this is a canon fact that you cannot change

This core belief that one’s sexuality matters in arguments or debates about fictional characters and a manga for children needs to be destroyed. I do not care whom you’re attracted to or what gender you are. And neither should you. Me liking straight ships does not matter either, at all. You’re not above me in an argument about canon ships just because you’re not straight and presume this means you’re automatically more open minded than I am and that it means I’m blind to anything that doesn’t suit my ‘straight view’. 
Naruto and Sasuke are canonically attracted to women. They fell in love and married women. That’s canon. What you like, do or think in fanon, that’s none of my business and not my place to start judging. 
Wanting representation is good and fine. But that does not give you the right to insult people for accepting and liking canon, because they’re not obsessed about forcefully denying canon facts, because whether you like it or not, canon cannot be changed. It is what it is. You won’t get representation by denying and boycotting canon, because Naruto has ended almost 3 years ago. It’s over and done. Sasuke and Naruto won’t magically turn gay and divorce their wives because you managed to silence and shame  a few pro ending shippers into believing it would have been better for your ship to become canon. That’s not going to happen. Ever. 
I’m not talking about people who are sad about the ending , do not want to accept canon and think their ship would have made more sense. Because none of that is bad. It’s ok. I’m talking about those who have taken it upon themselves to ‘educate’ people by forcing them to accept their mere opinion through insulting them as various things, calling them bigots or whatever. 
being gay doesn’t make you a better reader. shipping gay ships doesn’t either. You’re the same as I am. You can go rage about that fact all you want. Fact stays fact.

I am going to leave these thoughts here. Again, I apologize for my English. I’m not an English speaker so.. brace yourself, mistakes are coming 🙄

U know, i don’t’ like shipwars but sometimes it is not possible to avoid them. In these days I saw shipwars everywhere.. Karamel vs Supercorp and SuperCorp vs Sanvers. I am not surprised for the Karamel vs Supercorp.. I am very surprised for the Sanvers vs Supercorp. I mean.. why are we even fighting? I don’t get it.
So I want to reply to those shippers who are unable to accept that for me Supercorp is better. I am not saying that Supercorp shippers are all saints because.. we aren’t. It is clear. But I wanna sum up the situation. If you are bored, than stop reading.

1. “You should not ship SuperCorp because Kara is not gay!”

Classic. Even predictable. I ship SwanQueen and this sentence keeps floating on my dashboard.
Yes, Kara told us “I am not gay” in the very first episode, while she was revealing herself to Winn. But.. u know what? Bisexuality exists. Pansexuals exist. Yes, Kara has been with men ‘till now, that doesn’t mean that she cannot fall for a woman. And by the way it depends on emotions, it depends on how you feel when two characters interacts. Kara and Lena’s chemistry for me is off the charts. I don’t care if they have been with men. I just adore when they are in the same room and they interact. I adore how they look at each other’s or understand each other’s. Period.

2. “You ship Supercorp and you are gross, two women can be just friends. What’s your problem?”

I’m laughing so hard. 😂 I mean, yes. Two women can be just friends. Even two men. Even a man and a woman (oh, sorry, maybe a man and a woman cannot be friends for you?). I ship many bromances. I ship bromance, I ship canon ships, het and femslash ships. Again, the argument is invalid. They can be just friends but I am allow to see something more. I feel they can be something more. Katie McGrath said that too, talking about Merthur. Katie said Supercorp is great and she understands what we are seeing, she could see that too watching again the episodes. 😂 A Super and a Luthor is a very interesting dynamic.

3. “SuperCorp is never going to happen because we have already one gay ship”

Yes. True. We have Sanvers and I LIKE them. I love Alex and I love seeing her so happy with Maggie. They are a very cute couple. And true, probably Supercorp will never happen because usually we do not have more than one gay ship in a tv show. Orphan Black has many lgbtq characters and Sense8 too. Supergirl is a different tv show, I am not comparing Supergirl and OB or Sense8 just to be clear.. I am just saying that this should not be a limit. Love is love. Two LGBT couples in Supergirl would be epic. I feel sad when I read this comment because I know it is a fact but I also think we can change this.

4. “You should support Sanvers and not SuperCorp. Sanvers are canon! We need good representations!”

Yes, we need more representations. After what happened with Clexa (my babies), after all the discussions about the BYG trope and the revolution of the @lgbtviewersdeservebetter movement, we all known we need good representations. And Sanvers is a very positive representation.
But that doesn’t mean that I cannot support Supercorp. I am honest. I prefer Supercorp. If you make me choose between Supercorp and Sanvers, I will always choose Supercorp and I have my reasons, but I support Sanvers too. I don’t understand why Sanvers and Supercorp shippers are fighting.. we should be allies. I am not saying everyone must ship Supercorp or that everyone must ship Sanvers. I am saying we should not fight as we are fan of two LGBT couples. One is canon and the other is not, but Supercorp should not be invalidated just because it is a fanon ship.

So.. why don’t you say you don’t like supercorp and period? You don’t like Lena, maybe. You prefer Kara with Mon-El or James. You prefer Lena with a man or alone. You don’t ship anything because you cannot feel the chemistry or you just don’t like them together.. it is valid. Don’t come here and say I should not ship Supercorp because Kara is not gay or because we have Sanvers and we should thank the producers for them.

someone: i ship junkmetra
fandom: horrible. ableist. junkrat is perfectly fine being unhygenic and would never change that for anyone and symmetra is autistic and all autistic people are the same and cannot handle anything even remotely out of place

someone: i don’t ship roadrat
fandom: horrible. homophobic. how can you ignore the fact that they are clearly boyfriends even though canon material states roadhog is in it for the money, how can you ignore the fact that theyr ecANON, OTP, JUNKRAT IS THE GAY AT OVERWATCH, 

damned if you ship, damned if you don’t

If you hate Nathan for what he’s done because you think he had a “choice”to walk away from his relationship with Mr. Jefferson you are a victim blamer and an abuse apologist.

Not only are you basically blaming Nathan for his own abuse – that somehow he is responsible for all of the terrible things that have happened to him/he was pushed to do under pressure by an authority figure because he didn’t have the strength to say “no” to them – you also fail to take into account the obvious power imbalance in their relationship.

A teenager cannot always just walk away from an adult in a position of power who is actively abusing them.

No this does not excuse his behavior or mean that he shouldn’t be held accountable, it just means that you don’t even have the human decency to accept or understand the varied experiences of abuse victims without erasing or invalidating them.

Nathan is a victim of abuse end of story. Nothing you can say will change that fact, nothing Nathan can do can change that fact, it is officially canon and set in fucking stone.

And if you think that people who have done the things that Nathan has done deserve to die regardless of whether or not they’re victims of abuse – WHOOPS TOO LATE Nathan already consented to his death at the hands of his abuser you are wrong take a seat.

my thoughts on lucaya after girl meets texas part 1 and 2 bc they cannot be contained:

  • i like that lucaya is not implied to be together any time soon
  • heck i don’t want them together any time soon man that is just NO i don’t nope nope not yet
  • but i really like the fact that the writers gave us that campfire scene bC HELLO THANK GOD FINALLY AN ACTUAL CANON ROMANCE ISH LUCAYA SCENE W O W. NICELY DONE YOU 
  • lucas is confused af you can really tell
  • let’s face it. it’s rilaya forever. that will never change. ever. 
  • the only variable here that we are unsure of is how lucas feels about maya. 
  • bc we know that he likes riley and that bit is obvious 
  • duh
  • he kept asking about the brother-sister thing like ‘r u sure???’
  • but then again, i don’t know if it’s scripted or not but, have you guys FELT AND SEEN the way he looks/talks to/STARES at MAYa??? AND NOT JUST DURING THE CAMPFIRE SCENE HECK WE ALL KNOW WE’VE ALL BEEN WATCHING THE WHOLE TIME 

bottomline: i hope they reveal lucas’ thoughts on part 3 cause if not. dang we will be confused for the rest of the season. and our lives.

presidentnerd  asked:



  • Why they are the best

HAVE YOU MET HER. Mako has so much love to give and is so desperate to give it. She is the most protective and adores her friends endlessly. She is a beautiful powerhouse, and a nimble goddess. She is morally certain and deliciously petty. Despite the consistent shit hands life has dealt her, she never stops believing in her happy ending. Makoto Kino is all that is good in the world.

  • Why they are the worst


  • a canon fact (that shouldn’t be)

This is kind of hard as I’d change basically nothing about Mako. Hmmmm. I suppose that they don’t really press her constant slow-burn anger toward Haruka and Michiru, which I swear I will NEVER see her get over.

Oh, and that she had to share half her power-up episodes with Minako. THAT WAS BULLSHIT

  • a non-canon fact (that should be)

Mako isn’t drawn anywhere near buff enough for my tastes. TALLER. MORE MUSCULAR. NO MORE. MOOOORE.

  • a piece of advice I would give them

Keep doing what you’re doing, I cannot improve on perfection.