this is a cheer documentary


After line-up cast speech ended all members went to the left-side of backstage and cheers between themselves right after. Kenta is the only one on the right-side which is why he felt left out~ then Tatsunari being kind and do the cheer for him^^

Little but memorable part of documentary Itadaki no Keshiki - Curtain Call.


Hey guys, here is the official Documentary Danie and I worked on for a year and a half. I’m so stoked to finally share my journey with you all. Cheers, and enjoy! 

Your Move

A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader

Setting: Season 5

A/N: This is my first time attempting to write Dom!Spencer so please give feedback. I tried to made it the right level of awkward upon bridging the subject. If this goes well, might have to follow up like my recent Hotch smuts. HAPPY SMUTURDAY! xoxo Stu

Dr. Spencer Reid stood frustrated, perched forlornly on his crutches, waiting to be picked up from work by Y/N. They had been dating for a few months, but since he was shot on the job she had been especially dutiful in caring for him. Spencer disliked exposing her to the raw reality of the danger he faced, but it came with the territory. Therefore he stood, impatiently reliving the day he had left behind the glass doors of the BAU.

“You’re my bitch now,” Penelope had taunted him before the case began. It hadn’t exactly been a demoralizing arrangement had he been able to truly help his team. Being physically restricted and therefore away from the heart of the case, made it more difficult to stomach. He was exhausted and annoyed, something he usually kept to himself at work. Finally, Y/N’s Jeep pulled to the curb outside of Headquarters.

You hopped easily out of the driver’s seat and bounded around the vehicle to help Spencer into the cab. You could tell he was in a mood, so you refrained from being extra talkative. “Hey, babe, how was the case?”

He grimaced and muttered, “How would I know? I wasn’t even there.”

You watched his face as he slid into the passenger seat, grateful you owned a vehicle that was an agreeable height to his predicament. His tiny car made it impossible for him to drive or ride in currently. His temperament had been getting worse the longer he was confined to his crutches, which surprised you as he wasn’t the most athletic of guys.

You changed the subject, “Well, I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Let’s get home and relax.” Spencer nodded, unenthusiastically. It appeared that you were going to have to double your cheer up efforts.

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k so i found myself talking with the lovely @sakurina-mcl and made some illustration headcanons of what Candy could do at the guys places-

There’s like a lot of stuff we can do at the guys house and?? We’re not taking advantage of it. At all.


Nathaniel - Nath and Candy solving crimes together. Cuddling on a couch and watching documentaries, Nathaniel getting up and cheering and Candy laughing because of how happy he is to have “found out the suspect” all before everything was solved, they cheer. [Que illustration].

Castiel - Demon playing with Castiel and Candy would be fun and absolutely adorable. Castiel flinging the frisbee and Demon running on after it, only for him to pretty much run over Candy (whoops) and Castiel helps her up, making a remark back in Episode 3 and they laugh it off, Demon trying to give her kisses. [Que illustration].

Lysander - Honestly Lysander and Candy singing. If Candy can’t sing then I think Lysander wouldn’t push her and he’d sing her a song that he wrote her. They sit on the couch, Lysander with his arm around Candy and he starts singing from the notes. If Candy can sing, he’ll share some notes for them both to try. [Que illustration].

Armin - We all know Armin and Candy would try to binge watch movies. If Candy isn’t into it, Armin knows the right words to say to have her watch at least one of their favorite movies together. They just ball each other up in a fluffy blanket and Armin holds Candy, Candy falls asleep first and Armin looks down and kisses her forehead. [Que illustration].

Kentin - Cookie in the kitchen. If Candy can bake, well then, that’s great! If she can’t, that’s okay too, Kentin can help. Baking some cupcakes, Kentin comes up behind Candy to teach her how he likes to decorate, regardless if she can or not, he has neat ideas in mind. He takes her hand in his and rests his head of her shoulder, swirling up the cupcakes. [Que illustration].

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Um, for the writing prompt thing, miachel and jeremy 16 if you want to?

(I have no clue if this is what you wanted but I guess you’re getting trans boy michael)

16. “If you want, we could go together?”

Michael was nervous, extremely nervous. After all the waiting he had endured, all the useless talking to a therapist to assure them that he was in fact transsexual, all the shit he got from other people, all the talking about how he’d never pass all led up to this day; the day he got his first shot of testosterone.

It was an amazing thing and he looked forward to it the way he had looked forward to Jeremy’s and his first concert together but there also was something else in his mind, fear, insecurity. Just the general anxiety over getting a really big needle shoved into his body.

But he had come this far and he wouldn’t back down, he wouldn’t he just… needed to call Jeremy.
Needed to hear his voice needed to hear him say that it was going to be okay.

So he called Jeremy and of course Jeremy already knew what was up.
They had talked about this and Michael had noticed that Jeremy had actually made a note with the date written on it and a few excited exclamation marks next to it.
Honestly? Jeremy might have been more excited about this than Michael himself when he had told him and that said something considering that Michael himself had been a crying mess from how relieved he was once he got this appointment.

But Michael hadn’t really called Jeremy with the intention to vent or rant, he mostly just wanted to hear his voice to calm him down, but relief still flooded his body at the fact that Jeremy knew him well enough to not be fooled by his cheerful talk about some weird documentary.

“If you want, we could go together?” Jeremy offered.
“Yes please.” Michael croaked out.

And with that it was settled and Jeremy drove over to pick Michael up, holding his hand the whole way from his car to the hospital and the entire time inside.
He held Michael’s hand while he got his shot and he held his hand while taking a selfie with Michael to put in an album he wanted to start to commemorate Michael’s transition.
He held Michael’s hand during every other visit to the hospital, held his hand when he switched from getting shots to testosterone gel and sometimes while he sat in the bathroom waiting for the gel to dry.

Years later they were standing in front of a large door, looking at each other with big eyes.
“This is it.” Jeremy muttered, intertwining their hands.

“If you want, we could go together?” Michael said smiling, tightening his grip on his fiancé’s hand.
“We’re getting married Michael, of course we’re going down the fucking aisle together.” Jeremy chuckled and Michael kissed him, short and sweetly before they opened the doors and marched down the aisle together against all conventions.

Who needed conventions anyway, when the alternative was getting to hold Jeremy’s hand again?

(was the marriage over the top? maybe. Did I really want to write it regardless? yes)

today i went to the new museum and drank a hot dirty chai and smoked a clove cigarette and saw loving vincent. i love art and coffee and my current hair and being gay cheers everyone im gonna watch artist documentaries goodnight :-)


North Korea’s Capital Is Actually Colorful—Really Colorful

Mint. Apricot. Lavender. These aren’t flavors of overpriced artisanal ice cream, but the unexpected colors that dominate the architecture of Pyongyang, a world Oliver Wainwright reveals in North Korean Interiors.

Wainwright, a design critic for The Guardian, visited Pyongyang in late July for a 10-day tour of the city’s architecture. He found relatively modern buildings bedecked in bright hues. “I have to say [Pyongyang] is honestly one of the most colorful cities I’ve ever been to,” Wainwright says. “You expect a gray, crumbling, 1950s dystopia of decaying concrete, but they’ve made a real conscious effort to try and cheer the place up.”

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Here’s a poster I made for a new documentary in production called Mother to Earth! It delves into the history behind the nintendo cult classic Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings, its international release, and the secret black market of unreleased games. You can get the poster and support their kickstarter by visiting the link below. Cheers!


Rungs In A Ladder - Jacob Bannon
A Film by Ian McFarland

I watch this from time to time when I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated. At first, it was just really cool to learn more about Jacob Bannon and hear about his life - but now it’s become a source of inspiration. When I can’t get my shit together, when my mind is all over the place, or when I’m feeling lost and useless; I watch this, and it helps snap things back into perspective.

Thanks Jacob for sharing your life and insight with us, and thanks Ian McFarland for making such a beautiful and well done documentary. Cheers.


Lightning Strike, Carpathian Mountains - Romania

© Tobias Vorwerk

i got this huge lightning strike during a hiking trip through romania this summer. a heavy storm in the night gave me a lot of lightning strikes and nice light situations but strong rain as well. me and my camera were wet as if we stood under a waterfall. but it was worth it! feel free to check out my blog with  a lot of documentary, travel, journalistic and street photography. cheers

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were both teachers and all the students ship us au with jercy

Well, dear anonymous I hope you don’t expect any real romance because I love Percabeth too dearly. Jercy is my Brotp though, so I will make this good in the name of brotps everywhere.

“Ok class, settle down. Dakota! No drinks in class, jeez. Are you planning on making it to college, that’s an insane amount of Koolaid.” An exasperated Percy Jackson stood at the front of his advanced Ancient Greece class. “Hey, you all know I’m working prom, right?” This got a few curious glances, he smirked and continued, “That means I know who you all like and can actively embarrass you in front of them, I’m looking at you Beckendorf.” He was victoriously meet with silence.

“Great, now on to today’s lesson.” A collective groan echoed throughout the room. One very annoying student raised their perfectly manicured hand right in front of his face. “Yes, Drew.” Percy sighed, knowing exactly where this conversation was going.

“Mr. Jackson, can we not learn today?” Percy had no idea what it was about her nasally voice, he hated it?

“No, Drew we cannot just not learn today.”

“Ok what about we learn about you, like relationship wise?” She drew out the last word.

“I’m not dating Ja- Mr. Grace if that’s what you’re asking.” Percy sighed and had half turned to the board when another hand went up. “Yes Charlie?”

“I second that. The uh part about the not learning not the ‘you and Mr.Grace thing’.” Charlie rushed through his sentence, after clearing his throat he continued, “we’re seniors, we took just took our midterm, and break is next week! Can’t we have a day off?”

“It’s Monday.” Percy deadpanned.

“It’s the week before break.” Stressed Charlie. “You can take a nap and we’ll watch 300 or something.”

“If you watch 300 then I’ll make you write an essay on what’s wrong and I can assure you, the list is not short.” He smiled at the classroom that was quickly losing hope. Charlie ever the optimist wouldn’t be turned off so easily and raised his hand once more.

Taking Percy’s eye raise as a green light he continued, “Ok so what about a history documentary and minimal paper on what we learned?” Before he could respond there was a loud bang from the room next door.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back!” Percy shouted with a wave of his hands and sprinted out the classroom. He returned a moment later with the Stoll brothers in tow via their very pink ears. “It seems that in an attempt to make the ultimate rocket in aerospace dynamics the Connor and Travis have broken Mr. Grace’s computer, ruining their class.” The twins high-fived in victory.

Percy released the two and motioned to someone in the hallway. “Mr. Grace’s class will be staying in here, Connor I believe the seat next to Katie Gardner is available.” He smiled at the way Connor’s face lit up, if it was any more red, Percy might have to get a fire extinguisher. “Travis you can go next to Dakota. Wait, no you guys are smiling.”

“How about next to Clarisse?” Suggested a new voice. All heads except for Percy’s turned to look at Mr. Grace who had just walked in, with his class crowded behind him in the doorway.

“An excellent suggestion Jason.” Percy agreed and pointed Travis in the right direction, shoving him a bit for motivation. “The rest of you can sit wherever.” Percy said chuckling at Travis who carefully picked at a chair as though this would make Clarisse’s glare less intense.

As Jason’s class brought in their chairs and dragged them through the isle to sit next to friends Jason and Percy hugged in greeting.

“Hey, how you been.”

“Oh, you know, almost got blown up, the usual I suppose.”

“Nice, nice. Are we still on for dinner Friday, I’m think we go to that new Italian place that just opened up.” Percy said in a voice just above a whisper with a slight nod at the front row of his class where the girls were leaning forward trying to not so subtly eavesdrop.

“Sounds good.” Jason responded with a wink. “Corner table, right?” He confirmed as he pulled out his phone to set a reminder to make to the plans.

“Don’t worry, I was only asking because I already made the reservations, you know how I am, always on top of things.” They started laughing at some inside joke and Jason shook his head.

“Alright Perce. So what’s the plan?”

“Right.” Percy’s mind worked out something at the last second and turned to the classroom, “So we’ll be watching a documentary.” The joined classes groaned. “But cheer up because it’s about war and stuff.” Percy said with mock excitement, but everyone knew that he loved all this Ancient Greece. For the benefit of his nerdy self, they cheered.

The movie had played for a bit and Jason and Percy sat Percy’s desk off to the side talking in hushed tones. For show, they brushed hands, but how they naturally acted around each other was pretty much like a dorky couple, it’s no wonder their students keep asking if they were an item. They goofed off for the rest of class sometimes talking vaguely of Friday night dinner. After the whole class filed out, Jason turned to Percy.  

“So just to make sure Annabeth made the plans, not you right?” Jason asked.

“I’m offended that you would even ask, the woman hardly trusts me to do laundry.” Percy grumbled in faux anger.

“Rightfully so, do you remember the group trip we took to the bed and breakfast in Rome?” Jason teased.

Percy’s face turned bright pink as he shrugged on his jacket getting ready to leave, “You said you packed all those pink clothes!”

Percy turned to face the barely contained laughter of Jason and burst out in hysterics himself. They walked out of the classroom with their arm around the other’s shoulder much to the delight of their female (and some male) students who half chanted half whispered Jercy Jercy Jercy.


Gianni Denegri back when he coached Cheer Athletics Panthers in 1999 and was featured in Discovery Channels Documentary, On the Inside: Cheerleaders. Today he is 41 years old and filled in for Rockstar Cheer Rolling Stones last minute at Worlds 2015. He is shown flying center in their pyramid and also threw a standing full in the routine.

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ahh I love the whole thing with ppl being like "NO FUCK FORD DIP WANTS TO HUNT GHOSTS" like yes accurate

Okay this is the thing: Ford wants to hunt ghosts too, but he wants to keep it private. Ford lives as like a secluded hermit that writes journals of his research. Dipper wants to show off to the public, and as much as he wants to learn, also wants to have a lot of dangerous adventurous fun while doing it. He wants people to cheer him on and watch his documentaries in excitement.

Dipper wants to educate people about the supernatural, but he wants to do it Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter style, where he basically fights/faces whatever he’s teaching people about/investigating on TV. He gives live demonstrations and almost gets killed (Irwin actually did get killed…) in the process. And most people when they see him are going to admire/remember him for his bravery more than his smarts, although he’s obviously knowledgable and has to be clever to stay alive (if it’s a real mystery and not a fake one).

Ford and Dipper’s dreams are similar because of their interest in the supernatural, but that’s about it. Ford went to a prestigious college, became a brilliant engineer/scientist, quietly researched the supernatural, and documented his findings in private journals. If the public were to ever read his journals (I’m not sure if he actually ever wanted to inform others or not), they would admire him for his brains like Dipper does. The journal has the knowledge. “The journal has the plan,” as Dipper admits in Gideon Rises.

Dipper wants to be part paranormal investigator, part showman legend. He wants to go to technical school and share his findings through a television show that a lot of people can watch and be simultaneously entertained and educated by. Like I said, when the public watches his documentaries, they’re going to admire his bravery before his smarts because they’re gonna see all the crazy stuff he chases that most people would turn and run from. Dipper is knowledgable and likes being smart (“If I’m not the smart guy, who am I?”), but he ultimately wants to be remembered as a courageous hero of sorts.

As @antivillain also pointed out, Dipper’s most likely planning on this TV show being something he and Mabel can do together because it’s something they’d both enjoy (like his “Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained” miniseries). Ford planned to move across the country and do scientific investigation that Stan wouldn’t enjoy. His future didn’t really include Stan, and considering how Ford said Stan was suffocating, he wanted some distance between the two of them. Dipper’s future has always included Mabel. She’s his best friend, and he wants to go on adventures with her. He even reads a book series about two siblings that investigate mysteries together.

So I’m not going as far as saying ‘fuck Ford’ like I don’t totally hate the guy, but I want him to realize Dipper is not him and respect that. I want him to stop trying to mold Dipper into his little clone, understand that Mabel is important to Dipper and worthy of Ford’s respect, and for Ford to forgive Stan. We keep saying how Mabel took Dipper’s choice away of what he wants for his future by stopping time, but tbh Ford’s doing the exact same thing by manipulating and pressuring him. Dipper needs to be free to do and be who he wants. He needs to stand up for himself and make his own choice.

Hi there, I’m 20 years old and from Haida Gwaii. Growing up in such a unique place has taught me that I always need a camera by my side. It has really defined who I am. To me, my photographs are like the words that I could never pronounce. Pictures fill up the voids around my life and I feel like I’ve been so blessed with all that I’ve seen. I recently finished a Studio Art diploma where I did art, painted, performed and sculptured. I learned so much and found how I enjoy every type of creative field, but all I can think about is pictures. I am now getting ready to travel and follow my desire for photography which will be my only way through this world. I find myself shooting landscapes in majority but just light itself fascinates me. Anything hurt or abandoned, any face that pulls my attention also needs to be captured. Just being able to capture light and work with the natural world through technology feels amazing and endless for me. I want to show what you’ve never seen or thought of before. I hope you enjoy my work, there is a lot more to come 


Flickr -

many cheers and smiles and blessings. 


This is a must watch!

A short documentary video about Allstar Cheerleading featuring Coventry Dynamite, following around one of their athletes, Molly.

Showing the blood, sweat and tears, along with commitment and ability to change, this truly shows what it is like to be a cheerleader.