up and down a huge document or start multiple documents so you can see things side-by-side. Scrivener fixes that issue.

Those are my top 3, but honestly, when it comes down to it, I use Microsoft Word the most. I’m incredibly familiar with it, and I keep the majority of my work on it. In fact, because Tumblr gets a little laggy when I type messages sometimes, I actually typed this message in Word. It is definitely one of the most convenient options if you already have it. The functions are easy to find, and the layout makes a lot of sense. You can customize a lot.

Scrivener is good when I’m doing research projects. I’m writing for a mask company, so I keep all of my product descriptions and quotes in a Scrivener file, rather than trying to scroll up and down a Word doc.

I primarily use Pro Writing Aid when I’ve hit a point where I’ve done all the editing I can and am ready for a “second opinion.” It points out when you overuse words (which most of us do), and that is absolutely one of my favorite features, because I’m very good at using certain words over and over.

It helps you catch the stuff you wouldn’t otherwise catch on your own, even if you’re a good editor like I am. I mean, I literally get paid to edit and write stuff, and I still use Pro Writing Aid for editing my personal projects. If that is not a testament to its awesomeness, I don’t know what is.


Custom Tabletop Character Sheet Commissions!

I’ve been playing a lot of D&D lately, and have had this little idea running through my head for a few weeks. So here we go!

What you’ll get:

  • An 8.5x11 size 300dpi .png file of this character sheet, with a custom illustrated waist-up picture of your character, drawn by me. Please note that this is a digital commission and I will not be sending you a printout of your sheet.
  • Their name, race, class, and weapon filled in by hand.

Extra Options:

(these are free by request)

  • Handwritten states, saves, movement speed, level, profficiency and initiative bonuses.
  • Amount of Gold held.
  • Contents of their inventory/equipment (Max 10 items)

The reason these are optional and done only by request is because as you level your character they may change, so if you wanted to print out the file I send you, you may wish to leave them blank and fill them in with pencil yourself, so you can erase them and re-fill them as you go c:

How to Order:

Send an email to (my business email adress) or message me privately here on tumblr. *Don’t send me an ask, send me a PM. Asks have a tendancy to get eaten by tumblr* If you email me, please title the email “Custom Character Sheet Commission” or something along those lines so I know what it’s about. Also, please provide either picture references of your character, or a detailed description of what they look like, as well as their stats. (If you send me a picture of their character sheet, I can use that for their stats)

Please be aware that this character sheet was designed for D&D 5e in mind. I can make slight edits to fit other editions or other games, but not major changes to the layout of the character sheet.

Each custom character sheet will be 30 USD. Upon accepting your commission request I will request that you send payment to my paypal in advance.

I hope to be hearing from you soon~!

overbirbertaker  asked:

So I've started making the pages for a webcomic I want to do, and I plan to have a semi-regular update schedule for making each chapter. I'm trying to find a good website to post it. The only place I really know is Webtoons, do you know any other sites I could post it at? And would you have any advice about getting your comic more well known if you plan on publishing exclusively online?

Webtoons is lovely! We started out on ComicFury, and we highly recommend them as well— they offer free hosting and have a very active and insightful community, great staff/support, and the ability to create really sleek and easy to customize layouts. They also have built-in community advertising on their front page, and we’ve personally found a lot of the comics we love to read through that feature as well.

As for advertising further, we definitely recommend checking out Project Wonderful and Comic Rocket. Both have really affordable and competitive advertising features that put your comic in front of people who are looking to find more comics. (And again, Comic Rocket is how we found a lot of the comics we love to read, as well – so it’s lovely from a reader’s perspective, too!) Other than that, engaging your audience with social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and posting updates is really helpful to let people know when you’ve got new content for them.

Each arena in Custom Robo (or Custom Robo Battle Revolution in Japan) has a unique layout, though a handful of things are useful for predicting its structure. 1) When fighting one-on-one, arenas are typically smaller, with almost no barriers or moving elements. 2) Arenas will typically employ verticality in some fashion, but typically these will employ depth rather than height. 3) Almost all of the arenas are placed in a square or rectangle, but the largest are often shaped as an imperfect octagon, preventing cornering when facing the game’s later, often faster enemies.

thatoneghostlychick  asked:

OK so this is very random, but i wanted to ask, How did you make the separate tab or link thing for your ocs info. Was it a part of the template you used? Sorry if this is a random question, i just wanted to know. Also i love your characters, art and channel, you keep up your great work

When youre customizing your blog on tumblr scroll all the way down in the editing tab or whatever and you’ll see an “ADD PAGE” option.

so add a separate page. on the top there will be a dropdown list and its gonna be on “STANDARD LAYOUT” by default but change it to “CUSTOM LAYOUT”

now you just copy+paste a custom page html code in the main box.


well tons of pple make em here on tumblr just like pple make custom themes!! you just gotta find one you like and grab the code from there! 

HERE IS MY FAV THEME+PAGE BLOG feel free to find everything there:


introducing xangalayouts.

XANGALAYOUTS is a new tumblr theme that turns your tumblr into a 2006-era xanga site, complete with classic xanga header/footer links and many customization options.


  • Site title/subtitle
  • Header Image/Background Image
  • Title color, Accent Color, and Background Color inherited from mobile theme
  • Customizable fonts for Header, Content, Links
  • Xanga-style profile sidebar with Name, Country, Metro, Birthday, Gender, Interests, Website link, Membership date
  • Xanga or tumblr can be shown in the header/footer links

Xanga links:

  • Subscriptions List - shows followers
  • Blogrings List - shows tumblr pages
  • Read my profile - link to custom about page
  • Sign my guestbook - submit posts
  • Message me - send asks
  • Posting Calendar - opens posts on specific days

Interested?  Download here on github.


Recently at Rose City Comic Con (where I cosplayed as Overwatch’s Reinhardt, alongside my wife as Zarya and our friends Doc and Jill as Tracer and McCree), we ran across a very interesting artist alley booth. This one wasn’t offering fan art of comic book and video game characters, but instead something I didn’t realize I was missing so badly in my tabletop RPG life: custom character sheets, complete with portraits. That shop belonged to Jillian of Midgard.

With a very special session coming up for Thanksgiving–including Doc’s mother’s long-desired first game of Pathfinder/D&D–we decided to get some sheets commissioned of the four characters who will be involved. Anyone who follows me on my more personal Tumblr blog should already be familiar with Kitty, Seth and Petunia who, along with Calcedony and Eren, starred in our first and thus far only session (lovingly titled “Don’t Eat the Sewer Cheese”) which you can see on YouTube here!

Anyway, back to the art. Jillian took the descriptions and information we provided and, after minor feedback on her initial sketches, she captured the personality and spirit of the group amazingly! You can sense Kitty’s standoffish badassery, Seth’s petulant, jaded disdain at the world, Petunia’s tough but good natured heart, and Shekinah’s not-at-all-tough but also good natured heart (though I wouldn’t mess with her cat familiar!) Jillian’s specialty is in D&D 5th Edition, but she worked with me to create sheets that had the necessary stats for Pathfinder characters. The process was a breeze and the results were spectacular. I would have been satisfied with a boilerplate Pathfinder sheet layout for all, but every character got a slightly customized array of fields, complete with little touches like barbed wire on Kitty’s sheet for that rustic Western feel. She even threw a horseshoe on Kitty’s sheet for the initiative because I’m a dumbass who said the shoe should be a cowboy boot despite Kitty having hooves and not feet.

In my admittedly limited experience, few people get more attached to a character than a tabletop gamer, from the excitement of their virtual birth to real life mourning should they perish. If you have a little extra money and want to add another dimension to one of your creations, I highly recommend Jillian’s services. We’ll have prints of these scans done up and filled out with information for our upcoming session in a couple of weeks!

Making a Navigation Page

hi there, y'all! so I’ve recently gotten a few messages/ asks about how to set up a navigation page so i thought i’d make a post about it in case anyone else needs it? but yeah hope this helps :)

note: im basic at html, like i know my way around to tweak the code & edit it.. but i won’t be able to help anyone with super major coding stuff lols xD

1. go to edit theme then scroll down till you see this & click it.

2. it will then take you here. click on the text that says standard layout & select custom layout.

3. copy paste your desired code for your navigation page into the area provided.

4. change the settings in the code to suit your needs. usually instructions will be given in the code itself. 

5. then edit the place where it says ‘/url/’ to what you’d like the link to be.
You can also give a link to the page by adding a link & then enabling it to show the link.

6. then click update preview & then save.

here are some crazy amazing theme/ page makers who have great navi (& other) pages, check em out if you’re interested:

@alydae , @odeysseus , @sorrism , @pohroro , @neonbikethemes , @acuite

hope this helps y'all! do shoot me an ask if you have any (amateurish) html questions lol 😅 have a great day!

Removing the “Top Photos” Sidebar from the Tumblr Official Theme
If you’re using Tumblr’s default theme, formerly known as Optica, Tumblr made some changes. You now have a Top Photos sidebar on your blog. To turn off Top Photos, customize the Tumblr Official theme. Under “Theme Options” select the Layout drop-down menu and choose an option other than Regular to omit Top Photos. Click Save.