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Scavenger Hunt

Bucky x reader

Warnings: cursing

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You were wondering through the halls, trying to fine Bucky. He was trying to cheer you up, so he made a scavenger hunt. He made Tony give you a clue and the letter ‘I.’

‘Look in a lace where you spend most of your time,’ you read the clue that Tony gave you. This is either your room, Bucky’s room, Nat’s room, or the gym.

After a little bit of thinking, you chose the gym. When you got there, Steve was standing in the middle of the room.

“Here (y/n),” he held out another clue and the letter ‘L.’

‘The place we first met.’

Living room.

There, Nat was holding the letter ‘Y’ and a clue.

‘The place you go to, to relax.’

Your room.

Wanda had the clue and he letter ‘V.’

‘The lace where we first became friends.’

If you remembered correctly, it was the kitchen.

Sam, letter ‘E’, clue.

‘The place where I asked you to meet me for our first date.’

A smile formed as you ran to the theater room. 

Vision with the letter ‘Y’ and a clue.

‘The lace where I told you I love you.”

You went to the lab and found Bruce with the letter ‘O’ and a clue.

‘Our favorite place.’


Thor greeted you with a big smile and handed you a clue and the letter ‘U’.

The letters spelled out ‘I love you.’

‘The place where you officially became mine and I became yours.’

Bucky’s room.

When you got there, Bucky was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.

“Bucky,” you smiled, holding everything close to you.

“(y/n), you have made me the happiest man alive. Can you do me one favor and be my wife,” he asked. You smiled at how nervous he was.

“Of course! I love you so much,” your heart was going a million miles per second as he was slipping the ring onto your finger. 

He stood up and hugged you. You could feel him crying from happiness. You knew right then, this is your man. Your soulmate, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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It's very possible that I'm living under a rock, but where is that video of Shawn singing Treat You Better from?! The acoustic one, him sitting on the amps. Because H O L Y S H E E E E I I I I I T. I want more.

No clue but it’s definitely amazing.

Punk series: #13 You sneak out to see him.

Louis: Your heart pounded as you sat on your bed, contemplating what to do next.  Your father had absolutely no right to say those things because they couldn’t be further from the truth. Louis is not a monster and he never will be. You needed to leave this house and be as far away from your dad as possible and there was that you knew you could go. You quickly snuck down the stairs, careful not to make any noise to give yourself away. You were only halfway from your house when you realized that you had absolutely no clue where Louis even lived. Thankfully, you noticed a payphone across the street and ran over to it. You dialed his number quickly and anxiously awaited for him to answer. “Hello?” He mumbled, his voice full of sleep and you felt slightly guilty for waking him. “L-Lou? Can you please come pick me up?” After him agreeing and you telling him where you were, Louis pulled up next to you 10 minutes later. “Baby,” He said as soon as you climbed into his car. “What happened? I was waiting for you to text me when you got inside like you said but I guess I fell asleep waiting for you.” Louis reached over and griped your hand in his, noticing that you were slightly shaking from the harsh air. “My dad,” Louis’ hands tightened around yours as soon as you mentioned him, fearing the worst. “He saw you drop me off and he went berserk.  He kept saying these awful things and I-I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to leave.” As soon as Louis pulled into his driveway, he got out to open your door. “C'mon, baby girl,” He mumbled, his hands on your waist as he lifted you out of the car. “You can spend the night with me because I think we have a few things to talk about in the morning.” You nodded as he led you to his front door.

Liam: “What the hell happened tonight?” Liam said as his car pulled up next to you. You quickly climbed into the passenger side before, once again, Liam sped off. You wiped another tear from your eye as you tried to think of  something to tell him. “Please tell me, y/n. You called me up crying your eyes out and I came her a quick as possible.” “My dad found out.” You trembled, wrapping your arms around your body tightly. “Found out? Found what out? Did he hurt you? I swear to fucking god, if he hurt you, I’ll-” Liam grip on the wheel tensed though you pretended to not notice it. “No, Liam, He found out that we’re dating. H-he said that I either have to break up with you,” Luckily, you were on a deserted road because, at this point, Liam slammed on the breaks, pulling over to the side of the road. “He what?!” “I either have to break up with you or move out of his house. I-I don’t want to do either though.” Liam reached over, wrapping his hands around your waist as he pulling you to straddle his waist. “You can move in with me.” He grunted as his tongue played with his lip ring nervously, his hands slipping up your shirt while he massaged your hips slightly, “I don’t care what other people will think about us moving in together at such an early age. I can’t lose you–I-I won’t! Just, please, answer me because I think I might have a heart attack if you don’t answer me soon.” “Yes, I w-” His lips connected with yours before you could even finish your sentence.

Niall: “Just jump. I promise that I won’t let you die, y/n.” Niall said from your backyard as he watched you with careful eyes as you leaned against the window ledge. “Did I ever tell you that I have an awful fear of heights?” “Just jump if you want to leave here. There’s no other way for me to get you, baby. If you jump, I promise that I will catch you and we can leave. Maybe you’ll explain to me why I had to walk here in the middle of the night to ‘rescue’ you.” You closed your eyes as you released your grip on the ledge, stepping off of the window sill. Your eyes finally opened a few minutes later when you realized that you had made it to the ground without any pain involved.“Told you I’d catch you, baby.” Niall smirked, his tattooed arms wrapped tightly around your body. He gently placed you back on the ground before he intertwined his hand with yours, leading you down the street. “Sorry we have to walk back to my place.” “It’s okay, Ni. I just don’t want to stay there anymore. My father is being completely irrational and I need to leave. Thank you for saving me, by the way. There’s no way I would’ve been able to sneak downstairs, past my parents.” You knew that you would have been crying by now but it seems that all of your tears have dried up from earlier. Niall, noticing your restlessness, wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you to rest against his chest. “Just calm down. You already had me worried enough when you called me in tears asking me to come get you. Let’s just go back to my house where you can relax for a bit.” He pauses for a moment to press his lips against yours, before he pulled away, his hand still resting against your cheek. “When you’re finally calm, we can talk. Okay?” You released a quiet sound of agreement before allowing Niall to lead you towards his home.

Zayn: As soon as you entered your room, you called Zayn, needing to be rescued even if it was only for one night. “I’m on my way, y/n.” He said and you heard a car door shut and the engine start.“Just try to get downstairs without being noticed. I’ll pick you up at the corner of the street so that they don’t notice me either.” You followed his orders, managing to sneak out since your parents had gone to sleep already, and waited at the corner for him. While you were waiting, you couldn’t help but reply the things that your father had said to you in your mind. “Hop in baby!” Zayn interrupted your thoughts as he pulled up in front of you. You let out a small laugh, mostly trying to distract yourself before you began to cry again, as you climbed into the seat next to him. “Do you wanna tell me what he said to you sweet heart so that I know if I have to go teach him a lesson?” You would have laughed again but you knew that Zayn meant everything that he was saying. “Well, I’m grounded now.” “That’s it? Parents never mean it when they say you’re grounded so you have nothing to worry about.” You shook your head, cause him to pull the car over when he had noticed that you’d begun to cry. 'I didn’t mean it like that, baby. I’m sorry I upset you. I can be an asshole sometimes but I didn-“ "You’re not making me cry, Zayn.” You interrupted his apology. “It’s just I can’t stop thinking about how my own father called me a slut.” “He what?” Zayn growled, pulling into his driveway before pulling you to sit on his lap. “You are the farthest thing from a slut on this planet baby and he has absolutely no right to call you, his only daughter, that. I’m going to carry you inside and we’re going to get some rest. You look like you truly need it.”

Harry: “Baby?” Harry said, pulling you into his arms. “You okay?” You nodded your head, feeling comfort just from his embrace. “I’m fine. Just a little shaken up.” “Yeah,” He said, moving his arms down to your waist as he led you up the stairs and towards, what you presumed to be, his room. “What was that about? I just get a text from you, almost an hour after I dropped you off, asking for my address.” Harry mumbles, sleep still clear through his voice, as he lied back onto his bed, pulling you down next to him. His ink-covered his arms instantly wrapped around your waist and pulled you to rest on his chest, his long fingers tangling through your hair. “Well, let’s just say that my father beat me home and he wasn’t particularly in the best mood..” “What’d he do? He didn’t hurt you did he? I’ll fucking k-” “No,” You cut him off, focusing on the patterns of his dark shirt rather than your words. “He was just being an asshole and said some selfish things to me. I needed to leave and I figured that you’d let me come here. I can leave, if I’m annoying you. I didn’t re-” Harry turning your head to face his, pushing his lips down to meet yours. “You’re fine, sweetie. I want you here. I love having you next to me at night because I know that I can keep you safe. Now, It’s currently,” He paused to shirt his head to look at the clock. “4 in the morning. I think we should take a nap then we’ll finish this conversation in the morning.”

Marriage is a trivial thing

(A/N): Sherlock holmes has stated how stupid marriage is and I wanted to change that ^_^

Warnings: none really

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   Sherlock Holmes didn’t believe in love, after all it was just a displacement of Chemicals within the brain. He often told himself that he’d never fall in love, that it was a silly thing made for fiction and children and for many years he had succeeded in never falling in love, even when John went off and married Mary he had told himself that it was a child’s game, that it wasn’t meant for him. Sherlock Holmes had lived a cold, lonely life for many years and he hadn’t planned on changing that anytime soon. That was until the fateful Case of The Missing Casket. 

   It had been a simply ordinary day, nothing to do, no crimes to solve, just Sherlock left alone to his own devices. He was nearly stir crazy when a sudden knock upon his door pulled him from his seat and to the door. Sherlock threw open the door, a smug smile upon his face. That smile was nearly wiped off his face when he happened to glance upon the woman standing in his doorway. Sherlock of course didn’t believe in beauty either but something about this woman nearly made his mouth run dry. 

   “Are you Sherlock Holmes?” And dear God their voice was just as beautiful as their looks. Sherlock cleared his throat and shook his head, attempting to clear the momentary fog from his head. 

   “Ah yes, that is me. I am Sherlock Holmes.” Sherlock replied cooly. 

   “The consulting detective?” Sherlock nodded once again, his smile a bit more sincere now. 

   “The one and only. Pray tell, why have you suddenly appeared at my door?” The woman smiled, a bashfully little thing that had Sherlock feeling all sorts of unknown things. 

   “I have a case for you, If you’re not too busy or anything.”

   “Nonsense!” Sherlock cried, gripping the woman by her arm and yanking her into his flat. “I am all ears if you wish to tell,” And with a warm smile the mysterious woman began her tale. 

   The case that had been presented was an easy one, it took Sherlock a little than a day to unravel the “mystery” but now there was yet another one and one that stumped even Sherlock’s great mind. The mystery was who was this strange character (Y/N) (he’d figured out her name while working the case) and why did he feel this way towards them. 

   Sherlock spent days after the case sitting upon his chair, attempting to untangle the haze that had shrouded his mind. In God’s name what was going on? Nothing had ever distracted Sherlock as much as (Y/N) had, not even John and his wedding, not even Irene. This strange woman walked into his life for a whole day and now he couldn’t stop thinking of them. With a grumbled sigh Sherlock rose from his seat, stomping off to his room to get dressed.

   Jawn, I need your help. Come immediately, if inconvenient come anyways.

   John grumbled softly, the light of his phone screen illuminating his room. Reaching over John grabbed the device and turned it on, reading the message through his sleep filled brain. It took a few moments for the words to register within his mind but when they did he was already up and getting dressed, the rustling sounds of his clothing awakening his wife. 

   “You better have a damn good reason for waking up your pregnant wife,” Mary muttered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. 

   “Sherlock texted,” John murmured as he slipped on a sweater. “needs me.” Mary nodded, already half asleep again. 

   “Be careful my dear,” Mary murmured before slumping back down against her pillow, most likely already back asleep. John smiled fondly at his wife, thinking about how much he loved her. John just wished Sherlock could feel the same. John snorted lightly, stuffing his phone into his back pocket. What a silly thought that was, Sherlock Holmes, in love. 

   “You’re in love,” John stated with a smile. “I can’t believe you’re so dense you didn’t recognize such an emotion.” Sherlock wrinkled his nose in disgust, as if a putrid smell had invaded his nostrils. 

   “Love?” Sherlock asked incredulously. “I can’t possibly be in love.” John shrugged his shoulders, his warm smile nearly infectious. 

   “You couldn’t be a machine your whole life Sherlock,” John offers all the while sipping away at the tea Mrs. Hudson had prepared. 

   “I only knew her for the course of a day! This is absolutely ludicrous!” Sherlock harrumphed, pouting like a small child. John smiled, setting his tea down on his old armchair. 

   “That all it takes Sherlock, I’m really not surprised.” Sherlock grumbled something unintelligible, obviously very upset over this new bit of information. “So,” John leaned forward on his elbows, a mischievous smile upon his face. 

   ‘What’s she like?”

   After weeks of being pressured by not only John and Mary but by all of Scotland Yard and London Sherlock finally gave in and admitted his feelings. 

   “Fine!” Sherlock snapped one morning, no one having said anything at all just yet. “I’m in love! Let’s move on with our lives shall we?” Mary only smiled, her eyes scanning over the newspaper article she had been reading. 

   “Not until you talk to the woman.” Mary stated clearly causing the already agitated Sherlock to groan in annoyance and slid down his chair. 

   “I don’t even know where to find them,” Sherlock grumbled unhappily, pouting once again. Mary hummed thoughtfully, placing the finished article down. 

   “Good thing I know how to find them.”

   Sherlock was a nervous wreck as he stepped into the office of (Y/N) (Y/L/N). He didn’t have the slightest clue how to handle such feelings and how was he supposed to articulate them when he could barely understand them himself? Sherlock cleared his throat lightly, adjusting the scarf around his neck. 

  “Stop it Sherlock,” Mary chastised, swatting away Sherlock’s hands. “You look fine,”  Sherlock hummed, barely even paying attention to the words that were just said. 

   “How ever did you find her?” Sherlock suddenly asked, directing his attention towards Mary. Mary smiled smugly, smoothing her hands over Sherlock’s coat. 

   “I read the newspaper Sherlock, people have to write articles for people to read, don’t they?”  Sherlock hummed, looking back towards the printing office with an emotionless gaze. 

   “I see,” Sherlock stated monotonously. Mary gave him a smile, gently patting him upon his back. 

   “Now get in there and woo that woman,” Sherlock sighed, a nervous smile rising to his lips. 

   “I regretted the moment I ever let you two help,” Sherlock mumbled taking a step towards the office. 

   “You’ll do great!” Mary called out, “Wonderful really!”

   “Mary,” John chastised, placing a hand upon his Wife’s shoulder. “Leave the poor man alone,” 

  “Oh but John, he makes it so easy.”

   John and Mary were more than shocked when one night they arrived at Sherlock’s flat only to find the man deep in conversation with (Y/N) over some topic none of them remembered. How the two had hit it off, no one ever knew. All John and Mary knew was that Sherlock Holmes was actually having a somewhat normal and civilized conversation with another human being. 

   From then on forth it became a normal occurrence to see (Y/N) and Sherlock together, they were together more often than not that when (Y/N) wasn’t around that became a shocker.

    For months the two skirted about their relationship, being highly secretive about what they really were. To be honest, no one quite knew what the two were. Friends? Lovers? No one had the slightest clue. 

   John had decided to visit Sherlock out of the blue, wondering how his friend had been doing. Lately he hadn’t heard much from him, which was a shocker, and John just wanted to make sure he was alright. Mrs. Hudson immediately led him in, telling him Sherlock had been awfully quiet all day. John slowly cascaded up the stairs, his nerves getting the better of him. What had happened to Sherlock? Had he been hurt? Had Moriarty gotten to him? Had-

   John hit the last step, coming to a stop in front of Sherlock’s wide open door. What he found was most definitely not what he had expected. Sherlock sat upon the couch, (Y/N) tucked into his side, sleeping peacefully. 

  “Be quiet,” Sherlock whispered, his voice tainted with pure adoration and love. “She’s asleep.” 

   Sherlock Holmes had always believed that love was nothing more than child’s play. That it was something you only ever read about but as he held (Y/N) in his arms that day he realized just how wrong he had been. 

    Sherlock used to tell himself that he’d never get married, it was a complete waste of his time and he wasn’t foolish enough to get sucked into a literal hell on earth. And he had remained true to that belief for years, until that fateful day with that mysterious woman. And now, he was standing before his nearest and dearest friends and family, making a toast just as he had a John’s wedding all those years ago. 

   “I believed marriage had always been a trivial thing.” Sherlock began, smiling softly at his old foolish ways. “I believed it was a waste of my time. And then I had met (Y/N),” Sherlock looked to the side, casting his wife a proud smile. “And I’m so glad they convinced me I was wrong.” 

A Small Misunderstanding

Title: A Small Misunderstanding
Author: Jazz (curlsincriminology
Rating: T (for swearing, otherwise content is K)
Prompt/Summary: A prompt submitted on my personal blog (feel free to send them in!) –‘you accidentally shipped this weird thing to my apartment’
Trigger Warning: Some swearing
Word count: 605
Multishot: No

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It didn’t take very long for the family of the victim to begin a hunt for him. L of course, was one of the firsts to discover the family’s desperate pleas for help, wanting to have their now ‘lost’ family member back. Apparently, he had 2 siblings, a wife, 2 children, and was 32 years old. The family had claimed that he had gone out in the middle of the night, claiming that he would be back in an hour, but never did so.

The description of what had happened had strangely reminded L of his rival, Beyond. The act sounded so careless, childish even. To L, it sounded as if the man had been kidnapped and he couldn’t think of another criminal that would kidnap someone of that age, but Beyond.

L had never participated in a case without him being almost 100% certain that he’d gain a lot from his help, but strangely he wanted to volunteer in this case. It sounded a bit…interesting. It was almost too easy and he figured that having 2 cases at once would only keep him from boredom.

With one last word being typed on the computer, he shut everything off and turned to Watari, preparing quite a few things before going out and starting a mini investigation by visiting the places the family claimed the victim could have gone to.

Yet somehow, he managed. Just before someone stumbled upon the scene too. He heard a terrified scream the moment he turned the corner, causing him to pause, and peer back. Poor woman. He… already seemed to regret his actions himself. Especially when she looked up and saw him.

Ah, fantastic.

With a sigh, he turned and carefully began to take back-alleys, returning to his ~temporary~ house for the time being. He took a shower, and changed clothes, putting a cap on and a patterned shirt, pulling on a blue coat. A complete change, with his face to hide. The only thing he hadn’t cleaned was the knife, still sat in the sink.


Maybe he could gain the attention of L with this.

He cleaned up the room - much like he did in the LABB Murder Cases - as he took his essentials in a backpack. He carefully attempted to clean some of the finger prints from the knife, without cleaning the blood. But he figured that it didn’t matter. As long as he was two steps ahead of the police and one step ahead of L, he would be fine.

He carefully boxed the knife in the fanciest looking box he could find, before writing a little note:

A murder weapon is contained in this. I sincerely apologize for my actions and I wish that whatever family he may have had recover quickly from this tragic loss. - B’

He had hesitated before signing B, but he thought that would be best. If this does gain the attention of L, he would need to stall him. If L believed there were clues in the house, it would stall him. However, if L saw this as what it truly was - a cross between an apology and a display of his work outside where he lived; outside of his comfort zone… then maybe he’d find him a lot easier.

It suddenly occurred to him. Why not allow L to find him? Why not allow L to be the only one to catch him? He had, after all, missed his chance at obtaining his goal with his failures in LA. There was no longer a need to run from him, or even hide in the face of a death penalty.

He left, placing the box neatly on the steps outside his house, with the note taped to its top. He then, stopped the first person that he came across, and pointed towards the box. “I’d suggest reading that note and calling the police. Would you?” His eyes lingered on theirs. He knew people didn’t enjoy taking the time out of their every day lives, especially for the police. At their awkward acceptance, they moved back and watched them. He stayed until they called the police, then turned, moving away.

He stopped off at the shop along the way, buying as much food as he could to sustain himself, before arriving at his last destination. A graveyard. To symbolize the thing he hated L for the most. A’s death. Well, and the thing that plagued most of his life, thanks to his Shinigami eyes.

He’d hold out here. There was enough evidence for he police to come close, of course. But he was a mile out of the way of any camera he had purposefully walked in front of. The police would lead L as far as there. It was up to L to use his head and find him from that.

If, that was, he was after him.

He sat down, leaning against the wall, eating a snack. This whole situation bothered him way less than it should have. …The action he had taken to land himself here though? Surprisingly, it buried into him more than he expected. For the second time in his life, he almost felt… guilty?