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Bmc Tumblr headcanons (has anyone done this yet? Probably)

-Jeremy has a secret furry blog but his main blog is an aesthetic blog for him to go on when he’s sad because it makes him happy
-Michael has a meme blog and Jeremy has notifications on for it so he’s always the first to like all of Michael’s posts which Michael thinks is just adorable
-Sometimes Michael’s memes get a little too self-deprecating and whenever that happens Jeremy pms him cat pictures (Michael can’t not smile)
-Christine has (surprisingly) a Broadway fan blog. Her favorites are the classics like Phantom and Les Mis and Wicked but she also loves Newsies, Falsettos, Book of Mormon, and Dear Evan Hansen.
-Rich just reblogs whatever he finds funny at any point
-But he also has a secret blog for reblogging meaningful shit and makes posts about pining after a “secret someone”
-Jake has a sports blog and all that hazz but he also has an aesthetic blog because he just loves aesthetics mainly flowers and shit like that.
-Jake’s aesthetic blog and Rich’s secret blog are mutuals and the dumbasses don’t even know it’s each other
-Chloe has a blog where she mainly posts selfies and fangirls over actors/actresses she loves
-Brooke reblogs pictures of wedding dresses, flowers, fancy foods, Chloe’s selfies, and anything she thinks is pretty

hamilton characters and their blog types

Hamilton: angry political blog, everyone asks in anonymous because he WILL fight

Burr: secret salt blog about Hamilton

Lafayette: personal, talks about everything him and G.Wash do together

Mulligan: clOTHES CLOTHES CLOTH E S (sometimes horses)

Laurens: writes imagines of his favourite animes, a lot of turtles

Washington: sad memes but sometimes politics

Eliza: baby animals. all baby animals.


And Peggy: created emo blog when she was 13 and forgot the password a week later


The show may be great on its own but sometimes you need to mix it up

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SUMMARY: Sarah and Jack are quite the knights in shining armor.


A/N: okay, so though the reader has a boyfriend, i did my best to gear this toward readers who like exclusively women as well as readers who like more than one gender. there will be a part two to this, sorry it’s so late !! also, i accidentally typed abble popping twice so have a laugh at that.


Sarah had been ecstatic when she heard of the fall fair her college was organizing. Her friends listened to her talk excitedly for all the weeks leading up to it. She wormed her way into the group setting it up, offering ideas and all of her friends to work the booths (which they hadn’t exactly agreed to, but angering her scared them enough that they did so happily). On the first day of the fair, which was a two-day event, there were activities set up all around the quad, along with fall themed foods and warm drinks being sold to the hundreds of students that showed up. Sarah was working the apple bobbing across from Jack, who was working the face painting booth.

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ID #57830

Name: Meri
Age: 20
Country: Italy

Hi! I’m Meri and I currently live in Milan studying modern literature. I’d love to have someone to talk to who is open and available for a long lasting friendship. I love music and theatre, especially broadway musical. I am addicted to tv shows and movies. I’m a bit introverted but highly ironic and sometimes I joke a bit too much. But I’m very good at giving advice (or so they tell me) and I’m a very good listener.

Preferences: 18-22 years old and accepting people

finally doing this lmao tagged by @bevvie-darling the love of my life 

rules: tag ten followers you want to get to know better!

name: Hannah
nicknames: Han, Hanakin, Sharky, Peaches, Babe (does that count as a nickname?)
gender: female
star sign: cancer
height: 5’5
sexuality: lesbian but sometimes guys are attractive?? but i definitely do nOT see myself w a guy at any point lmao so
hogwarts house: slytherpuff
fave animal: cats 100%
average hours of sleep: like.. atm around 9-10 hours but during school around 7-8
current time: 5.32pm
dog or cat person: cats duh
blankets you sleep with: one duvet
dream trip: new york bc broadway or anywhere where my best friends live
dream job: actress, youtuber, gay icon
when i made my blog: may 2014
followers: 3,487 i’m so close to 3500 p l e a s e
why i made a tumblr: i used to be on the ‘best of tumblr’ page all the time and on ifunny (gross ik) and then i thought hmm maybe i should just…
reason for my url: its my aesthetic tbh

i tag @pan-pun @masseffectdoctor @youlookpretty-good @averagemishap @supergaydork @happiestpenguin @evanstanisbae @richiegayzier idk i can’t think of anymore

High Victorian in Blue: Nora’s Dress in “A Doll’s House, Part 2″

It feels like it’s been an age since I did a full review of anything, and this past weekend’s closing of A Doll’s House, Part 2 provided me with some inspiration. Most of the time, I talk about musicals on this blog, and for good reason: the costumes are often more complex than those used in straight plays, with more of them to review. But sometimes it’s fun to look at a straight play, especially one that takes a minimalist approach to costumes and staging.

A Doll’s House, Part 2 is a play by Lucas Hnath which was amongst those nominated for Best New Play at the Tony Awards this year, and is intended to be (as the title implies) a follow-up to Henrik Ibsen’s seminal A Doll’s House. Set fifteen years after Ibsen’s original (and thus in 1894), it tells the story of Nora’s life after she leaves her husband, Torvald, and misunderstandings in her life as a novelist that lead to her return in an effort to settle their divorce once and for all. For playing the part of Nora, Laurie Metcalf won the Tony for Best Actress in a Play, a win that I think was well-deserved.

I’m going to take a look at her primary costume in this review, which consists of a blue dress, shell, and blouse: three relatively simple pieces of costumery, but which tell an interesting story, both as they are and in the context of the play and other costumes. The costumer for this production was David Zinn, who you may recall from my review of Amelie and A Minister’s Wife. He has not traditionally been my favorite designer–those positions belong to the wickedly talented triad of Catherine Zuber, Paloma Young, and Linda Cho–but he hit a home run with Nora’s dress in my opinion. Let’s take a look:

We start with an outward view of the whole ensemble. Nora has returned, flush with success as a feminist novelist (under a pseudonym) and no longer reliant on a man–any man–to pay her own way in life. Her wardrobe reflects that fact. It’s cut from sturdy, quality material, and clearly has been hand-tailored to her figure; that would not have been uncommon for a woman of some means in the high Victorian era this production is set in, even in the relatively underdeveloped Norway (as compared to, say, London or Paris). The color is a rich, soothing blue, a deep color that suggests that the wearer has a true sense of power and agency.

The coat itself is a work of art. The sleeves and outer shell comprise the same material as the skirt itself, but it is the lapels, cuffs, and vests which deserve some special attention. This is something I haven’t traditionally associated with David Zinn except in superficial ways: real detail-work. From a distance, as in the above shot, it is a geometric pattern that looks as though it took time and energy to complete. Any viewer of Nora would know she was a Woman of Means. But there is something almost manly about the coat, in the sense that the wide lapels resemble more traditionally masculine fashion of the era. That’s absolutely intentional: in Ibsen’s Norway and Hnath’s imagined Norway, agency and independence are masculine traits, traits that the entire purpose of both plays is to allow Nora to claim for herself.

But let’s look a little closer at the details themselves to better understand why I really enjoy this particular number:

There are a combination of techniques and designs here that just absolutely work so well. For one, the lapels are covered in a geometric lace that puts one almost in mind of tiling, lending the wearer a kind of rigidity and firmness. But to avoid it being too firm, delicate beadwork has been added to the lacing, and some delicate embroidery has been added on the inner lapels, in a multitude of different colors: gold predominates, but lighter blues and reds are visible. The row of buttons which goes up the center of the coat is brass and understated, dwarfed by a different lace pattern and giving the viewer of such a coat a feel of it being a single piece, rather than being able to open. The patterning continues onto the collar. For completeness’ sake, I’ll also note here that Nora wears a pair of simple gold drop earrings that do absolutely nothing to distract from the coat, but lend her the slightest hint of femininity.

The combination of masculine and feminine in this coat continues during the play. For the first meeting between Nora and Torvald, she keeps it on, asserting a kind of power and evenness between them, despite their respective positions in society (at least, from society’s perspective). Have a look at this still of Nora talking to Torvald, played in this production by the eminent Chris Cooper:

Notice how Nora’s costuming is not only more detailed, but outright richer than that of Torvald. Ms Metcalfe catches the eye to an extent that Mr Cooper (in spite of his acting ability) may as well blend into the minimalist background. Again, there is intention here. Nora has worn her best as a show of power and maybe even intimidation; her dialogue may not imply it, but Mr. Zinn’s costuming clearly does. Wide lapels are matched by wider lapels, one muted color is matched by a prettier but still muted color, and even the shoes differ: Mr. Cooper’s are simple, whereas Ms. Metcalfe’s are two-toned boots that would have cost a small fortune in the era.

Of course, Ms Metcalfe was not the only actress to tackle the role of Nora in this production. Following her Tony win and subsequent departure, she was replaced by veteran Broadway actress Julie White. Ms White’s costume was much the same, with a slight variation in the shade of blue used, though this is likely down to the manufacture of the cloth; having worked in costume shops before, I can attest that try as you might, there will always be subtle differences in shade between one bolt of cloth and another. Her version of this dress offers us an even better look at some of the coat’s details:

Here, we get a hint of the Norwegian setting of the play. I mentioned before the combination of red and gold and blue detail work, but here we can see it a bit closer. It has a traditional Nordic geometric feel to it, sharp lines coupled with tiny details and beautiful embroidery. On the whole, the dress feels like a Victorian English piece, but these subtle touches help to put us right back in the setting of the play itself.

The action of A Doll’s House, Part 2 takes place over the course (I believe, from the script) of a single afternoon, so it’s sensible that none of the characters, Nora included, change their outfits. But whomever plays Nora does get one costume change by removing her coat at some point during the performance. What is revealed is, quite simply, one of my favorite pieces of costumery in the 2016-2017 season, at least as regards straight plays:

Nora’s blouse is an absolute darling of a design, especially when placed in contrast to the other characters of the play (like Anne-Marie, the nanny, played here by Tony Award-winner Jayne Houdyshell). The blouse continues the geometric patterning of the vest, but add more feminine elements. It’s too early in setting to call these Art Deco or Belle Époque designs, but the allusions are definitely there: the geometrics give way to a gentle, repetitive floral on the body of the blouse, in golds and blues and a background of the prettiest purple I’ve seen on stage in some time. The sleeves of the blouse are black sheer from shoulder to forearm, and add another hint of femininity; no man would appear in such a garment, even in terms of construction let alone design. The gold accenting gives off a richness and adds a coolness to counter-balance the warm purple tones in the cloth.

Take a look up close, from one of Ms Metcalfe’s curtain calls:

The silky fabric of the blouse positively glows under the stage lighting, and the warmth of the purples just absolutely comes through. The reddish purple is almost a coppery color, while the bluish purple is a pretty complement to the skirt (which, despite the change in lighting, is indeed the same skirt from the above pictures). Purple and blue often blend nicely together, and I love the way the blouse accents the skirt and makes it pop by contrast. It’s hard to make a flat brocade pop, but Mr Zinn found a way to do so with a color complement.

Overall, I think the costuming for Nora was a triumph. It pays homage to the prevailing trends of the Victorian era, adds in some detail-work that reflects the culture of the country the play is set in, and above all, this outfit imbues the character with a combination of the agency she has sought since Ibsen’s 1879 masterpiece with the femininity she was so loathe to surrender in order to claim that agency. It’s a work of artistic achievement and it’s one that deserves to be celebrated.

That brings this review to an end, and it feels good to have done a full review again! I will try and get my review schedule back up closer to what it was at the start of the summer, and with a new season of shows opening in the next month or two, I’m hopeful that we’ll see some beautiful new costumes hitting Broadway.

As always, dear readers, if you want to weigh in, feel free to drop me an Ask or to reblog with your comments. Feedback and thoughts from my readers are always appreciated!

ID #95663

Name: Grace
Age: 16
Country: United States of America

Hi, I’m Grace! I’m 16 years old and I live in Kentucky! I’m looking for someone to chat with online, whether it be texting, emailing, or whatever else.
I love world history! The Roman Empire, Middle Ages, and American Revolution are my absolute favorites. I also love writing and I write my own stories whenever I can. I play the clarinet and sing alto in my school choir. I love broadway and hope to be in a broadway show sometime!!
I love languages and religion!! I speak fluent English and Korean, but I’m learning Spanish and French.
Please contact me, I love making friends!

Preferences: Preferably people 14-17, but anyone will do!


whats up ?? im a professional now ;0

so yeah time to learn about me okay here we go

hi, im eli , and im a trans guy (my pronouns are he/him). im bisexual, and im cool. (im also hispanic, so watch out 4 random spanish)

you can call me eli, but if you wanna get professional, you can call me *whips around* elijah. an assortment of nicknames you can call me are as follows: jerry, e.j., fish, and any pet names are 1000000000% good. (i fucking LOVE pet names)

my meyer-briggs personality type is infp-t, my hogwarts house is slytherin, n im a scorpio

uh i guess my blog is generally humour. sometimes broadway will kinda slip into the memes, but just brush it off.

my interests include (but are not limited to) the following; (you guessed it) broadway (mostly hamilton, but falsettos, book of mormon, dear evan hansen, heathers, n great comet), fall out boy, superwholock, drawing, n thats all i can think of right now

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lmao thanks 4 reading kids

If you do music or theater, please read, even though its kinda long.

Let me tell you a thing, my dear followers.

I have had many tumblr accounts. I usually get them and I’ll be on them for a while, but then I usually forget about them or the password and just make a new one.

This blog is the longest running blog I’ve ever had. And I began to wonder why that is.

Today, while browsing through a musical tag, I saw a post about a girl who had upcoming auditions, but just wasn’t believing in herself. I decided to drop by her ask, and tell her to break a leg, and just be confident in herself. And that’s when I realized.

I LOVE encouraging others to pursue their dreams. Especially when it comes to performing arts. Because I’m there. With you. Watching every musical, studying every soundtrack, researching current broadway stars, reading books. I have the same dream, and a lot of us don’t get encouragement from the outside world. They tell us our dreams are “unreachable” and a “one-in-a-million chance.’ And it gets us down. We begin to doubt ourselves and our career choices. My blog, for the most part, is dedicated to broadway and musical theater. I have that dream, and I know if the rest of you want this dream as bad as I do, it’s hard, and sometimes we need encouragement. 

My BIGGEST motivation for not giving up on MY dream is my followers. And even people who don’t follow me that pursue this career. When I see the rest of you posting about rehearsals, auditions, getting you’re dream lead role, it inspires me to be that much better and achieve my own dreams. You guys keep me going and keep me accountable so that I don’t give up on my dream.

Let me tell y'all a bit about myself. I am a VERY small town girl from Arkansas. I’ve been humming tunes before I could talk. When my mom was pregnant with me, she worked for the Baldwin piano company, tuning pianos, so I naturally have a pretty good ear. I was always involved in church performances when I was little, and I always loved music class. I did elementary music with everyone else in school. In 9th grade I joined choir (you couldn’t do band and choir until then). It was my first year in choir and I made all-region. A lot of the kids who had been in choir for a while HATED me for it. I continued choir into high school. I didn’t try out for all region in 10th grade (cause I was dumb), but in 11th and 12th grade I made both all region AND all state choir. Not only that, but those two years I also made all region AND all state band. In high school, band was my niche. I liked choir, but I wanted to be a band director. When in high school, I was also involved in the drama club. My sophomore year we did a show called "The Curious Savage.” I didn’t get a part. I was one of the few people who didn’t. But I did crew, I came to all the rehearsals. Then one day one of the seniors stopped showing up to rehearsals. The director came up to me and gave me the part, because I was so dedicated and never missed a rehearsal. It wasn’t a huge part, but I appreciated it. My junior year, the director decided we would do Rogers and Hammerstiens “Cinderella.” There was this girl in drama club, blonde, that said she was going to be an actress one day, and she KNEW she was going to get the part of Cinderella because she was blonde. The girl was a great actress, but her voice was kinda puny. I knew I wasn’t going to get the part, but I auditioned for Cinderella anyways, and the stepsisters. I sang “Memory” from Cats. When the cast list came out, I couldn’t believe it. I was Cinderella. I was so excited. It was such a great experience.

Now moving on to college. I entered college as a Music Education major with emphasis in both flute and voice. As a freshman, I made the top choir, and I was also involved in Music Theater Workshop. Long story short, I lost my passion for the flute, and I switched to strictly Vocal performance. I have always been good at the flute, but I never improved. No matter how much I practiced. But my voice, my voice grew immensely. Fall Freshman we did Little Red Riding Hood-the opera. I was on crew because I was a freshman and we never get parts our first semesters. In the Spring, we did Oklahoma!. Laurie is my DREAM role. However, unfortunately, our director is one of those people that, when he has his “star”, there’s no getting a part over them. But she had every right. She was beautiful, and had a voice like an angel. Obviously, she got the role of Laurie. I got cast as Gertie Cummings. I was the only freshman with an actual part. Fall of my Sophomore year, we did The Medium and The Four Note Opera. I got the soprano role in The Four Note Opera, but I had to drop out of it because of some personal issues I was dealing with at the time. Spring of Sophomore, we did “The 1940’s Radio Hour” in which I was just chorus. However, the week before production, the same girl, “his star,” went MIA. He split her part between me and another girl. I had to learn a song in pig latin in 10 minutes before rehearsal, by memory, because it was dress rehearsals. I did it. And I did it good. That was the year she graduated. Fall of my Junior year we did an opera called Gallantry. My high school choir teacher went to the same college as I did, and she played the lead role of Lola in Gallantry, so I was gunning for the role. And I Got It. I was so excited. The next semester we just did a showcase thing. I sang Nellie’s solo in Wash That Man Outta My Hair from “South Pacific.” This past semester (my last semester) we did two operas. “The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” by Lukas Foss and Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte”. I got to play Fiordiligi in Cosi and the ONLY female role in The Jumping Frog.

I know this is long and you’ve probably stopped reading by now, but if you’re still reading, I appreciate it. The moral of this post, is that I started off as a NOBODY, and even though I’m still a nobody in the professional world (I just graduated) I haven’t given up, and I HAVE made progress. 

I just want all of you pursuing a career in performance, whether its theater, vocal, classical, instrumental, jazz, or ANYTHING, that I believe in you. I don’t want you to give up on your dreams. Giving up is the only way you will lose. This is my message of encouragement. I love you all. Keep posting your success stories. Keep motivating others. Keep doing what you LOVE no matter what.

<3 Hayley

Only Blog Can Judge Me: The Tupac Musical ‘Holler if Ya Hear Me’ Is a Buzzfeed Listicle on Broadway

I grew up in basements. Eating pepperoni Hot Pockets and playing SEGA Dreamcast. Staring at buddy lists and Kazaa progress bars. Waiting for nine-minute scenes of Jenna Jameson, blonde and smooth and ferocious, a carnivore and an angel simultaneously, crawling toward a hard dick, mouth half-open, sweaty hairs stuck to her temples, giving orders and begging for more, wiping cum off of her eyelids.

My friend’s dad worked late at a factory that manufactured tampons. Sometimes we took lacquer from the garage and poured it into his dad’s empty beer bottles. We took off our socks and shoved them into the bottles and lit the socks on fire. Sometimes the bottles were the Smirnoff Ice his stepmom drank. My friend said only pussies and girls drank Smirnoff Ice. I wondered if there was an identity one could have in high school besides pussy or girl or god or janitor. I wondered if I would like Smirnoff Ice. Then we threw the bottles against the stone wall behind the house and watched them explode.

I went home and fell asleep on the couch. The next day I told people I’d been reading something by a dead guy who was Danish or Russian or had a mustache. Usually I was still eating Hot Pockets. Here was high school: shameless deception; processed carbohydrates; surrendering to beautiful women; destroying things simply to be reminded that I was not the only thing that could be destroyed.

And I listened to Tupac at high volumes. 



AKA, Chelsea likes to grab a full handfull of Playbills at every show she attends. But hey, this is fun! My first giveaway.

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  • yeah have fun

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