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Pls don't drag David into the 'Gillovny I can't cope with who Gillian is with because it's not David' row. Stick and tired of seeing DD being dragged into this crap. Im not from any main Gillovny blog, Im just a fan of Davids. It's being said that youre the one who left the comment about David 20 years ago on JHH, who is the biggest pain of them all, yesterday causing shit on twitter. Whats it got to do with her if the person takes a photo or not as proof? Ignore them. They are idiots. x

I don’t believe I dragged David into the Gillovny debate, mostly because David is a key figure in the Gillovny debate.

My point was only to underline that fact that when someone decides to post a “Feminist Rant” about how terrible Gillian’s new partner is, while comparing him to David, I also have no time for double standards.

If people are so convinced of Gillovny, why is it necessary for them to drag someone else into the mud? I don’t believe so unless they are very insecure about their own beliefs.

I love David. He is a good man who changed and clearly made amends to preserve a friendship that is clearly incredibly dear to him. He is not without flaw and this is what I pointed out. If this makes people uncomfortable, I am sorry but reality isn’t easy and nobody is perfect.

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nicknames:  Nina, TK

gender: Female

star sign: Saggitarius

height:  5′6″

time right now: 9:57 a.m.

last thing i googled: How long does a ball python live? (answer: 30 yrs)

favourite band: I heckin love Glass Animals, Pearl Jam and Caravan Palace (just so we cover all my genres)

favourite solo artists: Rag’n’Bone Man, Barns Courtney

song stuck in my head: Agora by Bear Hands

last movie i watched:  10 Things I Hate About You (via my monthly pilgramage)

last tv show i watched:  Gravity Falls

when did you create your blog: 2015

what stuff do you post: ART *insert gif of Dean from the iron giant* and beyond that stuff that i think is funny, or sometimes, that just peeves me.

when did you blog reach its peak: When i posted my freakin’ ‘Ninja Snake Party’ pair of paintings that have about 1,500 notes each. 

do you have any other blogs: I have on for my books and one for my gemsonas but i don’t use either of them lmao 

do you get asks regularly: hahahaha i got one anon once telling me i should use the queue so that i didn’t post in bursts and i said ‘fuck you no’ and i’ve never even considered using the queue since, all because of them. so you have them to blame.

why did you choose your url: When my mom signed me up for a library account when i was… younger, she made that the username and i thought it was super clever. however my first attempt to make a tumblr got all bungled and i couldn’t use the username ‘ninawolverina’ so i had to improvise.

following: 319

posts: 10745

hogwarts house: HufflePuff

pokemon team: I’d be Valor but i don’t play

favourite colors: Deep, warm orange and forest green, preferably together.

average hours of sleep: 7-8. i try to keep it healthy.

lucky numbers: i don’t believe in luck…

favourite characters:  Stephen Strange, Sherlock Holmes/Hercule Poirot, Jayne Cobb and Zoe/Hogan Washburn. Ok anyone from firefly, really.

what are you wearing right now: Black t-shirt and heat and snowmiser pj pants

how many blankets do you sleep with: Two

dream job: Author/Artist

dream trip:  England and Scotland with diving at Scapa Flow, maybe a day visit to Barcelona (after the cathedral is finished)

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Hi yes hello.

Soo!!!!!! Yea I’ve just started my KHR fic Apartment 15 which I’m really excited to write (Have a look and tell me what you think please!) So ….. This blog is going to be my dumping ground for sketches about it and other shit that comes to mind. This is the cover photo for it and let me tell you I will never fucking understand Tsuna’s hair.

Hm, yea that’s all there is to say.

diosleighrp replied to your photo “quinlan seems familiar for some reason. hour or so, i forget already.”

I love your art Charlie!

I’m really really awful omg but thank you!! I try to post things on here even if I hate them so that I can see how long a gap there is between posts and whether I’m actually learning anything and… blah. I have a folder of unfinished crap but I tend to toss files in there and forget about them, so there’s no accountability. I embarrass myself as motivation B | LOL


Ted the Animator: “Oh, crap, I forgot to draw Daphne’s head for a frame. What should I do?”

Carl the Animator: “Just distract the viewers… make Freddy look like he’s on Prozac, or something.”

Ted the Animator: “See, this is why I keep you around, Carl. You’re good in a crisis.”

Thanks for all the messages and BONJOUR to all my stunningly beautiful NEW followers ;-) there’s so many of you guys here haha holy crap, #blackout was beautiful. My blog is full of my work photos and a lot of me telling you how beautiful you are no matter what you look like, where you’re from, or what you’ve done and then of course miscellaneous things haha 👊❤️ Instagram : the_yvesdropper


This will be my first and last follow forever because I’ve decided to really quit tumblr now. I want to do something more(after talking with so many people online I’ve realized I should maintain close ties with my friends irl, so i’m going to be spending more time with them now… and continue learning guitar & do other things)… but I’ve enjoyed the memories I’ve made on here. Watching our boys finally debut & meeting new fans… and spending time with people who’ve been in this fandom for as long as I’ve had(We’ve been through so much together: 17tv days, waiting for the next 17tv season, Like 17 showcases, waiting for them to debut, etc). I don’t want to get too sentimental and stuff sooo moving on-

Before I get to who I follow, I’d like to point out one particular follower I have who I’ve gotten close with these past few days. naegaho4, you’re really sweet, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations <3 and a few lovely others who’ve messaged me ( carbonminoxide bangtanz-angel myzseoul )

A few special mutuals(/coughs/ go follow them if u haven’t already):

kkimgyu Jagiya~ You were the first friend I made on here! Did you know? (: I will always love you more than those chubby fishies u had on ur blog~ Keep up with your amazing pastel edits!
camera-seventeen (u guys should check out her main blog thepuddang also!) my Texas buddy, maddy!!! It’s sad we couldn’t meet up at a concert, but I wanted you to know that you’re awesome! Thank you for providing translations for our boys! but how did you learn korean so fast r u some kind of genius
seokmint lol we’ve followed each other for a long time but just started talking this year; it was nice finally talking to u crystal!
seungcheofine kristine, you are super pretty & thank you for fangirling with me!! we can still talk on kkt haha <3
sir-wonwoo VIS YOU ARE A QT. AND U ARE THE CUTER ONE. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE CUTER ONE OK?? keep shipping soonli and i’ll continue shipping viwoo ;)
hoshoozi lol we started messaging because of my age ask thing right?? and you said your birthday was also in September? i have pretty crap memory im sorry we share the same bias & there’s good and bad with that haha xD im glad we launched hoshi-network together… I’m honored to be your first friend on here & im sorry im leaving it all to you now (ppl message her if you want to help out and become an admin!!)

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Some of you I’ve talked to & some I haven’t, but you all seem really nice <3 Thanks for making edits/filling my dash with the 13 members of Seventeen!

& here are some URLs I’m releasing: junghands, seokrnin, seungkawaii, junghangel (btw why hasn’t anyone taken rnyungho yet??)
I’ll still continue to support our boys, and I hope you guys will, too. Stay beautiful everyone. I love you all. Goodbye. ★


Since I finally got Tomodachi Life I thought I’d make some of the AH Crew and see what kind of odd crap they got into. This game is made of drugs. Click the photos for captions.

I made Mii’s of myself and my friends too, but those pics will be posted to my personal blog some other time.

ca-bln replied to your post: “I’m currently trying to take up photography and capture the beauty…”:

I disagree regarding basic kit lenses. They are often just crap and let people think their *camera* is not up to par – it is nearly always the cheap zoom that ruins it.

I strongly disagree with Christian. Not the “cheap kit-lens” ruins the shot, but the photographer. I don’t say that my photos are extremely high-quality or spectacular. But a very high percentage of landscapes on this blog are shot with the kit-lens. Quality enough? No? Then you need a better photographer. Sorry, Christian, you know how much I value you as a person and photographer, but your statement is simply not correct. Any (at least the Canon - I didn’t work with any other) kit-lenses with a bit of lens abberation correction on the wider end (can be even done in-camera, when you’re shooting jpeg) can give you very decent photos. Will you see a difference between a high-quality lens? No. Not when you are a beginner. And that was what I was referring to. Learn your camera. Learn your lenses. Then gear up.

My opinion on Kit-lenses: here

I callenge you to a shoot-out, Christian ;) You and your high quality lenses, vs. me and a kit-lens ;P Just kidding. I’d rather have a beer with you

Edit: (I’ll add more comments in case there are more)


For someone starting in photography, the pictures won’t be better with a 2000$ lens than with a kit lens….the first thing we have to learn is framing, composition….no need a pro lens for that imho…


Regarding 1x1’s comment, I have to add that recently I started with photography and I find that my phone allows me to concentrate only on composition. Some pictures are great (for a phone), the bad ones are entirely my fault.


The newer generation of kit lens are very good to start with. For Fuji users the kit lens is really amazing , it doesn’t even feel like a kit lens .

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Holy shit there are 18,000 of you great people now. Thanks for following! I’ll try to do another photo contest/give away when I hit 20k. That last one was a lot of fun. 

As always, feel free to ask me anything. I hope you have a lovely day/night/whatever.

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