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tip one: reposting vs. reblogging

Reblogging leaves credit to the original poster, and is the correct way to share something that you enjoy. Reposting is when you save, screenshot or copy something and create a new post it. So what if there’s a really great post you found somewhere outside of tumblr that you want to share here, or vice versa? Reposting is okay if, and only if, you have the authors express permission and clearly credit them in your post. People work hard, don’t steal their stuff! 

tip two: captions

Do not delete original captions. It makes it much harder to find the original author. In cases like mentioned above where someone has reposted something properly, deleting the caption deletes the credit completely. 

Also, never add a meaningless comment to a post to promote your blog. Why is this not cool? Well, for one it’s trying to gain followers based on someone else’s work instead of your own, but it’s also against community guidelines. Skip these types of captions and focus on gaining traffic through your own original posts.

tip three: reblogging things without a caption/that have been reposted

If you smell something fishy don’t spread the post around! If there’s a caption-less post that seems like it should have one (or it has a long string of promotional captions), click back to the original source and reblog from them. If there’s something that just seems too perfect, check out their blog and see if their original content matches up, or just seems like a collection of random photos from other people’s instagrams. If so, don’t reblog!

tip four: tags

When you shouldn’t tag something: If it’s hate, please don’t tag the fandom in it! It’s fine if you didn’t like a book/movie/show, but fans want to scroll through that tag and see positive posts about it, not hate. Another one is if it’s not relevant; for original posts. It’s great to add a lot of tags to get it out there, but if someone is looking through the math tag, they want help with math and not to see a picture of your cat (however cute he may be).

When you should alway tag things: For people’s blacklist. Things like sexual or violent/disturbing pictures should always be tagged with nsfw. Spoilers should also be tagged! You don’t wanna be the one that tells some one that SPOILER darth vader is luke’s father.

tip five: be kind, always

The internet makes it easy to say things without consequences, but just because you don’t say it to someone’s face doesn’t mean it can’t hurt them. Anon hate, rude comments, and picking fights over trivial things is never okay. Be respectful and kind. The internet already has enough negativity, don’t add to it. 

Elder Scrolls Lore: Names

I recently realized that I have been ignorant of the names of other races besides those of the Dark Elves/Dunmer and the Argonians/Saxhleel. I named characters as I wished, and looking back on them now, I realize the names I chose were pretty stereotypical and, frankly, rude in the world of Elder Scrolls.

For instance, I named my Khajiit character “Miranjri” which sounds Khajiit-like, but it’s not an actual name a Khajiit would have. In fact, I’m pretty sure that name is completely meaningless to the Khajiit.

So, as a present for my now 1,000 followers, I’m starting a series of posts about the lore-friendly rules to go by when naming your characters. Starting with the Khajiit, I’ll have a post for each race and I’ll link each post to this one as I go. The series will also be tagged #eslorenames. I hope you enjoy. :)

Elder Scrolls Names: Khajiit

Elder Scrolls Names: Orsimer

Elder Scrolls Names: Dunmer Surnames

Elder Scrolls Names: Saxhleel

Elder Scrolls Names: Bosmer

Elder Scrolls Names: Bretons

Elder Scrolls Names: Dunmer First Names

Elder Scrolls Names: Ashlander First Names

Elder Scrolls Names: Nords

Elder Scrolls Names: Imperials

Elder Scrolls Names: Altmer

z-wizard replied to your post: Whitewashing in Samurai Jack

I swear Tumblr SJW’s bitch about everything. Like is your life really that meaningless that you have to bitch about everything. Might as well birch about sperm being white right? I mean nature must be racist as fuck.

look at this photograph of a japanese woman, how fucking racist is this, it’s completely bleached and whitewashed

we must edit this to fix it

wow there we go much better, whew

my favorite thing about tumblr mobile is how sometimes it will literally just reblog entirely the wrong post and put your comment on it rendering it completely meaningless because it was about something that’s not even there

Clark Kent One-Shot

Summary: Where Lois Lane is not only an amazing reporter, but also an excellent matchmaker.

Request: Can u…. Write a lil short story…. Where Lois Lane sets up the reader on a date with Clark Kent :-0

Clark Kent was someone you defined as completely unattainable, and as completely unrealistic that sounded, in some sense; it held a bit of the truth. Your love life was never the one to be bragged about, between work at the Daily Planet and managing to get enough sleep each night, dating had no room in your hectic schedule. Yet, you longed for the company, the thought that you could possibly have someone to call your own. This once vague thought had morphed over the months, instead of remaining a nameless and faceless person, it had soon transformed into someone you knew all too well. The emotion had crept in slowly, unbeknownst to you, before hitting you like a sack of bricks. 

You were a new reporter to the Planet, which meant you were stuck with most of the grunt work, a majority of the stories you covered were those that none of the other reporters felt like covering. In the midst of thunderstorms, sleet, hail and other obnoxious weather, you would be out there; in your less than cute raincoat and umbrella, yelling over the strong gusts of wind as you conveyed the severity of the weather to later post on your article. In all honesty, you were completely done with the grunt work, the meaningless stories that readers would hastily skim over without even giving it a second read. The reason you had become a reporter was not to take the meaningless stories and spin them into works of interest, no, you wanted to chase down the scoop of the century; which came in the form of one Kryptonian and alien superhero, Superman. Your dream was practically that of the entire office, every single person in there was itching to get their hands on the one thing that mattered most, Superman’s identity. The dream itself was already flawed, even before it could begin. The hero had remained dutifully out of the public eye for quite some time, where he only allowed his heroic deeds to be documented in the papers. So far, there was no dirt that the company could possibly dig up on him, where he was either really good at not leaving a paper trail or he was not even a person ever documented on Earth—and you were willing to bet the latter. Which was where the conspiracy theories began to surface, the office dedicating a large board to possible ideas about the hero. Most of the workers were willing to assume that he was an alien and some superficial evidence to back up their claims. You were placing your bets on extraterrestrial as well, but skepticism was starting to burn a hole through your idea of the truth. As far as you were concerned, all the aliens that Metropolis as well as the government has ever encountered has been documented on a database, none of those on the database speak of an alien that could possibly change its appearance. Considering the fact that Superman was iconic for not wearing his mask, which means it would be physically impossible for someone on this planet not to recognize him—yet, the entire world was drawing blanks on the mysterious superhero.

A few months into your job, Superman became something that you had placed towards the back of your mind, your brain too busy being preoccupied with another stunner at the office. The way you had met the quite reserved reporter was actually a planned meeting, the two of you having to work on a story together. Going into it, you never really thought much of your partner, sure, he was cute with his dress shirt kind of wrinkled and his tie a bit crooked; but, you were never one to judge. The story was an explosive revolution, exposing the corruption inside the House and the Senate, which caused the two of you to spend lots of nights closely working together. You were unsure when you finally realized that it was him, perhaps it was a few days after he left when you were feeling a bit lightheaded and dizzy in his wake, or was it that time that you bumped him on your way out to lunch; where the brief smell of his faint cologne made you woozy. Before you knew it, you had dived head first into loving him, everything about him soon overcoming you; up to a point where you didn’t know what to do with yourself because of it. There was only one person that you could turn to, for everyone at the office was a bit odd and kept to their own groups. Lois Lane had welcomed you with open arms on your first day, and ever since you had been working at the office has been nothing but kind and considerate towards you. She was practically the sister you never had, the two of you becoming close after a few months of working alongside each other, where you had no objections to sharing your newfound crush with her. However, you soon came to regret your previous actions.

Of course, you had thoughts your feelings were pointless. He was stunning, at least in your eyes, the epitome of everything that a man should be—you, on the other hand, were dull compared to him. Immediately, Lois had smothered your feelings of insecurity, but her comfort soon morphed into an entire new level of pain. An abundance of times, the brunette had told you of her crush on Superman and as silly as it seemed, you couldn’t help but feel your heart grow fond of the hero. Still, as her and Clark were paired up on assignment after assignment to chase down the savior, you could feel your heart sinking at the very thought of them being together. Of course you knew that collaborating on a story together took not only time, but as well as a considerable amount of effort. The pair seemed to spend every waking hour together, from first thing in the morning to long overtime hours in the office. From the beginning, it stung, the constant thought of your best friend and the one you fancied spending a considerable amount of time together. But what really added salt to the wound, was the fact that the pair continued to meet even after the said stories were published. There were no more awkward smiles with him by the printer or the two of you casually making eye contact during lunch, nor was there anymore office gossip with Lois or lunch dates at the cute café down the street. For now, you had kept your emotions intact, salvaging what little self-control you had left, and continued to place that small smile upon your lips. Yet, what had diminished your blockade of stoic defenses was when you had bumped into the pair on your way out of the office. They hadn’t been doing anything special besides talking passionately with one another, but the moment you had glanced into his eyes, the emotions overcame you. The amount of love and fervor in his eyes was too much for your heart to take, which ultimately caused you to leave and console yourself within the woman’s bathroom. You simply could not believe the nerve of her, the one person that you considered to be your best friend and the person you had confided in about that specific secret, where she had the audacity to stab you in the back and take the very man that she swore she would never have feelings for.

In the months following, everything was nothing but sorrowful and painful. Without Lois, your life at the office was considerably plain, which fell into a quite cliché route; wake up, go to work, and go home. It was as if the life had been depleted from you, turning you into nothing but a shell of what you had been. The only thing that seemed to add a bit of color to your life was the occasional appearance of Clark, whom you had continued to feel bubbly around even after the entire ordeal. You noticed, how he would always seem to be lingering by your desk, which would make you go completely out of your way to avoid him. Still, the two of you worked in the same building for crying out loud, it was nearly impossible for you to avoid him completely. Which was why, after avoiding him for nearly a solid couple of weeks, it was nearly a terribly great surprise when the two of you happened to show up together, in the same elevator.

All you wanted was to go home, perhaps a little too much wine to drink that night and maybe oversleep your alarm the next morning, but it won’t matter, because tomorrow was Saturday. The elevator had been empty when you had arrived, the office eerily silent on a perfect date night Friday. While, you were never the one to stay and work late at the office, you were pressed for time on this one article that completely disinterested you. Upon entering the elevator, you had been consumed in your notes, feverishly rereading your notes and half-finished article, much too occupied to notice a foot stopping the elevator door and a figure slipping into the metal box before the doors dinged shut. However, when you finally did notice a second body inside the room, you nearly dropped everything you were carrying. Upon a further inspection, you had taken notice of his distinctly recognizable features, deducing the fact that he was the person that you loathed to see the most. Clearing your throat, you had stepped a couple of inches away from him, pressing yourself closely against the wall as possible. It had been quite a long time since you have studied him from up close, but as you turned away from glancing, his face was forever imprinted in your mind. His hair was neatly held in place, glasses leaning a bit towards his right side, deep in thought blue eyes, his tie still crooked and his shirt still a bit wrinkled. In that moment, you felt the overwhelming urge to kiss him, but thankfully your privacy with him was soon relinquished as the elevator doors signaled their opening. Nibbling harshly on your immature thoughts, you had gathered your things and made your way out the doors, leaving the quite conflicted man in your wake.

“[Y/N], wait,” for someone who was quite reserved and quiet, his voice certainly was not, as it rang out with such clarity and forcefulness as you halted. Mumbling curses under your breath, you had paused for a moment, before resuming your walk towards the entrance of the building. You didn’t make it very far, which was tanks in part to his long legs, had he caught up to and gingerly but strongly held onto your wrist. Before long, you were spun around until you were a mere a few inches away from him, his hand still holding onto your wrist. He stared into your eyes, making you a bit self-conscious as you shied away from his gaze. And while you wanted to shrink away from his presence you were also curious of what he had to say. However, he made no sudden movement to expose his intentions, as he seemed a bit preoccupied with being deep in thought. In that split second, you had decided that whatever he simply had to say was not worth an ounce of your time, as you opened your mouth to tell him of your departures.

“Look, Clark I’ve got t—“

Yet, your timing was simply impeccable, for it had taken him that split second ultimately gather the courage to ask you that meaningful question that has been on his mind ever since he has met you.

“I wanted to ask, if you wanted to go on a date with me?”

As you finally digested what he had to say, you were completely dumbfounded, as you let it show on your face. The urge to kiss him had returned, but you had fought it off in need of an explanation. The ire on your face, was simple enough for the man to continue, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly as he attempted to explain. Along the lines of Lois and help, was all you needed to hear before your heart began to swell with adoration. You couldn’t believe how dense you were, how you had let your insecurities play off your fears as you created one huge misunderstanding. After making a mental note reminding yourself to profusely apologize to the brunette tomorrow, you fixated your attention back onto the overwhelmingly anxious man. Boldly, you had slipped your hand into his and gave him a sure by shy smile.

“So, how about I take you up on that offer?”

//You know, some people always try to find the negatives in compliments and being nice. Through my small handful of years, I’ve had people come and be legitimately mad at me for ‘flirting’ or thinking i’m trying to be conniving or manipulate someone, when in complete honesty I’m just usually really nice to be nice.
It takes very little effort to give someone compliments and often helps other people feel much better about their day. And personally, if I give a compliment, I mean it. Nothing I say is said just to help you feel better, it’d be hollow and meaningless then. If I say I love your writing or your characters and ideas, then I do completely. If I say you’re cute or beautiful when any of you post a selfie (Which, god damn why are all my friends on here gorgeous?), then I personally think you are and you should take pride in your looks no matter what, someone says otherwise? Fuck ‘em! Cuz you’re lookin’ damn good in my book. It takes so very little to say your mind instead of hiding the nice things you could say to cheer someone up, simply because you’re afraid it’ll be taken in a weird way or you might get laughed at or looked at like you’re crazy or whatever.

It takes almost nothing to just help people out when they’re feeling bad, an ear to listen when they need to vent can do a mountain of good for a very small bit of work. A compliment here and there, a little graphic edit gift thing, or maybe just checking in on them and saying hello, it can all mean so much for absolutely free. And, let me get real for a second, I personally don’t have the happiest home situation, and the saying ‘the saddest people are the kindest’ kinda applies here. There’s very little that can make me happier than being able to make people smile, even if it’s just a little laugh it cheers me up to no end. So yeah, I’ll be a dorky little shit, I’ll spam compliments, I’ll tell shitty jokes and be a goofball, and you can laugh away! Be it at me or with me or whatever! Because as long as someone else is laughing and feeling better, maybe gained a bit of confidence for the day or something, then I’ve done what I wanted to. I’ve made that bit of happiness happen, and i’m not hurt or down anything in the slightest.~

funny how i’ll make a post about vore or inflation and ya’ll will like it a 100 times but as soon as i make a post about my complete and utterly meaningless desire of video game cosmetics and how im willing to accept it as a form of payment for my art despite it being completely useless in real life ya’ll are crickets

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I hope people aren't annoying you for the purple and green hearts, i think it's obvious that those are meaningless considering that Shelby often uses these kind of emojis in various colors in her posts, i bet she weren't even thinking nothing about shipping when she posted the one with the blue and green hearts and this last one

Of course they’re annoying me :)  This is my life now lol.

And yeah, I’m with completely you.  Why does everything have to be blown out of proportion all the time?  I’m sick of it.  Fucking discourse over the tiniest  things all the time, and people constantly twisting little insignificant crap to call it “evidence” in the absence of actual canonical evidence.

Just… holy shit, this fandom needs to chillax before people start to get driven away from it.

The Signs After a Few Weeks Of Breaking Up (requested)
  • Check Venus and Moon signs too (I'm sorry this is such a long post)
  • Aries: is still insisting, they don't miss the person, but they know they have to face reality and cope with their pain. Their house is a disaster at this moment. They feel completely chaotic and out of control. They try to forget their partner with meaningless casual sex. They hide their pain, but they probably broke a lot of glasses throwing them at the wall. They'll engage in radical activities to feel alive again.
  • Taurus: After spending weeks and weeks eating ice cream at every meal and binge watching their favourite romantic films, they face their pain and spend a lot of time crying and looking at pictures and gifts their lover got for them. They still sleep with their lover's shirt / favourite stuffed animal. They really want to throw those items out the window but they can't bring themselves to do it. They remember all those romantic things their partner said.
  • Gemini: They're at their best externally, they seem the happiest they've ever been, they seem glad they're single again, they complain about couples, they say love is lame, they go to a lot of parties and probably had sex with a lot of people in the mean time. They're having a blast, right? Wrong. They feel very broken inside and incomplete. They miss the conversations they had with their lover and the inside jokes still make them smile sometimes. Every single thing that reminds them of their partner will be very painful. It's hard for a Gemini to open up about a break up.
  • Cancer: They feel like they lost a limb. They spend all day crying and remembering every single word that was said when the break up happened. They're deeply hurt and they feel helpless. They can't seem to think of anything else. They're still talking nonstop with their best friend about their relationship. They think they'll never love someone so deeply or that anyone will be as special as their lover was. They feel the urge to look at pictures and old texts but they feel awful for doing it. They need a shoulder to cry on.
  • Leo: their pride is truly hurt, if they accidentally cross paths with their partner at this stage and they happen to be with someone, Leos will turn into the most possessive people, they'll feel terrible because they'll compare themselves to that other person. They will complain about the relationship and harshly criticise their lover. They will say they're better off without them. They'll take care of themselves, they'll look better than ever so they can feel confident again and make their lover jealous by flirting with other people. They need a close friend to open up with and vent to. Their deepest desire is to get back on their feet again. They'll try to appear strong and they'll try want to "win the break up ".
  • Virgo: they analyze everything their partner said during the relationship, they tried to be rational but now they're dealing with their pain. They don’t want to open up about it but they'll come to the conclusion that it's the healthiest way. They're trying to keep their life as normal as possible but deep down they feel lost and they feel like they were never good enough for their partner and that their partner never loved them. They think it's unlikely to have a future relationship and they feel deeply insecure.
  • Libra: After weeks of hurting and crying, they're begging their lover to come back. They'll figure out this is wrong and they'll try to accept that they're better off this way, for their own emotional sake. Engages in flirting with every single person they find to make sure they're still attractive and to feel validated. They also want to seduce other people so their partner feels jealous and comes back to them. They won't like to show weakness but they'll open up eventually with the old lady on the train and won't stop talking til they see she's not there anymore.
  • Scorpio: they're still hardcore stalking their lover and their biggest fear is them finding a new person. They'll feel very hurt and often display self destructive behaviour. They'll shut down everyone and everything. They'll think about the relationship a lot and be reflective about it. They feel the urge to throw all their partner's mistakes and flaws at their face. They'll have a great self control to not miss their partner but they'll probably drunk dial someday... They'll put all their feelings down on paper to not keep everything inside. They believe they'll never feel the same about anyone in the future. They're very resentful.
  • Sagittarius: they try to keep optimistic about it, they started dating again, although they're not completely recovered. They tried to deny their pain at first but allowed themselves to suffer. They make a huge effort to get over the person. They want to have fun and spend quality time with their friends. They do all the things they couldn't do while in a relationship. They won't consider getting back together.
  • Capricorn: they don't leave work, they try to overcompensate the emotional void with something they're sure they'll recieve positive income from. They'll want to transmit they're more successful now that there's no "obstacles" to stop them. They feel lonely and distant from everyone, they try to keep reason close to them but they feel like crying 24/7. They'll try to keep a positive attitude but they'll end up being super pessimistic. They're very mature about it.
  • Aquarius: they're very casual about it, runs into their lover in the supermarket and it's like they found an old friend, everything's cool, no hard feelings, moving on... Yeah, right. They're completely vulnerable and emotional, they're hoping they can get together again but they'll hide this and all their feelings too. They'll shut down for a time but then come back all happy and justfying the break up to their friends and saying they're alright. They'll become quieter than usual. They spend their days overthinking about the relationship or shutting down the thought of the other person, alternatevely. They'll find logical reasons to why they broke up and try to accept those. Don’t expect them to open up.
  • Pisces: they're totally broken and feel hopeless, they feel unnappreaciated and sad all the time, they try to think about what they did wrong, they don't want to accept reality and come back running and apologizing (even if it's not their fault, they'll feel guilty anyway) and saying they still lover their partner. They daydream about them still being together. A break up is a very painful event for Pisces and they take their time to take their life into place. It's better if they take out their feelings artistically. They spend their days listening to break up or romantic songs and they'll talk with friends about how they feel.

cool-fedorakitty  asked:

In the Japan haul video phil said he was going to leave post-it notes around the flat with notes for dan can you make a story about this please

omg I haven’t made any post for over a week because of AP tests and all that shit so this is a prompt I’m going to enjoy developing

so Dan honestly didn’t think Phil was being entirely serious with the whole post-it notes thing (like at most he probably would’ve made a couple of them before quickly growing tired) so you can imagine his surprise when he wakes up the next morning with a note on his bedside table

“ahahahaha you didn’t think I was actually going to go through with this did you ;)” it says

Dan just rolls his eyes

then when he goes to shower he discovers a second note stuck onto the mirror

“I won’t rest until I go through the entire stack”

Dan sighs because if this is true then he’s going to be unsticking notes from various places for a looooong while. not to mention it’s a waste of paper. what happened to saving the trees seriously.

he finds the third note attached to his hair straightener ( “I like your hobbit hair and think you should have it again sometime” ) and the fourth note on the fridge (which is just a crude drawing of a baby panda)

anyway Dan just keeps on finding additional notes all day and by the afternoon he’s pretty sure he’s actually missed a few. when he confronts Phil about it, Phil just shrugs and says that he’s already almost halfway through the entire stack ( “holy shit” Dan thinks, astonished.). still, Dan tells him that if he’s going to leave notes for him around the flat, they should contain more meaningful messages because even though what Phil’s doing is cute, all of those post-its would ultimately go directly to the wastebasket without Dan really doing anything about them. because let’s face it, there’s really nothing significant Dan can do about notes that simply say “hi,” “I’m bored,” “I like your cat shirt,” and “hi” again.

Phil completely understands and promises he’s going to begin doing something more productive with them and Dan believes him, because Phil’s straight face doesn’t lie

Dan wakes up the next morning with a what’s up?” note posted on the table

not seeing how this is any different from what was going on yesterday, Dan questions Phil about it, but Phil insists that it’s different and “trust me Dan you’ll see how it’s different soon enough”

the amount of notes today that plague the flat are no less than the amount yesterday and as far as Dan knows, Phil’s still leaving him meaningless messages, so he gives up and decides to let Phil do whatever he wishes

“it’s hot outside today Dan”

“can you get milk for me at that market today”

“Dan YouTube is lagging again”

“why is it so hot ugh”

“I just had a conversation with my mum Dan she wanted me to tell you she said hi”

“you have been in my last three videos seriously is amazingphil just a joint channel now?

eventually by nighttime Phil only has a few post-its left and Dan’s pretty much stacked all of the used notes on the coffee table so he can throw them out once he’s done silently conveying to Phil just how much harm he’s bringing to the trees

meanwhile Phil scribbles down another note and simply hands it to Dan without saying anything

“make sure you don’t throw any of those out, they’re important”

Dan looks up from reading the note and flatly asks “why what am I going to do with them”

Phil just smiles and scribbles down another note “you’ll see”

On the third day, Dan wakes up with yet another note on his table, saying, “Well, Dan, I’ve written through the entire stack. Except for one last one–” reading this, Dan suddenly notices one last post-it next to Phil’s note “–and you’re going to give me your answer on it. So… yes or no? Hint: look through the previous notes again. hopefully you listened to me and didn’t throw them out after all. :)”

Dan luckily didn’t actually throw out the stack (albeit after some heavy consideration) so he immediately begins to rifle through the entire stack

and even though the process is tedious and he had to go through the stack multiple times to finally understand what Phil is hinting at, he ultimately does see the question and he immediately knows the answer.

later in the afternoon, when Phil heads up to his bedroom, the answer is on his door.

“yes, you crafty dork”

(Hint for the reader: Some of Phil’s notes have bolded letters. :))


      It was yet another long, meaningless day. Alto had been generous enough to find a few tasks for Klaus to carry out around the barracks earlier, but as always he had completed them all too quickly. Time ticked away endlessly as he sat in the dead silence of his room, merely letting himself become wrapped in thought at first. Wasting so much time frustrated Klaus to no end, but what was he to do? 

      In order to avoid execution for treason, Regent Elmar had put strict regulations in place on how Klaus was to live his life for now. He was not allowed to leave castle grounds unsupervised, and until he proves himself trustworthy, the only duties he could take on were minuscule odd jobs here and there. A bit ridiculous of an order, Klaus had thought, as there would be no way to prove himself if he was not allowed to do anything. At least Alto reassured him that he’d debate the sentence some with Elmar once he had his time to cool down from the initial fury of seeing Klaus alive, but he still had his doubts.

      Eventually he had decided to pay the castle library a visit, knowing that at least he’d find something to pass the time with there. He did his best to ignore all the eyes immediately on him when he entered, and he quickly realized there would be no time for casual browsing. He made a beeline to his favorite book; he would have to look for new ones during their off hours, he decided. Even the librarian seemed to hold her breath as Klaus informed her of what book he’d be borrowing, and all he could do was offer a sheepish smile.

      He made himself comfortable once back in his room, taking off his armor and lying down on his couch, book in hand. He paged through the thick novel slowly, a distant look in his eyes as he read over passages he’d read dozens of times before. The Lore of Regnant… It was always surreal to read over the many renditions of his struggles a thousand years ago, but he couldn’t help his attraction to books of this nature. And with this book’s compilation of all the takes on the tale different authors made, he couldn’t help but become fixated.

      “S-Sir Klaus?”

      The knock on the door broke Klaus out of his daze, but the trembling voice coming from outside was what caught his immediate attention. It sounded a bit familiar… perhaps a sentry he had once commanded? Unfortunately, that thought made the fear in the young man’s voice all the more painful. …I am here. Is there something the matter?

      The knight was shaking in his boots, silently damning himself for getting stuck with this job. Of course he would be the one chosen to escort the strange spiky haired boy to the traitor commander. “E-erm, there… there’s a visitor here for you. They want to come in..!”

      A visitor..? Klaus looked at the door with a perplexed expression, clueless as to what this could be about. Neither Alto nor Giselle would need to be escorted in order to visit him, and Hilda was currently visiting Fahrenheit… so who could it be? His brows knit and he set his book down on the armrest of the couch. The door is unlocked. You may let them in and be dismissed, sentry.

      There would be no answer or compliance to that command, however. By the time the word ‘dismissed’ left Klaus’s lips, the knight made a break for it without another word. He definitely wasn’t going to open that door if it meant seeing the face of the traitor of Regnant.

The Five Stages of Accidentally Making a Popular Post on Tumblr

1. Huh. I guess that must have struck a chord. That’s nice.

2. Although I kind of wish the people commenting on it would read the other comments first. Just to check if someone else already said what they’re about to say so they don’t end up telling me the same thing for the, you know, 10th time.

3. My dash is ridiculous. I can’t see any of my other notifications.

4. *Are* there any other notifications? Does nobody care about anything else I have to say? For god’s sake, people, I’m more than just this one post! I’m a complete human being with needs and desires and a full and varied inner life!

5. This is going to be literally the most popular thing I ever write and it contains one grammatical error and three spelling mistakes. Life is meaningless.

buckyywiththegoodhair  asked:

My fic asks are about "Mini Matchmaker" because you know that story is my end all be all. 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 15

Hello, my lovely Nicole!! I just adore you for loving Mini Matchmaker so much and just in general. :) Thank you for your curiosity!!

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

From Part 4: Valentine’s Day

“I just didn’t want this to be a meaningless, post-coital blurt last night. Y/N,…since I met you, my life has become so much more. I thought that having Justice to care for and my work would have to fill my life completely after I lost Peggy. I didn’t expect anything more. But ever since you walked up to me in the mall wearing that adorable elf costume, I finally felt like all the pieces have fallen into place. I feel like I was waiting but I didn’t even know it. I was waiting for you, Y/N.”

5: What part was hardest to write?

The beginning of part 3 was rough. That week after Christmas and how to tie things into New Year’s. Once I thought of Justice calling without his knowledge and the midweek dinner invite, it all came together. :)

9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Not really, no. I don’t do rough drafts for the most part, just write it top to bottom and then edit. Things change from thought to the page as I write, but I think it all turned out as it should’ve. 

11: What do you like best about this fic?

Little Justice and how she brings everyone together. :) And just Steve. Daddy!Steve is the best! 

12: What do you like least about this fic?

Hmm. I kinda left Sam without some lovin’ and I didn’t mean to. There’s a small chance that I could fix that if I do an additional bonus scene in the future. :) Otherwise I’m surprisingly pretty happy with this fic. 

15: What did you learn from writing this fic?

That potentially being a step-mom may be an okay thing. As I get older, the more chance it may happen should I ever get married. Also I had to do research about the Brazilian Consulate and who her boss would be. Fascinating. :) 


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you lacked focus faggot.  Without all the family and friends you use to have in your life, you can now concentrate and focus on the sole person that matters in your life, Me your Master. I didn’t ruin your life queer because as a fag your life was already meaningless to begin with.  

Look up at Master, faggot, and thank Me for giving you the 100% life commitment to Me that you desperately needed you pathetic, enslaved queer! Thank Me NOW!

anonymous asked:

gentle earth is a mess rn... like it's just been people being petty about shit like vaguely similar names, spamming, talking about being literally abusive, and saying gross things about others because of their sexuality... why can't we have nice things

yeah i know. i don’t really know what to do about it to be honest. i feel like i worked really hard to create this beautiful little thing for self expression to help people and every time i go on there i’m just kind of disappointed. there’s always someone upset over something petty, someone spamming the page with meaningless conversational posts like it’s some sort of chatroom, someone trying to be funny.

i think that’s the worst, the people trying to turn the page into a giant joke. posting copy and paste relatable text posts and unfunny “random” youtube vids. i really kind of wish those people would just go to a different page. like damn, if you’re so bored go to reddit.

it doesn’t really bother me that much, it’s just kind of a bummer on a personal level because for years and years that page was completely hidden and only used by people as a way to get things off their chest. even i posted there a LOT from when i was 22-24, i just did it anonymously, and now it feels like it’s different. like i’d feel dumb going in there actually trying to be sincere.

so yeah, i feel u.

SaNami + Numbers (again)

I made a post a while ago about Sanji and Nami hints related to the numbers 3 and 7. (Part 1) Sanji x Nami hints - 373 If you haven’t read that post you might want to do that first since I didn’t want to repeat myself too much in this post.

I feel like with some new things that have happened in the latest chapters I want to add on some little pieces to that post. I also want to talk about some other number connections that I didn’t bring up last time. Basically this is just some more fun but most likely completely meaningless moments in where Oda could have possibly hinted at some SaNami with numbers. 

This image is from chapter 380 and as you can see it shows how Sanji and Nami both have their names made in numbers; NaMi and SanJi. It’s interesting that Oda has been using these for only Nami and Sanji, because there is no one else in the crew with a number to represent their names. Of course they both also share the number 3 which we can also see in their shipping name SaNaMi (373). I also want to talk a little more about the numbers 3 and 7 than I did in my previous post.

This post will have some pretty unlikely “hints” in it, but like I said it’s all for fun anyways. It will also have SPOILERS up until the most recent chapter 829.

Keep reading

Who are the Masters of the Sphere Music Hall?

Chapter 95 showed us Ciel confronting his guilt in the form of people from his past.  Ciel’s guilt has been a bit of an undercurrent in this manga.  Something from his days in the cult still hangs on his conscience, and the unresolved issues of his own guilt and shame wind through his story, coming to the surface most prominently in the Green Witch arc.

So I wonder, for the sake of narrative simplicity, if Masters Polaris, Canopus, Sirius, and Vega will be revealed to be characters we already know?  Why not ratchet up the drama and bring back some people from Ciel’s past to test him emotionally?  It probably would have more emotional punch than us meeting four brand new people…  Besides, the manga has already toyed with the idea of bringing people back to life for years now.  Why not make it people Ciel already has emotional attachments to so he can face these issues directly?  Chapter 95 foreshadowed this nicely.

So, with all that in mind, who could these masters be?  I guess I’ll start with the most obvious ones and leave Master Sirius for last, since I’m kind of at a loss for that one….

Master Canopus

Master Canopus’ room is Spartan, with not much in the way of clues.  However, the bucket of (presumably) bloody bandages and the bandage laying on the bed does bring to mind one bandage-wearing character we’ve seen before…

Kelvin was the only(?) person whose life was directly taken by Ciel.  He also was one of the few villains (or perhaps the only villain…) who seemed able to rattle Ciel on such a deep psychological level.  How would it affect Ciel if he came back to life?  Kelvin’s effect on Ciel is so unique and so delightfully creepy that I think no other villain can hold a candle to him.

Master Vega

Master Vega’s room is luxurious, feminine, and has a little bit of a duality to it: two vanities, two stuffed animals on the bed.  Maybe this person has two sides to their personality.  Maybe they were once defined by another person, like their (unborn) child, for example–

Master Vega could be Madame Red, and that would be a lot of emotional baggage for Ciel to sort through.  In fact, he already metaphorically confronted her in Chapter 95, so why not face her for real this time around?

There’s definitely some unresolved issues between the two of them.  Madame Red loved Ciel and yet tried to end his life.  She betrayed his trust, lied to him, and kept a dire secret from him.  And yet, she was Ciel’s last ties to Rachel’s side of the familiy.

Their relationship is complex to say the least.

Master Polaris

I raised the question the other night that the presence of all the knives in Master Polaris’ room might mean that Master Polaris is Dagger.  But, the more I thought about how angry this person seems, the more I thought it could be Joker.  (Who does use a knife on occasion.)  Joker was killed during a confrontation with Ciel; Dagger was killed by the servants.  Both might harbor resentment against Ciel, but I could more easily see Joker tearing up the walls of his bedroom with a knife trying to escape and exact his revenge against Ciel…

….and Ciel already met him in his dreamscape in Chapter 95, too…

I think there’s some unresolved issues there, for sure.  I’ll take Dagger as a runner-up, though.

Oh, and what would that mean for Snake for Joker to finally have been “found?”  There’s a narrative thread I wish would be tied up already….

Master Sirius

Yep, Master Sirius’ bed does resemble Ciel’s (and by extension, Vincent’s and Rachel’s bed.)  Look at the headboard especially:

All right then….I will admit that I hope Master Sirius is revealed to be Vincent.  I know, I know, we got the whole, “but his bones burned to ash” bit from Undertaker, but how often are we misdirected in this manga only to be surprised by something coming from out of the blue?  We’ve seen this before, as we should with any good mystery–we’re led to either believe or disbelieve a certain “fact” based on our prior knowledge, and then we are presented with new information that resides outside the grasp of our previously-held beliefs.  The result is a shocking reveal.

To wit:

–Assumption: Madame Red had the medical knowledge to be Jack the Ripper, but also had an alibi.  Surprise!–there were two killers, and one was a shinigami, whom we didn’t know existed in this universe until it was revealed to us after the fact.

–Assumption: Bizarre Dolls can’t pass for humans.  Surprise!–without our knowledge, Undertaker advanced his techniques so Agares could pass for one.

–Assumption: It was the miasma that poisoned Ciel in the forest.  Surprise!–mustard gas exists in this universe now, even though we had very little reason to suspect technological reason.  (That was decades ahead of its real-life counterpart, making it even harder to see coming in the manga.)

I think the takeaway from all of this is that we can’t trust things like Vincent’s body is just ash–because that’s exactly what Yana wants us to believe.  Surprise reveals coming out of left field are common in this manga, and the plot advances rely on new information which breaks already-established rules or assumptions.  Therefore, I see no reason why Vincent can’t be alive, despite the supposed state of his body.

Besides all that, what could possibly threaten Ciel’s reason for existing, his call to arms, and shake him down to his very (spoken for) soul than for at least one of his parents to be alive?

Nothing else could be so nihilistic, so cruel, so fatalistic, so bittersweetly tragic than Ciel’s signing his soul away to a demon to avenge parents who could be brought back to life.   It would make the contract be all for naught, thus rendering the last three years of struggle, death, and angst completely meaningless for a character who defines himself by the events of the past three years.  It would be a battle on a existential level–more dramatic and heart-wrenching than a noisy, empty world war would be.

This, to me, is the best move a villain could make against Ciel.

Why pride-flags-for-us is absolutely awful

i’ve seen a lot of hate for that blog and it’s 100% justifiable so I decided to kind of make a big post as to why exactly they are so awful

the first thing I want to mention is how horrendously bi and panphobic they are. They insist on coming up with dozens upon dozens of specific sexualities that basically erase the idea of being polysexual. They push the idea of x-flexible sexualities when literally any x-flexible sexuality is the same thing as being bisexual or pansexual. They’re also pretty homophobic and lesbiphobic since they push shit like being ‘womasexual’ or ‘proquusexual’ which are literally the exact same thing as being gay

They provide waaay to many bullshit sexualities and genders that allow cishet people to think they can be a part of the LGBT community. Shit like ‘merosexual’ (which they define as being okay with some sexual acts but not others, AKA the thing that literally every sexual person feels) and perosexual (wanting to be a sexual orientation that you’re not???) are just bullshit things that allow non queer people into queer spaces. They do the same thing with genders that are literally the same as being cis but just worded to sound trans.

They also tend to romanticize mental illness by creating sexualities and genders based on mental illness which is just really really not okay and super weird and gross.

And their insistence on aesthetic and platonic attractions being things that can make you queer are also gross and yet another thing that allows cishet people to come into the community because they’re ‘biaesthetic’ or ‘panplatonic’ or some shit.

And finally they have completely bastardized the concept of what pride flags are. 90% of the flags on that blog mean nothing. They’re nothing more than pretty colors arranged to look like a pride flag and completely take away the deep meaning and history behind flags that already exist, flags that people have literally lost their lives to get the right to fly. They do not respect the meaning of what pride flags are or why they are displayed.

sorry for the long post idk i just hope this helps people articulate why that blog is garbage if you have anything to add feel free. i feel like i don’t have much to say about their trans stuff since i’m not trans so feel especially free to chime in there and yeah sorry if this seems meaningless or anything they just upset me a lot

Listen. I had more than one person say they got the exact same message, and even compare screencaps, so you can cut the crap thinking that a vile message like that is beneath your side of the fandom, because as disgusting as it is, it’s getting pretty fucking common.

It’s a screencap, because I blocked them… which is the same reason I’ve screencapped you. I don’t allow awful people to have a direct line of communication to me. You send stupid, impossibly hateful shit and you get blocked. Simple as. Bye.

I didn’t reply directly to the anon, because giving airtime to some shitstain who thought it was okay to weaponise the passing of a beautiful, kind-hearted woman into a vehicle for their own hatred, especially in the immediate wake of her death, bizarrely enough, wasn’t something I was interested in doing while we were all in shock and grieving. 

I’m posting it now because I’ve had numerous dickheads like you, barrel into my inbox insisting that it’s got to be a made up quote. Presumably that means that one of the 4 Name-Brand Antis who have more than 11 followers has made a post claiming I must be lying. Well here you go and congratuations, here’s the proof that you’ve all been behaving exactly as horribly as we’ve been saying you have. You must be so proud. 

Another thing: I don’t care how many notes I get on a post. I don’t check my notes. Hell, I barely check my INBOX. I don’t care. I didn’t know how many notes that post had. Hell, I’d forgotten about that post. I have bigger concerns right now. We all have bigger concerns right now. The only posts I care about getting a lot of notes are the ones telling people which charity hashtag to post about for Project Just Hold On, the ones telling people how they can help get the single to played on the radio and up to #1 and the ones celebrating Louis’ amazing work and Jay’s incredible legacy. Anyone who is doing ANYTHING AT ALL in an attempt to be Famous On The Internet is an absolute fuckwit; this is true at all times, but doubly true in our current circumstances. 

Also, I just want to put something out there, a PSA if you will, to you and all of your friends that maybe you haven’t bothered to consider before - literally nothing you say to, or about me has the capacity to hurt my feelings. There are no combination of hateful words that you could possibly put together that is going to make me feel bad about myself, or my actions on this blog or in real life. I don’t respect you and I don’t care about you, and therefore you don’t matter to me. Your opinions, your words, your actions, they’re all meaningless to me.

To the people who loathe me, but keep tabs on me, to the ones who hate-follow me, or screencap my posts to post on their own blogs (because they can’t take a hint at being blocked) and then go on and on about how dreadful I am. I hope you understand that you’re blogging in a vacuum. A sad, weird, obssessive vaccum. I hope you enjoy it, because you’re thinking about me a hell of a lot more than I’m thinking about you. 

Sometimes I feel incredulous at how vile you are, completely blown away by the misguided rage that seems to boil over in all of you, until you’re commiting hateful acts ~in the name of decency~ (ps, that’s not a thing you can actually do), but then I block you and go on with my day. You’re not achieving anything through sending me these kinds of messages, you’re genuinely not, so realistically you all need to just stop trying. 

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to get back to blogging about things that actually matter - this fantastic fan project and this incredible song.