this is a children's film

reminder that In a Heartbeat is a short film FOR LGBT people so they can see that their love is not predatory and not inherently adult. It’s a short film to showcase that LGBT love can be innocent and pure and also shows younger lgbt people that they’re okay and they’re deserving of love. This is NOT a short film for straight people to fetishize, it’s not here for you to freak out about your “OTP!!1!1” and further the feeling of otherness that LGBT people already experience. Lastly, do not sexualize this short film, they’re fucking children and LGBT people are already hyper-sexualized.


Ok the reason this is one of the best scenes I have ever seen in a movie is because they immediately establish Colette’s tough personality as traits of a boss NOT a bitch. Unlike far too many films (children’s and adults), this lead female doesn’t try to make herself stand out by saying something that undermines other women like “I’m not like most women who spend half the day worrying what they look like” or “I don’t sit around playing with makeup and dolls”. I am so sick of seeing female characters that are written as being proud of being strong, brave, or courageous despite them being a woman. AS IF BEING A WOMAN IS A HANDICAP AND THEY BEAT THE ODDS. Colette straight out calls the patriarchy and establishes the system between her and her subordinate. At the end she isn’t portrayed as bitchy, but as a leader, and Linguine is impressed, not put off. If a man is tough and takes no bullshit, he is admired and considered a strong leader and boss. If a woman does the same she is considered out of line, bossy, and bitchy.

Here, Colette is an immediate leader, and does not try and undermine herself or other women in order to prove that she is charge.

Colette is seen as the boss, not seen as bossy.