this is a candid picture ppl

Dreams/HU/body shaming

There are a couple of blogs on here that make fun of Aron and  George b/c o their weight.  Telling them that’s a shitty thing to do makes no difference so I’ve kinda given up on trying to make them better ppl but one blog was advertising photos of George under a fat shaming tag.   I went to look for those pictures last night but the only pix I saw were George looking like ……George.

I was so mad about it I went to sleep and dreamed about telling the blogs off.

Several years back Patrick Stump made a blog entry about how people giving him shit about his weight hurt, it was very candid and very sad.  He talked about all the hard work that went into his solo album and how proud he was of it, but when he released it and did the press tour, the only thing anyone ever wanted to talk about was his weight so he was left to assume that weight was all people would remember him for and that no matter how hard he worked on things or how talented he was, the entire worth of his life would always come down to the weight of his body.  Patrick’s a good guy who never deserved that.

I have never understood how you can call yourself a fan of someone and make fun of the way they look.  If you hate them, sure, okay, you’re going to do that.   But it really sticks like a shard in my throat when people shame the ones they claim to admire when I’m sure if tose celebs said the same thing about them, they’d be devastated.

I guess in the world we live in now, “Do unto others” is a completely foreign concept.

@ Taylor

For Karlie’s birthday, can you post that brownish looking polaroid you have of you and Karlie where her hair is in a bun and you’re kissing? It’s kind of a candid type of picture where you’re almost being silly, and are just really happy? You know, the one you had as your phone background there for awhile this spring? No? Okay.


Bambam as a boyfriend 🛍💕

• so we all know that bam would be super silly, always making you laugh, lots of teasing, but when it comes down to it he really loves u a lot
• probably is hella flattered and love love loves it when u wear his stuff but also tells u ur fashion taste is impeccable (lol complimenting himself)
• likes to share drinks with u
• likes to go shopping with u and gives quality advice about fashion
• always dabbing and doing the whip and nae nae to ur embarrassment even tho it’s kinda cute to u
• dragging u into his schemes
• teases u about ur pronunciation when u speak thai (or try to lol)
• tickle fights
• arm around ur shoulder most often, but ur waist too
• likes to have u wear his jackets around ur shoulders for many reasons, but y'know part of it is cuz he thinks it’s cute
• “of course im your favorite!”
• calls u cute all the time
• squishes ur cheeks probably but u do the same to him
• u call him a baby/child and he starts on how he’s a man and how he’s suave and “sexy”
• snowball fights in the winter and then a trip to the café for hot chocolate or coffee
• raps food orders in thai and ur like bam just tell them what u want pls stop (and he just chuckles)
• tries to carry u bridal style (and thinks it’s cute and funny when u try the same)
• teases you constantly lolol but u tease him right back
• sass
• peppers u in kisses all the time “cuz ur just so cute”
• lots and lots of selfies and candid photos of you that he shows to ppl
• gets rlly upset with himself if u guys fight or something and works rlly hard to make up
• “Since I know I’m your bias…”
• constant meme-ing
• buys u cute stuffed animals and takes lots of pictures of u with it
• leaves u his cologne when he goes on tour bc “it smells like him” and also leaves lots of his clothes with you and gets like 2 stuffed animals for u and like basically a whole package snacks and all lol
• loves u with all his heart
• snaps u everyday throughout the day (with lots of Yugyeom and Jackson)
• Yugyeom and Jackson secretly snapping Bam talking about u and sending it to u
• Bam loves to get u ur favorite foods and desserts and share them with u cuz it makes u happy
• actually he likes sharing food with u in general he thinks its so cute and couple-like
• all about couple clothes and always chooses the best ones
• starts sentences with “i love you” when he’s done something suspicious
• likes to come up and scare u with a back hug before saying he loves u and giving you kisses
• likes giving u pecks on the lips and getting kisses on the cheek
• attempts to sing to make you laugh
• raps for you all the time
• u two make rlly cute vlogs like it’s adorable
• you guys are always whispering and then giggling like crazy at the things you’ve both said
• lots and lots of inside jokes
• lots of jokes that make you shove him and scold him while u laugh
• honestly he works his hardest to always make u happy and always make u laugh
• he manages to always cheer u up no matter what, always makes you smile
• and you make him so so happy too and sometimes he tells u ur one of the best things to ever happen to him

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i just wanna know whats the explanation the ppl who say tayvin is pr will come up now that they've hung out all day yet theres no picture at all.... i mean, if you're dating for promo, then you have to be seen in public, or else whats the point? (and considering that in the three months they've been together we only got like.. 5 candids -2 of which is just calvin leaving her gated community in the morning-.... lmao)