this is a cookie




“Love is never the answer.”

Me too thanks.

I like how casual this guy is, he isn’t fazed at all by what he’s seeing.

Also characters with yellow eyes always freak me out a bit.

Oh god run.

She’s gonna steal all of them.



This is really interesting.

So from his words we can deduce that he’s faced off against the Butterfly family before.

Is that how he lost his finger?

Also hey, the castle isn’t far from Ludo’s place it seems.

Looks like we got a new, serious villain in the show.

Good. I love Ludo but we desperately needed a character like this.

anonymous asked:

Random question but why do you think people hate Ronaldo? Honestly, I don't hate him but he's not my fave human.

A lot of people say they hate Ronaldo because he’s “annoying” or “cringey”, and I can see where they’re coming from, despite me liking the character myself.

However, I have a theory.

A lot of the people who hate Ronaldo as much as they do, actually hate him because he reminds them too much of themselves. I mean, he’s a blogger that’s incredibly attached to his blog, he’s a theorist, sometimes he can be a selfish guilt-tripping asshole, and often makes blatantly immoral decisions for the sake of feeling morally superior and defending his theories.

…Doesn’t that sound like a certain fandom we all know?