this is a broadway blog sometimes

hamilton characters and their blog types

Hamilton: angry political blog, everyone asks in anonymous because he WILL fight

Burr: secret salt blog about Hamilton

Lafayette: personal, talks about everything him and G.Wash do together

Mulligan: clOTHES CLOTHES CLOTH E S (sometimes horses)

Laurens: writes imagines of his favourite animes, a lot of turtles

Washington: sad memes but sometimes politics

Eliza: baby animals. all baby animals.


And Peggy: created emo blog when she was 13 and forgot the password a week later

Welcome to My Personality It Is Terrible

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Nickname: Link (sometimes my phone autocorrects it to kink)

Star sign: Arusminanceovibrpiuscaquarisces

Height: booboo the fool

Favourite Music Artist: choosing 1 is impossible so here goes… Kimya Dawson, Griffin Mcelroy, Regina Spektor, Marina and the Diamonds, Original Broadway Cast, Clipping., Hayley Kiyoko, Alessia Cara, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Dodie Clarke, Ed Sheeran, Florence + the Machine, Panic!At the Disco, Owl City, Lorde, Neon Trees, Troye Sivan, more and more amd more

Last TV show u watched: Malcom in the middle 👌

Stuff u post: :V looks bad scoobs

Other Blogs?: too many, but go follow @1cream5sugars if u like art and @lincoln–rosario if u like Broadway and @mals-guitar if u like Lumberjanes

How did u choose ur url?: i rlly wanted a TAZ url and,,,,, i lov maggy,,,, the boy

Hogwarts house: dumbledore

Pokemom teme: haha u play pokemon u nerd

Favourite color: fffff jellyfish colors 👌👌👌👌 and the color of the mysterious stain on ur shirt rn

How many blanketss do u sleep with: i cover my genitalia with fig leaves and rocks like a True Masculine No-Homo Man

Following: 4,411(u think im joking but nope)

Followers: 421 (1 away from the weed number)

Tag 20 fools to do this with u:
I tag gordonk ramsause and ur mother

Question Challenge

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⭐sign: leo

⭐last thing I googled: Shay Carl

⭐favorite music artist: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Melanie Martinez, Pasek and Paul, and literally anyone who has ever been and composer or lyricist for a broadway show lolololol

⭐last TV show watched: Scrubs

⭐what I am wearing now: maroon flowy shirt and skinny jeans with mismatched socks cuz i’m cool like that

⭐when did I create my blog: gosh like 2 years ago?? it was junior year of high school so i think it was 2 years ago 

⭐what do I post: cute things, regression things, political stuff sometimes, whatever i want to really

⭐do I have any other blogs: I have an NSFW blog that it ENTIRELY unrelated to this one in any way shape or form, and a personal blog that’s slowly turning into a humor blog lol

⭐do I get asks regularly: not as regularly as i’d like tbh xD

⭐why did I choose this URL: this url is the product of a long and arduous process of url changing. i’ve gone through like 4 different ones in two years. also cuz i’m grumpy, i’m a baby, and i’m a princess sooooo

⭐pokemon team: Mystic (yes i still play pokemon go don’t judge me)

⭐favorite colour: pink or black there is no in between

⭐favorite character: Carla and the Janitor from Scrubs, Meg Giry in Love Never Dies (bc she doesn’t do much in Phantom of the Opera), Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds, and any character i’m creating currently bc i’m going through an ‘I’M AN AUTHOR’ phase

⭐dream job: i mean ideally i’d want to be an author or give voice lessons bc i’m an indecisive piece of shit lololol

I tag @xxbabyprincess , @drowninginhood , @glitteringsarah-elisabeth , @flowercrownsammyx , and whoever else that wants to do it honestly

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nickname: alex, anakin
star sign: taurus
height: 5'8" or maybe a bit taller
last thing i googled: chirrut imwe
favorite music artist(s): the original broadway cast of hamilton, pierce the veil, twenty one pilots, fall out boy, all time low
song stuck in my head: all time low by jon bellion
latest movie I watched: rogue one (for the 7th time)
latest TV show i watched: arrested development
what I am wearing: a curious incident of the dog in the nighttime tee, a grey and black flannel, black skinny jeans, vans high tops, a fuckton of wristbands, a black beanie
when i created this blog: not sure exactly but i think sometime in 2014??? idk
kind of stuff I post: star wars, youtube, marvel, other fandoms, gay shit, mental illness stuff, just random text posts idk
do i have other blogs: yeah, mostly saved urls but i have an aesthetic blog, a dark stuff blog, and a parks and rec blog that i don’t use
do i get asks regularly: not usually but sometimes i get really kind anons, but my ask box is always open y'know
why did i choose my url: i mean idk really but it’s star wars soooo
gender: gender? idk her (i’m agender)
hogwarts house: slytherin, but i could be a ravenclaw
pokemon team: mystic
favourite colours: black, dark red, deep purple
favorite characters: hanschen rilow, cassian andor, luna lovegood
dream job: a broadway performer or a comic book creator

okay i’ll tag a couple people feel free to do it even if i don’t tag you tho
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