this is a boring chat omg

ask me these things okay omg

1:Is there a boy/girl in your life?
2:Think of the last person who hurt you; do you forgive them?
3:What do you think of when you hear the word “meow?”
4:What’s something you really want right now?
5:Are you afraid of falling in love?
6:Do you like the beach?
7:Have you ever slept on a couch with someone else?
8:What’s the background on your cell?
9:Name the last four beds you were sat on?
10:Do you like your phone?
11:Honestly, are things going the way you planned?
12:Who was the last person whose phone number you added to your contacts?
13:Would you rather have a poodle or a Rottweiler?
14:Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?
15:Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
16:Are you tired?
17:How long have you known your 1st phone contact?
18:Are they a relative?
19:Would you ever consider getting back together with any of your exes?
20:When did you last talk to the last person you shared a kiss with?
21:If you knew you had the right person, would you marry them today?
22:Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
23:How many bracelets do you have on your wrists right now?
24:Is there a certain quote you live by?
25:What’s on your mind?
26:Do you have any tattoos?
27:What is your favorite color?
28:Next time you will kiss someone on the lips?
29:Who are you texting?
30:Think to the last person you kissed, have you ever kissed them on a couch?
31:Have you ever had the feeling something bad was going to happen and you were right?
32:Do you have a friend of the opposite sex you can talk to?
33:Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
34:Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
35:Say the last person you kissed was kissing someone right in front of you?
36:Were you single on Valentines Day?
37:Are you friends with the last person you kissed?
38:What do your friends call you?
39:Has anyone upset you in the last week?
40:Have you ever cried over a text?
41:Where’s your last bruise located?
42:What is it from?
43:Last time you wanted to be away from somewhere really bad?
44:Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
45:Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?
46:Do you wear hats if your having a bad hair day?
47:Would you ever go bald if it was the style?
48:Do you make supper for your family?
49:Does your bedroom have a door?
50:Top 3 web-pages?
51:Do you know anyone who hates shopping?
52:Does anything on your body hurt?
53:Are goodbyes hard for you?
54:What was the last beverage you spilled on yourself?
55:How is your hair?
56:What do you usually do first in the morning?
57:Do you think two people can last forever?
58:Think back to January 2007, were you single?
59:Green or purple grapes?
60:When’s the next time you will give someone a BIG hug?
61:Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
62:When will be the next time you text someone?
63:Where will you be 5 hours from now?
64:What were you doing at 8 this morning.
65:This time last year, can you remember who you liked?
66:Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
67:Did you kiss or hug anyone today?
68:What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
69:Have you ever tried your hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
70:How many windows are open on your computer?
71:How many fingers do you have?
72:What is your ringtone?
73:How old will you be in 5 months?
74:Where is your Mum right now?
75:Why aren’t you with the person you were first in love with or almost in love?
76:Have you held hands with somebody in the past three days?
77:Are you friends with the people you were friends with two years ago?
78:Do you remember who you had a crush on in year 7?
79:Is there anyone you know with the name Mike?
80:Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
81:How many people have you liked in the past three months?
82:Has anyone seen you in your underwear in the last 3 days?
83:Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
84:You’re drunk and yelling at hot guys/girls out of your car window, you’re with?
85:If your BF/GF was into drugs would you care?
86:What was the most eventful thing that happened last time you went to see a movie?
87:Who was your last received call from?
88:If someone gave you $1,000 to burn a butterfly over a candle, would you?
89:What is something you wish you had more of?
90:Have you ever trusted someone too much?
91:Do you sleep with your window open?
92:Do you get along with girls?
93:Are you keeping a secret from someone who needs to know the truth?
94:Does sex mean love?
95:You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, is that a problem?
96:Have you ever kissed anyone with a lip ring?
97:Did you sleep alone this week?
98:Everybody has somebody that makes them happy, do you?
99:Do you believe in love at first sight?
100:Who was the last person that you pinky promise?

Dear friends...

It’s been a while since I made my tumblr account and I met a lot of wonderful people here, I want to thank each one of you for being my friend, so I decided to make a post about all of you ( I hope I don’t forget anyone ^^’ )

@babypeachtaozii You are my first tumblr friend and I am soo thankful that you messaged me that day!!! I love how my url made you message me xDDD I love you soo much!!! I will always treasure you!!! I know you’re very busy and we can’t chat often, but if you ever need me, I’ll always be there for you!!!

@bobs-flowers Omg I am soo happy we met!!! You’re such a wonderful friend!!! You’re super hardworking!!! I love you soo much!!! You faced a lot of problems and I tried to help you, sorry if I wasn’t that helpful ^^’ I know you have a lot of work to do but please, always remember to rest!!!

@sosuke-of-secondearth You’re honestly soo cute!!! Thank you for being my friend and always helping when I am sad or anxious!!! I really appreciate that you message me even when you have to go to work!!! You’re really precious and lovable!!! I hope you’ll always be happy, cause you deserve it!!!

@saranghaeyeols We met on Christmas day and you’re honestly the best Christmas gift I ever got!!! I love you and your cats!!! You’re also gorgeous, stop saying you’re not, okay? I will fight you if you say that you’re not beautiful. Thank you for messaging me!!! Good luck on your exams!!! Don’t overwork!!!

@winteryethereal We met few days ago, but you’re honestly soo talented!!! And I love chatting with you!!! I hope more people will notice your talent ;) Good luck!!!

@charliefazbear We didn’t talk a lot, sorry for not messaging you >///< I really liked chatting with you and I am really thankful that I got to meet you ;) I hope we will chat again!!!

@taos-left-eyelid My lovely child!!! I am sorry for not joining the group chat!!! I love you, I really do!!! Don’t forget that!!! Also, you’re gorgeous ok? Absolutely perfect!!! I will fight whoever attacks you!!! Also, you’re really talented OMG!!! I love the stuff you write ;* I will always be there for you ^^

@sakura-gucci-panda My fellow scorpio friend!!! I love how you trust me enough to share your feelings!!! I am always here to listen!!! We are quite alike 😏😏😏 I love the lockscreens/wallpapers you make, omg, like, you’re so talented? Thank you for being you!!!

@kais-daddy Omg when I first saw you I thought you were a model, why you’re so gorgeous??? Also, I really like your personality omg!!! You’re also have an amazing sense of humor!!! We didn’t chat a lot, but I hope we will!!! Ohhh!!! And take care of yourself, I don’t want you to get ill agan >///<

@kai-aaah You’re soo cute AJSHCVFJKFBD I love chatting with you!!! Though we didn’t chat a lot…. >///< But omg you’re like an angel!!! Let’s chat more often!!! ( If you want to of course!!! )

@jungkookies-babygirl I hope you’re happy, cause you deserve happiness and love!!! You’re a wonderful person and it breaks my heart to see you sad… If you’ll ever need someone to talk to, I will always listen!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful person!!!

@kurosentoki I see you being sad quite often and I hate myself for not being able to help you… I know, we didn’t chat a lot, but I still really want to make you at least a little happier!!! You’re amazing!!! I love you!!!

@milktaost I remember when I used to send you random anon messages and how cute your answers were!!! Thank you for answering them!!! Sorry for not messaging you often ^^’ I really don’t want to be annoying >///< Ahh I hope you’re happy and healthy!!! Love you lots!!!

@paulienm You’re very cute and I love your blog!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me!!! I love you even though we didn’t talk a lot!!!

@trashbxsh Thank you for liking my reblogs!!! I really appreciate this!!! I hope we will become friends :3 Love you!!!

@braziebear We probably chatted only once but omg was that fun!!! I hope we will chat more in the future :3 ( If you want to ^^ )

@exocausetearsandsmiles You’re hilarious omg I love your blog!!! You’re also soo open minded!!! Thank you for randomly messaging me ( I am literally to shy to message you cause I think that I am way to lame )

@kimnamwho We also probably chatted only once but I really liked it!!! Let’s chat again!!! ( if you want to ^^ )

@blackberryconnossieur I loved chating with you!!! You’re honestly amazing I really love you!!! :3

@xiulayallday You’re adorable! We didn’t chat, but I love your blog ^^ Thanks for being a mutual ^^

@chogiwapark Ahhhh Tesa!!!! Thank you for sticking with my lame self!!! I honestly don’t understand why are you still not bored to chat with me, like??? I love you, you’re soo amazing!!! I know you’re busy, so thank you for finding time to answer my messages!!! You also can message me sometimes, ok? ;* Love you!!!

@7deer-ofthe-dawn7 Ahh I really like the fanfic you wrote!!! We didn’t chat a lot and that’s probably because I am too anxious to message you ( You’re honestly soo cool omg ) but I still love you LOL ( please don’t judge me, I really do love all of the people I know on tumblr >///< )

@hoe4baek Ahh… We didn’t chat often, but maybe we could chat more in the future? If you want to? You’re very cute!!! I love you!!!

@swaggyt-a-o emmm…. Yeah, we also didn’t chat often but YOU’RE ADORABLE ASHCGSDHJKVS!!!! I was soo shocked when you followed my blog omg >///< Thank you for being a mutual ^^

@blancnabi Thanks for tagging me in stuff!!! I love your blog!!! You’re adorable!!! Let’s become friends!!! :3

@eau-de-low-budget You’re an amazing artist!!! I love your art!!! You’re honestly super talented, I am not lying!!! You’re a wonderful person!!! ^^

@stopjunmyeon Ahhh I am soo honored you follow me >///< You’re absolutely gorgeous and I love your personality!!! You’re amazing!!! I wish there was more people like you!!!

@1oveyoon We haven’t chatted in a while >///< I love you soo much!!! You’re gorgeous omg >///< I am happy I met you!!! Let’s talk more in future ( if you want to!!! )

I am really thankful that all of you are my friends ( well at least I hope you are ^^ I love all of you ) I am sorry if I don’t message you, I am really shy >///< All of you are soo cool and amazing, literal angels so I get really anxious to message you!!! >///< I tagged people randomly, I love all of you the same!!! Once again, Thanks for being my friends or simply mutuals!!! I cherish each one of you!!!

Stupid Fic crossover idea that I want to write but can't.

(Miraculous Ladybug and Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja)

-Randy’s class goes on a week trip to Paris cause whatever reason. (Contest, field trip. Etc)

-Randy is down cause the sorcerer is gone and McFist doesn’t have a reason to send robots after him.

-Howard is bored of Paris because it lacks cool stuff like Whoopie world. It’s all cultural and shopping. It’s dull.

-the class sees an akuma attack. Ladybug and Chat noir arrive on the scene.

-Randy is all ‘super hero team up’ and joins in. Inadvertently helping the akuma escape.

-They are yelling at him in French and he has no idea what they are saying. He thinks Marinette is very 'Spicy’.

-Chat noir is like 'omg he is a ninja that is awesome’ but is mad the akuma got away.

-Sorceress escapes the dark realm. Ends up in Paris.

-She and hawk moth bump heads. But then work together.

- Plagg reveals to Adrian who The ninja was. Tikki does the same for Marinette.

-The nomicon doesn’t really know much about the kwami since it’s only 800 years old. But it does explain that they are heroes. Also teaching Randy, the art of Communication allowing him to somehow speak and understand French.

-akuma attacks again. This time Randy succeeds in helping. Ladybug and Chat noir thank him.
Then the sorceress attacks!

-hawkmoth makes a new akuma. It’s two on three.
-they win, the sorceress gets sealed.
-there are funny moments with slang

-“The cheese?” “It means it’s awesome.” Plagg being like 'yeah it does’

-ladynoir moments.

-Randy figuring out their identities because they don’t even look that different from their civilian selves.

-also throw in a bit and of fowlham


I sketched once future!au, but later i decided to draw it more serious, i think

  • Well, there they are 18 years old students, who are going to finish high school (in France its a Liceum, right?), they are together and happy, yay (how they found out about each other and when? oh, its a long story… at least, we have fanfiction for that, but i have a couple of theories *winks*), but no one, including their family and friends, still doesnt`t know about they hero identities.

(It was really fun to imagine how their outfits would look and what new skills and features they could have, maybe something from my ideas are just stupid, but thats all my mind)

  • Hawk Moth was defeated (we all have theory, that he is Adrien`s dad, so i have a headcanon/idea, what happend to him and where is he in my au, but im not sure about all of this) and now heroes fight with random bad guys, who wanna become as cool and dangerous as a previous villian, but they are just too weak for Ladybug and Chat Noir, so teens just have a fun and sometimes get bored. Usually, they help the police with their ordinary criminal problems.
  • And they dont show their relationship when they are Ladybug and Chat Noir, um, just in case:

I have more ideas for this au (that all what i wrote was not really unusually, huh), even when these two will be more older (careers, family life and etc), but maybe i will show rest of it later
Sorry for my bad english, ugh

Fifth harmony group chat part 1

CamilaCabello added LaurenJauregui to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added DinahJane to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added AllyBrooke to “bananas run the world”
CamilaCabello added NormaniKordei to “bananas run the world”

Camila : hey guys 😊

Normani : what is this

Dinah : wow what

Camila : yo I thought it would be cool if we had a group chat! :D

Ally : Mila we see each other like 24/7

Lauren : not on our vacation!!

Camila : ^^

Ally : fine

Normani : this doesn’t make sense lol , you can simply call if you miss us

Camila : yeah but it’s cool!!

Dinah: it’s not

Normani : ^^

Dinah : at least change the group name..

AllyBrooke changed to group name to
“God bless fifth harmony”

Normani: really ally??

Ally: yes!!!

Ally : amen

Dinah : wait let me choose

DinahJane changed the group name to
“Fifth suckers”

Dinah : THAT’S cool mila

Camila : it’s not !!

Lauren: ^^

Dinah : yo camren be quite

Lauren : oh my god annoying

Camila : lmao

Normani : oh hi lauren , since when are you alive again??

Lauren : shut up mani!!!

Ally : calm down people

Lauren : no just bc I’m not online 24/7 like you does NOT mean I’m dead …!!

Dinah: we’re just worried chill lolz


Lauren : not really funny

Camila : guys please no fight

Ally : please

LaurenJ. changed the group name to

Camila : LAUREN😍

Lauren : yes?

Camila : nothing ..


Ally : what?

Lauren :what?

Normani : what?



Lauren : oh shit

Ally : what?

Normani : what?

LaurenJ. Changed the group name to

Normani : perfect!

Ally : same

*amount of time later*

Normani : yo mila could you add me to the admins ?

Camila : why?

Normani : just do it

Camila : nahh

Normani : god damn camila , DO IT

Normani : if you don’t do it I’ll leave

Camila : pff fine

*CamilaC. added NormaniK. to Admins*

Normani : lol thanks

*NormaniK. removed CamilaC. from chat*

Lauren : are you kidding

Normani : she should’ve done it when I told her

Lauren : she did!!

Ally : add her mani

Normani : no she’ll have to deal with it now

Lauren : rude

Normani : I’m not!

Lauren : yes you are!!

Ally : mani please

Normani : FINE.

*NormaniK. added CamilaC. to the chat*


Lauren : my words..

Normani : HAHAHA

Camila : fuck off mani , add me to the admins NOW

Normani : wait let me think of that ..

Camila : don’t you dare

Normani : nope!!

Ally : Mani ..


Ally : HEY let jesus out of this!!

Normani : chill lmao

*camila c. left the group chat*

Normani : 😂😂😂😂

Lauren : why are you like this

Normani : like what

Lauren : like this!!

Dinah : wtf

Dinah : STOP SPAMMING GUYS I’m tryna speep!!!

Ally : what happen again

Ally : I only left my phone for 2 minutes


*Normani k. added Camila c.*

Camila : what!!?

Normani : chill omg

*Normani k. added Camila c. to admins*

Normani : happy now??

*Camila C. removed Normani K. from group chat*

Camila : yes.

— Others parts under my hashtag #Camrensflatline 😊
My LKFF Experience

Sooo! I was requested to do a post/fanaccount thingie from my point of view. I will add some extra things (but they are just for myself since I want to write them down). Here we go!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and just went straight to my hotel. The room was extremely modern and clean, but I found out my wifi was really bad. Every third message I sent just disappeared, and I got sooo frustrated! I couldn’t even update the page.

Suddenly a friend of mine (ELF meet up organizer) posted a photo on FB that she met Donghae. I went crazy since I couldn’t just walk out of my hotel and go after them x_x I was squealing and I felt even more excited than before. He was in the same city as I was ;__;

I still couldn’t believe I was travelling alone to a foreign country though. I spent my evening talking to other ELFs (just barely), and luckily managed to sleep although I didn’t want to. The next morning I woke up, did my things and decided to check out Leicester Square first.

When seeing the theatre itself I was like ‘omg, it’s gonna happen here’. I had never attended a kpop concert or an event like this before. I wasn’t even sure what to expect. I just went around, taking photos and killing time.

When I got bored, I went to use Burger King’s wifi and ended up meeting a friend ahead of scheduled time. We chatted for a while until even more ELFs appeared. When it was time to separate, me and my friend dragged ourselves to a restaurant called New China (where the ELF meet up lunch was going to happen).

The lunch was a success! It was fun talking to the others and finally actually USE English. The staff was also REALLY friendly. The waitress even took photos of us with my camera ^^ When that was over, our whole group went back to Leicester Sq and met others in front of M&M’s World. We just hung around after that, talked and got to know each other. We visited a few kpop shops (Seoul Bakery included) until it started getting dark.

Back at Odeon I went to see the friends who had my ticket, and got it. Banners were also being given out at that point. I got it too and decided to once again snap a few photos of the exterior.

Soon it was already nearing 6pm, so we decided to visit a cafe nearby and have a toilet break. When we came back, it didn’t take long until I got my D&E lightstick too. Then we were all let inside.

I could NOT believe it. I knew I we had front row seats, but actually seeing it and sitting on the seat.. It made me so happy ;; I don’t think I can ever explain the joy I get when I have front row.. The venue was nice since we got to move around and didn’t have to queue or fight to keep our places. We blew our balloons and switched our lightsticks on.

At that time a cameraman came and asked if he could interview us. He said 'this is going to be sent to SM’ and I was like omfg interview me, me me me, pls! In the end I even got to hold the mic. My hands started trembling because of the excitement XD We answered questions like where are we from and who are our favourites, and are we here just so see the boys.. It went well and now I’m just wondering if that clip is ever going to be aired somewhere? (or put on a dvd? documentary? idk!)

When we had calmed down a bit, the mini concert started. The venue turned blue, screams filled the air and we all looked to the back where the boys came from. I could not believe it was happening. They were real people, just like us, looking exactly the same and as beautiful in real life as they do in the pictures. I concentrated on their walking, since it was NORMAL walking and they were still behind the fans. Just like seeing ordinary people in a crowd, exept they had their hair and makeup done, and they were wearing their performance clothing.. They didn’t stand out that much until they were on the stage, on a higher platform than us. (i know this doesn’t make any sense but that’s what i was thinking. and forgive me, i have not seen them before ;_;). It’s really like.. seeing a character from a painting come to life. Just like that, they were there.

The first song was Motorcycle. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that song tends to sound somehow different when performed live. The beat sounds different, just like the tone Donghae’s 'rrock, rrock..’ part. I can’t explain that either, but I heard the difference and it made me soooo happy. I like live versions of Motorcycle more than the studio one.. somehow..

I can’t even remember the order of the songs. Like I had already said - I had to concentrate on so many things at the same time. Firstly waving the lightstick, then trying to hold the balloon, then raising the banner during Still You and at the same time taking photos and videos.. And I wanted to watch the concert with my own eyes, not through the camera lens. I just kept shooting something, hoping that I could get at least a few good shots.

It didn’t get any better when the boys came towards us. I was like one meter away from both of them. In a concert, that’s the best part. I had my camera focused further back, so it was difficult to just suddenly change it while holding a lightstick.. Here are a few examples XD

I bet someone is laughing at my photograpy skills right now, but seriously that’s was how it was like.. That’s normal-people-photography-reality at a concert. (the good ones are inhuman ok?) It was always the same; at first they were far away, until suddenly I go from ’YES, HE IS RUNNING TOWARDS US’ to ’OH FUCK HE IS HERE ALREADY’ with an aftermath of 'OMG HIS CROTCH WAS RIGHT THERE!’.

Like really, Mister Lee Donghae, control your bulge and thighs PLS

All of the songs were over too quickly.. ;_; At first I was confused when they performed 1+1=Love since it’s a new song and I couldn’t recognize it XD Oh No was a blessing, just like Still You. Hearing those songs they usually don’t perform.. Ahh, I want to go back.. T_T During Oppa Oppa we were allowed to stand up, and so we did, and that allowed me to get even closer.. Then Donghae decided it’s a good idea to do this:


When the concert was over, it was MOVIE TIME!! BEWARE OF BADASS!HAE!!!

It was the best movie experience I’ve had, lol. We all reacted at the same time. We squealed and 'WOHOO'ed when Donghae’s face was first shown. He looked so handsome in that school uniform. (The smoking scene was HOT!! I secretly took a video of it..) There was also a scene when Donghae cried, and everyone went 'awwwww’.

The movie itself consisted of four different stories, made by different directors(?). It had lots of swearing, smoking and fighting. When someone in the movie got hit really badly, we all went 'OUUUCH’.. If there was a major plot twist, everyone went 'oooh’ XD And when someone pulled Hae’s hair and beat him down, we were like 'nooooo T^T’. It was so funny even though the movie was dark and a bit confusing at some points.

At the end credits we all screamed and clapped when we saw Donghae’s name ^^

There it is, somewhere in the top four names. (obviously my camera had decided to turn itself to manual focusing and made the picture blurry ..) After that it was time for the Q&A!

I don’t have much to say about that, except Donghae’s adorable shyness.. After fans screamed, he always got shy ;_; He looked like a brave kid trying to do something alone (without Hyuk lmaooo).. And he was so, so, SO gorgeous in his suit T_T While I was taking pictures, I was thinking 'HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO PHOTOGENIC’. That mofo looks perfect of every angle and his smile was just as handsome as his blank expression XD

When Hyukjae came onstage, fans went crazy about the lap sitting moment. It was the cutest everrrrrr! Hyuk put his hand behind Donghae’s back and looked at him sweetly..

In the end they stood together on stage and just talked for a bit. They mentioned their new album too. Not sure if the word 'DNA’ has something to do with it. (like holy shit my mind is only taking that with a dirty meaning..). After a while the official photographers appeared, taking a picture of the boys and fans. Donghae decided to take out his phone too, and that’s when we all just ran to the front. I’m not sure if someone signaled us to do it or gave permission, but somehow we just did and I had my hands full of stuff. My camera was with me and apparently I took a photo of them (can’t remember that happening LOL) while Hae was getting ready to take his picture.

And oh my god, I managed to get myself in it. Here it is, once more. Credits to the owner (BLESS HIM)

I’m the one with the Swing snapback. That is probably my new favourite photo of all time ;___; It’s a proof that I was there, so close to the people I cherish.. (you can see the camera in my hands lolllllll)

Then it was over. I was exhausted, but I didn’t feel like crying. I was so happy of all the things that happened! I just slowly made my way out of the theatre and talked to the fans I had met earlier. We were all too hyped to leave.

When I finally went back to my hotel, I just stayed in my bed, going through all the photos over and over again.

And that was my LKFF experience! Next up is SS6 ^^

A conversation with my little brother while we were eating cake.
  • Me: Peeta makes cakes.
  • My brother: Cool.
  • Me: Yeah, but Peeta makes cakes.
  • My brother: Yeah.
  • Me: *takes another bite of the cake* You know who else makes cakes?
  • My brother: Who?
  • Me: Peeta.
  • My brother:
  • Me: You know Peeta?
  • My brother:
  • Me: He makes cakes. He's a baker. He makes the cakes in his District. He frosts them too.
  • My brother:
  • Me:
  • My brother:
  • Me: Peeta makes cakes.
  • My brother: Okay.
  • Me: But *this* is a cake! It reminds me of Peeta because Peeta makes cakes.
  • My brother:
  • My brother: Peeta makes journeys too.
  • Me: Journeys?
  • Me: Well, he does travel a lot. I mean, he goes to the Capitol, then to the arena, then back to the Capitol, back to his district, back to the arena and then District 13 and--
  • My brother: No, like in Journey 2. Journey to the Center of the Earth.
  • Me:
  • My brother:
  • My brother: You told me that guy was Peeta.
  • Me:
  • My brother:
  • Me: Yeah. That's Peeta. I mean, it's Josh Hutcherson, he plays Peeta. And Peeta makes cakes.
  • My brother:

Okay so I know I’m super late to the party but exams have honestly taken over my entire life. Anyway, melodrama aside, hi!

I am Swen!

External image

I’m Emily, I’m 17 and I live in England. I’ve been in this fandom for a very long time so chances are you may have seen me around (though we probably haven’t spoken cos I’m rubbish at balancing socialising and school–and starting conversations oops) I love all the typical tv series and femslash pairings but Swan Queen is very, very special to me. I don’t really know where my life’s headed but I’m really interested in History so it’s looking like my subject of choice for University, we’ll see!

I love Swan Queen!

I started watching Once Upon A Time when the pilot first aired in 2011 and Swan Queen has been everything to me since then! (No, but really, how do I break free? haha) When I first started watching I was 13 ew and I was pretty new to shipping and femslash and all of this crazy fandom stuff and it was a period of time where I was struggling a bit because I was figuring out my sexuality. Despite the fact Swan Queen isn’t canon, it helped me sooo much in feeling comfortable with being a lesbian because everyone was just so normal about it all and I didn’t feel like the only gay person around. I don’t know if this is sounding really cliché or pretty lame but I spend most of my time cackling over the irony of Swan Queen making me comfortable in myself when the writers haven’t gone there..yet. So, I guess I have my own special lil reason for appreciating Swan Queen, like a lot of us do! And I’ll always be super grateful for their characters even if things seem kinda sucky plot-wise. At the end of the day, I don’t really mind that I’ve spent 4 years of my life obsessing over them because it makes me realise how much I’ve changed myself!

I love Swen!

I’m in so many various fandoms because I watch everything, but I’ll never be as involved with them as I am with Swen. Swen has such a wonderful community feeling and everyone is so skilled I am constantly in awe! Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I don’t contribute artistically but if you follow me on twitter you’ll know every other tweet of mine is just SQ or JMO/Lana centric (and I can definitely see Athritis in my future with the amount of voting/trending/liking I’ve done with this fandom, haha) There is absolutely nothing that has the power to cheer me up more than Swan Queen fanvids or fanfics, literally nothing. I appreciate everyone’s talent in this fandom so much bc it’s such a wonderful escape from school and stress so thank you Swen!!!! Love ya!

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I was looking at your little trip down memory lane, and I was wondering what the story behind Troye and Tyler doing a tiny chat (or whatever it was)? Did they just pop up? Did they talk to you guys? (I know it was two different times and they weren't together)

(i just have to say, it was a long time ago, so i cant remember much from it, im just reading an old post about me freaking out, like 30 mins after it happened, read it here if u want)

The first one was with Troye and okay the way it happened was, we just arranged a tinychat with a couple people (one of them was troyleroakley​ and the other one doesn’t want to be mentioned).* There was many people there it was scary cos i was the only one with a webcam on. We got Troye there by linking the tinychat on his tag btw. Okay so i was just chillin in my onesie and shit, talking with people and freaking out every time a guest entered the room omg, literally i get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. Okay so yeah, there was this one guest just being there *still not sure if it was troye idk* but yeah at one point A PERSON CHANGED HIS NICKNAME TO ‘troye’ and i was literally having a meltdown and people were laughing so hard at me, cos i was still one of the two who had their webcams on and omg. Then 'troye’ says he needs to change his browser to get on webcam, idk what was up with that. Okay then 'troye’ comes back later and we are fucking dYING, with anticipation bc he was about to put his webcam on. AND THEN IT STARTS TO LOAD, AND THEN TROYES FACE APPEARS, AND THEN THE BOY IN THE MIDDLE TAKES THE PERFECT SCREENSHOT, i am so happy he did bc that is the only one i think.

Seriously look at Troye’s smug fricking face. Okay at this point im literally a crying MESS, Im trying to film this shit and trying to concentrate on the tinychat and omg it was super hectic. THEN TROYE SEES ME CRYING AND HE GOES 'omg pls dont cry’ and that was too much i just. EVERYONE ON THE CHAT, SUDDENLY OPENED THEIR WEBCAMS and it was so fucking stupid, my computer started lagging like shit and at that point i was crying bc the computer was so laggy, and that bc Troye was there. Then everyone started talking and then the chat basically jammed up and uuUUUUGGHH. Then Troye was like 'guys what should we do so we could to this a little better?’ And then Troye was like 'okay lets arrange a google hangout’ and a couple seconds later he sent a link to the hangout. Well of course i hadnt installed  a google+ hangout shit, and it took a forever to install, and when it finished loading, OF COURSE THE HANGOUT WAS FULL. That was like the worst feeling i had ever felt. So at this point i had turned my webcam off bc i thought i had to if i was going to the google hangout. Then i go back to the tinychat, just to cry and be like , bye troye i think this was my chance. There was a couple other people who also didnt get to the hangout. AND THEN THE BESTEST THING HAPPENS, TROYE COMES BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND GOES 'omg guys what are you doing here, why arent you on the hangout?’ AN I GO: 'omg its full i cant get in’ and troyes like 'aah what should we do no omg’ and idk then he disappears and i cry. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN EVERYONE COMES FUCKING BACK ON THE TINYCHAT AND TURNS ON THEIR WEBCAMS, and im literally being ran over VIA INTERNET it was horrible. And in seconds, all of the webcams are full, and one of them is Troye, and when i try to 'start a broadcast’ iT SAYS ITS FULL, and was sad. Then Troye asks everyone to hold out a peace sign, so he can take a screenshot, SO A COUPLE SECONDS LATER HE TWEETS OUT THE PICTURE saying 'came across a few fans on a tinychat’ or something like that. And that was the most horrible thing evER. I started spamming the chat like 'omg no im so sad no how can this happen’ AND THEN:

omg at that moment i didnt even realize that it was actually HIM talking to me *ofc i did, i was just panicking about typing something* okau then he asked me 'tell me your twitter pls’ anD THEN I JUST TYPE MY TWITTER NAME THERE AND HE MUSTVE NOT SEEN IT and then:

Okay then he saw it, and he began to tweet  THE WRONG PERSON, LOOK, MY TWITTER NAME WAS troyeblemakerr at the time, and he began to tweet troyblemakerr, do u see the slight annoying difference. okay so I START TO SPAM THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE TWEETS LIKE, OMG IT ME IT ME NOT HER IT ME and just:

and it was super super cool and it literally made my life

AND THE TYLER THING, i literally dont remember how i got there? i was casually scrolling trough tylers tags (it was like one of the first times i did) and i see just a link to a tinychat and i was super bored, i went in. Then there was tyleroakleyismyqueen with her friend, and that was where we got to know eachother :) we just talked for a bit when suddenly a wild 'nottyler’ appears omg. I can remember alot from it bc it was SUPER unexpected and literally i was not prepared AT ALL, i looked absolutely horrible and ugh. I didnt have my mic on, bc it was broken or smth, so Tyler and Chase just casually chat there while im just watching them omg hahahahah then i just type smth like 'guys lets take a selfie, im taking a screenshot’ and then we pose:

AND THEN I GO 'omg i feel like an outsider cos my mic isnt working’ and then thIS HAPPENS (i posted this there and then) btw also there was literally only me, chases friend and tyler and it was so great.

Then it happily ended like Tyler had to go and it was fabulous, and after that i posted a pic of us on the tinychat and Tyler liked it, jesus. After that we were all just like quiet, in shock, and in disbelief that Tyler was actually there hahaha

OMG IF YOU ACTUALLY READ THIS, i bow down to you!?!?!

“You look as if you’ve never seen a man ingest three thick beef patties between two chicken breast buns and some sweet slices of bacon and cheese.”

hi! so when i met dan and phil, i had walked up and said hi and that i watched them for almost five years and they were like “wow omg thats so cool!” and dan said “im surprised u havent gotten bored yet” and i was like ofc not and then i asked if we could take selfies and they said yeah and dan said i love ur hair it really complements your eyes and i was like thank you!! and then we took selfies and then we chatted about their videos over the years and then i said well u have to meet other fans so maybe ill see you in the week!! and they were like sure of course have a good day!!

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The Love Between Heaven and Hell || Nathaniel and Jack ||

Nathaniel was always the bright child. The picture perfect, blonde haired bright blue eyes boy, with a smile that could stop wars and eyelashes that could knock a man out alone. He was meant to be pure, he was meant to be good, and forgiving and kind and loving, practically a Disney Princess. His brother on the other hand, was the exact opposite. Now don’t get it wrong, Jackson was just as beautiful as Nathaniel. He had the same features, same blonde hair, same blue eyes. They were both just fine in the looks department. Jackson just had a different purpose. His smile could start wars, and  his eyelashes could lure any man he wanted into bed. He wasn’t oure at all, he was the seven deadly sins. Pride Lust Greed Gluttony Wrath Sloth and Envy, all in one demon. And Nathaniel loved him all the same, the twins had never gone as far as kissing, and that was it. And they even had to keep those a secret.

Today was pretty normal, for the most part. He was a bored little angel, just flying around and chatting with every single person he met, smiling brightly at the girls (and boys) who would look at him, only to see them blush and look away. He was bored right now, and the only person who he really considered fun was his brother, so he went to find him.

“Big brother!” he yelled out as he flew around searching for him “Jackson Rivers!” he called out, only to find Jack sitting in the gardens, he smiled and flew up to him “There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you"