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miku39k!❤  <- my entry for miku’s official english twitter banner contest! 

uninspired, going through the final projects from last year for the AI class I’m taking now, half of it looks dead boring

“Zizek Philosopher Chatbot” (I gasp, delighted, and click through)

Intro: “What is the true nature of the Other’s gaze? How can we hope to reconcile various modes of economical/political production? What did the poor nurse say after you suggested more felicitously Freudian imagery be introduced to the eye exam in order to motivate your attention? And more importantly, can a computer algorithm dynamically generate answers to all of these questions in a simulated imitation of Slovenian philosopher and film critic, Slavoj Zizek?”

Just had a moment of !?!?!?!?!?!?! because I was scrolling through my pictures and i clicked the facial recognition to see all of the pictures of myself and while I don’t take a whole lot of selfies I experienced an out-of-body experience because I remembered I was an actual person with a corporeal form and not just a sack of anxiety with dry lips.

doowdy  asked:

How do I download cc from TifaSims. I see that you use his/her cc sometimes, so can you help me please?

It’s the same as with every other download page. You go through their stuff, click on what you like and find the “Download” link, click and a download page (they mostly use DropBox) will pop up.


“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.”

I haven’t read a series in quite a long time where I had such a clear, distinct vision of what each and every character looked like. After finishing through PJO earlier this year, I slowly started sketching out everyone I could and editing along the way in order to get them to look as closely as possible to what was in my head. I wasn’t able to cover every single character that’s mentioned, but I’m still really proud of this set! I can’t wait to use it as a reference for more PJO art going forward.

Astraia Lavellan - Seven of Wands

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to commission @xfreischutz to make a card for my Inquisitor, Astraia Lavellan. The final result was more than worth the wait! Frei paid so much attention to details and had creative interpretations of my ideas, managing to take my massive amount of information about my character and distill it down into a wonderful image.

They were a pleasure to work with and I am so glad that I commissioned them. ♥